Afrojack - Ultra Europe 2019

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Thanks for watching!!
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14 lug 2019




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Commenti 80
Afrojack 10 mesi fa
What was your favorite moment during my set?? Let me know and don't forget to vote for the DJ Mag Top 100 ➡ afrojack.com/vote ❤️
Ezara Combs
Ezara Combs 10 giorni fa
What was your favorite moment during my set??.......Any moment that the "MC" wasn't talking.
Dylan Tulon
Dylan Tulon 15 giorni fa
@Than Joon Perng ​listen my latest sound * Can't let you * and give your opinions please 🎧
Dylan Tulon
Dylan Tulon 15 giorni fa
​listen my latest sound * Can't let you * and give your opinions please 🎧
Игорь Деведеркин
14:58 and folow to is crazy moment. 😁 You are super. My favorite musition.!
DJ Purplefreak DJ Purplefreak
Everybody make it bounce 💜🔥💜🔥💜🔥💜🔥💜
Ninad Kamat
Ninad Kamat 2 giorni fa
19:45 transition is NEXT LEVEL 🤯💥
Arvin Servín
Arvin Servín 15 giorni fa
1:05 :03
Alejandro Cabrera
Alejandro Cabrera 15 giorni fa
Nothing worse than that hype man! Like shut the fuck up, let the music speak for itself. His talking takes so much away from the set !!!! So annoying !!!
Abraham Contreras
Abraham Contreras 17 giorni fa
The last song name plz.
Drew D'Alesandro
Drew D'Alesandro 20 giorni fa
Afrojack was on point! The Hype Man fucking got on my nerves!
Rina Blahblah
Rina Blahblah 27 giorni fa
Roko Sarma
Roko Sarma 28 giorni fa
Ultra Europe 2020 will be held is Split, Croatia hell yea. Fuck corona
Gbt Video
Gbt Video Mese fa
Iva Serdarevic
best is ultra europe 2017
BlacKout Mese fa
Ngl I feel like American crowds are more hype than European crowds. Not trying to disrespect Europeans but I think Americans party harder.
Moe 42
Moe 42 Mese fa
Afro Jack, your boy has a very sex voice!!!
Supat Hombunma
DJ Purplefreak DJ Purplefreak
Sweet dreams 💜🙏💜🙏💜🙏💜
DJ Purplefreak DJ Purplefreak
Put your hands up💜🔥💜🔥💜🔥💜🔥💜🔥💜🔥💜
branchyapple Mese fa
39:39 lol so sick, doing it double
DJ Purplefreak DJ Purplefreak
Samuel Gaucin
01 0:07 DJ Afrojack & DISTO - My City (Afrojack Intro Edit) [WALL] B-Rather (121.1k) 41 Save w/ Afrojack & Fedde Le Grand ft. MC Ambush - 1234 [WALL] B-Rather (121.1k) 98 Save 02 1:57 NLW & Blinders - Hydra [STMPD] Zinderlong (68.4k) 49 Save w/ Afrojack & Steve Aoki ft. Miss Palmer - No Beef (Acappella) [DIM MAK] B-Rather (121.1k) 268 Save 03 4:55 GODAMN - Kickers [MUSICAL FREEDOM] Guest 81 Save w/ 4:41 Pharrell Williams ft. Gwen Stefani - Can I Have It Like That (Acappella) [STAR TRAK] masterdj (1.1k) 4 Pre-Save 04 5:57 Loud Luxury ft. Brando - Body (Dzeko Remix) [ARMADA] B-Rather (121.1k) 140 Save w/ 6:57 Matroda ft. San Pacho - The One [UKF] Guest 46 Save 05 7:27 J Balvin & Willy William - Mi Gente (Cedric Gervais Remix) [SCORPIO] B-Rather (121.1k) 334 Save w/ Post Malone ft. Quavo - Congratulations (Acappella) [REPUBLIC (UMG)] B-Rather (121.1k) 83 Save w/ Magnificence & Seth Hills - Fire [AXTONE] B-Rather (121.1k) 206 Save w/ 8:27 Nonsens - Make It Pop [:LABELMADE:] B-Rather (121.1k) 191 Save 06 9:00 Skrillex & Habstrakt - Chicken Soup (Afrojack Seven Nation Army Edit) [OWSLA / XL] B-Rather (121.1k) 13 07 10:14 David Guetta & Nicki Minaj & Afrojack vs. Bro Safari & Zomboy vs. Jauz & Lazer Lazer Lazer vs. Armin Van Buuren - Hey Mama vs. Follow vs. Keep The Rave Alive vs. Blah Blah Blah (Afrojack Edit) [WHAT A MUSIC / BRO SAFARI / MONSTERCAT / ARMADA / BITE THIS!] B-Rather (121.1k) 13 08 12:32 Afrojack & BROHUG ft. Titus - Let It Rip (Hiroki Remix) [WALL] ReanstE3l (79) 11 Save w/ Zedd & Lucky Date ft. Ellie Goulding - Fall Into The Sky (Everybody Fuckin Jump Acappella) [INTERSCOPE] B-Rather (121.1k) 831 Save 09 12:57 JOYRYDE ft. Freddie Gibbs - Damn (Afrojack Edit) [OWSLA] masterdj (1.1k) 5 Pre-Save w/ A$AP Ferg - Plain Jane (Acappella) [RCA (SONY)] B-Rather (121.1k) 307 Save w/ The Chainsmokers ft. Daya - Don't Let Me Down (Acappella) [COLUMBIA (SONY)] B-Rather (121.1k) 101 Save w/ Fedde Le Grand - Put Your Hands Up For Detroit (Acappella) [DATA (MINISTRY OF SOUND)] B-Rather (121.1k) 227 Save 10 15:10 JOYRYDE & Skrillex - Agen Wida (Afrojack Remix) [OWSLA] B-Rather (121.1k) 16 Pre-Save 11 16:00 Wax Motif - Wet [MAD DECENT] lancu (1k) 125 Save w/ Matt Caseli & Danny Freakazoid - Raise Your Hands (Acappella) [AXTONE] Luigi.edm7 (174.1k) 391 Save w/ Chico Rose ft. DJ Afrojack - 2012 [WALL] B-Rather (121.1k) 105 Save w/ David Guetta & Showtek ft. VASSY - BAD [JACK BACK] B-Rather (121.1k) 1063 Save 12 18:30 Cardi B - Bodak Yellow [ATLANTIC (WARNER MUSIC)] B-Rather (121.1k) 429 Save w/ 19:00 Dog Blood - Turn Off The Lights (Ship Wrek Edit) [ATLANTIC (WARNER MUSIC)] B-Rather (121.1k) 70 Pre-Save w/ 20:00 TUJAMO & Danny Avila - Cream [SPINNIN'] masterdj (1.1k) 409 Save 13 20:47 Benny Benassi pres. The Biz - Satisfaction (Afrojack 2019 Remix) [ULTRA] Luigi.edm7 (174.1k) 5 Pre-Save 14 24:12 SRVD - The Yard Man [REKIDS] B-Rather (121.1k) 87 Save 15 25:27 Ke$ha vs. A$AP Ferg vs. TWOLOUD & Haechi & MNNR vs. FISHER vs. Valentino Khan - Tik Tok vs. Work vs. Give It Up vs. Losing It vs. Deep Down Low (Afrojack Edit) [RCA / A$AP / OWSLA / PLAYBOX / CATCH & RELEASE] B-Rather (121.1k) 11 w/ Magnificence - Control [AXTONE] B-Rather (121.1k) 88 Save 16 30:17 Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400 (W&W Remix) [FREE/GIGOLO] B-Rather (121.1k) 938 Pre-Save w/ Afrojack & MC Ambush - Step Back [WALL] B-Rather (121.1k) 72 Save 17 31:32 Yeah Yeah Yeahs & A-Trak vs. Silvio Ecomo & Chuckie & Afrojack vs. Alice Deejay vs. Spree Wilson - Heads Will Roll vs. Moombah vs. Better Off Alone vs. The Sparks (Afrojack Mashup) [DIRTY DUTCH / FOOL'S GOLD / VIOLENT / ISLAND] B-Rather (121.1k) 40 w/ Larry Tee ft. Roxy Cottontail - Let's Make Nasty (Afrojack Remix) (Acappella) [ULTRA] Luigi.edm7 (174.1k) 54 Pre-Save w/ MERCER & Afrojack & SayMyName vs. Post Malone - Encore vs. Rockstar (Afrojack Live Mashup) [EARSTORM / INTERSCOPE / WALL / MUSICAL FREEDOM / REPUBLIC] B-Rather (121.1k) 34 18 33:17 Ravitez & Afrojack - ID Martha (36) 1214Pre-Save 19 35:57 Lil Nas X & Billy Ray Cyrus vs. UMEK vs. Joey Beltram - Old Town Road vs. Breathren vs. Energy Flash (Afrojack Mashup) [COLUMBIA / FILTH ON ACID / R&S] tylos (18.8k) 5 20 37:57 Chico Rose & Afrojack - The Bass [WALL] B-Rather (121.1k) 54 Save w/ Afrojack ft. Spree Wilson - The Spark (Acappella) [ISLAND (UMG)] B-Rather (121.1k) 48 Pre-Save w/ 40:07 Chardy & Kronic - S.W.A.T. Team (Everybody Fucking *Beep* Jump Acappella) [HUSSLE] masterdj (1.1k) 531 Save 21 40:52 Oliver Heldens ft. Danny Shah - What The Funk (Steve Aoki Remix) [DIM MAK] B-Rather (121.1k) 60 Save w/ 40:56 TAI & Moonbootica - Happy Trigger (Afrojack Remix) [DIM MAK] Diriger (91.2k) 18 Pre-Save w/ Calvin Harris & Sam Smith - Promises (Acappella) [COLUMBIA (SONY)] B-Rather (121.1k) 303 Save w/ 42:11 Avicii ft. Andreas Moe - Fade Into Darkness (Instrumental Mix) [LE7ELS] B-Rather (121.1k) / lancu 109 Save 22 44:37 Hardwell - Spaceman [REVEALED] B-Rather (121.1k) 979 Save w/ Dynoro & Gigi D'Agostino - In My Mind (Acappella) [VIRGIN] B-Rather (121.1k) 856 Save w/ 46:47 Jewelz & Sparks - Gucci Moves [WALL] B-Rather (121.1k) 60 Save 23 47:32 Dr. Fresch ft. Mina Knock - Feedback [INSOMNIAC] B-Rather (121.1k) 9 Save w/ 49:02 Post Malone - Wow [REPUBLIC (UMG)] B-Rather (121.1k) 74 Save w/ Trace - Epileptic [DANZ] B-Rather (121.1k) 46 Pre-Save 24 50:55 Afrojack ft. Stephen Wrabel vs. David Guetta ft. Justin Bieber - Ten Feet Tall vs. 2U (Afrojack Mashup) [ISLAND / PARLOPHONE] B-Rather (121.1k) 21 25 52:29 Afrojack & SayMyName - Hot [WALL] Luigi.edm7 (174.1k) 32 Pre-Save w/ Major Lazer ft. Vybz Kartel - Pon De Floor (Afrojack Version) [MAD DECENT] B-Rather (121.1k) 138 Pre-Save w/ Jax Jones ft. RAYE - You Don't Know Me (Acappella) [POLYDOR] B-Rather (121.1k) 28 Save 26 54:27 Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa - One Kiss (R3HAB Remix) [COLUMBIA (SONY)] B-Rather (121.1k) 299 Save w/ TJR & VINAI - Bounce Generation [SPINNIN'] B-Rather (121.1k) 1040 Save w/ 55:57 Major Lazer ft. Nyla & Quintino vs. Afrojack & Hardwell - Light It Up vs. Hollywood (Hardwell Mashup) [REVEALED / MAD DECENT] B-Rather (121.1k) 12 w/ 56:52 Sunstars - Hype [SPINNIN' NEXT] masterdj (1.1k) 22 Pre-Save 27 57:25 LMFAO vs. MureKian - Party Rock Anthem (Afrojack Edit) [UMG / BROOKLYN FIRE] B-Rather (121.1k) 11 28 58:48 Afrojack - Bass Is Kickin [WALL] B-Rather (121.1k) 52 Save w/ Syndicate Of L.A.W. - Right On Time (2000 Countdown The Holly Digit Acappella) [GUN RECORDS] B-Rather (121.1k) 701 Save w/ Black & White Brothers - Put Your Hands Up In The Air (Acappella) B-Rather (121.1k) 27 Pre-Save 29 1:00 :45 Eurythmics vs. David Guetta & Martin Garrix & Brooks vs. Afrojack vs. Pitbull - Sweet Dreams vs. Like I Do vs. Take Over Control vs. Give Me Everything (Afrojack Live Show Edit) [RCA / WALL / WHAT A MUSIC] B-Rather (121.1k) 44 w/ 1:03 :27 Afrojack ft. Ally Brooke - All Night [WALL] Diriger (91.2k) 53 Save 30 1:04 :00 Afrojack - ID Zinderlong (68.4k) 144Pre-Save w/ Bastille - Pompeii (Acappella) [VIRGIN] B-Rather (121.1k) 45 Save w/ Avicii ft. Aloe Blacc - SOS (Acappella) [UMG] B-Rather (121.1k) 281 Save 31 1:07 :02 Afrojack & Chico Rose - Redline Luigi.edm7 (174.1k) 16 Pre-Save w/ Lewis Capaldi - Someone You Loved (Acappella) [VIRGIN] B-Rather (121.1k) 96 Save 32 1:10 :57 David Guetta & Sia vs. Brooks - Titanium vs. Lynx (David Guetta Mashup) [FMIF / STMPD] B-Rather (121.1k) 72 w/ David Guetta vs. Hardwell & W&W vs. Lazy Rich & Hot Mouth vs. Afrojack & MC Ambush vs. Avicii vs. Swedish House Mafia - Titanium vs. Hands Up vs. Hey Brother (Afrojack Mashup) [FMIF / PRMD / WALL] B-Rather (121.1k) 39 w/ L.A. Style vs. Wildchild vs. JOYRYDE vs. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike & Martin Garrix vs. C&C Music Factory - Hot Drums vs. Renegade Tremor (Afrojack Live Show Edit) [POLYDOR / ZYX / SPINNIN' / CBS / OWSLA] B-Rather (121.1k) 23 33 1:16 :02 Daft Punk & Zedd vs. Afrojack & Stephen Wrabel - One More Time vs. Ten Feet Tall (Afrojack Mashup) [ISLAND / VIRGIN] B-Rather (121.1k) 23 w/ 1:17 :48 Porter Robinson & Mat Zo - Easy (Acappella) [MINISTRY OF SOUND/ANJUNABEATS] LegibleToe762 (11) 27 Save 34 1:19 :32 Axwell Λ Ingrosso - Dawn [VIRGIN EMI (UMG)] B-Rather (121.1k) 103 Save w/ Coldplay - A Sky Full Of Stars(Prod. by Avicii) (Acappella) [PARLOPHONE (WARNER MUSIC)] B-Rather (121.1k) 66 Save 35 1:24 :22 Fais & Afrojack vs. Martin Garrix - Hey vs. Turn Up The Speakers vs. Animals (Afrojack Live Mashup) [SPINNIN' / WALL]
Samuel Gaucin
Lista Oficial :)
Piotr Uciechowski
01:13 :59 ? Please 😊
Хххй ннно
1:57 - NLW & Blinders - Hydra
Jordi Presa
Jordi Presa Mese fa
mmmm your work is unbelievable good.
Marijan Stimac
Tko ce opet ici bilo je vrh vrhova 🤩🤩
Erik Mersland
Erik Mersland 2 mesi fa
Who is still listening under these corona times?
Louisa Jaskulski
I was supposed to be able dance to AfroJack at Phoenix Lights in Phoenix on 4/4/20. But the Corona Virus pandemic has shut that down and it is postponed until 10/23. Sure hope AfroJack can still come and DJ - looks fabulous !! had me dancing all around my living room.
Farhan Taufiqul
Farhan Taufiqul 2 mesi fa
baru nonton dan mulushh banget woi dari awal sampe akhir😭
Genesis Santos
Genesis Santos 2 mesi fa
He didn't have to go this hard, but he did.
Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas 2 mesi fa
So good
Robert Desrochers
I will remember to re-watch this, in place of "NO Ultra Music Miami 2020"
Genesis Santos
Genesis Santos 2 mesi fa
I was really looking forward to it too! Damn corona virus.
Ambient Thrill
Ambient Thrill 2 mesi fa
9:14 to 10:17 was like a ride in time machine !! Insane and absolutely amazing ...
maria p
maria p 8 giorni fa
Yes 🔥🔥 it was so fucking amazing
Make Some Noise
Make Some Noise 2 mesi fa
1:57 NLW&Blinders - Hydra
lupinklamstein 2 mesi fa
ffs the damn speaker destroys the atmosphere. Otherwise a top set.
IMPAKT MUSIC 2 mesi fa
32:50 I'm getting fuckin goosebumps this is soo litttt🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
wesly alizaga
wesly alizaga 3 mesi fa
1:02 :40❤️hermosura
Tomrooney09 3 mesi fa
I never knew about afrojack until I saw you at Disney land Paris and now I am a fan *FOR LIFE*
黒まずだ 3 mesi fa
Ольга Вшивцева
Nathan Daniels
Nathan Daniels 3 mesi fa
That blinders Afrojack ID😭🤯
grz 2 mesi fa
it will be released tomorrow!!!
Uja 3 mesi fa
1:57 Afrojack & Blinders - ID....this track is fucking monster!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Gen1uS 3 mesi fa
15:41 what song is that?? please
Noah Meek
Noah Meek 3 mesi fa
Holy. Shit.
Patricia Godina
Patricia Godina 3 mesi fa
Afrojack 🔥 🔥 #1
The Foxx
The Foxx 4 mesi fa
some of those beat drops hit the mark some how you doin good dj like he is.... will read the crowd and bring forth that hard hitting perfect mark that will keep people in the moment.........!
Tess Tess
Tess Tess 4 mesi fa
My favourite moment was 1.00 sweet dreams
Dj Briffeiro
Dj Briffeiro 4 mesi fa
Afrojack & Blinders Id
Jer Act
Jer Act 4 mesi fa
11:25 My beat part 😆
Abel Abebe
Abel Abebe 4 mesi fa
My #1 DJ >> tHAT was pure electronic awoseme music. Thanks A.Jack
Dyah Must Ika
Dyah Must Ika 4 mesi fa
Hiii afrojack....Im ur fans from indonesia.....hope one day i can see u perform here in indonesia... Loveee it...😘
Dyah Must Ika
Dyah Must Ika 4 mesi fa
my fav part minute 49...till the end. soooo awesome....love ya...😘
brayan bruno
brayan bruno 5 mesi fa
10:18 ❤️❤️❤️
はのちゅけ 5 mesi fa
1:04 :29 song?
Brandon Tello
Brandon Tello 5 mesi fa
What song is? 11:31
Jeff Davis
Jeff Davis 5 mesi fa
The hype man is annoying AF!!
• JF
• JF 5 mesi fa
1:02 :10? Nombre
Наталья Ч
Любители Баскова дизлайки поставили🙄
Andrada Lazar
Andrada Lazar 5 mesi fa
WOW this is the best set EVER
abe contreras
abe contreras 6 mesi fa
I really want to go see afrojack next year at ultra Miami
Adi Chandra
Adi Chandra 6 mesi fa
Love love love.
Ivana S
Ivana S 6 mesi fa
16:35 😍
Victor Theocharides
Anyone know the name of the song at 32:17 - the drop
SADIP ONLY 6 mesi fa
7:34 💩
BrOnZe 4 LiFe
BrOnZe 4 LiFe 6 mesi fa
Worlds 2019 lol ??
Roselyne Wanjiru
your brilliance is bliss in my ears!!
Alexis Heredia
Alexis Heredia 6 mesi fa
Sos el mejor afrojack👍👍
Diego Cortez
Diego Cortez 7 mesi fa
What song is this 15:40 ????
Gonçalo Angelino
1:13 :38
SHAFEER cheppi
SHAFEER cheppi 7 mesi fa
33:34 🤯🤯🤯👌👌
Gunit 7 mesi fa
The other dude with him is rather annoying lol
Nándor Holozsnyák
WTF :D Ambush?
Giuseppe Scudiero
Ci voglio andare anche io al concerto di afrojack
Ochta Viana
Ochta Viana 7 mesi fa
Joni Pasaribu
Joni Pasaribu 7 mesi fa
Kren banget...👍👍👍
David Gogoi
David Gogoi 7 mesi fa
1:19 :05 Avicii ♥️♥️♥️😥
Muzammil yamani
Muzammil yamani 7 mesi fa
*🎧Killin it🔥*
Mohtadi Alsamhouri
What the fuuuuuuccckkkk 🔥🔥👍😍
Leul Haimanot
Leul Haimanot 7 mesi fa
That MC is soooo annoying 😟 Set is straight fire though 🔥🔥🔥
William Barrios
William Barrios 7 mesi fa
29:10 song please
Thairony Rodrigues
Music EDM Drops
Music EDM Drops 8 mesi fa
42:47 avicii 😭😭
Yushu Lin
Yushu Lin 8 mesi fa
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