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Once it was seen as the worst Alien movie, now it's seen as...just a bad one. What went wrong with the riskiest Alien movie ever made? Nostalgia Critic takes a look at Alien 3.
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Alien 3 is a 1992 American science-fiction horror film directed by David Fincher and written by David Giler, Walter Hill and Larry Ferguson from a story by Vincent Ward. It stars Sigourney Weaver reprising her role as Ellen Ripley and is the third film installment in the Alien franchise, preceded by Aliens (1986) and succeeded by Alien Resurrection (1997).
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12 giu 2019

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Channel Awesome
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Yuki Amano
Yuki Amano 8 giorni fa
Channel Awesome hey critic don’t u mean shes samus (metroid)
G filmer
G filmer 20 giorni fa
This is why you don't annouce a release date for something before you even begin working on something
YOBA MUST DIE! 23 giorni fa
Prison version of script was actually not about Ripley it was about Riddick and eventually its script was reworked into Pitch Black, Chronicles of Riddick and Escape from Butcher Bay game, and basically spawned new franchise.
Oisin is A dick
Oisin is A dick 26 giorni fa
Channel Awesome can u review Scooby-Doo 4 the curse of the lagoon
melvin shermen
melvin shermen 26 giorni fa
Channel Awesome review phantomas paycheck Next
scifino1 9 ore fa
12:00 ish: actually if you're in prison in Norway for example... that's actually pretty free of violence, (the guards have weapons though) but the main punishment is that you are cut off from society. Most of the people who go to prison in Norway never commit a crime again after their release. In the USA, on the other hand, people, who are released from prison, are actually most likely to be convicted again. With that in mind: Yes, i can imagine that future prisons might work without any trace of violence other than the separation from society.
E T 16 ore fa
21:04 That is a Hercules reference !
Justin Eaddy
Justin Eaddy 16 ore fa
11:57 - 12:37 is the best skit.
Psychonaut 17 ore fa
There should be a David Lynch directed Alien movie.
Kevin Golston
Kevin Golston 23 ore fa
Watched the intro 2 what a piece of gold
Marc Lewis
Marc Lewis Giorno fa
Doug doing that homage to screenrant pitch meetings is tight!😁
Some Blue Dude
Some Blue Dude Giorno fa
Lol at 12:05 he looked into the camera
Confused Badger
Confused Badger Giorno fa
Jesus, can you screech any louder. Cant watch.
Sam Haime
Sam Haime 2 giorni fa
Pitch meeting about a pitch meeting, Ryan has such a punchable face , literary two of the best here , love it
ZeroJinKui 2 giorni fa
in my mind, the alien series ends after the second movie, same as karate kid... the second movies had the best end for the characters, and that's it... anything after those movies does not exist, and are just feverdream fanfics as far as i'm concerned. non-canon bullshit that ruins everything, so fuck em, they've been denied acknowledgement.
XD GAMER 2 giorni fa
When he shouted that he "didn't care about the head of photography is" he sounded like Best in class' angry mom voice
Thing 8117 Anderson
Hell no! Rip off femanzi skywalker and zena DC princess don’t hold a candle to Ripley. And no people certainly cannot “get behind them”.
Kristofer Paul
Kristofer Paul 2 giorni fa
Wind had a role in "The Happening."
Widchapon Jearaphunt
Begining of review so funny I LMAO (LOL)
Sir Fijoe
Sir Fijoe 3 giorni fa
I'm gonna say it: I love Alien 3 almost as much as the first two, and it's 100x better than alien resurrection. Alien 3 had an amazing setting, interesting characters, and a new play on how bioweapons and religion could effect humanity as an entity and as a set of morals. The soundtrack was also amazing. The assembly cut (there never was a directors cut) makes the movie even better, expanding on characters such as Golic. The movie is depressing, but actually a good end to the series. It was also David Fincher's first feature length film. It's impressive that despite all the troubles they had in development (making development living hell) it still came out the way it did. The only downsides are the killings of Newt and Hicks, and some bad CG and superimposed images at times. I'd recommend giving the assembly cut a watch.
Amalaric GoTH
Amalaric GoTH 3 giorni fa
2 minutes and 10 seconds in and i want to slice my right wrist open. GET ON WITH IT! Everybody else-"Yes GET ON WITH IT!"
Al S
Al S 3 giorni fa
Which is why I hated Alien 3 and found Alien Resurrection at least entertaining. Yeah it was stupid, but it didn't take a huge spiked black dildo to characters I cared about and then ravage them.
Lilly McDonald
Lilly McDonald 3 giorni fa
Omg your acting like the guy from screen rant.
Olivia McDonagh
Olivia McDonagh 4 giorni fa
My favourite thing about this god-awful film? It'd the epitome of "bad guys are always played by Brits". I mean Jesus Christ did the prison get its stock of inmates from Pentonville or something...?
metalbastion 4 giorni fa
nice reference to hercules
Jason Rickerd
Jason Rickerd 4 giorni fa
Timeline question, didn't they expedite the rescue mission once the report made it to Weyland/Yutani? Or was that an extended cut thing (which I think I have in the Quadrilogy DVD release. That is also a hot mess as the audio was actually damaged so the sections that got spliced back are highly obvious and include janky subtitles). I mainly like watching this movie due to watching the making of featurette and learning the Hollywood production DISASTER in went through to get made and digging on what Fincher was able to cobble together with bubblegum and duct tape. Side note, Dark Horse Comics is in the process of adapting the William Gibson script in comic form.
Ethan Kellerman
Ethan Kellerman 4 giorni fa
Ripley's Chestburster takes longer because it's a Queen Xenomorph, they take longer to be born so that the hive will ready for her. The Royal Facehuggers carry two embryos, a Queen to lay the eggs of the future hive and a Drone to build the hive.
Cool girl 123
Cool girl 123 4 giorni fa
Good opening.
Toool 5 giorni fa
Alien.. Aliens.. Alien².. Alien³
Mahamed Essam
Mahamed Essam 5 giorni fa
I laughed more than I should on that steamed hams reference XD
Top Мирок
Top Мирок 5 giorni fa
4:39 what this music?
SquirrelKnight 5 giorni fa
Ehm yea... 3:30 Srsly guy, I don't mind sponsored content.. but damn
Yeet the beat out
Yeet the beat out 6 giorni fa
See what you did hollywood? All of your cliched fakeouts have broken the wind! Congrats, aholes, you did this! You broke the wind!
Mohamed Nail
Mohamed Nail 6 giorni fa
*some one died* nah its the wind
willy24able 6 giorni fa
And this is why the Metroid series do the job mostly better. I meant mostly, BECAUSE THE FIRST 2 GAMES DON'T AGE WELL THUS BEING OVERSHADOWED BY THEIR OWN REMAKES, I DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT PINBALL, FUCK PRIME HUNTERS FOR REPLACING 2D METROID WITH BAD CONTROL SCHEME ON THE DS WHICH DOESN'T WORK FOR A FIRST PERSON METROID GAME, FUCK OTHER M FOR BEING TOO AMBITIOUS FOR IT'S OWN GOOD THUS STARTED THE DARK AGE OF THE FRANCHISE, AND DON'T GET ME FUCKING STARTED ON FED FORCE! (Sigh) At least the Metroid franchise has been redeemed themselves with "Samus Returns". So yeah, Metroid series not only took major inspiration on the Aliens series, but also do the job mostly better. If you're asking what I meant Metroid is better than Aliens, it's "Quality Control". At least the Metroid franchise refuse to kill Samus Aran or ruined her(Except Other M & Fed Force which ruined her reputation due to the Metroid creators' stupidity back then before Samus Returns).
Lanceload 6 giorni fa
You have such nice teeth. It's crazy.
Patrick Oliver
Patrick Oliver 6 giorni fa
Let me know how Joss Wheden makes the next one even worse!...lol
Brett Wilder
Brett Wilder 7 giorni fa
lol rei is a star everyone can get behind? didnt know marry sues were cool
paco ramon
paco ramon 7 giorni fa
Killing the kid from Aliens wad just stupid.
Mandalore The Maximum
31:41 same actor, different characters.
Dead Space
Dead Space 8 giorni fa
Hicks didn’t die - aliens colonial marines! He saw Ripley kill her self at the end of alien 3 in the dlc
SignifieD 9 giorni fa
Newt being dead crushed my soul.. and the way they killed her off was so insulting.
Sherudons 9 giorni fa
I think earth war would have made an amazing follow up to aliens. I've only passively read/listened to that things arc and it really sounds good.
chuck manson
chuck manson 9 giorni fa
This sucks
Gua 9 giorni fa
I'm grown to enjoy Alien 3. Despite all the flaws, it still managed to capture right atmosphere which is rarely found in other movies.
Edward Dore
Edward Dore 7 giorni fa
the director's cut makes it better
Defiantnight 9 giorni fa
I like the out-of-place shouting for (what I assume) are the key words the ad wanted you to say, very amusing.
Trevon Gooch
Trevon Gooch 10 giorni fa
The hades reference
SALT 10 giorni fa
What kind of religion? Some sort of apocalyptic millenarian Christian fundementalist. Umm... what?
Jackal Jackie
Jackal Jackie 10 giorni fa
Wait, so this planet they're on - it's basically Cygnus Alpha from Blake's 7? Cuz that's the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear "prison planet inhabited by a cult" UPD: How come a cheap space opera did it better and actually explained how it worked and it backfired anyway?
AK U 10 giorni fa
There is extended cut of alien 3, Wich/what scene they added more,. Hmm now im curious
Timothy Grzeczka
Timothy Grzeczka 11 giorni fa
Alien 3 gets a lot of flak. There's a lot wrong with it but its structure has some good points. I like the return to one monster with no weapons to easily kill it. Resurrection is the result of "Oh crap, we need Ripley back" and not having the guts to just try something new. Prometheus and Covenant are hurt in two ways; trying to give the alien an origin. What was wrong with it being a messed up species? Also, especially in Prometheus, they have to be the dumbest smart people to ever go into space. So many stupid decisions and actions. At least the crew on Covenant were more or less a combination of space truckers and colonists. I hope someday Fox (maybe now that it's part of Disney) will allow someone to run in a new direction with the alien.
The Nerdy Kid
The Nerdy Kid 11 giorni fa
21:05 Hades from Hercules
Multi-Coloured Valeriani
Please do another musicle review where you guys are singing. Your all so talented
Ambrosino Paul
Ambrosino Paul 12 giorni fa
Wind still have the happening to confort him, he was so good in that one !
Badger boi
Badger boi 12 giorni fa
The first 3 mins of this vid are more rewatchable than the movie itself ---- and I happen to love Alien 3 xD Doug at his finest
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