Ancient Roman Philosophers' Life Lessons Men Learn Too Late In Life 

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I have tried to collect and shape for you the most valuable life lessons of the Roman philosophers. They once helped me through a difficult time in my life... perhaps they can help you too.
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Thank you for watching, I tried very hard to get this video published and I hope it deserves your attention.
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Eric P
Eric P 5 mesi fa
Vincent Wolf
Vincent Wolf 5 mesi fa
thanks, saved me some time. came to read full quote on this, cuz I by far prefer to be alone.
shuckyducky232 5 mesi fa
Not the sadness of loneliness but the peace of solitude
Erig Clapton
Erig Clapton 5 mesi fa
the hero we needed
Joe Lema
Joe Lema 4 mesi fa
Like being alone it clears my mind like a blank white screen ,my concentration is so much stronger I can deal with things that are most important at a superior level
Aberationist 4 mesi fa
Thank you sir..
adamschannel 5 mesi fa
I didn’t choose to be alone, it just happened and now that it has I don’t think I could ever be not alone. I prefer it this way
Lord Jafar
Lord Jafar 5 mesi fa
I been like u for a while and I'm starting to understand that alone might be the only way ..
I didnt choose to be alone as well, but i am... so i understand big time.
Hiker Hobby
Hiker Hobby 5 mesi fa
So less stressful!
deko flores
deko flores 5 mesi fa
44 and alone, i don't care al i need is power🎧🏋‍♀️🤬💪🏽
Being around people that don’t understand you is worse than being alone.
Dingle Casil Dingle
You’ve said it right.
James Pennix
James Pennix 4 mesi fa
I love being alone , in my own world it's inner peace I don't have to be around a crowd to feel excepted or feel loved and appreciated My inner peace gives me all of that .
It brings the feeling that most people flat out never know, the feeling of being alone in a crowded room. It's something I feel everyday when going to wardroom events (work events in the military). I had a friend discover what that feeling was after coming back from deployment, and watching how it changed him was something else. Brought us much closer as friends.
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez 4 mesi fa
Thank you!!! Unfortunately, that is why I stay away from my family
Jacked Kerouac
Jacked Kerouac 4 mesi fa
*"The best revenge is to be unlike him who performed the injury"* As someone who lost a 30 year friendship over money this resonated with me.
Dylan Hayes
Dylan Hayes 4 mesi fa
Actually going through it w a friend rn, he’s been being toxic and disrespectful over videogames (I’m 28 he’s 25, it’s my buddies lil bro who I’ve known forever) I’ve left it alone but everytime I join discord he’s straight violating me and our other friends tell him to chill and it’s pushing me to the point of wanting to just fight it out but this quote is perfect and it’s hard to be the one To pay no mind. Daily it pops up in my head and I have to find ways to release and not allow it to affect my well being. It’s so dumb that this is even a situation
Gany Meade
Gany Meade 4 mesi fa
@Dylan Hayes Sounds like the difficult guy is a narcissist, is very immature, has some mental issues, or all of these. It is impossible to reason with narcissists who are troubled people with mental health, and social adjustment issues. You Tube has good advice on how to deal with narcissists. You might want to leave this group for your own piece of mind. There are better gaming groups online without these annoying and bothersome issues.
Dylan Hayes
Dylan Hayes 4 mesi fa
@Gany Meade yeah lately i have distanced myself from joining and its been better for sure. thx for the advice!
Daisy Driver
Daisy Driver 4 mesi fa
@jackedkerouac4414 ( not a correction) I heard it this way... The best revenge is to live well ! ...and I have!
Reel Life
Reel Life 4 mesi fa
It took me that long to realize that the person I looked up to and adored, was a covert narcissist. 😢
Smith Smith
Smith Smith 4 mesi fa
My trials and tribulations have taught me to avoid people...keep my circle small...society has gotten sick,twisted, offended by everything, want validation for everything from everyone...being alone gives peace of mind, drama free life..its a blessing
Christine Lucas
Christine Lucas 4 mesi fa
Amen to that.
Alvena T Golden
Alvena T Golden 4 mesi fa
Anthony Wright
Anthony Wright 4 mesi fa
So true.
Fred Gervin M.P.
I like my own company, what a gift huh ?
R S 4 mesi fa
TTocs Elbag
TTocs Elbag 4 mesi fa
Alone does not equal lonely. It is more a simple life without annoying distractions.
Gany Meade
Gany Meade 4 mesi fa
It is better to be alone than with bad friends.
Suzanne Tabone
Suzanne Tabone 4 mesi fa
My sentiments exactly 💯. I'm comfortable with my own company and never feel lonely, though I have family and good friends. I just don't feel the need to be around people constantly.
Talena Lewis
Talena Lewis 4 mesi fa
Amen to that indeed! So very peaceful being alone. Peace is like a drug i refuse to do without.
Nancy Patterson (Beinhorn)
Gauteyville representative
“I can do bad by myself.”
GigiBella 4 mesi fa
I love hearing these….puts so much of our lives into perspective. Marcus Aurelius was such a brilliant man.
Pennywise 4 mesi fa
Yeah he was a sigma male . Only sigmas have these intelligent
Joe Calleja
Joe Calleja 5 mesi fa
There is a huge difference between being alone and being lonely. Being lonely means craving interactions, being alone is being aware of your surroundings.
Cory Williams
Cory Williams 5 mesi fa
More powerful than fate is the courage that bears it
Cory Williams
Cory Williams 5 mesi fa
More powerful than fate is the courage that bears it
Daniel James
Daniel James 5 mesi fa
Absolutely right. I like being alone. Especially since I know who I am and where I want to go in life.
DodgerzDen 5 mesi fa
Of course. If you choose to be alone you cannot be lonely.
K S 5 mesi fa
Well said mate
Linda Luckett
Linda Luckett 4 mesi fa
I was brought up that I was selfish because I liked being alone…. I know better now why I like being alone. Taught my kids it’s ok to be alone and enjoy your own company and space ❤
J J 4 mesi fa
That’s very interesting and important✨🙏🏻
peter buckley
peter buckley 4 mesi fa
You can hardly be alone if you have kids
Mark Bolding
Mark Bolding 4 mesi fa
Thank you 4 posting. I'm working on understanding. I'm old & not alone
Aunt Beth
Aunt Beth 4 mesi fa
Bless you ❤ ... and congrats to your lucky kids for having a smart Mother.
Kathleen Copp
Kathleen Copp 4 mesi fa
It's not selfish......it's solitude......I used to think I didn't want kids was selfish but many people GOTTA HAVE their own instead of adoption or foster...
MellowMutts 4 mesi fa
The greatest thing I’ve ever learned was how to be alone. I think most people are terrified of themselves and therefore terrified of being alone.
Tien 4 mesi fa
👍🤣It is sooooo true about..."...terrified of themselves..."...as they looked at themselves in the 🪞 without anything cover up especially for those in the 80's + 🥀..😆😄..
Abbas AbdeAli
Abbas AbdeAli 4 mesi fa
​@Tien lol😂
MellowMutts 4 mesi fa
@Tien I meant more on the emotional/mental side of things. Most people I know want to be distracted from their own thought processes. I’m sure it has something to do with not wanting to take responsibility for how their life is going because blaming everyone and everything else is just so easy. Also I don’t think I’ve met a single 80 year old man or woman that gives a crap about what they look like in the mirror beyond the clothes they wear lol. I certainly hope that I don’t assuming that I make it too ok that ripe old age.
RndmGuy 5 mesi fa
When I was a kid my family moved constantly. No sooner that I would make a friend then we’d move. I quickly learned that having friends wasn’t worth it and so I learned to become my own best friend, for better or worse lol. As an adult, however, I looked back to High School and realized that one or five friends that are solid is far better than a hundred who know your name but are superficial. Currently I have one friend. I’m happy with that. I know when shit’s going to hell, he’ll be right there with me, ready to fight if need be. I chose my wife the same way: we been married 23 years, some of which were VERY rough years and I can say with complete confidence that she’ll jump in the trenches with me and fight. That’s two people in my life that I know I can count on, and that’s all I need. I love being alone… but I love being with my family and friend.
Kazeneko 4 mesi fa
I was so confused reading this because I thought I wrote it and I don't remember watching this video before now. But I'm not married so...😆 I'm always fascinated when I come across people who had a childhood like mine. I'm glad to see we turned out alright.
Jerry Padgett
Jerry Padgett 4 mesi fa
"He who moves does not lose friends but gains friends" 🤔🤪
Angelina Leonardo
My parents abandoned me and my childhood Was one of many yrs of abuse. I missed my biological parents and siblings. I always found myself alone. As I grew older I tried making up for lost time. I learned to be alone. And it was ok. Today I am a born again Christian. Today I am still alone but not lonely. I also know Jesus. And he does not want his child to be alone. Therefor my fellowship with like minded Christian’s is very important. My relationship with my Father in heaven is very important. I realize that I never was alone. I like me I like being me. I can do anything and go anywhere and not depend on another human for my happiness. I know true happiness is pursuing Christ and his will for my life. I have found unconditional love. A love that is not found on earth. I’m not alone anymore. That’s true freedom.
RndmGuy 4 mesi fa
@Angelina Leonardo I’m Christian also. Still have those struggles but at least I know one day I’ll be whole and unbroken.
Donna Durkin
Donna Durkin 4 mesi fa
@RndmGuy Because of Jesus, you are whole right now!! Because of our weakness we lean and trust in him who far surpasses our own humaness.
Samuel Saarinen
Samuel Saarinen 4 mesi fa
I find that i'm always the happiest when i'm alone, being with people is exhausting
Corey Cleven
Corey Cleven 3 mesi fa
So much of being with others is reading social cues and aiming to make a good impression. These things are not really for anyone's benefit; we just think they ought to be.
Josh Smith
Josh Smith 3 mesi fa
I find it depends on the people.
Tijuana LeDuff
Tijuana LeDuff 26 giorni fa
Kate45 3 mesi fa
Can we all agree that this guy's voice is THE BEST for these quotes? This one is the best so far.
SCOTT ROPER 4 mesi fa
I worked at a company where the owner loved having social events now and again. Myself and a coworker I worked with in an office space of three, tended to not like "social events". Myself mainly because I liked very few at this company as they were truly all selfish and clung to a job they only got paid well for for being the buddies of the owner. One admitted to me once that they only befriended the owner because he treated him to sports events, concerts bars and food etc. on their off time and that he wouldn't have that at another job so he pretends to be the owners friend. I was discussed as it's how the others treated the job as well. Only two of us didn't participate in that and we were always criticized for not wanting to "hang" out for the company BBQ or after work drinks. I prefer my own company and what I'm doing rather than time with the fakes
Teri La Chonce
Teri La Chonce 4 mesi fa
Troma 333
Troma 333 4 mesi fa
That would be annoying... Getting ready for the social event, having to come up with conversation, spending half the day with coworkers on your day off ... It's like going to work without getting paid... Screw that, I want to put my feet up, take a nap when I get tired, do laundry and get organized, watch a movie or play a game... Not feel obligated to waste a day off with your coworkers
Nikki G
Nikki G 4 mesi fa
@Scott, Dealing with fake people can be exhausting. Per Marcus Aurelius, you have inner strength and independent thinking.
David Crockett
David Crockett 2 mesi fa
Sounds like a helluva toxic atmosphere to work in.
Monalisa Mona Lisa
There isn’t anything more enjoyable than to be at home and have peace of mind, although sometimes I think about , making « friends « and all BUT time with myself /by myself is so much more pleasurable 😊
Donney Simpson
Donney Simpson 4 mesi fa
Yes my solitude
Paula Col
Paula Col 4 mesi fa
I love my solitude ,❤ j can truly appreciate it listening to a rainstorm,the sunsetting on a blessed day spent with my dog who is so pure of heart , Impossible for a dog to be a narssist, I feel blessed I am at peace ,☮️✨✨✨✨👌🌷🌷🌷🌙✨❤️❤️❤️
Monalisa Mona Lisa
@Paula Col you said it darling ! No one to tell you what to do and how! No loud music, unless you want your own kind and no drama and definitely a nice doggy that loves you unconditionally and the rain, yes the rain soothing your peaceful mind❤️
Pamela Leigh Richards
Resonation Station m'dear 💞
Talena Lewis
Talena Lewis 4 mesi fa
My sentiments exactly! Love my tranquility.
janet clough
janet clough 5 mesi fa
My children have left home, I have now retired, I wrap my aloneness around me like a big comfy blanket. I love being alone, I am not lonely... I just don't like being around people, the loneliest I have ever felt was in a room full of people.
Gany Meade
Gany Meade 4 mesi fa
Many times in my youth I felt like that and I still do. It is better to be alone than with people who don't make you happy.
Marilyn Gleason
Marilyn Gleason 4 mesi fa
I'm right there with you! My mom always told me that it's better to be alone than in bad company.
janet clough
janet clough 4 mesi fa
@Gany Meade there are some truly horrible people out there.. Unfortunately 😢
Melody Jordan
Melody Jordan 4 mesi fa
Very well said.
Charlotte Hicks
Charlotte Hicks 4 mesi fa
I feel exactly the same way. I’m in the same place in time.
Cheri 5 mesi fa
"As long as you live, keep learning how to." (What insights.) The stoics. Beautifully quoted. ❤ Thank you.
NoleInJax 5 mesi fa
"Be wary of the man who urges an action in which he himself incurs no risk" Sounds like most politicians.
Cheeseburger Launch Sequence
I like the very first quote about boastful speeches and weakness. Donald Trump loves his boastful speeches and he is clearly a weak, little man. Also a "politician".
Charles DeFrancisco
Also Eddie Haskell.
Sounds like my ex wife
Ecclesiastes 5:10-11 NLT [10] Those who love money will never have enough. How meaningless to think that wealth brings true happiness! [11] The more you have, the more people come to help you spend it. So what good is wealth-except perhaps to watch it slip through your fingers!
Cleyenne 5 mesi fa
It also makes me think of 'friends' who give very bad advice just to watch you burn in regret
Kamran Shabbir
Kamran Shabbir 5 mesi fa
The significance of time: Roman philosophers emphasized the importance of valuing and managing time effectively. They believed that time is a precious resource that cannot be regained once lost. Men often learn too late in life the importance of prioritizing their time on what truly matters and making the most of the present moment.
El Duque Caradura
I guess I am lucky, I am 28, but I wasted my whole time in between (I tryied to do something with my live time to time, but failed miserably). I realized about this, and now more than ever I try to start my adult life with no more wasting, I feel -and I know is like that- I can't loose any more seconds, what I've lost, I lost it, but I can still use what I have ahead
Anya Pokotuyk
Anya Pokotuyk 5 mesi fa
The work on the video design was thought out to the smallest detail, which indicates the great professionalism of the creators! 👍🏻
Ruminating Stoner
Marcus Aurelius' quote, "Ask yourself at all times, "is this necessary?" is an interesting one. I find that understanding and wisdom may be garnered by performing perceptively unnecessary things just because they are possible. Necessity infers the application of a function or utility. The formerly unnecessary ventures our species has taken for the sake of curiosity has transformed our understanding of the cosmos and our place in it. There was a man who once claimed that he had no special talent, that he was just passionately curious and his pursuit of discovery and wonder granted us first, special, then general relativity. That man's name is Albert Einstein.
Akaiichi 4 mesi fa
Being alone is not just a sign of inner strength. Its the least scary. Only thing scarier than being alone is when youre not alone.
terry benham
terry benham 4 mesi fa
I want to thank those that have made it possible for us to listen & read such thought provoking interpectives it's appreciated.
Fred Cannon
Fred Cannon 4 mesi fa
All my co workers congregated in the office to come agains an employee who was quite difficult to deal with. All were against his attitude wanting him fired . Realized this was a kangaroo situation taking place with no defenders of the accused. I turned my back and walked out , never turning back.Well the accused lost his job and then I became a new target of the accusers because I didn’t comply with the evil spirits conducting their judgments on a fellow employee. No regrets on my part.
El Duque Caradura
you lost your job? I hope you're well even after that also, what is a "kangaroo situation"?
Vendrix 3 mesi fa
@El Duque Caradura kan·ga·roo court noun noun: kangaroo court; plural noun: kangaroo courts an unofficial court held by a group of people in order to try someone regarded, especially without good evidence, as guilty of a crime or misdemeanor. basically when people get together in an unofficial capacity to pass judgment and achieve a result only favorable to them.
Willy P
Willy P 4 mesi fa
What brilliant statements. The world would be a better place today would listen to & take advantage of these gems of wisdom.
bud prepper
bud prepper 4 mesi fa
I told my girlfriend I don't mind being alone. She got her feelings hurt, winged out and left. It's a win-win situation 👍👍👍
Proctor’s Gamble
Yep. What’s she gonna do? She can’t take your hand 😆
ssjwes 2 mesi fa
You are scratching at a truth with women. When they know you don't mind being alone they try harder to be someone in your life. At least thats been my experience. They know you have not settled for anyone and it makes them feel like their position is in danger. They know you DGAF and feel like their place isn't set.
Camino de la Sabiduría
Las frases más magníficas de los antiguos filósofos romanos. Nos hace reflexionar mucho sobre nuestras vidas. ¿Y cuál te gustó?
Charlotte Hicks
Charlotte Hicks 4 mesi fa
Sometimes I was at “my lonelinesses” around people who just did not care. I really love my alone time and do not find it selfish to nourish my soul.
You Can Has
You Can Has 4 mesi fa
If you like being alone, it's a sign that you've probably been dealing with TONS and LOTS of BS, and you have chosen to take a break from all of it, and deservingly so.
Jason Getti
Jason Getti 2 mesi fa
Powerful Words
Powerful Words 4 mesi fa
“If you have Knowledge, let others light their candle in it.” - Margaret Fuller (P. S. I love your videos )
Ethan Hethcoat
Ethan Hethcoat 4 mesi fa
I spent my entire life alone. I thought that after a while when I stopped wishing for friends that I was finally fine, therefor I was happy. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It’s true that I was fine being alone, that I could live with it. But after finally finding that group of people that understand who I am and actively cares about my well-being, I’ve learned that “happiness,” being happy, is so much more than being okay. It took me experiencing true and unfathomable happiness to realize I’d never felt this way in my life before this. I wish I had learned to reach out sooner. So much time being fine, I could have had so much more. But, the past is the past, I’m just happy I get to experience this beautiful feeling in the present. Better late than never, I’d say.
Mary Kinsella
Mary Kinsella 3 mesi fa
You are blessed
Quotes - Wisdom
Quotes - Wisdom 5 mesi fa
‘’It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience’s
Aaron Burdon
Aaron Burdon 5 mesi fa
I believe that was Julius Caesar wasn't it? My 2nd guess was Napolean.
Michael1267 4 mesi fa
The happiest years of my life are the years that I've lived alone. I enjoy the freedom of being able to do what I want when I want without having to consider anyone else.
Pray for Peace
Pray for Peace 4 mesi fa
Me, too, loved being the Conductor of my own train.
Sue Johnson
Sue Johnson 3 mesi fa
​@Pray for PeaceSame!!!😊
OdniindO 1776
OdniindO 1776 4 mesi fa
I'm going to listen to this video while I do my morning routine everyday.. very inspiring and more food for thought that I've had in a very long time.
chasing dragons
chasing dragons 4 mesi fa
The older I get, the more difficult it becomes to be apart of social groups. It is as if the future is etched in stone.... work, sleep, eat, have leisure when possible, and accept death is inevitable. Do as best as possible leading up to the end point.
djmcnerney 5 mesi fa
I like these Roman quotes. They emphasize developing inner strengths with which to face life and its difficulties. Very different from what we hear from the woke snowflakes these days.
hannah ellery
hannah ellery 4 mesi fa
i think for me, loneliness just means your content with being in your own company, that's not being selfish. i think people too often feel their lives with things, people, etc and they think its going to make them feel more whole, somehow but i also feel that these things are not meaningful, its only when you can start to enjoy yourself, look after your self that you can figure out what is important to you, who brings peace into your life too x
C Rutherford
C Rutherford 4 mesi fa
"Silence is a lesson learned through life's many sufferings." - M Aurelius Sadly I've learned this lesson! I've gradually become less social over the years as one hit follows another. Nowadays I spend more time with my dog than any human lol
Mattius08 4 mesi fa
These quotes are spot on and I can relate. I consider myself a sigma, I value the time to myself, I don't follow the norm or try to compare myself to others.
Jaime iz Real
Jaime iz Real 5 mesi fa
"Do not let things beyond your control affect you". I was told and taught this from an actual Shaolin Monk. Much like the quotes here at 1:23 & 5:15. Thank-you.
Luigi Giuseppetti
🙏👌🤝 bellissima, grazie 👌👍
Katherine Conner
Thank you for sharing this advice.
mr ade
mr ade 4 mesi fa
Exactly. Worrying about troubles doesn't make them better. They will still be there regardless. Don't worry, be happy.
Luke Quigley
Luke Quigley 4 mesi fa
I say the Serenity prayer OFTEN. Keeps me real on what to put effort in for change or toss it up to the heavens and let it go..
o 4 mesi fa
Not possible. For instance, someone you love or know dies young or kills themselves. There is no such thing as "do not let." Sometimes things happen, terrible things, and I guarantee those things will affect you no matter how you try to not allow them to. Tell that to people who have PTSD from traumatic experiences.
Barbara Williams
I love and enjoyed all of these quotes. Hover,I love the one that said if it's not right don't do it and if it's wrong don't say it. The reader has an awesome and powerful voice. Thanks for posting this great video. Keep up the good work.
Heyoka 5 mesi fa
Crazy I found your comment just when I heard that part. That's the simplest and most comprehendible quote to relate to my way of living.
KittyHawk 4 mesi fa
I love this video 🙏 Thank you for taking the time to create something helpful to others 🙏
Monarch rX
Monarch rX 3 mesi fa
It just goes to show: "Wisdom is ageless -- as is the need for ageless wisdom."
RedWine Motivation
"I have very strong feelings about how you lead your life. You always look ahead, you never look back." - Ann Richards
Susan Gratwick
Susan Gratwick 5 mesi fa
Or, you live, love, appreciate each moment of now as now is all we have, the rest is illusory.
I absolutely agree, but
That's a good way to not learn much.
Mitchell S.
Mitchell S. 5 mesi fa
I don’t think the slang translates well. It’s supposed to mean “…how you _should_ lead your life.” Right?
Gany Meade
Gany Meade 4 mesi fa
Except to learn from the past. Our mistakes are often our best teachers. There is a great quote: He who forgets history is doomed to repeat it.
sylina38 3 mesi fa
​@I absolutely agree, but Absolutely!! What is the famous quote? Something like 'those who do not think about the past are doomed to repeat it' or something like that. How do you LEARN from your mistakes? How do you ensure horrible things that have happened in history do not repeat? I think you need that perfect triangle for success. Past, present and future. One should be aware of all three.
Dave S
Dave S 4 mesi fa
I need this dude to read my life story during my funeral lol
Theresa Murphy
Theresa Murphy 4 mesi fa
Being around people I feel alone, being alone I feel loved peace and happyness ❤️
D. C. Holshouser
It is hard to be lonely but a blessing to be alone.
Jinja Ninja
Jinja Ninja 4 mesi fa
"If it's endurable, then endure it. Stop complaining" amazing
K W McThorne
K W McThorne 4 mesi fa
Very wise sayings. I have learned most of these in my life already. Only, I did it the hard way
Dan Allen
Dan Allen 5 mesi fa
I enjoy being alone but when I meet a cool unselfish person it's awesome.
James Grigsby
James Grigsby 4 mesi fa
People that cant be alone have very deep issues that need resolving to say the very least!
Karma Tshering Tamang
I am 24 and walking alone in my journey sometimes it hurt that no one is there to share my problem and feelings, but I just came up the worst day of my life and I conquer myself alone though I know the worst day may come as a part of life but I am ready as my lonelyness made me and the quote like this by ANCIENT LEGEND.
Steve Brown
Steve Brown 3 mesi fa
These quotes & advice are flat-out AWESOME! If people followed these little rules the world would be a much better place!
Cheryl 4 mesi fa
People stress me and I feel awkward and rather be alone--- I walk gods path and he is my salvation---
Rebecca 3 mesi fa
Amen Cheryl...
dave55ides 4 mesi fa
This is simple but very well done. Read at just the right pace for quiet reflection
Christopher Pineau
"Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one," really resonates with me, because as someone who is a walking gray area between macho jock and soy boy? It annoys me to constantly hear about what a man should be from "masculinity coaches" who are really just grifters preying on insecure sorts who need a role model. I don't need that noise in my life; I'm just the best me I can be every day. If people like it, good, if not, that's on them for not being able to appreciate someone who is his own man. Something I strive for daily.
Coupledyeti Vonvanderburg
"Speak softly and carry a big stick." A man reserved against violence, of which he is imminently capable, is a man on the path of righteousness. You're doing God's work, Christopher.
Good on you, if you strive for it, I think that's all that matters.
Dharma Kaur Khalsa
Thank you for all these pearls of wisdom! ❤
HCQ HCQ 4 mesi fa
I've always been alone & I'm glad. It has made me a stronger person.
Dorothy Boikanyo Makwakwa
In the beginning i did not choose ti be alone, but now that it is so, i can't help being alone and i believe my God Almighty's plan has taken over. This is the best thing and a great gift from Him who knows best. I have plenty time to think, meditate and analyse too many things around my life and in my house. Thank you so much for this gracious video. I am sleeping a very happy wiman who's been worrying herself that maybe something is wrong with me and what are people thinking about my being alone. Righteous and gracious knowing that God is always with me. Hallelujah 😂❤❤❤
Pray for Peace
Pray for Peace 4 mesi fa
My best time was Covid Lockdown. Was able to focus on all day Bible Study and had an excuse not to see anyone. Praise God for that time!
Mista Ninja
Mista Ninja 5 mesi fa
This is undoubtedly one the best videos I have ever found on ITvid, and I have been here for a good long time. Thank you for this.
"In the book of life, you hold the pen of responsibility. Embrace it, for with every choice you make, you script your own destiny."
Ula Bosha
Ula Bosha 5 mesi fa
Do every act in life as if its your last act in life. That one I'm taking to heart
Yacov Mitchenko
Yacov Mitchenko 5 mesi fa
Great stuff and beautifully presented. Much appreciated!
Paul H
Paul H 3 mesi fa
Why would anyone dislike this video?? Fascinating.
Stuntman Mike
Stuntman Mike 4 mesi fa
I have my 10 year old son, my nearly 70 year old parents, one amazing best friend who's mother to my goddaughter oh and a friendly neighbour.. I'm very happy with my lot 💞 I used to have many many "friends" but never felt contentment or real love. I also can spend days on my own without getting lonely but personally after a week I start getting squirrelly! 🐿️
Steve 2 mesi fa
If you don't go to college to learn how treacherous society can be, reading quotes is a must.
Paul Tyson
Paul Tyson 4 mesi fa
Well, I have read the first one by Cicero where he says great men keep their mouths shut. Cicero could never keep his mouth shut, nor resist putting his thoughts down on paper(?). He launched two blistering attacks on Mark Antony, who was mightily displeased. When Antony dispatched an assassin to pass on his displeasure, he was told to cut off Cicero's head and the hand that wrote it
Direct 3 mesi fa
This situation is not that simple. You must consider all factors involved. Some people lack the social skills to communicate with others. Some people suffer from anger issues and should not be involved with other people. Peace of mind is one of the most important things to remember as we journey through life.
James Dunn
James Dunn 4 mesi fa
Here's one of my personal favorites; “If you don't get what you want, you suffer; if you get what you don't want, you suffer; even when you get exactly what you want, you still suffer because you can't hold on to it forever. Your mind is your predicament. It wants to be free of change. Free of pain, free of the obligations of life and death. But change is law and no amount of pretending will alter that reality.” - Socrates
Les Spurr
Les Spurr 2 mesi fa
Being alone is like being with friends but without the stress of pleasing everyone!
Anon Omys
Anon Omys 4 mesi fa
I was in a relationship for seven years. Unfortunately, it was a toxic one. For whatever the reason was, I stood beside her. It has taken myself and I am sure many others to realize that, we were more alone in that relationship than being single. Imo.
insaneone86 5 mesi fa
The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the INSANE!!! 💯💯💯✌️
Daniel Wier
Daniel Wier 5 mesi fa
Eh. That's a reach, but I like the enthusiasm.
@Daniel WierIt’s a Great Reach tho lol.
Donald Davis
Donald Davis 4 mesi fa
I like Marcus more than the next guy, the first couple chapters of Meditations are some of the greatest lessons you could ever learn, but his advice concerning being alone is suspect. The man was the last of the Five Good Emperors cause he couldn't be bothered to find a good successor like his predecessors and passed the empire along to family. When you have a responsibility sometimes liking being alone can be a vice.
8+star 4 mesi fa
I am Not Alone because I have God in my heart❤✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️
Curtis herron
Curtis herron 2 mesi fa
After 25 years of marriage, now being on my own, all alone is the best thing that ever happened to me. I have friends and coworkers but it’s made me resilient. I didn’t know I was the top that I could do it. I’m happy I enjoy my solitude. I enjoyed my time to reflect and think about where I’m going. Business is good my lights getting better every day. I wish I would’ve known this shit when I was 15.
Dusty King
Dusty King 4 mesi fa
My father used to tell me that the Greeks and Romans got it right. That nothing has changed in 3,000 years. I believed him then & more so now.
isaiah goodley
isaiah goodley 5 mesi fa
It's funny how this all still applies 💯%.
When husband goes out and I have the entire house and day to myself. Bliss.
Orlando Aviles
Orlando Aviles 2 mesi fa
"No evil propensity of the human heart is so powerful that it may not be subdued by discipline". This here is the key to forgiveness
Robert Davis
Robert Davis 3 mesi fa
If you are alone,you are not really alone!!! Your soul is with you!!!❤❤❤
Griffer 4 mesi fa
"A man who suffers before it is necessary - suffers more than is necessary."
happily eggs
happily eggs 4 mesi fa
If you feel being born with one leg shorter than the other is tragic. Then show great sympathy for those born with both legs shorter than each other.
marks man
marks man 4 mesi fa
I dont mind being alone. Saves me so much trouble and stress.
Leroy Brown
Leroy Brown 4 mesi fa
Thank you. Always need and am thankful for the encouraging reminders. I miss those that truly loved me as they no longer live.
Mr Lee
Mr Lee 4 mesi fa
I miss haveing someone to share life with but while being alone I feel a greater connection to everything , in a spiritual sense. My soul soars with peace and i am no longer human,but spirit. That i believe is God in me. There is nothing like it.
William Morris
William Morris 4 mesi fa
I’ve been basically alone since the plandemic pseudo, useless, partial, unscientific lockdown. My wife believed all the propaganda and moved out. At first I was totally distraught and stressed out, totally first rated every day. As time went by I learned to accept what I can’t change. I learned that there is tremendous peace in living alone and freedom as well. I made a few new friends and worked on myself. Started working out frequently, changed my diet and lost 25 lbs. My two greatest lessons learned are to always seek and trust god, and to never listen to what someone says. Far more look at the choices they make to see who they really are and what motivates them.
Khris Williams
Khris Williams 4 mesi fa
He doesn't exist😂😂😂
Ray S
Ray S 3 mesi fa
I've heard similar stories a lot.
sylina38 3 mesi fa
​​​@Khris Williams ahhh, i agree BUT!! You can't help but see why religion is so popular! This person decided they weren't alone because of their belief that God exists and so they can never be lonely. It's like having an imaginary friend when you're young and have no one to play with. It helps them accept death better, for both theirs and those they care about. "He's with God and we'll be together again in heaven" says so much. If one truly believes, it keeps them a productive citizen in life, right? We don't want to break any of those commandments. It's like the go to sanity thing that helps a lot of people get through life. It's also used as an excuse and not in a good way. Instead of having something bad happen, instead of trying to change things so they don't repeat, it's chalked up to 'God's will or intention'. Mostly, it cracks me up a lot of the time but where would we be today without it? I KNOW the world would be different for the simple fact of how many takeovers of countries, etc that were done in the name of religion? Most societies originally base their diets, customs, calendars, holidays and laws based on some type of religion. It's a lot to ponder. Overall, is religion a good or bad thing?
Kapselek 4 mesi fa
Cal Kestis: A very good friend of mine told me to go out and find my place in the galaxy. Merrin: And you listened. Cal Kestis: Well, no, but... Life has this funny way of forcing you on the path forward anyway. Now here I am. Where I least expected. Merrin: A path forward.
Scottness 4 mesi fa
"I am alone. I am not lonely." -Robert de Niro's character in Heat
Terrapin Flyer
Terrapin Flyer 4 mesi fa
I quite enjoy this Marcus Aurelius. Thank you for posting this.
Everett the PE TractionGuy
Lots of great quotes here. My favorite quote. 👉 11:55 👍😉
AngelosUSA 4 mesi fa
Some of these resonate such as trials, anxiousness and solitude. I enjoy solitude it gives me peace and freedom. I need to remind myself that the worries have no power over me
10 On Pump 5
10 On Pump 5 5 mesi fa
I love my girlfriend of four years, and cherish our time together. But I equally crave time for myself. When she leaves for work and I have the evening to be alone, I am very happy. That’s not a dig on her, it’s just a chance for me to recharge and realign.
Alkemyst 4 mesi fa
These words talk to my heart. None of us get out of here alive.
lulzaccount 5 mesi fa
A lot of valuable insights indeed.
Super Ficial
Super Ficial 4 mesi fa
"Silence is of the Gods; only monkeys chatter." Buster Keaton
BlockisHot 3 mesi fa
I dont see the point as being content to be alone like so many seem to be commenting, but to be content accepting others for what they are, and not trying to change them, as you would not allow them to change you. I believe this philosophy is summed up best with "live and let live"
Aqua Boy
Aqua Boy 4 mesi fa
Being alone is accomplishment of oneself that he could overcome any challenges and fears without help of others..
Pamela Penick
Pamela Penick 4 mesi fa
One of the best things you can do for yourself is to learn to be alone and find contentment in the solitude.
Julio Sanjurjo
Julio Sanjurjo 4 mesi fa
" A persons worth is measured by the worth of what he values". 👌👁️
Quote Truths
Quote Truths 5 mesi fa
“There is no comfort without pain; thus we define salvation through suffering” ― Stephen King, The Breathing Method