Amigos (Ep. 2) | Lele Pons, Rudy Mancuso, Juanpa Zurita, Hannah Stocking & Anwar Jibawi

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9 ago 2018

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Commenti 31 842
Lele Pons
Lele Pons 2 mesi fa
Emily Sarinana
Emily Sarinana 4 giorni fa
Lele Pons please
Emily Sarinana
Emily Sarinana 4 giorni fa
Lele Pons can you do a norther one
Steve Jotevski
Steve Jotevski 23 giorni fa
Omg hi lela ✌😂💄
JayceeMarie Mese fa
OK if I ask you couple questions? OK here's the first one are you really Latina and have you really made out with that much guys? That was my last question but anyways you're really pretty and I hope you do a whole bunch of more videos I love you you're such a cool video maker I guess Ha ha ha you're really funny and I love all your vines I love you music video to I also love the video where are you and the baby switch bodies and the dog of course because you thought that the baby got all the attention but the dog just ignored you at first
Exlite Mese fa
Lele Pons 500th reply
NotTheBrightist 1
Cool Girl
Cool Girl 5 ore fa
This show is bad (in a good-ish way)yet I still want more
Layla_Starr 1
Layla_Starr 1 7 ore fa
EP 3!!!!!
Armand Membou
Armand Membou 11 ore fa
There are more laugh tracks than lele's chromosomes
aaron flores
aaron flores 11 ore fa
thats davids friend right
Pulgas RMC
Pulgas RMC 14 ore fa
I ship Juanpa and Lele!! Like if you agree!!
Braelyn Rangel
Braelyn Rangel 15 ore fa
We don’t need calendars anymore, we have Lele Pons😂🤨😂😂🤩😘
Morgan Savage
Morgan Savage 16 ore fa
Please continue to make the amigos series I love them
KATIE Richardson
Kriya Kothare
Kriya Kothare 18 ore fa
Waiting for episode 3
alibibi74able Giorno fa
Make an amigos 3 👱🏼‍♀️
nisha singh
nisha singh Giorno fa
Rudys voice is nice the song was nice too
Julia Pattinson
Julia Pattinson Giorno fa
Joke hahaha that's so funny I was thinking
Julia Pattinson
Julia Pattinson Giorno fa
What ever
Balaj nikoll
Balaj nikoll Giorno fa
Tokilla Maybe
Balaj nikoll
Balaj nikoll Giorno fa
Make a hole film about it
Marko Milo
Marko Milo Giorno fa
you are seriously unfunny and talentless. this is just no. GENUINELY, which part was comedy and funny at all again?
EeMMA MmAREE Giorno fa
make an episode 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 etc. pls!
daniel romero
daniel romero Giorno fa
Yo necesito otro episodio De amigos
Rosa Hernandez
Rosa Hernandez Giorno fa
Grande culote
Rosa Hernandez
Rosa Hernandez Giorno fa
Lele deberias hablar mas español en tus videos
caycool/fan of inquisitors 133
Hannah talks funny in Spanish
katie vega
katie vega Giorno fa
This is like friends but its better because its with all my favorite youtuber
itsNathalie boi
itsNathalie boi Giorno fa
I know who your blind date is he is jonah I know him from david dobrik 😂
Stephanie Gutierrez
Episode 3 please
Wolfy Positive
Wolfy Positive Giorno fa
Tekila maybe
Renard Estridge
Renard Estridge Giorno fa
Hi lel pons you look like the moon
Charlie Greig
Charlie Greig Giorno fa
Please make a third one
Cerli Ag
Cerli Ag Giorno fa
Juanpa has a lokai braclet
Nooby Jersey
Nooby Jersey Giorno fa
Which Couple? Zuri Pons Juanpa+Lele Ludy Rudy+Lele
غَــِامضُة گـِـالبُحــِر
العرب متواجدين ولا لا إذا أنت عربي لايك
raquel delapena
raquel delapena Giorno fa
Where’s Inanna?
Lee yamie Blink
Lee yamie Blink 2 giorni fa
Cute baby
Sienna Videos
Sienna Videos 2 giorni fa
You look like....... like...... nah.
Laneyah Tuifua
Laneyah Tuifua 2 giorni fa
Do a part3
joel36280 2 giorni fa
Do a part three please
Martina Vildosola Yolin
Love 9:48
Maddyson Bishop
Maddyson Bishop 2 giorni fa
Make more plz give a like if u want ep3
Valeria Cruz
Valeria Cruz 2 giorni fa
I love this
Jaseht Rucci
Jaseht Rucci 2 giorni fa
Part 3
Emalee Waldmann
Emalee Waldmann 2 giorni fa
U know ur dates a 10 year old boy when he has David’s merch
Cheerful Joeygogo
Cheerful Joeygogo 2 giorni fa
9:58 that building picture at the background is a building in Hong Kong. I always wake past it when I’m getting Starbucks :P
Kristen Butler
Kristen Butler 2 giorni fa
Lele coooooooooooooool
Djbluefriend Love
Djbluefriend Love 2 giorni fa
Juanpa with the baby was so cute. He could be a good dad
Djbluefriend Love
Djbluefriend Love 2 giorni fa
Amigos instead of friends lol
Atlantys Murphy
Atlantys Murphy 2 giorni fa
Liphuu 2 giorni fa
Well, if I ever need motivation end my life, I will come here.
Rakti Iyer
Rakti Iyer 2 giorni fa
WHen you try to recreate iconic TV shoe friends but you fail
Marianne Journay
Marianne Journay 2 giorni fa
This is like the episodes of friends
Little Ez’s Stuff
This should be a Disney show 😂
Gabrielle  Viera
Gabrielle Viera 2 giorni fa
Ep.3 please
Raquel Aldon
Raquel Aldon 3 giorni fa
hacer episodio 3
Constance Johnson
Constance Johnson 3 giorni fa
I wish brent was in here
Lewis's Life
Lewis's Life 3 giorni fa
This should be aired on TV like if you agree
Wafa Sumandar
Wafa Sumandar 3 giorni fa
Pls more amigos u want part 3!
Michelle Tatyana
Michelle Tatyana 3 giorni fa
Little Cute Foxy
Little Cute Foxy 3 giorni fa
Episode 3 please!!❤️❤️
B e l l a
B e l l a 3 giorni fa
Nabilah Edoo
Nabilah Edoo 3 giorni fa
epi 3 plz
Nicolette Forte
Nicolette Forte 3 giorni fa
Jonah be wearing clickbait merchhhhh
Ciaeraisaloser :p
Ciaeraisaloser :p 3 giorni fa
episode 3 wya?😫😭
PeachDance 2
PeachDance 2 3 giorni fa
Jonah is reping David dobriks merch!
AJ Paulson
AJ Paulson 3 giorni fa
3 like if u agree
Stephanie Lainez
Stephanie Lainez 3 giorni fa
Number 3 please😫🙏🙏💓
Jessica Chessier
Jessica Chessier 3 giorni fa
Pleeeeeeeeease make this a real show!!!!!! It’s sooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachel Nieberding
Rachel Nieberding 3 giorni fa
Make another one SOON
Onika Rose
Onika Rose 3 giorni fa
please make a (Episode 3)
Emily Mrqz
Emily Mrqz 3 giorni fa
Episode 3 please
MeMyselfAndI 3 giorni fa
No baby harm in this video. Lol
Miro 3 giorni fa
Amigos 3 please
Hailey Donda
Hailey Donda 3 giorni fa
Epiode 3?
Empire 14
Empire 14 3 giorni fa
Your dress is nice don’t listen to them!😽😽😽😽
Anne Michelle
Anne Michelle 3 giorni fa
Where is episode 3
kylie show
kylie show 3 giorni fa
Make a part 3 plz I love this soooo much 😍😍🤤
AsteroidXE 3 giorni fa
GLAMIN GURL 3 giorni fa
In EPISODE three
Marco Carrillo
Marco Carrillo 3 giorni fa
I’m your greatest fan
The Dad And Leah Show
5:50 is that Liza and David’s CLICKBAIT merch??????
NOORALDEEN IQ 3 giorni fa
We want ep3
That Oo
That Oo 3 giorni fa
3 boy your are a dog's
Briana B-Terrell
Briana B-Terrell 3 giorni fa
I love Hannah’s outfit
Emily swan
Emily swan 4 giorni fa
Jonah had David's merch on
Emily swan
Emily swan 4 giorni fa
TSL Productions
TSL Productions 4 giorni fa
Is he blind?
Oktober Windvogel
Oktober Windvogel 4 giorni fa
Episode 3 plz
Pam Pizzazz Mendes
Pam Pizzazz Mendes 4 giorni fa
Mikey Coulston
Mikey Coulston 4 giorni fa
Some tekilla maybeeee😃💩
KURKA KAPA 4 giorni fa
1:53 JONAHH !!!
Kimmi Naidoo
Kimmi Naidoo 4 giorni fa
Grainne Molloy
Grainne Molloy 4 giorni fa
Episode 3????????
Jacob Odams
Jacob Odams 4 giorni fa
I swear Juana is a dolce y gabbana model
The 3 queens Orozco
Make part 3 please
Mia Ingrizzy
Mia Ingrizzy 4 giorni fa
poser at work
poser at work 4 giorni fa
Dat iz akward
Grenade Lovers
Grenade Lovers 4 giorni fa
The Sally and Danny Show
Justin None
Justin None 4 giorni fa
Samantha Fakharzadeh
I really hope this show keeps going!
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