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Once it was seen as the worst Alien movie, now it's seen as...just a bad one. What went wrong with the riskiest Alien movie ever made? Nostalgia Critic takes a look at Alien 3.
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Alien 3 is a 1992 American science-fiction horror film directed by David Fincher and written by David Giler, Walter Hill and Larry Ferguson from a story by Vincent Ward. It stars Sigourney Weaver reprising her role as Ellen Ripley and is the third film installment in the Alien franchise, preceded by Aliens (1986) and succeeded by Alien Resurrection (1997).
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12 giu 2019




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Commenti 4 569
Channel Awesome
Channel Awesome 4 mesi fa
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G filmer
G filmer Giorno fa
@Manecki Neckbeard the fuck?
Manecki Neckbeard
Wow, Critic. Pandering to the philatelist fetish demographic, I see. So does this mean you’re going to be reviewing the legendary 90s parody porn flick, “Philatelist Frenzy??” Please please please say yes!!
Manecki Neckbeard
Dexter The Nostalgia Toonster What!? I hadn’t thought about that movie in over a decade, until a friend randomly brought it up in conversation yesterday! It’s like the universe is telling me something...I don’t know what that something is, but clearly my fate depends on this review being made!
G filmer
G filmer Mese fa
@iluvmym4 Yes
iluvmym4 Mese fa
Channel Awesome is Disney going to do a reboot?
Alistair Bruce
When did Pitch Meetings get so famous
Ssj Ichigo
Ssj Ichigo 23 ore fa
achievement unlocked: ripped it, miss a obvious and perfectly timed fart joke at the end of your video
Manecki Neckbeard
Oh, and sorry buddy- The Wind already had its day. Several days, in fact. It’s just that nobody took “Twister” or “Sharknado” seriously. Sorry, buddy. That’s pictures.
Manecki Neckbeard
And of course, there’s always that timeless classic, “Gone With The Wind.” I mean, admittedly, The Wind’s role in that is more of a cameo part...but still! A classic performance granting long-term name recognition, nonetheless.
Manecki Neckbeard
I was disturbed by the level of my own geekiness, when you talked about the queen alien’s “tube thing” and my immediate response was to feel every sinew of my body screaming: “It’s called an ovipositor!” Thank you, Critic, for forcing me to face this aspect of myself. Also, you saying “prison planet” made me desperately wish for you to do a parody of the Xenu mythos from Scientology. Or possibly one of Alex Jones’ videos.
Manecki Neckbeard
And hahahahaha, I never noticed that opening exposition credit! This screenplay must’ve been written back when the whole “Double Y Chromosome= Criminality” hypothesis was popular, to such an extent that the screenwriters clearly thought it would sound cool and future-y if they included it. (Admittedly, I was distracted by the knowledge that Charles Dance was NOT playing a Snidely Whiplashesque villain in this movie. And also by the fact that seeing Pete Poselthwaite’s name in opening credits immediately results in my brain melting down in throes of orgasmic exhilaration because PETE FUCKING POSELTHWAITE BITCHES!)
Yuki Hana
Yuki Hana 2 giorni fa
Lol!! Pitch Meeting! Why not collaborate with Ryan?!
David Umstattd
David Umstattd 2 giorni fa
Never seen any alien films. Guessing I should stop at 2.
Timothy Morris
Timothy Morris 16 ore fa
David Umstattd Yes just watch Alien and Aliens.
Peter Gill
Peter Gill 4 giorni fa
7:50 - The Doom: Annihilation movie (which surprisingly I actually enjoyed despite its shortcomings) did this exact same editing style for the beginning. It was insanely annoying.
Kory Benglan
Kory Benglan 4 giorni fa
This is my favorite Alien film. I don't know why really. I do love bad movies. Yet that doesn't mean I like it cause I think it's the worte one. I guess I had a soft spot for it.
stoplyinn 7 giorni fa
That wind joke was so odd.
tdark987 9 giorni fa
8:36 Ironically, that’s almost exactly the excuse Ripley makes up for requesting the autopsies. It’s cholera instead of dysentery, but just as ridiculous.
Jelley 9 giorni fa
Lol. Doug did better than matpat in my opinion.
TheKingDagon108 11 giorni fa
This is the only channel where I actually watch his ads because the skits he does are really funny makes me lul everytime
Bann Teagan
Bann Teagan 13 giorni fa
Please do a Beawolf and Ring of the Nibelung review.
Waluigi Mourner
Waluigi Mourner 16 giorni fa
8:34 no that's dreamcatchers
SenzaBeens 16 giorni fa
Screen rant posting eyes in the comment is the highlight of this whole video
Sigismund, The Emperor's Champion
The only good thing about this movie is the ending which I believe is a nice elegant way to end the franchise Everything else was bad And is really sad that most of those prototypes sound really cool specially the one where aliens get to Earth but where all discarded because "lol strong female character"
Curtis Litchfield
Curtis Litchfield 17 giorni fa
Okay so self-proclaimed Alien 3 fanboy/evangelist here, but that aside I had to stop watching this a bit before halfway through. This video perpetuates the same tropey non-examination that guys like cinemasins do. It's all pretty low hanging fruit. I don't want to dump on you guys for creating your content, I have no content of my own to proclaim that I could do it better. I just wish that we could talk about this movie in a way that's less sophmoric than this. Same with the prequels.
Sepheryn 18 giorni fa
The prisoners were allowed to roam free and weapons were not needed because the facility had been mostly shut down and only a fraction of the prisoners remained, those that didn't want to leave, and they had developed a kind of religious brotherhood and a certain level of trust. So I don't think it's a problem to the story that they could walk around freely and also have no weapons (there were no guards left for there to be a need for weapons), also it's not like they were going to try to escape.
Liz O'Donnell
Liz O'Donnell 18 giorni fa
I just want to say this video inspired me to watch the Screen Rant Pitch Meetings and you’re right - they’re hilarious and the writing is incredible. Thanks for introducing me to that series!
Miss Mangas
Miss Mangas 18 giorni fa
I care more about the wind and his futur job than all the characters in this movie, except Ripley and Bishop; they are so forgettable. I didn't remember any of their names or ones-liners, no joke! I remember the '' Game Over man, game over! '' guy, Sanchez and Newt; they were well written and have nice relations with each other plus Ripley and the girl were adorable X3 In Alien 3, none of the mans was as likable or funny as them. I wished the movie was about a new and stronger Alien queen and her army, Ripley had to protect Newt and fight them with the mans. The tension will rise, the action will be as good as in Aliens, Bishop could help the girls to kill the monsters or send messages so a rescue team can pick the survivors. It will be way more interesting than this disappointing movie honestly.
freeman1352 18 giorni fa
The movie that failed so long ago grew into somthing very special i have neve seen a darker movie
Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson 18 giorni fa
So, uh. There’s a big difference between a gang bang and a gang RAPE, just wanted to point that out...
Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson 17 giorni fa
Lolazo Men one involves consent- I don’t recall the prisoners asking Ripley for consent. Are you aware there’s a difference between sex and rape?
Lolazo Men
Lolazo Men 17 giorni fa
...how do you know that again?
Akhamesh 19 giorni fa
If Bishop was designed to look EXACTLY like Weyland himself and NAMED after him, wouldn't Ripley immediately be suspicious of the fact that he was apparently having breakfast with marines in the Sulaco? She never aknowledges that. She worked for Weyland-Yutani in the first movie, the company was even bigger during the second one, and she never knew what the owner of the company and one of Earths biggest billionaires looked like? She only figures out he's a synthetic when he bleeds. That is one of the stupidest things they ever did with this franchise. Other than letting it continue with this movie.
paul Kimball
paul Kimball 19 giorni fa
its also explained that they closed down the prison and the ones who chose religion where allowed to stay in some what of a peaceful distant existence. Hence no weapons. Also the mother alien gestation process in lore lasts significantly longer. Whats this dudes obsession with newt being alive? That idea of her aging in stasis is moronic. Im glad newt was killed off she was the most annoying character in aliens anyways.
paul Kimball
paul Kimball 19 giorni fa
The studio tried to play it safe thats why they backed out of vincent ward's complete story. It was highly original and would have been amazing. The studio played it safe and destroyed all the original ideas in the script.
Sean Shogun
Sean Shogun 20 giorni fa
Petition to give the wind his own film
rob wallace
rob wallace 25 giorni fa
Yea why don't they greenlight alien isolation as a movie id like to see Ripley's daughter be a badass too
Tomiply 25 giorni fa
19:59 - Aww, this would've been the perfect time for, "I hear M. Night Shyamalan is looking for the wind to play a huge part in a movie, though." (The Happening)
Zach Plummer
Zach Plummer 26 giorni fa
20:41 Yeah but she doesn't know. If they cut the scene you would just ask how the hell she knew everything. Plus it gave us a proper goodbye to Bishop.
Zach Plummer
Zach Plummer 26 giorni fa
Well, on the bright side it's the third best Alien movie. Shit wait that's a bad thing.
transformersfan500 okane
Why didn't he make this on Alien Day
melissa jackson
melissa jackson 29 giorni fa
Damn, Doug... You broke wind...
melissa jackson
melissa jackson 29 giorni fa
If I were 20th century fox I'd be willing to pay you guys so much money to get your input on movies that are being made just to keep from fucking them up. The first two alien movies are my all time faves!
theZeitos Mese fa
But wait! Wind got to appear in Twister and the Happening and I just made it worse, didnt I?
The Grimm Reaper
Knock knock! Who's there? My back! It wants you to get off of it! Fair enough. I have to remember that one!
The Tommyknocker Man
You're a genius, sir. Your videos are some of the funniest and best I've seen. I'm slowly becoming addicted to them. Don't usually comment on videos but I have to in this case.
notsuchagirlygirl101 101
0:54 Well, we have this for that: www.rottentomatoes.com/m/planet_51
joking back
joking back Mese fa
3:53 made me fall apart
Stephen Wilder
FUCKKK THIS MOVIE!!! (long story incoming) My cousin has been my best friend throughout all my life including my childhood but At the time this thing came out he was the biggest fan of these movies he had the most ridiculous toys you have ever seen and they were like crazy expensive he was like a super mega fan and he tried desperately to get me to watch the first two which I finally did even though he had to bribe me and I ended up really liking them and when this third one came out in theaters we went to go watch it... It caused the worst argument between us ever and it lasted for like 2 months it was so bad at one point we almost drowned each other in a pool... Anyway so as not to lose my best friend I ended up lying and saying I changed my mind about the movie and we just kind of never talked about it again but I honestly hated this thing and then after it caused all that s*** to happen I hated it like a thousand times more and now seeing it as an adult yeah I still hate the freaking thing ughhh RIP Newt you will be missed!
Stephen Wilder
fuck this movie for real something is wrong with whoever made this one and its why i will never watch any of the others
Passerby Tanuki
Thomas Lamson
21:05 rockin hercules reference m8y. 10/10
Tami Lambert
Tami Lambert Mese fa
An honour system? Seen the movie when it first came out. I was a kid, seeing the details now are... fucking dumb lol
Tami Lambert
Tami Lambert Mese fa
Ripley still fucks up those other G.I. Janes and forced hero swappers. Same male archetype, just a female body.
Tami Lambert
Tami Lambert Mese fa
One of your best beginning skits. Love your channel, dude!
Mark Septipie
Just noticed that Hades reference 😂
Jamie McCallum
33:20 The most powerful moment in cinema history
Aron T-900
Aron T-900 Mese fa
Worst movie ever made
Chelsea Lyn Zen-Lewis
When The movie doesn't even point out that Ripley has a daughter called Amanda who gets lost into deep space after travelling on the nostromo(part of the Weyland-Yutani corporation) to get to Sevastopol station
Chelsea Lyn Zen-Lewis
Seriously? Why couldn't Alien 3 talk more about Amanda? Something that would talk about Alien Isolation?
Sal Mese fa
The reason provided as to why it took the Alien inside Ripley to take far more longer to burst was because she was impregnated with a Queen Alien which takes much longer to form and then leave the host as compared to a normal Xeno.
Profound Warrior
Ooooh pitch meetings fwiend
Liam Patrick
Liam Patrick Mese fa
James Tolbert
19:08 ....They're in a space ship, aren't they?
Hans Ruhlmann
I would wish they could make more Screen Rant Pitch Meeting parody opening scenes to the Nostalgia Critic episodes.
where can i get that SICK SAD WORLD shirt?
Ayden Jenkins
I loved Alien 3. I do not get the hate. It's actually my second favourite in the series.
Fishslap 33
Fishslap 33 Mese fa
It wasn't as awful as people seem to think it was. It just wasn't great. Prometheus and Covenant showed us very clearly what really bad Alien sequels look like. Compared to those two, A3 is a masterpiece basically. Anyway, Wind should have had a role in it. That would have helped.
Jean-Luc Picard
Is it just 3 people left on Channel Awesome still?
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