Alicia Keys, Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga Open The 2019 GRAMMYs

Recording Academy / GRAMMYs
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Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Obama and Jada Pinkett Smith open the 61st GRAMMY Awards.
Full winners list: bit.ly/2SnSTFG
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11 feb 2019

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Commenti 22 812
Recording Academy / GRAMMYs
Former First Lady Michelle Obama Steals the show at the GRAMMYs: goo.gl/gghnMy
Daria luba Burbelo
Michael points down to her father satan when askes " who runs the world "? Pesky polydactyls get with the really real Messiah Jesus the Christ
bagoesdiemas 10 ore fa
i put my comment here, hope i can get new subscriber
Steve Allen
Steve Allen 13 ore fa
Hmmmmmm....but you baby have a different view than the rest of us...you're in the minority being so fucking gorgeous. Whomever is waking up next to you is having a better start to their day than me...Have a lovely weekend. Steve.+Jan Maree Carmody
cool cock
cool cock 15 ore fa
+Steve Allen well said Allen.
cool cock
cool cock 15 ore fa
she didn't steal anything. if its not the grammy, any video involving obamas will have comments disabled. that's how in-secured they are.
SolarG G
SolarG G 2 ore fa
Michael really helped trump become president,so thanks Michael
Zac Gadd
Zac Gadd 2 ore fa
Aww they brought a gorilla on stage. How sweet
Derek Ochaki
Derek Ochaki 2 ore fa
JESUS runs the world.... not music. I like some of the music but it doesn’t run the world.
Sylvia Spandow-Tassi
You ladies are so easily pleased. Why don’t you look up to someone who is Godly and not worldly.
Elvie Maroa
Elvie Maroa 2 ore fa
waw Alicia keys is natural😍😍😍
Melanie Padro
Melanie Padro 2 ore fa
How is BTS there but Billie eilish is not 😒😒😢😢😢😢😢
RenieLove B
RenieLove B 2 ore fa
What an honor to have the room roar when you open your mouth to speak. I admire her pose and humbleness. Aunty Michelle you rock
Rrrr Mmmm
Rrrr Mmmm 3 ore fa
Barack... you're blessed with a woman...... It's real.. I’m sure she has brought you good luck.. isn't it, bro...? What a blessed boy..
ForEva Maeva
ForEva Maeva 3 ore fa
reformer6666 3 ore fa
Michelle Obama knows she a superstar.
NJASZN 3 ore fa
Lady Gaga looks like a completely different person 😂
TALENT Manganyi
Michael obama
Devanshi 4 ore fa
😘😘😘my oppa's 4:38
Fede Rico
Fede Rico 4 ore fa
Lady gaga trying to be gangsta
marlon regidor
its that Dr.Dre song ?
Ian Mangham
Ian Mangham 4 ore fa
Freaking 10
Freaking 10 4 ore fa
Garbage award
Ian Mangham
Ian Mangham 4 ore fa
Looks like a bunch of TRUMP supporters
SimpleSpeedBuilds .
How knew there were still many (stupid) people (idiots) left who believe these women are witches. Jelly much?
jade xade
jade xade 5 ore fa
Alicia key looks darker in that video.
song life
song life 5 ore fa
please watch the new english song on my channel
Gaga ok??
All them white ppl look lile they was mad she was on stage ...or imma just being extra??
TheReal Truthseeker
Many of you on here in your anger and despair over me calling you out on your hypocrisy, claim that I need to change my name because I am not a TRUTH seeker. I guess because I don't abide by TRUTHS that can't be factually backed up. I do NOT seek TRUTHS that aren't substantiated or corroborated; to me, that is not truth, it is conjecture. If you tell me the sky is pink, when I look out my window I had better see a PINK sky! I don't know, I guess I am just funny like that 🤷. I DON'T cotton to people who like to spread rumors or gossip. I DON'T cotton to people who claim to be a Christian or religious while the entire time negatively talking about others and putting them down. I don't cotton to people who think it is okay for someone they support to do something but then call foul for the next person. My life mottos have always been: Treat others as you would want to be treated, Don't throw rocks if you live in a glass house, and finally, what is good for the goose, is good for the gander. I don't like to be rude and insult others but I can give as easily as I get. So, if my TRUTHS offend you or hurt your feelings then I MUST be doing my job by honoring my name in Seeking Truth, finding truth, and exposing the truth as it really is OR 😋 as I see it! 😊 Good day!
Steevy Biassou
Omg. Michelle Obama, the voice❤❤❤
Doung David
Doung David 6 ore fa
It’s has been 7 days already and this still on the *TRENDING* even though not a best number then,
SCMC Wrestling
imagine beyonce also on that stage
Jinky Masinsin
All the love for Michelle
Erica Guidino
Erica Guidino 7 ore fa
Lady Ca Ca the worst of them.
Erica Guidino
Erica Guidino 7 ore fa
Devil worshipers all of them.
Meli Rad
Meli Rad 7 ore fa
Mitchelle can be president of the Grammy..or school board. Hussein is full of words. Nonapc E
Erica Guidino
Erica Guidino 7 ore fa
Queers,Communists and un Americans all.
Danyeal Austin
Missing the old music industry so bad
Erica Guidino
Erica Guidino 7 ore fa
The Grammys AKA the Communist convention 2019.
Erica Camp
Erica Camp 7 ore fa
5:04 = Black Girl Joy 🖤
I missed yesterday
I miss that First Lady.
Sith Nager
Sith Nager 7 ore fa
I really hope that Michelle is running for President......I truly belive she is the one who can save the world....
Reeza Tiomico
Reeza Tiomico 8 ore fa
Jlos hat so big, protecting her from shade
Ashley Albina
Ashley Albina 8 ore fa
jenifer con sombrero 🤮
Gail Schure
Gail Schure 8 ore fa
Their all horrible and guess where their going to go when they die THIER ALL FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially bedrock Obama 😡😪😤🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧
Mme Diallo Diallo
Reading Rymer 1
Michelle pointed to the ground after the lady said ‘who runs the world’ i don’t understand that...the ladies on the stage run the world?
Gabrielle Hall
First Lady Obama says one word and the audience loses control. And yes I did say First Lady. Forever my FLOTUS.
Nataly Cedillo
Ana the anime Lover
I see you bts
Annalyn Alexander
So gay
Stellars Jay
Stellars Jay 10 ore fa
And we have Michael Obama along with all the other sell outs on this god awful show exalting god awful music.
Rashad Hartzog
Rashad Hartzog 10 ore fa
Miss Obama is that girl
Michael Cameron
Michael Cameron 10 ore fa
I can't fight my love for gaga... My dream woman
anıl anar
anıl anar 10 ore fa
Joha 10 ore fa
They sill think they run the world...............lololololol
zevyzev ness
zevyzev ness 11 ore fa
Woman have average iqs, they do not run the world.... 🤨 Woman’s height average is 5’4”. I’m looking at you Michael
sharon m byrne
sharon m byrne 11 ore fa
Lady’s we run the world ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️as Beyoncé told us x
sharon m byrne
sharon m byrne 11 ore fa
sharon m byrne
sharon m byrne 11 ore fa
❤️❤️❤️❤️raw music
sharon m byrne
sharon m byrne 11 ore fa
Love it but Madonna essential
Sleipnirseight 11 ore fa
that HAT 😍
Loagun 11 ore fa
... I hadn't even realized the Grammys already happened...
natacha pem
natacha pem 11 ore fa
Gaga had a good argument though I think she was out of her league with those women
colleen toneff
colleen toneff 11 ore fa
Michelle Obama what a joke
Lourdes De fatima
Love Madajully cantora 0:)
hehlehleh 11 ore fa
I'm crying at all the powerful, strong women on stage. St. Vincent, Janelle Monáe, Brandi Carlile, and H.E.R. rocking out with their guitars on stage was incredible. Who run the world?
maria summerer
maria summerer 12 ore fa
alicia keys is really powerful
Rosalinda Garcia
Well that was awesome xxxx
Cindy Sullivan
Cindy Sullivan 12 ore fa
What in the World is Michelle Obama doin up there? She's NOT in the Music Industry! Makes no sense that she would be up there, considering there are so many other ppl that deserve to be there and I'm sure that would like to open the Awards Show! Like Dolly Parton, Diana Ross, Stevie Nicks, Joan Osborne, Reba McEntire, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, some Christian singers, like Amy Grant, Mandisa, and on and on. But no, the Libs wanted to make a political statement I guess. Stupid, I'd say.
Jose Barajas
Jose Barajas 12 ore fa
“Who runs the world” Michelle Obama points down 👇. Satan ppl
michael bone
michael bone 12 ore fa
Ha ha! The stage full of Trannys all at once! How can you not all see
Tamara Cook
Tamara Cook 12 ore fa
The power of Michelle Obama
Livewire546911 12 ore fa
Grammy's have never been the same and continues to get even more discussing ...such trash. I ask you this question just to see if the ignorant are as stupid as they are or are they worse so here is the question, would any of you like for your daughters to be groomed and mentored by any of these sleaze bag ??? if you do then you must hate your kids.
prasannafy 13 ore fa
idk why i cried when michelle spoke lol
Omar Gabriel Tafur Tafur
She's just Obama's wife, why everybody loves her that much
Tetey Kurz Sailo
1:19 that cute smile of Josh (****melting internally)
BlasterifyHD LericHD
Michelle Obama thinks Lucifer runs the world bc she pointed down
Angela Swift-Grasty
@00:53 ..No Jesus Chirst is Love Life and the Light .. change directions
Dolly Johnson
Dolly Johnson 14 ore fa
So cool wit it..... we gotta a show to do👌🏽❤❤❤
Dolly Johnson
Dolly Johnson 14 ore fa
We love Michelle Obama ❤❤❤ as soon as she opened her mouth, the crowd went wild.... I love it
Rihanna 14 ore fa
Rosalia will kill your singers 😉
MIKE Gambill
MIKE Gambill 14 ore fa
MIKE Gambill
MIKE Gambill 14 ore fa
Tyrone Brown
Tyrone Brown 15 ore fa
0:5 opening scene is my godson A.J with the huge smile ! 😁
Camiya R.
Camiya R. 15 ore fa
I don't know now..Chile, lada Gaga lookin snackish.
cool cock
cool cock 15 ore fa
yeah please run obama, its easy win for TRUMP. you idiots still don't get it. These kinda stunts wont win election. If we want to defeat trump, we gotta go for substance than ornaments. Everywhere Obama campaigned candidate lost. Support someone new, enough with old career politicians.
imen5686 15 ore fa
Michele Obama will forever be my role model! Please run for president!! Love youuuuu Mrs. Obama 😍😘😘
I love BTS
I love BTS 15 ore fa
So many comments about that they 'sold their souls' tf why they didn't
Alphamikee 15 ore fa
Reree Leaphh
Reree Leaphh 15 ore fa
You are all so stupid. These are drag queens, genetic men. Little trannys and big ones.
Reree Leaphh
Reree Leaphh 15 ore fa
Shine C
Shine C 15 ore fa
She's beautiful and classy
Clayton de Freitas
She should be asked to do the oscars
Jade Jones
Jade Jones 16 ore fa
& lady gaga lookin like a snack 😍😍
Jade Jones
Jade Jones 16 ore fa
All that black woman magic 😍
Frankie Hendrix
Frankie Hendrix 16 ore fa
Who runs the world???? Men, ofcourse! A stadium full of delusional monkey's.
Roger Dekeyzer
Roger Dekeyzer 16 ore fa
Latex catsuit, dancers, stage lights, take that away and you've got no talent.
Micah Butler
Micah Butler 16 ore fa
People love Michelle Obama.Please run for president.
Micah Butler
Micah Butler 16 ore fa
She is so down to earth.She seems really genuine.
silver meski
silver meski 17 ore fa
Who runs the world? And Michellw pounts down. U bloody satanists. Middle finger to u from me,thats my sign
Pauline SANGO
Pauline SANGO 17 ore fa
Trop beau oh my God💝💝💝💝✋
Darth Matter Sigil
Ahh, Nice to see high priestess Lesbian witches come together.. Didn't see that coming..
Tawanda The Chosen Vessel
Gaga got issues
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