INSIDE STORY: How Pierre Gasly Shocked The World At Monza

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In our latest episode of Inside Stories - an F1 TV original series - rewind to that incredible day at Monza when Pierre Gasly secured an astonishing race with for AlphaTauri...
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22 gen 2021




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Commenti 100
Ritaraj Datta
Ritaraj Datta 23 ore fa
Great to watch Driver of the year 2020 (Pierre) vs Driver of the year 2019 (Carlos) Who is next (Driver of the year 2021)
Red Osorio
Red Osorio Giorno fa
You know It was a great race when no Mercedes on the podium.
fly787 2 giorni fa
I love Pierre Hamelins Voice
chucky cromers
chucky cromers 2 giorni fa
Where's Alex Albon now..?? Hahahahahahahahaaaa hahahahahahahahaaaa hahahahahahahahaaaa hahahahahahahahaaaa hahahahahahahahaaaa hahahahahahahahaaaa hahahahahahahahaaaa hahahahahahahahaaaa hahahahahahahahaaaa hahahahahahahahaaaa
muhammad shofwan
muhammad shofwan 3 giorni fa
The french is strong when you said "Stghroll" instead of "Stroll"
charlielrb 3 giorni fa
These "INSIDE STORIES" are really well edited! Great watches all of them!
Project Mikha
Project Mikha 4 giorni fa
Still better than ferrari strategy department :)
Nicolas Michalski
Nicolas Michalski 4 giorni fa
we want more races how this
John Paul Moscoso
John Paul Moscoso 5 giorni fa
It was a great race new race winner!!
ieurau -
ieurau - 5 giorni fa
3:23 oldschool tyre marking
Logan Ramanatham
Logan Ramanatham 7 giorni fa
Everyone needs a Pierre Hamelin in their life.
Eren Basement
Eren Basement 8 giorni fa
Can’t wait to relive this moment on Drive to Survive
Maxime 8 giorni fa
It’s a shame to only have the Belgian commentator and not the French, cause Julien Fébreau was completely shouting in the last lap 🔥🇫🇷
elliot la rochelle
elliot la rochelle 8 giorni fa
Bravo gasly
Syauqi Muhammad Nur Fikri Islami
what if alphatauri decided to pit kvyat first at that time?
TG Studio
TG Studio 10 giorni fa
Les 190 dislikes se sont les mecs de Maclaren
TG Studio
TG Studio 10 giorni fa
accélère accélère accélère
cundelinx x
cundelinx x 10 giorni fa
intensifier music start = goosebumps
Emirza Irfan
Emirza Irfan 10 giorni fa
Mercedes : "You cannot Win at Monza anymore!" Ferrari : "We know, but they can" *Pointing Alphatauri*
Alan Paul Blanc
Alan Paul Blanc 10 giorni fa
Excelent edition ♥️🔥🇦🇷
Pranjal Prasun
Pranjal Prasun 11 giorni fa
Carlos Sainz was the Driver of the Day
Muhammad 11 giorni fa
Need an extented highlights of this race
Among us Moments
Among us Moments 13 giorni fa
Do this more often
URIrrelevant343 13 giorni fa
Music anyone?
Lokesh Reddy
Lokesh Reddy 13 giorni fa
Unsung hero: kevin
Kamadeva 14 giorni fa
I cant help but cry
Viktor Tsoy
Viktor Tsoy 14 giorni fa
Constant message to my life: "Copy that, I will not panic"
Alfie B
Alfie B 15 giorni fa
3:22 anybody else noticed the colours of the tires were different on the leaderboard
Critical Karma
Critical Karma 17 giorni fa
More of this
Simba reps
Simba reps 17 giorni fa
Favorite Driver. GO GASLY!!!
Blufferfish089 17 giorni fa
these break-downs and behind the scenes are really cool, more please!
sasa bone
sasa bone 19 giorni fa
Finally non Mercedes podium It us more fun and more close results since long time ago
Matteo V.
Matteo V. 19 giorni fa
3:22 and it’s a throwback to Pirelli rainbow’s tire colors
Arya Tiwari
Arya Tiwari 19 giorni fa
Was searching for this comment
Samantha Warburton
Samantha Warburton 24 giorni fa
Even though I've watched this clip so many times before I always get nervous at the end but then so happy! He really deserved that win, let's hope for many more!!❤
Twinbee 25 giorni fa
THIS is how F1 should be ! Unpredictable, wild and crazy
Jonathan Sweeney
Jonathan Sweeney 25 giorni fa
Pierre Gasly looked so in control
Strike 098
Strike 098 26 giorni fa
Ferrari master 🅱️Lan, crash so Mercedes don't win. Then forget the part about themselves winning
Strike 098
Strike 098 26 giorni fa
Are we just gonna ignore the fact that even if Hamilton had noticed the pitlane closure Gasly would be in p2?
Kağan Sarman
Kağan Sarman 27 giorni fa
thats always same for haas "stop the car"
i eat cheese
i eat cheese 27 giorni fa
it takes him 10 sconds to proces what happen
Himejima Akeno
Himejima Akeno 27 giorni fa
this just never gets old
ThiagoPratezi 28 giorni fa
Mercedes 2022: gasly and russell
Kent Zyven
Kent Zyven 29 giorni fa
What did you do?
Christian Maharaj
Christian Maharaj 29 giorni fa
Yo Pierre you wanna come out here
UmbraAlone Mese fa
hey when hamilton stop for the 10 seconds the hard tyres color is blue
Heavy Fisher
Heavy Fisher Mese fa
Last time I felt such tension with a ultimate pleasure at the end, it was for Kimi's title in 2007... That's why we watch F1!
Daniel Eduardo Martinez
Rafa Salmun
Rafa Salmun Mese fa
we all need a friend like pierre hamelin
Dr Nax
Dr Nax Mese fa
Merci Pierre
oxyfide Mese fa
Not really a fan of Gasly but glad to see him win. It's always better when the underdogs win.
Joshua Chambers
For people who say Gasly was just lucky because of the red flag- You have to be lucky to win in a midfield car. Sainz would've been lucky if he had won.
MGR Buzz
MGR Buzz Mese fa
Pierre Hamelin is one of the best Engineer in f1. I watched the extended version of this video. During the race he tried to keep his head down and calm him. Win for Pierre win for Alpha Tauri. Congrats ❤️👏🏻
Laleska Mese fa
This makes me so happy!!!!
R0t4te Futu4e
Theyre using 2018 tyres colours 3:27
Ric Lee
Ric Lee Mese fa
i swear when i hear pierre, im like " which pierre? gasly or his engineer?"
Jessiejam21 44
Rock Star, Pierre way to go kid!!
Théo Saulnier
Why the belgian comments and not the french ?
k s
k s Mese fa
4:50 I like this"see you on the pmdium". I don't know why I like this,but I like this very very much! I love Pierre Gasly and Pierre Hamelin!!
OriasLIVE Mese fa
Gasly is one of my favourite driver in F1 wish him more victories :)
Shimino Mese fa
History repeats itself after vettel in toro rosso and now it's back to the podium after like 12 years
Harvey Johnson
suchhhh a shame there was no crowd 🥲
Patryk Kinel
Patryk Kinel Mese fa
3:23 Blue tyres=Hard , White tyres=Medium and Yellow tyre=Soft? these are the colors of tires with 2018. 3:27 Back to normal.
unwhite Mese fa
Watching this live was unforgettable, one of the best races in the season for sure
Josaphat Febrian
I like how his engineer's name is also Pierre
Oh my, i love when the young drivers get a win or one podium is a very beautiful moment for the fans i think
Fi - D
Fi - D Mese fa
I tear up every time
irakli kh
irakli kh Mese fa
Sad fact : rbr wants tsunoda to be faster than Gasly and they start to talk about this ... maybe Tsunoda will faster but why they do not support Gasly , I think he has to move in other team as Riciardo
Opoxe TV
Opoxe TV Mese fa
Shame you not put Juien Febreau commentary's at the end !
Oscar Ricky
Oscar Ricky Mese fa
Imagine if he won in redbull ring
Yile Wen
Yile Wen Mese fa
i like how he does a catholic blessing right before the race start
Alex Castro
Alex Castro Mese fa
kimi gave the win to gasly , he held sianz like 2 laps
ShineStreet Mese fa
I love how he says *We just won the race* , he's a driver of team work.
taksimli cenk
drive to survive season 3
Nemesis Zar
Nemesis Zar Mese fa
This was the happiest day of formula 1 fans.
Luis Mohamed Condori
I'm starting to realize that gasly truly deserverd it more than Sainz... What a race
Agastya Morajkar
Gasly have more successful with Toro Rosso/ Alphatauri instead of Red Bull
Football266fcgb Girondins
Les français on est où !!!!😁
Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Osas
It’s shows how luck and great time management has so much to do with the outcome. Mix in a very capable driver and it can be a very interesting race.
kneas Mese fa
Pierre Hamelin's voice is always cool...
Ran Pan
Ran Pan Mese fa
I’m so happy for him
mario cannon
mario cannon Mese fa
My favorite 2 races of my short F1 watching career have both involved Gasly! Brazil 2019 and this!!
papualvarini Mese fa
I dont want this. I want Drive To Survive III🤨
Cristina Samayoa
Brings so mich joy to see this! Congratulations Pierre and Carlos
Alec Yerikian
Lloyd Mese fa
Who noticed there was a mistake on raikkonen typed "raikonnen" at 1:22
Shinji Mese fa
Red Bull says Perez, Yuki or Albon might drive their car nex yr. I dont get why not Gasly.
Cypher Mese fa
Wait, does Netflix aprove that vídeo? I'm very excited to see that episode in 3rd season
DaMinionLord Mese fa
As happy as i am for Gasly, I would have loved for Sainz to have overtaken him. Though VERY well deserved for Gasly
An idiot in a racing car
3:41 If only things were that simple...
chloé Mese fa
muhammad shofwan
Shame there was no spectator that day
Mountain Man
Mountain Man Mese fa
Couldn't have happened to a better chap! Well done Pierre - truly deserved P1!
ilu Mese fa
3:20 wait did the tyre colors on the right just change to pre-2019?
Jadfitri Mese fa
well hamilton going into pit lane thats why
Hue_Vyron Mese fa
In Germany we say "Gänsehaut"
brifi Mese fa
Still getting goosebumps, what an unforgettable and incredible race
Ronald Rice
Ronald Rice Mese fa
The cluttered aftermath energetically cry because riddle additionally spell except a present profit. brawny, well-off shears
LaGuinguette Mese fa
They should have put the CANAL+ commentaries. They were so epic!
The Sun
The Sun Mese fa
What did you do?😁
KK Playz
KK Playz Mese fa
pieres enigener piere hamlen piere quailfys p10 piere wins the alphatauris home race pieres racing number 10
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