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Dog Sledding, Ice Climbing, White Water Rafting, Salmon Fishing, and more.. Alaska is INCREDIBLE! Thanks to our friends at Bass Pro Shops for sponsoring this video! Visit Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's for all your outdoor needs! dudeperfect.com/basspro/

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View the location/activity websites below!
Gold Panning: Crow Creek Gold Mine - www.crowcreekgoldmine.com
Dog Sledding: Alpine Air Alaska - www.alpineairalaska.com
White Water Rafting: NOVA - www.novalaska.com
Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge - www.princesslodges.com/prince...
Fishing/Bear Watching/Conservation: Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge - www.fishasl.com/kvichak/
Whale Watching: Seward Ocean Excursions - sewardoceanexcursions.com
ATV Tour: 49th State Motor Tours - 49smt.com
Jet Ski: Glacier Jetski Adventures - www.glacierjetskiadventures.com
Train: Alaska Railroad - www.alaskarailroad.com
Helicopter flight glacier landing on Denali: Talkeetna Air Taxi - www.talkeetnaair.com
Ice Climbing: MICA Guides - micaguides.com
Hot Springs/Ice Museum: Chena Hot Springs - chenahotsprings.com
Travel Partner: Alaska Tour & Travel - www.alaskatravel.com

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Commenti 14 922
Mr. Mind Blow
Mr. Mind Blow 7 mesi fa
*Shoutout to the whole production team!!* 👏🏻 *Easily one of the best DP videos.*
Matt Peskett
Matt Peskett Mese fa
Jason Long
Jason Long 3 mesi fa
@Himel Das Gupta hard to find bro
Hazzard Family
Hazzard Family 4 mesi fa
i guess but you are wright about the vid
Will Evans
Will Evans 4 mesi fa
Jesus loves you all
Victoria B
Victoria B 5 mesi fa
I love when he said I didn’t inherit this land from my ancestors I’m just borrowing it from my kids and their future kids 🥺 absolutely stunning. I hope that one day I can experience at least even a fraction of what you guys have done!!!
Dana Ham
Dana Ham Mese fa
Same here
Pranav Rajesh
Pranav Rajesh 4 mesi fa
me too 😄
Lukas Prien
Lukas Prien 5 mesi fa
When Ty ate all the blueberrys you could see pure joy and happieness in his eyes. So wonderful ❤
TroyBoi 4 mesi fa
I went blueberry picking in Hatcher Pass, Alaska, with my brother and his family recently. When we got back to his place, me and him made a homemade blueberry pie from the fresh Alaskan berries we just picked earlier! Twas amazing.
Daiv Purohit
Daiv Purohit Mese fa
The bucket list we desire and these guys bringing it to us and it's magnificent. I love this 5 crazy people
Alex Nelson
Alex Nelson 4 mesi fa
I truly started to tear up at the end. all around beautiful. thank you so much DP for all of these memories you have shared with your fans. pound it, noggin, see ya
Parth Aggarwal
Parth Aggarwal 7 mesi fa
The cameraman And the production team deserves a huge round of applause 👏👏 .. great work everyone . Dp content is best as always
Omar Gaming
Omar Gaming 14 giorni fa
There was barely any hard work for the camara man the hard shots were drones
Mraxolotl 19 giorni fa
THIS MAN IS THE BEST THIS MAN I SWEAR! It’s really sad that the cameramen never get that much love but the uploader does😔
The witherds fnaf
The witherds fnaf 19 giorni fa
Matt Peskett
Matt Peskett Mese fa
So do
Matt Peskett
Matt Peskett Mese fa
So do
Lunatic Leone
it's so dope to have a team like this. that they can genuinely have fun and just be able to do what they want without having to worry about the shot or retaking the shots
Neon turkey
Neon turkey 28 giorni fa
They went from back yard trick shots to going to different places around the world with all these great camera shots all these great camera men and all them just deserve a round of applause it’s amazing how much dp has evolved over the past 12 full years
The Christian Pianist
These guys aren’t just friends they’re literally family. I love this channel!!!
Tobias Bailey
Tobias Bailey 4 mesi fa
I love that they went to Alaska, cus i live there. Also the fact that they got Moose’s Tooth pizza is fantastic. Love that pizza. Glad you enjoyed it in this fabulous state
Dr Duke
Dr Duke 7 mesi fa
This is life goals
DevGaming 6 mesi fa
Emma Bennett
Emma Bennett 6 mesi fa
That’s the point. It’s a bucket list
⛩️ Mushroom ☔
Antonio Dellarosa
Beig that rich to do something like this is the first goal
crazy friend50
crazy friend50 7 mesi fa
@Camden Matter gottem
FAYVUR 10 giorni fa
I’m watching this late but I love the aspect and just everything about this video! I’ve been watching for years and this is 100% my favorite video.
Harvey Specter
Harvey Specter 4 mesi fa
You're literally living the life I envision for myself. Everything is similar between our lists ❤
we should appreciate that DP always makes the best videos for us!
Tanker 5 mesi fa
the bucket list series are amazing and i would love to visit these places :)
Twi Shorts
Twi Shorts 7 mesi fa
A couple of years ago I went dog sledding in Northern Canada. One of the best experiences of my life.
Matias garcia
Matias garcia 6 mesi fa
Riyuu 6 mesi fa
Twi Shorts what are doing here?!
Scorefam 6 mesi fa
Twi what are you doing here
Johnson House
Johnson House 6 mesi fa
Hahvok 3 mesi fa
Bro this looked awesome! I want to go to Alaska so bad! This is probably one of my favorite videos by you guys
9_Budiman Apri Utomo
your videos make my day very colorful. I went through a bit of stress and pressure this morning, but when I saw your videos, I felt the happiness that you guys felt too. thanks, dude perfect.
Mariusz Arszylo
Mariusz Arszylo 5 mesi fa
Nature is beautiful, and these guys did some amazing sight-seeing.
Dylan Anderson
Dylan Anderson 2 mesi fa
That was insane you guys are so lucky you got to do this! Keep up the great work love the video.
Vincent Cocchio
Vincent Cocchio 7 mesi fa
Dude Perfect's videos have evolved from 5 friends doing trick shots in their backyard to entire movies and sharing amazing experiences. Incredible work!
NIYAZ Workout
NIYAZ Workout 7 mesi fa
That kid that makes videos. I need more subs
Dude perfect is the best
Daltond5 7 mesi fa
I miss the trick shots though
Addy 7 mesi fa
”Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment!"
Addy 7 mesi fa
”Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment!"
Zedofy 17 giorni fa
Huge round of applause for the production team. The Editing was literally DIVINE. Probably the best edited video i have ever seen.
Eugenio Bernardi
Coolest vid ever!!!!! Alaska looks amazing I hope to have an experience like this one day
LunaticNobody 4 mesi fa
I used to watch you guys along time ago! Back at it!
Tim Balut
Tim Balut 2 mesi fa
I love watching DP because they get to experience the things I have always wanted to do but never will. Its so amazing watching you guys you make my day. 24/7 365
ₚₗₑₐₛₑ ₕₑₗₚ ₘₑ gₑₜ ₜₒ ₅₀₀ ₛᵤbₛ wᵢₜₕₒᵤₜ ₐₙy ᵥᵢdₑₒₛ
Can we all just take a moment and appreciate Dude Perfect's camera crew, they are amazing and get the sickest shots ever!
Felipe 7 mesi fa
I came to the comments because I wanted to see this comment
adithyaplays50 7 mesi fa
Yes sir
PuppyBuddy123 7 mesi fa
So true
Bj Bruce
Bj Bruce 7 mesi fa
And don’t forget the music score, it was on point during the scenic shots
Indigo 3 mesi fa
This is amazing!! Lovely footage!!
MEArY DOORDASH 3 mesi fa
Me and my family drove threw Canada and Alaska for three weeks it was amazing we spent the whole time in our travel trailer
Life with Evan
Life with Evan 5 mesi fa
Being subscribed to your channel all these years has really influenced me to finally get started on a ITvid channel. Similar to this "Bucket List" idea, I am going to focus on things that will better each and everyone's life, whether it be physically, emotionally, or even financially. I'm loving this journey so far and will continue to watch your videos to inspire me.
njy638 4 mesi fa
What a fresh piece of editing and visuals. This is the best video I have ever seen . Thank you DP!
There is no doubt
Bro dude
Bro dude 7 mesi fa
We do not inherit this land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. What a beautiful quote.
Bro dude
Bro dude 7 mesi fa
Hmm... I didn’t know that was from Peter Rabbit. But this is a really great quote.
Kingslayer 7 mesi fa
From Peter rabbit?
ZAID BIN ABID 7 mesi fa
We borrow it for our children. Not from them
NIYAZ Workout
NIYAZ Workout 7 mesi fa
Glen Anderson
Glen Anderson 2 mesi fa
That ATV tour looks absolutely incredible, what a destination
Sydonie Sardia
This is so awesome I wanna try this one day😭😭.
Atom 22
Atom 22 3 mesi fa
Love your content!! Keep it up
Vivek Lakhani
Vivek Lakhani 4 mesi fa
It's one of the best video I have ever seen on internet till today...love you guys and thanks for bringing this video to us 🙂
Kreiker890 7 mesi fa
"I didn't inherit this land from my ancestors, I'm borrowing it from my kids." What a powerful quote.
Trimegaplays 7 mesi fa
When this was just alive for 6 minutes there was 60k views and 2k comments
Nv Shines
Nv Shines 2 mesi fa
Loved it!! Please do more of this stuff in the future
Ambrosio Wong
Ambrosio Wong 24 giorni fa
these bucket list videos just make me feel i need to work harder to be able to live my live. Great inspiration!
Big Glizzy
Big Glizzy 3 mesi fa
I must say that the do production team is absolutely amazing. I mean the quality of the videos have always been amazing but this is another level
jeffodabear 4 mesi fa
I'm stoked you guys went fly fishing! This was a great video, you guys need to make more content like this!
Rafael C. C.
Rafael C. C. 7 mesi fa
Inmense props to the cameramen. What a cinematography.
Rafael C. C.
Rafael C. C. 7 mesi fa
@hman615 Yes, I wanted to say cameramen in plural but it seems I didn't. I'm changing it.
hman615 7 mesi fa
More than one, probably like 20 different people
Rorza169 5 mesi fa
That thumbnail had me on the edge of my seat but then during the video I was laughing my head off!! 😂 😆 😂
Haris Ali
Haris Ali 4 mesi fa
My favorite ever Dude Perfect video and the best Bucket List thus far, Garret was right, the creation is beautiful !!
Noah Sj
Noah Sj 4 mesi fa
Please keep doing these I love these videos !
Sapwolf 4 mesi fa
let's take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into the content for us..❤️🚀🚀❤️
Score 7i
Score 7i 7 mesi fa
*I am ABSOLUTELY in love with DP Bucket list series, hats off to the whole production team* 👏🏻
Angela 6 mesi fa
@⛩️ Mushroom ☔ gut
Ben Yanthan
Ben Yanthan 6 mesi fa
Thank you, really appreciate it. Keep supporting. 👍🏻
keston moore
keston moore 6 mesi fa
if you want to check out some more climbing content I just posted a new video and would love to hear what you think.
familien bjørntvet lol
Buuuuuu man United 🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉
Bryce Massalski
Bryce Massalski 6 mesi fa
This video gave me so much motivation to travel i love this series hope they get to go everywhere they want!
poopgoop147 3 mesi fa
I would love to see them do a bucket list of scotland. It would be awesome to see what kind of nature they come across and what kinds of things they can do there
aditya shah
aditya shah 5 mesi fa
I really loved this video😍😍😍 Dude perfect never disappoints us
Kat 5 mesi fa
Ah it makes me so happy that you guys came to Alaska 🤩 it's a very pretty place 💖
Hamdan Bhatti
Hamdan Bhatti 27 giorni fa
Literally the best video of Dude Perfect I have ever seen.
Aviatron 7 mesi fa
I love the dedication of the camera men. Not only do they go through what the dudes do, they also have to hold a camera doing it.
@shadow ya that too
shadow 7 mesi fa
And a drone
For action shots they probably use a go pro
Aarav Dhingra
Aarav Dhingra 3 mesi fa
Before a month I don’t like bucket list but i love it now ❤️ bucket list forever!
Darkwolf Airsoft
Makes me want to go and pursue dreams. Yall are awesome!
Nash Hall
Nash Hall 3 mesi fa
They have gone so far with this channel its amazing
ColeSk8s Mese fa
Made me realize how gorgeous Alaska is great video!
Sensei Seth
Sensei Seth 7 mesi fa
This is easily the most impressive series in all of ITvid. Activities, Location, Editing… its ALL THERE!! Looks amazing
Ben Yanthan
Ben Yanthan 6 mesi fa
Thank you, really appreciate it. Keep supporting. 👍🏻
surfer 182
surfer 182 6 mesi fa
Awesome entertainment .....
jameel laher
jameel laher 6 mesi fa
Olly 6 mesi fa
yes ,very nice
CL_Productions 2 mesi fa
Warren is a whole mood. Guy is just vibin and loving life😂. Definitely a bucket list item to go to Alaska. Awesome vid.🙌
Monjae Matthews
Monjae Matthews 10 giorni fa
I’m so happy to be able to experience some of these things when we go visit my father-in-law. But I clearly have to add a lot more to my list!!
I’ve gone to Alaska and it was awesome and this was an amazing video too I loved it 😉
Parth Shirvi
Parth Shirvi Giorno fa
Never get disappointed from dp content
Syd C
Syd C 7 mesi fa
“I didn’t inherit this land from my ancestors, I’m borrowing it from my kids,” is such a raw and beautiful line.
Logan S
Logan S 7 mesi fa
Ayo promare is epic
Syd C
Syd C 7 mesi fa
@RedBird I rewatch it now, and realize you are correct. I apologize for my mistake and thank you for your correction.
RedBird 7 mesi fa
He said he didn’t inherit
carrots 4 mesi fa
i love that y’all are living y’all’s best lives
Poor Door
Poor Door 3 mesi fa
Crazy how they only traveled to only three of Alaska’s regions! Imagine how much more is there!
Taras Zastavskiy
Taras Zastavskiy 10 giorni fa
I feel like the guy who caught that “runaway” dog sled, deserves more credit than he got.
Thomas Tamblyn
Thomas Tamblyn 4 mesi fa
This was such a great video and deserves more ecknologement than it has
BomberB9 6 mesi fa
As an Alaskan myself, I can thoroughly say it's an honor to have had you travel to our great state! Hope you enjoyed it as much as we do!
Dana Ham
Dana Ham Mese fa
How fun is it there
Spot the hamster
I was born in Alaska but for some odd reason I'm some how in Arizona right now....The coldest state vs the hottest state lol
Sherlok Mese fa
Any AK skiers or snowboarders?
Trilazer_Duo Mese fa
I'm Alaskan too!
Cheryl Worden
Cheryl Worden 2 mesi fa
I'm Alaskan too
Alaska, you converted me to want to visit the US before I die.
Kianna Holland
Kianna Holland 4 mesi fa
Nothing makes me happier than seeing other people love the place I was born and raised
Hunters Hunting
Hunters Hunting 3 mesi fa
One of the best videos I’ve ever watched on ITvid. We need an Alaska Bucket list #2
Yelena Dale
Yelena Dale Mese fa
Every time i watch these videos they just make me happy because i know that one day i can do something this amazing one day
This is probably by far their best bucket list they’ve done
JoBro Filmz
JoBro Filmz 7 mesi fa
@Chicken Parmesan that’s what I was thinking
Noice 7 mesi fa
In my opinion, probably the Aircraft carrier bc im an AVGeek lol
KLN Tundra
KLN Tundra 7 mesi fa
Aren’t they all
Perryprods 7 mesi fa
I like South Africa more
Ethan Zacharias
Ethan Zacharias 7 mesi fa
Strongly agreed
DoeADeer 7777
DoeADeer 7777 5 mesi fa
I’ve been to Alaska on a cruise and it was probably the best time of my life. Not just the cruise itself but Alaska is so pretty and was so fun. I didn’t do everything in this video but I went whale watching and zip lining
Everything Emma
Everything Emma 5 mesi fa
Wow! Definitely putting some of these on my own bucket list epic!
JoannaS08 2 mesi fa
these bucket list videos are so high quality i‘d pay for this i can‘t lie thank you dp!!
Harry Alorgbey Sardina
The production was amazing, and really enjoyed the video! Now we need better polaroid shots through either getting a new one or making sure those photos render properly in dark light!
lux 7 mesi fa
can we just appreciate how smooth the transitions were and how the ending was so perfect. got the same feeling as walking out of a movie theater after three hours of a great movie kudos to the cameramen ❤️
Harper Martin
Harper Martin 7 mesi fa
For real.
Juan Mijares
Juan Mijares 7 mesi fa
Ikr!! That felt exactly like leaving out of a movie theatre. These guys are amazing and I get inspired by them
Aud 7 mesi fa
i agree
A Great
A Great 5 mesi fa
This video is incredible. I’ve been very depressed recently but seeing this video keeps me hopeful for my future and what’s to come. I will forsure have to add a few of these things to my own bucket list especially those ATV rides.
Matias Abad
Matias Abad 3 mesi fa
I’ve watched this video over and over again and I cannot comprehend how amazing all of it is and just out of curiosity, how much would this cost? -shout out to dp production team for the most stunning dp video.
Gl44 Mese fa
That has always been my dream place and has wanted me to live somewhere even more
Patricia Sherman
The camera angle in the glazers where Ty was falling was amazing
Will Dayman
Will Dayman 7 mesi fa
“I didn’t inherit this land I’m borrowing it from my kids and future generations” unbelievable video boys i can’t even imagine how incredible this experience was! Im excited to see where I want to go next 😃
Deacon Frost
Deacon Frost 3 mesi fa
Ty screaming yes at the pizza is just pure emotion. This is how we all feel when we find that fire pizza spot.
VisedOstrich639 2 mesi fa
Beautiful work🤩Def going there someday!
Juanma Orozco
Juanma Orozco 2 mesi fa
Hermoso contenido, saludos desde Argentina
Micros HUB
Micros HUB 4 mesi fa
Can u just take a moment to admire the editing and camera work bravo 😄👏👏👏🎬
Scenic Fights
Scenic Fights 7 mesi fa
This was filmed beautifully!
Himel Das Gupta
Himel Das Gupta 4 mesi fa
What’s the music name at 0.32
plAythemAnnoTthEpuCk _
Pity about the typical OTT Americans with their sunglasses and over-reactions to almost everything. If I ever react to a pizza like that shoot me. Didn't make it any further than that. Scenery was probably awesome. The company was ... unbearable.
Sus Chad
Sus Chad 6 mesi fa
@You Don’t like me? Fight me fights you* this comment is just jokes
Isaac Marmon
Isaac Marmon 7 mesi fa
Facts it was awsome
Isaak 7 mesi fa
erik k
erik k 5 mesi fa
These videos are like the sidemen cheap vs expensive holidays. I could watch these 24/7
Pedro 4 mesi fa
The way they react to drinking water straight out of the lake makes me appreciate being norwegian..
Matthew Rodriguez
I wish I extended my reenlistment for more than a year so I could experience more of Alaska than what I’ve done already
felix jørgernsen
dp no joke makes some of the best content ever! this is the best video they have made
Sunnytizer 7 mesi fa
"I didn't inherit this land from ancestors, I'm borrowing it for my kids and future generations" Best line ever said.
Number 7
Number 7 3 mesi fa
Dang I wish I could go to Alaska and have this much fun
Rensa Rizky
Rensa Rizky 2 mesi fa
What a great journey 🌾
Matthew Kenney
Matthew Kenney 2 mesi fa
Alaska is essentially just one giant national park so it’s nice to see a great video by you guys and keep up the great work.
Utomo Haridwinanto
The Camera Man And the Shots its amazing i love dude perfect bucket list
Sam Bliven
Sam Bliven 7 mesi fa
Can we just give a standing ovation to the camera men. Great job guys!
ミーマン【カルガモTV】M-MAN【duck TV】
Look ♫ Look ♫ Look ♫ 😊 ✨ May the ducks heal you 🦆💕✨
Annaliese Twining
I miss Alaska so much I used to live there, but we later had to move to Hawaii because of military. Both places were awesome
timothy dobson
I can't wait for the next one I love these videos
Ana Paula
Ana Paula 3 mesi fa
Last polaroid photo was so emotional ☺ Amazing video, love u guys!!
Ada Gunderson
Ada Gunderson 3 mesi fa
I live here in AK so it was so fun to see them see what I see everyday!
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