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To celebrate another anniversary of the Apex Games, Duardo Silva's throwing quite the party. But Mad Maggie never met a Syndicate event she didn't want to crash.


Apex Legends is a free-to-play hero shooter game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on PlayStation® 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Origin and Steam.

#ApexLegendsRevelry #ApexRevelry #ApexLegends

Production Company: Electronic Arts, Respawn Entertainment & Psyop
Sound Design/Mix: Barking Owl
All other categories: Electronic Arts & Respawn Entertainment

Learn more about Apex Legends: Revelry: x.ea.com/76084

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5 feb 2023




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Commenti 6 249
blablah127 Mese fa
Maggie’s teammate ran away to loot and almost left her dead. Truly an Apex experience
blablah127 23 giorni fa
@ViennATek23 no one, I’m pretty lonely
Tt Fry
Tt Fry Mese fa
@jas bb 😮o😮
Plug🔌🎶 Mese fa
My son ready are you🎯
Mateusz Krytyk
@Jennifer Jojh come again?
haloboy817 Mese fa
I love the part where Bangalore pushes solo and gets downed 3 seconds after the drop. Truly an Apex experience!
ashes2ashley Mese fa
Whats this song again?
Rodriguez Mese fa
I actually won my one on ones so… rest of the team need to pick up the slack 🤓
haloboy817 Mese fa
@Ostrava masterson Dude. I squad wiped with a guy in pubs who literally almost ruptured my ear drum screaming "ONESHOT! ONE SHOT! ONE SHOT!!!!" as my other squadmate choked his 1v1. Worst mic imaginable.
Ostrava masterson
Then blames you with the loudest mic humanity has ever developed as you get a Mozambique legendary skin a catalyst voice line about withcraft and 10 crafting metals truly an apex experience
The Genius Style
Same thing has happened to you.
Power GLove
Power GLove Mese fa
I loved the part where Mirage finished Newcastle in the open without being shot. Truly an Apex Experience
calcium 26 giorni fa
loved the part where mirage shot newcastle and magically teleported behind him with no hint. truly an apex experience
COMET 39 29 giorni fa
@ashes2ashley fair play
ashes2ashley Mese fa
@COMET 39 thats what she said
COMET 39 Mese fa
@ashes2ashley “Hold on, I’m coming”
ashes2ashley Mese fa
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Mese fa
I love the part where 4 people couldn’t take down one person standing still, truly an apex experience
doan tran van
Darklaw Mese fa
ashes2ashley Mese fa
Whats this song again?
K XII Mese fa
Why did you feel the need to type in caps
vos crawford
vos crawford Mese fa
@Hobo Joey319 There it is
Hobo Joey319
Hobo Joey319 Mese fa
Truly every Apex experience
1C5 Mese fa
Gungnir Ignited
I loved the part when Lifeline didn't drop her heal drone for Maggie. Truly an Apex experience.
ashes2ashley Mese fa
Whats this song
Xavier Engel
Xavier Engel Mese fa
she already dropped it for Bangalore
i love how vantage is miles away from her team, truly an apex experience
Bubba Mese fa
@Strizzy Clips idk what bronze vantage players you play with but vantage literally gets no value out of being solo and I never have saw a vantage player solo why are you mistaking wraith and octane players for vantage?
Rome The Revenant
Exactly how i play her lol
Caballero De Otoño
I love how ppl dont know to use the leyends and work with teammates to know than, that is the job of Vantage. Just keep with Vantaje and charge in the right moment.
Lillian Mese fa
Love how they sunset mobile
Мистер Огонёчек
I love the part where Mad Maggie said "If there's a wallet that can't be emptied, I ain't ever met it". Truly the Apex of all time.
FeDi_!* Mese fa
@ashes2ashley stop breathing by playboi Carti
ashes2ashley Mese fa
Iwish she was 18
Bro move respawn did what we asked stop trollinng
FeDi_!* Mese fa
giang tran
giang tran Mese fa
TimeBucks Mese fa
What a cool looking game
Po Prostu Szczepanski
Miss Blogger
Miss Blogger Mese fa
Israr Hussain
Robin Jankovic
yeah, "looking"
Bboy Layz2
Bboy Layz2 Mese fa
I love the part when Mad Maggie uses the EVA-8 for a long distance fight. Truly an Apex Legends experience.
Aidon Barnhill
Loved the part where fuse said, “ITS FUSING TIME!” and fused all over everyone. Truly an apex experience.
The Jackal Baby
Thats my favorite part
Smallfry40 Mese fa
I love the part where Apex released a game trailer that accurately shows how the game is. Truly an Apex experience.
Rizzly Bear
Rizzly Bear Mese fa
I loved it when Octane dropped a pad and ran away without telling the team. Truly an Apex experience
sofi sulistiawati
@SiLeNCel2 zzz
Nikolas Mese fa
The Plok! Soundtrack Slaps
@Calvin Robertson and yet here we are
Ryan Olsen
Ryan Olsen Mese fa
@Cristian Teșu ?
Daniel D. D'Onofrio
@Calvin Robertson 🤓
I liked the part where octane jumped off a building just like he jumps away from his team on his jump pad. Truly an apex experience.
notorious G.I.B.
That was actually a thing in game, you got a pretty wild speed boost if you landed on the slanted building and slid off of it
Little Heck
Little Heck Mese fa
I loved the part where maggie grabbed the camera and said “pay $160 for a re-skin of this wingman now in this limited time event”. Truly an apex experience
I love the part where everyone is running in together but shortly after gets picked off one by one, truly an apex experience
Little Heck
Little Heck Mese fa
0:25 I don't know why seeing Rev and Ash together feels so right
HRNx Genos
HRNx Genos Mese fa
i love the way how life line is always at the last to heal her team mates. Truly an apex experience
CrazyNoodles Mese fa
I like how Bangalore has perfect accuracy in the shooting range and hits no one during the fight. Truly an Apex experience!
Little Heck
Little Heck Mese fa
This the first time in a long time the trailer itself seemed like it was actually having fun, hopefully the seasons gameplay carries the same energy
Edward Jones
Edward Jones Mese fa
I loved the part where vantage got a scan on the entire map and still looked surprised she got shot. Truly an apex experience.
Gib Gibson
Gib Gibson Mese fa
I love how like 3 people dominated every other character on screen because queueing with and against players of your skill level is a myth, truly an apex experience.
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Mese fa
I loved the part where lifeline decided to leave her teammate and go and loot instead, truly an apex experience
@DenkisLastBrainCell well then that explains your ammo problem 💀 any automatic weapon your expected to carry at least 280, with shotguns its 12, and the rest is health and shields but save 1 or 2 spots for nades
@Copyofthedittos no one is carrying 300 of an ammo type unless ur running 2 of the same type of guns 240 is above average in terms of ammo space I carry 180 on both of my guns and never run 2 of the same ammo
Huskero NG
Huskero NG Mese fa
so what can she do with an empty gun buddy
Cobraxx Mese fa
How did revenant die so easily like that he supposed be immortal lord wise
John Mobley
John Mobley Mese fa
These animations always give me so much personality. Seeing characters I like on both sides too. This would lend itself well to an animated adaptation not that it doesn’t already tell a story pretty well
Victor the Trophy Hunter!
Would do em good, just like Arcane from LoL
erron white
erron white Mese fa
I love the part where everyone says “Truly an apex experience”, truly an apex experience
Karl Mese fa
I love the part when lifeline went to loot instead of helping maggie. Truly a Apex experience
Little Heck
Little Heck Mese fa
Gotta say, I love that mad maggie is getting more attention! I hope that means she'll get some cool new interactions and cosmetics in the upcoming season
Cynthia Padilla
No way they’re finally releasing apex legends for the first time!! I can’t wait!
James J4jamz
James J4jamz Mese fa
Just give me the virus website already…
Ace of aces 1
@maciejpol1 I’m on my phone bro
HE’S coming soon
Doomsday is on the horizon. Believe Jesus is the Son of God. Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord. Read the Bible! So, believe in Jesus
maciejpol1 Mese fa
@Ace of aces 1 you do realize there are browser extensions that allow you to see dislikes right?
Little Heck
Little Heck Mese fa
Enjoyed the pre-alpha so far, it’s been a fun 4 years. Can’t wait for the full game
bulldograzor Mese fa
I loved the part where Newcastle didn't try to revive his teammate and stood their useless. Truly an apex experience.
DracoVoid Mese fa
Loved the part where mad Maggie did no damage with a shotgun then got downed. Truly an apex experience.
Little Heck
Little Heck Mese fa
I heard about this game 4 years ago, so happy to see it FINALLY launch!
Big Oz
Big Oz Mese fa
I love the bit where octane stimmed his brains out, abandoned his teammates and ran directly into a 1v3 situation. Truly an apex experience
Gray Wagner
Gray Wagner Mese fa
I loved the part when lifeline ran away from Maggie with no explanation, truly the best apex part ❤
Little Heck
Little Heck Mese fa
Saw the first trailer 4 years ago and later forgot about it. Cant wait to see what this game has in store for us!
I love the part when Lifeline literally started 1v5ing the team with a charge weapon while the rest of her team were downed, truly an Apex experience.
Fujiwara Piko
i love how lifeline clutch when the entire team is down. truly an Apex experience
I love the part where the whole community played apex legends in the beta stage for 4 years and didn’t even notice truly an Apex experience
i mean, literally every BR is in beta and will always be in beta..??
blackr0se Mese fa
@Aditya Kumar wow, so thats why all these unoriginal comments today. the herd mentality is strong in this community
Phillip Perry
Nemesis ar confirmed
Aditya Kumar
Aditya Kumar Mese fa
​@Kara Pizza yesterday when Apex queue this video for premiere the title said Apex Legends Launch Trailer without the season name and so people were making fun, that's why comment is a day ago for you
Trent Mese fa
I loved the part where pathfinder was no where to be seen or helping. Truly an apex experience.
PureMult Mese fa
I love the part where lifeline saves Maggie and doesn't drop her healing drone, truly an apex experience.
Little Heck
Little Heck Mese fa
This game better be good! Only played the beta a few times. Glad to see it’s finally being released 🎉
Enrique Top
Enrique Top Mese fa
I loved the part where pathfinder was nowhere near and probably scouting somewhere ahead (I hope, friends). Truly an Apex experience
Little Heck
Little Heck Mese fa
Releasing 160 dollar skins in the beta was wild! Can't wait to see what they release now!
JulliaStark Mese fa
Awesome trailer like always ! The movie making team at Respawn is killing it ! I'm so excited this is gonna be so fun !!!
Are you kidding? Its awful in compare to 1-8 season. What a joke
015A Mese fa
probably won't be fun
Little Heck
Little Heck Mese fa
Beta testing this game for 3 years had been fun! Glad to see a wider public get to play this
Little Heck
Little Heck Mese fa
i love that this is a lot more less serious than most of their vids for a change. so much fun and cool vibes! especially loved the end part with Lifeline, so cute
Vincenzus Gaming
Seeing all 4 legends together at 1:36 gave me hope that someday this will have a 4-player mode. Can't wait!
Vincenzus Gaming
@Kitten9620 Yeah unfortunately. I still have hopes because of the way they were arranged like that.
Kitten9620 Mese fa
Its just tdm
gwen h
gwen h Mese fa
Its team death match
Angel Villalobos
Perhaps this is the up date we've been waiting for
ITS EMAN Mese fa
i like how they picked actual poses for there frames , truly an apex experience
Alfaaz Sama
Alfaaz Sama Mese fa
I like how Bangalore is aiming at our wallets
@i haven't finished the kid on my table yet.Bo 😂😭😭😭😭💀
Instafun Mese fa
Too much money here Respawn company:- dibbs
Flump Daddy
Flump Daddy Mese fa
Truly an apex experience
Temperxc Mese fa
Jimmy Hunter
Jimmy Hunter Mese fa
Actually best season trailer to date. Most content to look forward to, simply a good direction for apex
Fatema Aurin
Fatema Aurin Mese fa
Loved the trailer! Hyped for the new season! Great job you guys!
Little Heck
Little Heck Mese fa
This game looks like it has insane potential, excited to see where it goes.
your Canadian buddy
I loved how weird the animation has gotten in the past year. Truly an Apex experience
I liked how that Fuse and co just waited to get shot by one person when they all have weapons. Truly an Apex moment.
Channy Mese fa
After 15 seasons we're still on Early access? 😮
Kappa Mese fa
@Don't Read My Profile Picture Fortnite to Blame
YoungboiiJt Mese fa
@Nonstoppjay look at the comment i replyed to dude i was Talking about fortnite not apex
Nonstoppjay Mese fa
@YoungboiiJt u js said it been out of beta.
YoungboiiJt Mese fa
@Nonstoppjay i said nothing about apex
thepooman Mese fa
I loved the part the entire team got 1v4 by a single enemy player. Truly an Apex experience
Happens regularly with my friend lol. Almost 100,000 Caustic kills
Perhi99 Mese fa
1:36 I love how that fuse is colluding with the enemies *TRULY AN APEX EXPERIENCE*
Jonesy Mese fa
Crazy. Hopefully, the mode will remain in the game permanently like Arena mode. This brings more variety into the game. I'm already looking forward to the new weapon
AmaKyo Mese fa
Love to see a lot of lifeline in an apex trailer ❤
Burning Shadows
I loved the part where Vantage watched her team die as she was sniping 100m away. Truly an apex experience
Mr_Lucius Needful
Thank you Apex Legends & team for doing what you can each & every season to try & improve the game. I am looking forward to these changes & the new mixtape playlist 🙏😁
I love the part where octane Defies the out of bounds barrier truly an apex experience
I liked the part where mad maggie said “its mad magging time” and then got left for dead by her teammate truly an apex experience
Echo44 Mese fa
I love the part where octane hit that 360 no scope flip, that guy is the biggest bird, truly an apex experience.
Retro Knight
Retro Knight Mese fa
I love the part where, truly an Apex experience.
The Plok! Soundtrack Slaps
I loved the part where Wraith dc’d, truly an Apex experience.
Jacob Herrera
@The Plok! Soundtrack Slaps we can’t though 😐 sometimes our Wi-Fi just phases into the void
The Plok! Soundtrack Slaps
@izeuki I forgive you bro, just please don’t do it again 🙃. Wait till the fight is truly finished, and if your teammate is dead, cool, feel free to return to lobby. If they’re still alive though, just give them a chance. Albeit, I get it, sometimes you get people who just give up or don’t even try, but usually they’re waiting for an opportunity to get you safely.
The Plok! Soundtrack Slaps
@Jacob Herrera but you kinda can though…. Simply, don’t.
izeuki Mese fa
sorry bro my bad
Jacob Herrera
We can’t help it 😭
Little Heck
Little Heck Mese fa
I like the part where they introduced us to the event that gives us a heirloom for 150$ truly a apex experience
Brian Black
Brian Black Mese fa
The new Apex Legend maps look incredible, I understand why they didn't show it for dramatic effect. Can't wait to play both maps!!
Thottson Mese fa
I love seeing the Legends just have a chill time
c watson
c watson Mese fa
Truly an Apex experience
Little Heck
Little Heck Mese fa
I love it when a care package is being delivered and Octane speeds over to the loot to steal it. Truley an Apex experience.
Little Heck
Little Heck Mese fa
I cant believe ive been training for 4 years. Im finally ready to play the full game
Michael Gravells
As a Maggie Main I feel so good that Maggie was fairly prominent in the trailer, makes me feel the story chapters this season will have Maggie in the a lot
FaT - Caught On Camera
I love the part where lifeline decides to leave her mates and go looting, a real over the top experience
Captain_Q #1
Captain_Q #1 Mese fa
I like the part where they land in the middle of 4 squads with no guns and don’t understand why they died. Truly an apex experience!!
teddychae Mese fa
FINALLY!! we’ve been playing the beta for a bit too long, here’s to celebrating the release of Apex legends!! 🎉
HE’S coming soon
Doomsday is on the horizon. Believe Jesus is the Son of God. Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord. Read the Bible! Please guys believe in Jesus Christ 🙏
Carlos Colon
Carlos Colon Mese fa
We been playing a beta this entire time
@Nonstoppjay WHAT then about all the new legends why did they billing them out if the game was in beta
Nonstoppjay Mese fa
@DFlow 4 years yeah
Nonstoppjay Mese fa
@G.F.K 4 years
PipiPupu Mese fa
i love it how they keep adding limited time events which they never keep forever, truly an apex experience
David Moreno
David Moreno Mese fa
This might be the season that actually brings me back to Apex
Splat Dogg
Splat Dogg Mese fa
Next seasons gonna be crazy! Hopefully it all goes smoothly
Little Heck
Little Heck Mese fa
Yooo this new game seems hype! Can’t wait to see how they make it look in the Launch Trailer 👀
Armokil Mese fa
As someone who’s been beta testing this for 3 years, i can absolute say i am so excited to not be able to get any cosmetics without spending my life’s savings away in the full version! Very hyped!
BlooDRaptoR1 Mese fa
Wow, your whole life savings? Your parents are giving you 5$ every month?
Mogy73 Mese fa
You do know its still not out of the beta right? And before you say, I am aware your comment is a joke but the way you worded it makes it seem like you think its coming out of that
KingVSA Mese fa
This may actually be my new favorite of all the trailers.
Wattson Mayhem
Let's go guys this might be the best season
Grandon Mese fa
I love the part where Octane shoots Mirage upside down. That's it. No overdone sarcastic jokes.
Chris Pau
Chris Pau Mese fa
I like how Crypto is not even shown just like how nobody plays him. Truly an Apex experience
hooliedee tv
hooliedee tv Mese fa
All I need from them is like a 10 episode series on Netflix 😩
Just Tim fixin chit
I love how the trailer is nothing like actual game play,if only apex was this amazing and got all the teammate’s in a match without missing teammates😂
Macaroni- Gaming
Macaroni- Gaming 17 giorni fa
I like when octane jumps backwards and shoots mirage truly an apex experience
Macaroni- Gaming
Macaroni- Gaming 17 giorni fa
H4CK3R12 Mese fa
I love how vantage just scoped catalyst from across the map truly an apex experience
Pepper Mese fa
Love how it took 4 years to drop a mode. Truly an apex experience!
Vedesh Mese fa
The first 4 years of pre alpha was amazing
happy5 Mese fa
now we play alpha, they have to fix hmm, servers, netcode, bugs, crashes, anti-cheat, ddos, you look in another 4 years we will enter beta
blackr0se Mese fa
wow. all these original comments today.
prauwn Sauce
prauwn Sauce Mese fa
I love the part where they introduce a game mode that realistically should have been something introduced near launch, truly an Apex experience!
prauwn Sauce
prauwn Sauce Mese fa
@dakota galloway you need guys like me to loose so you can win so uhh yeah watch your tone, but your logic is silly cause we all wanted it to be titanfall 3 and for years all it could be was a game for people on their third energy drink and 10th shield swap, or a money dump simulator for half assed skins unless it’s Halloween or Christmas. But if we wanna just do the whole “your bad get good” back and forth I got a pathfinder with several 0 season wins I wear proudly. You can’t hurt me cause I am broken.
Kami27fvr Mese fa
Loved the part where you got blasted with a pk from 45 meters for 99 damage truly an apex experience
Lord7thRise Mese fa
I’m so excited about this update, and I hope it’s not too buggy and does not break the game. I’m rooting for everyone here. Also, I am hoping for some major adjustments in the public skill based matchmaking and can we change it from ranked all together it feels like the same game too much all the games retention is no based on skill based matchmaking we play the game because we love it and want to get better. Remember when you can pick the game mode easy, medium, hard? I don’t wanna play hard level all the time please help. Isn’t that what ranked is for when you want to do the hard level?
cmysharingan Mese fa
I love how everyone is just running and gunning towards enemies totally ignoring cover; truly an Alex experience
VelconX15 Mese fa
This new game looks sick
fish man aka gecko man
@extrox we know we're all just joking chill
blackr0se Mese fa
wow. creative comment
extrox Mese fa
“It’s not new it’s been around for four years 🤓”
VelconX15 Mese fa
Hopefully we get a robot in it.
The Game Man
The Game Man Mese fa
I hope they start giving us new guns again 😊
Gabriel Giovanni
Loved the part where I can't select my character at the character select screen before the match starts. Truly the Apex of Legends!
Kynk Mese fa
Been playing the game for years, glad it is being released!
Paul Foster
Paul Foster Mese fa
I love how it is Worlds Edge...again, truly an Apex experience.
rdj69 Mese fa
Truly an apex experience, my friends
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