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Antonio Brown
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About to touch down in Pittsburgh...Closing off another chapter in my life. It’s such an honor to be here man, one of the first sports teams that took a chance on me when I was 21 years old; I’m forever indebted and grateful for the opportunity. There’s nothing like that feeling walking in Heinz Field and feeling that…Feeling that knack for football and the exciting feeling the great fans bring.

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Commenti 973
Big Daddy
Big Daddy 10 ore fa
crazy how much faster he's gotten since his early days. put on a good amount of muscle since then too
Mbronze Giorno fa
140 in a 50 zone?!?! He should’ve went to jail and had his license taken away
tmar04 2 giorni fa
Always going to have respect for you. I do wish you were still on the Steelers. You were one of my reasons why I became a Steelers fan. Love you
Linda Leslie
Linda Leslie 2 giorni fa
0:34 “Bittsburgh” is what he said 🤔
Shaun 23
Shaun 23 2 giorni fa
Great Memories man and thankyou for everything you did for Pittsburgh. Wish you nothing but the best!!! And just one question, are you going to get another fish tank from that show tanked? That was a great episode
Woeee Woee
Woeee Woee 2 giorni fa
RoadRunner 86
RoadRunner 86 3 giorni fa
Greatest sees Greatest!!!!!!!
Nick Romano
Nick Romano 4 giorni fa
Guy talks to walls!
Blake Loy
Blake Loy 4 giorni fa
who makes the instrumentals for this vid? - beat is sick.
Onisi Raciri
Onisi Raciri 4 giorni fa
AB got the contagious smile
J BERG 5 giorni fa
I have a felling that AB is on a mission to make Pittsburgh feel a little pain...
Punisher 101010
Punisher 101010 5 giorni fa
im mad salty watching this lol
Faiza Jan
Faiza Jan 7 giorni fa
He said God is the greatest aka Allah hu Akbar...
Mackin Buckner
Mackin Buckner 8 giorni fa
Antonio Brown you traitor
Giants King Youtube
@AB any chance we will ever see you play for Pittsburgh again?
Giants King Youtube
@Taft Brown stfu who the hell are you!?!? A nobody that's for sure
Taft Brown
Taft Brown 7 giorni fa
Giants King ITvid hell naw
ItzzFever_YT _
ItzzFever_YT _ 8 giorni fa
Litterally no one in Pittsburgh likes you btw
Charles Sergent
Charles Sergent 9 giorni fa
Man Its Gonna Be Crazy,Brown Not There.Man Still Don't Seem Real,Wat U Do Move On An Wish Him The Best...
ATUA MATUA 9 giorni fa
The hair do is litt wid it dogg black&yellow P
SMC HighMonkey
SMC HighMonkey 11 giorni fa
Dustin Matney
Dustin Matney 11 giorni fa
I wish the absolut best for you brother its always good to have a fresh start forever apart of steeler nation we love you thanks for the amazing catches and good times much love stay positive #AntonioBrown #Boomin #84
yo boy serge
yo boy serge 12 giorni fa
At5:54 he left his heart at Heinz field and he was just realizing it
Dorothy Nebroskie
Dorothy Nebroskie 12 giorni fa
Get the hell out of Pittsburgh you're gone for a reason
Buddy Blaze
Buddy Blaze 12 giorni fa
Not the Goat. Always a Joke!!! Have fun @ the Raiders. Hope you have a long career like Jamarcus Russell!!!! Go break a leg!!!
SpangoChrikoWeirdo 12 giorni fa
Going to court looking like a clown.
Sant 13 giorni fa
Get out of our city
dare devil lackin
dare devil lackin 13 giorni fa
AB in this vid is just really looking back on what he left and that he shouldn’t have done what he done GOOD LUCK OUT THERE
Mr. BBC 13 giorni fa
Still got my Black 84 Jersey. Goodbye my friend👊🏽💯
Anmol Ashford
Anmol Ashford 13 giorni fa
Song; Rosary by Ball point
Christopher Steppat
Christopher Steppat 13 giorni fa
JUJU baby
ItzTriMax 14 giorni fa
I miss you
B T 14 giorni fa
As a Ravens fan I’m gonna to miss competing against you 2 times a year. I respect your game. Good luck in the bay!
Xxxaaaccbb 16 giorni fa
Why you come back to Pittsburgh, traitor scum bag, you have no place as a football god in Pittsburgh and never will, get out and stay out
Danny G Got Dat Content
AB ur going into the HOF no matter how much everyone loves or hate u especially Steelers fans they still be a little salty but ignore them it’s a fresh start in Oakland hope u turn tht franchise around and make them win some games see u in London when we play y’all good luck!
Camryn Leach
Camryn Leach 16 giorni fa
4:00 song?
Tom-Bomb 16 giorni fa
Went from home and family and the storied pittsburgh franchise ..to..well the Oakland Raiders and their team full of dysfunctionality. Enjoy the ride AB. But just remember, Money Isn't Everything 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Hope in the Streets Apologetics Ministries
I think that he is doubting his move to Oakland...I feel that this can be seen in the treehouse when he says..."sometimes I just ask myself am I doing everything to put myself in the best position"...I think he feels no. It is like any relationship...you are strong together, but there are things that need worked on. Instead of working on them on the basis of your strong moments, you jump to a divorce. Before you find someone else you think life is so much better...that is until you find another person. You suddenly realize how much you miss the other person because while the new one is good...they will never be your first love. I wish him the best in everything that he does...but I truly feel that if the killer Bs could have worked out their struggle and not jumped the gun...they would be unstoppable...no communication and chemistry will ruin even the best of relationships...be blessed!
Chunky Ragu
Chunky Ragu 16 giorni fa
alright, so are we not gonna talk about Antonio’s haircut?
Nik 5
Nik 5 3 giorni fa
Jacob Rod
Jacob Rod 17 giorni fa
Yo,this man is legitimately crazy.He’s actually speaking to paintings on the wall.Narcissism at its finest and this guy might even be a psychopath
Ralph Cuevas
Ralph Cuevas 17 giorni fa
he done my boy ju ju dirty
ML Fitz
ML Fitz 17 giorni fa
What a cool way to make a house a home. Hope the move with the Raiders stays smooth.
Frisco Petrela
Frisco Petrela 17 giorni fa
And I bought you jersey smh
Frisco Petrela
Frisco Petrela 17 giorni fa
The immaculate extension hit me bruh
Matthew Mockabee
Matthew Mockabee 17 giorni fa
Wtf..i miss my favorite player already✋🏿😭😭😭
Domi Nemo
Domi Nemo 17 giorni fa
Antonio Brown: Hit me over the middle. Safety's like: Got that. Antonios head be: Where's the wheelchair?
John Spisak
John Spisak 18 giorni fa
I'm disabled, but if you need a hand loading up to get out of town. I'll do everything I can to get you back to Oakland as fast as possible. See ya.
John Spisak
John Spisak 16 giorni fa
You're right, it's not like he's Odell Beckham or Chad Ocho Cinco or TO who were quality guys and great team mates and had the super bowl rings to back it up.
ramp622 17 giorni fa
Lmao. A little bitter there dont ya think? Hes just a football player who left a team, get a grip.
Yessir Yousir
Yessir Yousir 18 giorni fa
Will miss him with the Steelers but any moron can see his heart's still in the Burgh. Will still support him as a player but is gonna be sad what he becomes with Raiders.
Crystal Baez
Crystal Baez 18 giorni fa
The quote on his hat....can I get that on a shirt? Lol
Charper1 18 giorni fa
He is to use to Ben throws he went chatch dark carrs
Corey Golden
Corey Golden 18 giorni fa
He left Pittsburgh bc he didnt get as many passes as juju
Corey Golden
Corey Golden 18 giorni fa
Hope he loses his job
Corey Golden
Corey Golden 18 giorni fa
I hope he dies u scumbag leaving my team for Derek carr
51-2 Spicy Pebbles
51-2 Spicy Pebbles 18 giorni fa
Optimistic No More 614
Paying Homage to Them Great Black Athletes was a Powerful......MESSAGE, To ME
Justin 13899
Justin 13899 18 giorni fa
😑 no words
Bin Steez
Bin Steez 18 giorni fa
Love you AB thank you
Thomas T.
Thomas T. 18 giorni fa
F you AB for being a baby in Pittsburgh and I'm a Steelers fan and Ju Ju is going to be so much better than you
Scotty Watson
Scotty Watson 18 giorni fa
No respect. Pittsburgh gave you everything and you turned around and slapped them in the face.
John nie
John nie 18 giorni fa
a time to reflect and a time to heal. We will miss you AB. You were the (next level) Lynn Swann of our era. Good luck in Vegas and stay healthy.
joseph killian
joseph killian 18 giorni fa
7:47, IM BROWN RICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
joseph killian
joseph killian 18 giorni fa
6:47, I LOVE THIS "Float like a butterfly sting like AB!"
Rocky Irish
Rocky Irish 18 giorni fa
Go back to Oakland ya JAGOFF!
Gee Man
Gee Man 18 giorni fa
Eric Carr
Eric Carr 18 giorni fa
Who cares??!! Please don't come back if you don't have to. And when you do have to it won't be pleasant
FOX YACO 18 giorni fa
youtube rewind saved a click for you . NOT
Sam Meli
Sam Meli 18 giorni fa
He’s touring a place he left 2 months ago like he was last there 20 years ago
Curtis Palmer
Curtis Palmer 18 giorni fa
That timeline dope af
Randy Jeffreys
Randy Jeffreys 19 giorni fa
A disgrace to Pittsburgh... glad to be rid of you.
Jackie Stepp
Jackie Stepp 19 giorni fa
Wish he wouldve seen ben😂
Tom-Bomb 19 giorni fa
Hes got 53 million. Why don't he just keep the house for a vacation home.
Brad The Beast#73
Brad The Beast#73 19 giorni fa
Can’t believe u not on Steelers just because of Ben to be honest u should have said sorry and moved on but still #84 4 life❤️
Tom-Bomb 19 giorni fa
10:45 is the most real thing in this whole video. Theres genuine sadness in the man's heart, before laughing it off.
Tom-Bomb 16 giorni fa
@Hope in the Streets Apologetics Ministries I agree. 💯 I think he knows he did it for the greed. And now there's genuine remorse
Hope in the Streets Apologetics Ministries
You are right...you see it on his face...this whole video seems as if he is trying to convince himself that he made the right move
Bill Wang
Bill Wang 19 giorni fa
the fool likes to spend money. thats good. see you in a few
Matt Rauktis
Matt Rauktis 19 giorni fa
You don't know how much you fucked up leaving the burgh
Levi Hartle
Levi Hartle 19 giorni fa
Nicole Kuennen
Nicole Kuennen 19 giorni fa
Go Steelers
Nicole Kuennen
Nicole Kuennen 19 giorni fa
All miss you
G eFFn money
G eFFn money 19 giorni fa
Bro your not gonna be feeling good when you have to step in there during a season. Juice time is losing time sry.
xSxlk Nba Phenom
xSxlk Nba Phenom 19 giorni fa
To be honest I lost my respect for Antonio brown normally I would call him ab but since he left I’m calling him Antonio brown
Elijah McGee
Elijah McGee 19 giorni fa
AB ill miss when he plays the Giants. He was amazing in Pittsburgh. Now he will "Make the Raiders Great Again."
Ronald Lamont
Ronald Lamont 19 giorni fa
Thanks AB! Thank you for acknowledging that the Steelers gave you one of your biggest opportunities to play the game you love! We're gonna miss you bro! I ain't gonna lie, at first I was very salty at you for leaving! lol Do your thing in Oakland, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing you in action!
xdSleepy 19 giorni fa
he shoulda stayed
Ray Cyst
Ray Cyst 19 giorni fa
He should stay
austin sturm
austin sturm 19 giorni fa
My Birthday-_-
Braedon Morecraft
Braedon Morecraft 19 giorni fa
You better be back to retire brosef we’d sure as hell love to have you
Billy Williams
Billy Williams 19 giorni fa
In my opinion AB you need to come back to the Steelers in 2021 and they should have Mason Rudolph as QB... then you should go get that ring you deserve!!... JS. Like If any one agrees/Comment if you don’t...
desertraider 19 giorni fa
Hell yeah! I want that hat!
Raymond Morales
Raymond Morales 19 giorni fa
Humble and class.. Good luck in Oakland AB.
cesar godinez
cesar godinez 19 giorni fa
You’ll love Oakland bruh I promise it isn’t as bad as people make it seem 💯
Bubba Evans
Bubba Evans 19 giorni fa
Why u do that to big ben
brett 19 giorni fa
its sad because i have a feeling hes going to regret this big time. him and ben had an amazing chemistry on the field
ABTV 0135
ABTV 0135 19 giorni fa
Hey AB what happened to the fish tank?? Yo but keep grinding you are the hardest worker I’ve ever seen so inspiring keep going and growing!
Patrick Waters
Patrick Waters 19 giorni fa
Nobody gets paid more in this world then attention everybody wants sum more than others. This guy ab a weirdo and cant leave steelers in his past he hurt like a long time girlfriend dumped him. If attention had a bank account it would say unlimited funds .
dan nelson
dan nelson 19 giorni fa
Later Bruh
Michael Crawford
Michael Crawford 19 giorni fa
This story is INCORRECT. Antonio was NOT going back to Pittsburgh to appear for a traffic ticket. Here is why he was actually going back: They are currently filming a movie called Titanic 2: Jack Survives. Leonardo DiCaprio turned down the role and so the movie company is looking for someone to play the role of Jack. Auditions were held in Pittsburg and Antonio is interested in the part. Other celebrities who are interested in the part include Bill Clinton, Floyd Mayweather, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Joe Biden.
Kjkjhjhkjkj Kj
Kjkjhjhkjkj Kj 19 giorni fa
Those sunglasses funny af
Kjkjhjhkjkj Kj
Kjkjhjhkjkj Kj 19 giorni fa
Dude just relax
marquell moody
marquell moody 19 giorni fa
Bruh bruh too clean for traffic court
Jonathan Young
Jonathan Young 19 giorni fa
*Team JuJu* 💪
Jonathan Young
Jonathan Young 19 giorni fa
That painting looks nothing like Floyd Mayweather smh lol
Markel Garcia
Markel Garcia 19 giorni fa
Could've had a statue after that Baltimore game. In that reach pose!🐐 God we miss you
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