Afrojack - All Night (feat. Ally Brooke) [Official Music Video]

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Starring Montana Tucker
Directed by Zane
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17 apr 2020




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Commenti 80
PoetVII 10 ore fa
A cow could dance better than this female spaz-a-lot.
Layra Lourenço
Layra Lourenço 19 ore fa
Brasil ? 🇧🇷 to viciada nessa msc 😍
streamed. Giorno fa
Guys listen to the Castion remix😍
Delfino LR
Delfino LR Giorno fa
White Angel
White Angel 2 giorni fa
June 2020
Юра Желтяков
MotorHead Tech
MotorHead Tech 3 giorni fa
reminds me of eric prydz call on me music video
Victor Borges
Victor Borges 3 giorni fa
pra mim muito TOP DE+
Thatila Araujo
Thatila Araujo 3 giorni fa
Sheila L
Sheila L 10 giorni fa
What a great collabs... can't wait to hear more new song from Afrojack 😍❤️
CFC 10
CFC 10 10 giorni fa
Her moves!!! So smooth 🥰
Dima Kalistratov
Dima Kalistratov 10 giorni fa
doda Turdi
doda Turdi 12 giorni fa
Джек, брат. Трек конечно охуенный без сомнения) но что это такое, красивее девушки не нашлось мда. КУДА ЕЕ ЖОПА УБЕЖАЛА🤣
Beatriz Sales
Beatriz Sales 12 giorni fa
It hurts so much how Ally songs are all good but don’t get any attention
Blair Fraser
Blair Fraser 13 giorni fa
Why do I feel like there is some collaboration between Music Video production and PornHub?
Spawn 13 giorni fa
Shuffle with heels? RESPECT!
Franklin Alexander Aponte Cosme
la música electrónica necesita dúos o tríos como lo fue hace años ojala lo hagan porque las los tracks con uso de la computadora ya no son tan buenos.
Alexandr Sirazetdinov
Что за тетка?
Wesley Merritt
Wesley Merritt 16 giorni fa
She's my friend.
Wesley Merritt
Wesley Merritt 11 giorni fa
She's really hot.
Dahomey 16 giorni fa
Ally is so underrated
Mantrix Iv
Mantrix Iv 16 giorni fa
Dani Santos
Dani Santos 17 giorni fa
qualityharmonizer 4H
9ine6ix Harmonizer
9ine6ix Harmonizer 17 giorni fa
9ine6ix Harmonizer
9ine6ix Harmonizer 17 giorni fa
White Angel
White Angel 18 giorni fa
0:36 when she said "high" i felt so high hahaha 😍😍😍
Natanael Carlos Estrela Da Rocha
Hino ♥♥
White Angel
White Angel 18 giorni fa
sleelakrishnan 19 giorni fa
a for Apple 🙈
Jakob AT
Jakob AT 19 giorni fa
Brian Rodriguez
Brian Rodriguez 20 giorni fa
When Ally could’ve shined :(
koolguy18000 21 giorno fa
Space Fox
Space Fox 21 giorno fa
Kids Choice Awards 👌
dewi ajeng
dewi ajeng 21 giorno fa
She's not Ally, but she's Montana Tucker. Good job Montana
Jeff Val
Jeff Val 22 giorni fa
who is that gorgeous girl
qualityharmonizer 4H
James Wells
James Wells 22 giorni fa
This was a Great Video and I think that Ally Brooke is a Great Dancer
Josh Strong
Josh Strong 23 giorni fa
At 0:16 I totally thought it was Demi
White Angel
White Angel 18 giorni fa
Me too lmao
Here We Are
Here We Are 23 giorni fa
The Marc Benjamin remix is so much better
xabii 23 giorni fa
yaaas love ally’s voice🥺❤️
Alex Vidal
Alex Vidal 24 giorni fa
Raiza SM
Raiza SM 24 giorni fa
Hey! She is not Ally
9ine6ix Harmonizer
9ine6ix Harmonizer 25 giorni fa
Let's GOOOooooooo
Iguzinho !
Iguzinho ! 25 giorni fa
Você literalmente acertou nessa música, amei muito ❤️
ThaisMota Ribeiro
ThaisMota Ribeiro 25 giorni fa
Milena Dantas
Milena Dantas 25 giorni fa
Sergio Emanuel Luna
Sergio Emanuel Luna 26 giorni fa
¿Nadie de Argentina? 🇦🇷🇦🇷😎🙌
Facu Riquelme
Facu Riquelme 26 giorni fa
Diva Faints
Diva Faints 26 giorni fa
Love Afrojack but her dancing could’ve been a little bit more polished.
BlueStoon Ave
BlueStoon Ave 27 giorni fa
Love It Ally🔥❤️
Alberto Paniagua
Alberto Paniagua 27 giorni fa
Me gusta afrojack comercial pero me encanta el afrojack con sus inicios de ek dutch y electro house el afrojack underground
Aaron RH
Aaron RH 28 giorni fa
Ally Brooke cayó tan bajo.
Eddy V.
Eddy V. 17 giorni fa
¿Por qué?
Vanderlei Moraes
Vanderlei Moraes 29 giorni fa
Sem palavras ⭐♥️
Amanda Battista
Lux Meh
Lux Meh Mese fa
She looks like francesca from too hot to handle lol is she 👀
Bubaychi Lapena
Afrojack 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
ютуб ютуб
Туша плоскожопая
Wesley Merritt
Michelle Fliench
H34DB4NG3R Mobile Legends
A lot of people asking where is ally, am I the only one asking who is ally??
N&M Mese fa
H34DB4NG3R Mobile Legends Ally Brooke the one who sings this song you should check her music Low Key , Lips Don't Lie , Higher , No Good and her next song " What Are We Waiting For" is coming out in the next few weeks and she already perform it in her tour the time to shine tour it's a bop and also she came from the group Fifth Harmony
Aline Cesar
Aline Cesar Mese fa
Steven Melton
Isn’t she the lead workout instructor in the “call on me” music video by Eric prydz?
Fabian Ruiz
Fabian Ruiz Mese fa
I think they tried to do their version of: fade from kayne west or at least that was the inspiration.
Claudio Meirelles
Dança muito. Show de bola
sara blante
sara blante Mese fa
She is so pretty and great dancer but why did she wears this it didnt favorise her body at all when you are flat ass...
sara blante
sara blante Mese fa
@MisMatchChicago of course she is georgeous that face is a 10 and she is in shape
Do you think men still find her attractive?
Otniella A
Otniella A Mese fa
Montana fan here😍😍💕💕💕
gabriela veliz
We all need to appreciate All the Art in this song & the video performance, I’m talking about talent at first about the incredible sound that Afrojack created, Ally’s beautiful voice and Montana’s wonderful choreography for the video 💕✨💕✨
Tim Garcia
Tim Garcia Mese fa
Where is ally brooke!!!!!!! Props to the dancer but this is unfair she should be in the video smh
gabriela veliz
IAlly’s voice ✨💕✨💕
Gilian Oviedo
She has my body type!! 😻 Not every girl can get plastic surgery or adjustments to look like Kylie Jenner! Big flat booty gang! Lol 😂 love the song yess Alliy!!
Samanta Arias
Sry, no baila lindo. Dislike.
Amanda Hernandez
Dancin ALL night
Valeria Espinoza
Where is her butt??
Will men still think she's desirable?
Yomira Izquierdo
Beatiful music and Ally
Tomas Mier
Tomas Mier Mese fa
wish this video had ally in it
Matti !
Matti ! Mese fa
A dancing pear!
Nicolas Gouasmi
People have been sleeping on Ally Brooke ever since 5H debut ! So glad she’s where she is now 💞
Cesar Lopez
Cesar Lopez Mese fa
How hot she is when she dancing with heels
Михаил Резник
so much energy in this track, just can not stop listening, this is supa hot! This one is my fav))
Thiago Gomes
Thiago Gomes Mese fa
Budijaya Kartiko
Her legs looks like pig's legs
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