Adele - Easy On Me (Live at the NRJ Awards 2021)

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"Easy On Me" by Adele, Live at the NRJ Awards 2021.
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23 nov 2021




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Commenti 10 975
Míriam Isern Garzón
I don't like this song :-(
ericdhansen 4 ore fa
i love your voice so
Rama Akista
Rama Akista 4 ore fa
Good performance!!!
calvin gyasi
calvin gyasi 4 ore fa
Simple performance no distractions. Sweet singing.
kajer monika
kajer monika 4 ore fa
Mbak adele kalo galau ngajak satu bumi😄
Adele Barichella
Robi Yelton
Robi Yelton 4 ore fa
Faris Arifin
Faris Arifin 4 ore fa
Despite my busy schedule, I always make time to listen to her songs.
Peter Westcott
When a multi-millionaire decides to put themselves first and asks everyone to go easy on them. Welcome to the modern world! Beautiful.
idzan ismail
idzan ismail 4 ore fa
Her face remind me devil wear prada actress ...
tomailaiy 4 ore fa
Giovanna Marchesini
Bellissima 🎼🎼🎤❤️😂
- 23
- 23 4 ore fa
In my honest opinion, the GREATEST living vocal on this planet. .
Jefferson Ballera
lol who can dislike this kind of gift from God 🥺❤️
Bluesman _5
Bluesman _5 4 ore fa
Her vocals are just amazing, it's incredible that one single person can have a voice like that...
It's Me
It's Me 4 ore fa
Adele is a masterpiece that will not dim.
Wolf Stock
Wolf Stock 4 ore fa
Was ist Adele eine tolle Frau geworden. Hut ab !!!!
Tomm D
Tomm D 5 ore fa
Did she gain weight again?
Brad West
Brad West 4 ore fa
You are that guy! No, you just got creepier
Deirdre Kennedy
There are no words to describe this lady's talent.
Darin Dunn
Darin Dunn 5 ore fa
Anyone know the backing musicians? Might be Gus Seyffert on bass?
s 5 ore fa
Now _that_ is a song. Malo lava.
beautiful🥰🥰 but cut your nails😢
Aesthetic Cine
I don't know why but her new look somehow keeps reminding me of Fallon in Dynasty!
Robert Morton
Robert Morton 5 ore fa
I wonder why a woman with a thick British accent sings in an American southern accent?
Indhira Isaza
Indhira Isaza 5 ore fa
DeRossi95 5 ore fa
her voice is a liquid gold goddess
Bailamos Singh
Rie krgi rt me
ptissam89 5 ore fa
I prefered Adele when she fat & chubby
nobody cares what you prefer!
Temo McPhillip
the song needs a drummer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Forward_Ever &_Ever
Such a blessed voice & a gorgous one at that too
sheza 5 ore fa
she's so ridiculously good
Isaac 5 ore fa
Keala Starr
Keala Starr 5 ore fa
Jeb Baldwin
Jeb Baldwin 5 ore fa
Angelord B
Angelord B 5 ore fa
I love the song 🥰😘 There ain't no gold in this river That I've been washin' my hands in forever I know there is hope in these waters But I can't bring myself to swim When I am drowning in this silence Baby, let me in Go easy on me, baby I was still a child Didn't get the chance to Feel the world around me I had no time to choose What I chose to do So go easy on me There ain't no room for things to change When we are both so deeply stuck in our ways You can't deny how hard I have tried I changed who I was to put you both first But now I give up Go easy on me, baby I was still a child Didn't get the chance to Feel the world around me Had no time to choose What I chose to do So go easy on me I had good intentions And the highest hopes But I know right now That probably doesn't even show Go easy on me, baby I was still a child I didn't get the chance to Feel the world around me I had no time to choose What I chose to do So go easy on me Thank you🥰😘💞💖💗👏🏾
what?! why????
Thomas 5 ore fa
She is the goddess of voice. PERIOD. If anyone hates this you need to go and rethink your life.
Peter Curry
Peter Curry 5 ore fa
It is a mystery to me how anyone can stand this cat squawking voice. A mega rich, ego infested woman, who makes public and takes her misery far too seriously, and expects the rest of us to sympathize. Unbearable.
Willna Shahryan
Okay I love this song and I admire Adele .. But she was too careful with her vocal, the emotions just not there.. imo.
aupHs HB
aupHs HB 5 ore fa
Perfect vocals 🔥
Dope Cat
Dope Cat 5 ore fa
All her songs sound exactly the same. LMFAO.
No they don't!
andrea johnstone
Amazing voice.. I just hope you don't get sucked into the celebrity ego bull shit.. You stay grounded. Xx🥰
davide n
davide n 5 ore fa
voice control just perfect, live or recorded it doesn't change for her. You can't almost understand the difference from the disk
merekam dunia
merekam dunia 5 ore fa
When she is sang, i try to breath. My God, i can't
Martín Rey del Barrio
Thalía Fans aqui disfrutando tu gran música y voz.
Martín Rey del Barrio
Mexico te ama ADELE!
Martín Rey del Barrio
Adele es una Reina de la Musica Contemporanea, jamás pasará de moda
Karl Ail
Karl Ail 5 ore fa
This is a modern day masterpiece. Nothing artificial !! All real sound and what a gorgeous sound.
Martín Rey del Barrio
Está en tendecias #14 en México
Matic Nemec
Matic Nemec 5 ore fa
Megafenomenale Stimme alle Achtung Hut ab Sensationell usw.
Bix 64
Bix 64 5 ore fa
Molti credono (forse a ragione) che il dimagrimento possa influire sulla qualità della voce ma, Adele, credo rappresenti l'esatto opposto. Penso sia una bravissima cantante, con una bellissima voce.
Gregster86 5 ore fa
i would love to hear Celine Dion sing this song also
Princess Marie
Amazing, splendid, beautiful. 😊
marathonna 5 ore fa
Became famoes at the "Paul de Leeuw Show" in the Nerherlands and is not Knowing him anymore.. Beatifull Singer but a horrible person...
H J 5 ore fa
Golden Voice🔥❤️
senni bgon
senni bgon 5 ore fa
I love how her hands accompany with her voice, 2:24 how she's doing is so smooth and accurate. Love you Adele !
Chika Bing
Chika Bing 5 ore fa
She's Goddess ❤️❤️
sympathetic 5 ore fa
i don’t understand how people can dislike this MASTERPIECE
Hajnalka Kun
Hajnalka Kun 6 ore fa
I miss the old good times :when u danced with me, by ABBA .My very respect for Adele .I love her music .
PowerForce Forever Urs
She done had some Brandon in her Life!
senni bgon
senni bgon 5 ore fa
There’s something so beautiful about just the piano and a talented vocalist
Long Phạm
Long Phạm 6 ore fa
Love U
Calma Relaxing
So beautiful.😍😍
Slava Richter
Slava Richter 6 ore fa
She is so overrated.
Уголек 6 ore fa
Громко но противно!
PerfBeatz300 RealSteel
Her tone 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Zara H94
Zara H94 6 ore fa
You look amazing 🤒❤️
Guru Mohan
Guru Mohan 6 ore fa
Amazing 🥰🙏🏽
Kevser Mirzeoglu
İt's unbelievable 👌👏👏👏👏
Katherine 6 ore fa
So go easy on me ...babe. Didn't have chance to choose ...This liryc saying evrything ...
Ксения Иванова
Когда твоей душе красиво, от голоса Адель🖤
Monica Moore
Monica Moore 6 ore fa
Goodness her voice is so captivating. Literally fills my soul
Ernest Abella
Ernest Abella 6 ore fa
Out of this world voice
Simone Schultz
There’s something so beautiful about just the piano and a talented vocalist
Carlos Alexandre Necchi Martins
S K 6 ore fa
Just finished dancing with my wife in the kitchen to this. This was playing, came up behind her, we embraced and swayed to this. Steaks went from medium rare to well done, but it was worth it! lol
Jjeverson 6 ore fa
As a grown man, this song gives me emotional tears
Judy Gentry
Judy Gentry 6 ore fa
MY favorite singer!!!
Kingdom 6 ore fa
The bloody pans eh ! Adele....🤣🙄.
nish2008 6 ore fa
What a beautiful feeling i had while i listen to this song!
Anto Pahilo Rajakmbara
Selalu merinding setiap kali nonton... Keren banget 🤩the Best vocalis singer 💐💐💐💐💐 my idol
Ал Гул
Ал Гул 6 ore fa
Великолепная 😍🤩
Angie Kimura
Angie Kimura 6 ore fa
Thalia fans presentes con ADELE! We love you Queen!
Vincent Bussier
Family fighting covid19. Surviving and i am so grateful of life not taking it for granted any more. Every breath counts. Thanks @adele for relief in this performance. ❤️❤️❤️🙌 i know there is hope
Ariana Kiehl
Ariana Kiehl 6 ore fa
1:16 shes look like grande. lol
Oluwatosin Fakile
Hit like if you think Adele's voice is gold. 👇🏿
джулиан мур
это же Ваенга))))
Hussien Alsafi
Mud Playz
Mud Playz 6 ore fa
So glad to see Adele making new songs!
Lucas Pereira
Lucas Pereira 5 ore fa
Hey Mudz!! =)
Dope Cat
Dope Cat 5 ore fa
How can you tell this is new? Sounds like the same garbage she's been putting out for the last 10 years.
Lisa Rucker
Lisa Rucker 6 ore fa
She’s incredible!!! Inspirational! ❤️❤️❤️
Cindy Price
Cindy Price 6 ore fa
From her ❤ as you can feel it...especially her crooning on Eaaaaaaaassssseeeèe
Jerzy Spike
Jerzy Spike 6 ore fa
Nothing more nothing less. Beautifully.
Clothes doesn't feet this song. A golden or red long dress would be much better
romeo Marks
romeo Marks 6 ore fa
She sings so effortless what a voice she’s simply the best ❤️🧡💛💚💙🤍🤍🖤💜❣️💕💞❣️💖💗💓❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
andrea la corte
Meravigliosa Lei bellissima direi , meravigliosa la sua voce, canzone stupenda un sogno.
Adedoyin Olayinka
My Lord
acousticide 6 ore fa
F'king UNBELIEVABLE! A voice for the ages. Legendary!!! And BTW... I thought she was hot when she was still fat.
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