Apple. Poorly Explained

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The Apple TV remote makes me mad. So now I'm going to rant about Apple as a company.
Credits To @TapiaWants and @ScottTheWozFC for vid ideas that I probably almost included in this video.
If you wanna send suggestions, ya know, send em.
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Commenti 80
KnowledgeHub Mese fa
I like peaches more
Garou Mese fa
Peaches squad RISE UP
I prefer pears, though my favorite tasing fruit is granny smith apples, but they make my teeth hurt ):
Reformer Mese fa
9:37 Alright so, I tried to use Shazam to find the outro song you guys used in this video. Turns out, after checking the description, from the looks of it you guys legit created your own background tracks for videos. If that's true, holy hell that's freaking awesome. Would recommend you guys publishing your songs to ITvid maybe.
Lag Spike
Lag Spike Mese fa
Great Video made me smile the whole time! :)
Vitek Harvey
Vitek Harvey Mese fa
Peaches come in a can......
munxcorp 3 giorni fa
Jobs died way before many of the things he claimed were dead lol
Drew Patraw
Drew Patraw 6 giorni fa
xD aww that music... Feels like its a isorrow video.
SociallyTriggered 10 giorni fa
Even as a capitalist I find Apple pretty awful and annoying.
Mrmcguru 17 giorni fa
I personally hate "modern apple" (basically everything after Steve jobs) it felt like after Steve died the company stopped making quality products, I'm watching this on an iPhone 4s! name a another phone that's lasted 9 years! And can still do almost everything a modern cell phone can do!
UPR 17 giorni fa
My man mentioned Streetlight Manifesto
bombomos 20 giorni fa
This is your fault for buying apple
Marco Naujokat
Marco Naujokat 21 giorno fa
The only reason I'd buy another Mac is Logic. Though that's starting to get a bit iffy too ...
Eric Loos
Eric Loos 22 giorni fa
>Streetlight Manifesto Now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time.
Ethan McIntyre
Ethan McIntyre 22 giorni fa
Fundamentally disagree on many subjects in this one. Sad
Ethan McIntyre
Ethan McIntyre 22 giorni fa
Dude, the prices went down this year. Are you good?
DictatorEuro 7 giorni fa
Hey he hates apple it's his opinion
Snappy Llamas
Snappy Llamas 23 giorni fa
Largest criticism I can give is that you didn't shit on Macs enough
DutchieTheBitter 23 giorni fa
Were you going for a Mr. Plinkett vibe or was it unintentional?
Jacek K
Jacek K 24 giorni fa
Andrew Felsher
Andrew Felsher 24 giorni fa
When did KnowledgeHub become RedLetterMedia?
dat boi bryan
dat boi bryan 26 giorni fa
Did they reveal Cody's face?
Your local Meme dealer
Can’t wait for some relatable merch to come out of this
Just a commenter
Just a commenter 27 giorni fa
Is this guy trying to be like casually explained? It doesn't work. Casually explained is actually funny. Btw I agree apple is bad I just said this specific video is bad not his ideas. His ideas are good
Mego Friend
Mego Friend 27 giorni fa
It’s funny how Samsungphones are now much more expensive than iPhones
1blackice1 28 giorni fa
Get a universal remote. Logitech 665. Best remote I ever used.
T J 29 giorni fa
Your videos are an experience
The Man
The Man 29 giorni fa
Streetlight manifesto!
jeremyshaw1 29 giorni fa
The most fair anyone could be of Steve jobs was: gathering, then keeping smart and talented people working around you, for you, is neigh impossible. Even a company like Intel can completely stumble, as did IBM before them. Somehow, Steve Jobs was able to wrangle cats. He didn't always win, but he had a decent amount of success.
The Unqualified Gamer
I prefer my Google pixel
Nukedpancakes3 _
Nukedpancakes3 _ 29 giorni fa
In every school I’ve been too, if you don’t have an iPhone you are constantly reminded and made fun of the fact you don’t have an iPhone, you are also left out of certain social activities such as group chats and game pigeon and FaceTime so you don’t really have a choice where I come from
george ignatiou
george ignatiou 29 giorni fa
Blahblah Think
What is an apples? sorry apple? nope appalled? nope apple? A PAL. a fruit that not part of cake. Silly really.
Garou Mese fa
You can't say "girth" in this day and age without it sounding at least remotely sexual.
Garou Mese fa
You sound drunk
Chandler Zaiontz
his videos have changed but I cant tell if I like him more now or before he became an agent of chaos
Me: *likes Apple TV remote* Also me: *sad noises*
Your FBI agent
Posted by Android gang
Your FBI agent
I’m not Android BTW bc Apple is slightly better
Swedishmafia101 Shitposting Inc.
Samsung is far from perfect but I still prefer my Korean technology
Tanner Dereta
it’s a shame cody isn’t the only one making videos now tbh
David Hibbs
David Hibbs Mese fa
0:30 Is that Cody? The one with the shirt on.
AJ Brown
AJ Brown Mese fa
Love this channel and your insights!
Kirmm Mese fa
Props to you sir for putting this through the insane amounts of filters to get away from copyright claims. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Fuck 'em.
heyo issa mayo
I dont mind it one bit, but I think that Knowledge Hub is just getting weird as shit nowadays. From making videos about the crusades and egyptians, to these weird pseudo-intellectual rants on pop culture, the direction this channel has gone from its source is pretty radical. I am indifferent, as I like both this channel's old and new content.
Florent Fleuri
are you ok
gamerkaue88 Mese fa
Everyday Tyler gets closer to turning into Arson Bjork.
Jaoheah Mese fa
0:15 that's what happens when you try to get a bj from a cat.
Mr. Skellington's Art Gallery
Havent been to this channel for a loooong time, can someone explain why this new guy is here? Also he is fucking great :0)
Brzyrt Mese fa
This is a man who drops his pick into his guitar. I feel this
Deathworks Channel
U good ?
Kari Krummi
Kari Krummi Mese fa
yeah. this is apoor explanation. I would even go so far as to call it gay.
Needs more wizard of Woz
Oscar Perez
Oscar Perez Mese fa
Why is bubby 𝗦 𝗘 𝗫 𝗬 ???
Justus Whittington
watching this on my iPhone, listening on my AirPods, writing my lab essay on my Macbook, taking notes on my iPad with my Apple Pencil 🥰😍🥰🥰💗💖💗💝💗💗💗💗💖💞💞💖💗💖💗💗💖💓 tee hee
Ankelaos the Weird
Oh Tyler. Can I just ask, when you gonna do more music? It's delicious.
Ginger Biscuit
I enjoyed this episode of Mr Plinkett reviews Apple TV
Ray Gunn
Ray Gunn Mese fa
Just last week I had my 4 year old MacBook die on me for literally no reason and with no warning. I’ve been full of rage ever since. Never again.
Shane Thompson
In australian and I can do a better plinket voice than you
Michael S
Michael S Mese fa
Is this Ron Swanson?
conlang know
conlang know Mese fa
Im watching this on an ipad
53 Mese fa
i love the visuals and background music 💕
Manjushri Mese fa
Streetlight Manifesto shoutout! Hellz yeah. Also, long live Steve Wozniack, even tho i dont do Apple lol
Jacob Mese fa
That moment when your cat bites your penis
Omar El Shazli
I love this. Keep going!
Michael Walling
I'm definitely getting some Mr Plinkett vibes here. I wouldn't be surprised if you found Steve Jobs corpse in his basement.
That one weird Random guy
How in the hell did a channel about history,geography,flags. god damn flags! turn in to something i would see in acid trips with a college friend
_Vallee _
_Vallee _ Mese fa
I want to make clear as vegetarian, Vegetables don't give you cancer, and Humans where made to eat fruits and vegetables. Meat is horrible for you and gives people cancer.
Jenna Cyde
Jenna Cyde Mese fa
"What a fucking hero"😹
Tanner Mullins
You use the same background music ISP used to use for his HOI4 videos and I like it.
Brandon Nunez
0:06 puar plush
Is that a fursuit pawpad?? itvid.net/video/video-6-7FMjYWqqg.html
Wignall the Bastard
The iPhone 7 was the best iPhone, it saved me from becoming an Apple sheep
Paddy Bateman
You and Cody must be pretty big Nena fans huh?
OP - OriginalPigeon
that last minute, i gotta say, really impacted me
Garyyl Calhoun
Apple is just a shitty company. Except for the Apple TV, which is quite good.
Silver Snow
Silver Snow Mese fa
This video gets a like solely based on the fact that you have a slime plush 10/10, truly a man of culture
Guardias Mese fa
Ahh yes the Cult of Apple
Mr Plinket parody let's goooo
Eric Cox
Eric Cox Mese fa
Tyler: *mentions Streetlight Manifesto* Me: *shits pants* I love you.
Moreps Mese fa
It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a Streetlight Manifesto reference in the wild, good on you for remembering early-mid 2000’s ska punk
Dragon Lord 117
Plants give you cancer due to anti nutrients and inflamation
jangxx Mese fa
This video was certainly fun to watch, but your central thesis and conclusions are unfortunately just completely wrong.
Ham Rover
Ham Rover Mese fa
that's a lot of Puar merchandise
Wolfgang Nigl
I just like iOS more than any other OS. But i don’t really like apple. But lets be real for a moment, all big companies are evil. Or better, they do not have any moral obligation except making money for investors.
Derpman1 Mese fa
Apple is Apple, it's made out of Apples
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