Apple should make an iPhone Flip - Galaxy Z Flip impressions

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After going hands-on with the Galaxy Z flip, I'm convinced that folding phones are more than just a passing fad. I think that, when the time is right and the technology is mature, Apple should definitely make an iPhone flip. What do you think? Full post: 9to5mac.com/2020/02/17/comment-hands-on-with-samsung-galaxy-z-flip-or-why-apple-should-make-an-iphone-flip-video/
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9to5Mac Mese fa
Full hands-on 9to5mac.com/2020/02/17/comment-hands-on-with-samsung-galaxy-z-flip-or-why-apple-should-make-an-iphone-flip-video/
Jacob Caudle
Jacob Caudle Mese fa
9to5Mac itvid.net/video/video-jXkc8WrP6WA.html
The Lost Time
9to5Mac nice thumbnail 😍
Dominik Mese fa
it’s not a glas screen, it’s just plastic, watch RerryRigEverything‘s video about the Flip Z💀😂😂😂 itvid.net/video/video-bbAkY-Www40.html
High Fidelity
Soon you're gonna be tired of endless flipping. i don't see any advantage of flip. just another gimmick.
Bao Vang
Bao Vang 10 giorni fa
If Apple came out with a flip iPhone that will be cool. I definitely want a flip iPhone. People who don’t like it don’t have to buy it.
Chelsea Allen
Chelsea Allen 17 giorni fa
I’m dying for a flip iPhone. I’m a very nostalgic person but also for portability.
mackanzie wong
mackanzie wong 19 giorni fa
I hate Samsung
John Gregorio
John Gregorio 29 giorni fa
5:14 why would I want to browse the internet or read an article like this?
Erik Santana
Erik Santana Mese fa
Carai,como que coloca película no bagulho??
Elbert Lee
Elbert Lee Mese fa
Yes they should but they need to make it to Apple standards and in quantity.... it takes time to do both
loud Josh
loud Josh Mese fa
I wish they had the flip iPhone
wow Yman
wow Yman Mese fa
Apple wouldn't take a lisk for the flip foldable phone..
Mihlali May
Mihlali May Mese fa
IPhone has always copied Samsung
Miez The Katz
At 2:10 you clearly see the foldingareal in the middle of the screen, this would annoy me to death!
Simos805 Mese fa
The worst compromise isn’t the thickness, but the durability... that think isn’t durable at all! The display can be scrached even with a fingernail and the overall device isn’t water or even dust resistant at all! Very bad...
The life Of Truth
Thinner does nothing for the battery. But the iphone does have good stand by which makes the battery last longer
The life Of Truth
The next flip will have a front screen.
Cookie Cream
Cookie Cream Mese fa
I love the style, especially for women’s pocket size it’s much better
Lya Mc
Lya Mc Mese fa
Apple should be out of business
Face ID on the outside and Apple Watch display on the outside
luan trieu
luan trieu Mese fa
Apple: nhe we'll compied Samsung
Stephanie McKeon
Definitely a no on a flip phone for me.
casio56 Mese fa
If apple made a flip phone it would cost $3000
Carlos Kim
Carlos Kim Mese fa
apple will come out with one. In 5 years. Fans will rejoice the new technology lol
MaRBTwentySix Videos
I want this phone my phone dont flip and I never had a current generation phone my whole life I have a cheap metro pc touch screen phone and I heard rumors my dad changing our plan soon to a better carrier but I have no idea if I'd have to start saving up for a new phone
MaRBTwentySix Videos
iPhone probably won't copy that but in a way the will probably have one that has a keyboard or screen that slides out from the back the adjustment upwards to sit flush with the first screen
MaRBTwentySix Videos
And I don't see why they would make a flip phone already when this is already the best flip phone and you already know apple lovers already hating on this "Android" so it would be weird for them to suddenly be okay with a flip iPhone just cuz it's a iPhone
sebmeza Mese fa
Yes please
Dee Man
Dee Man Mese fa
How can anyone be surprised about the crease in the middle? The phone FOLDS!! The crease in the middle is a whole lot less of a hinderance than the horrible, screen hogging notch on your typical iPhone. Before the iPhone attempts to make a folding phone, they need to figure out how to lose that huge, ugly, video screen blocking notch at the top of the screen. I don't think any iPhone user should be able to complain about the crease on any folding phone until Apple gives them back 10% of their screen. One more thing.. Traditional glass is stiff, strong and doesn't fold. Folding glass is less stiff, less strong but does fold. Which type of glass would you use on a folding phone?
ricky v
ricky v Mese fa
I've also have been interested in a flip style iPhone. I think we all know it's going to be a unicorn of mythical matters and lore. ;)
kkcapcom2 Mese fa
I'm rich, so take my money! lol
Trevor Hutcheson
in 5 years they will
j8rr3tt Mese fa
So here's a question: is the iPhones screen cracked or something? Because you showed the back of it the whole time.
Tony Geronimo, Jr.
I'm sorry? You said it's a step backwards? Apple hasn't move forward since 2007. 🤦‍♂️
Tony Geronimo, Jr.
@Alpha Beta 😅 good night buddy.
Alpha Beta
Alpha Beta Mese fa
@Tony Geronimo, Jr. oh..., you mean moving forward like add more RAMs and make BIGGER SCREEN? All other mobile phones are using Google Android software like Samsung, LG, Huawei..., etc, they just provided a shell around the software, you do know that, right? You do know that Samsung paid Apple half-billion dollars for copying the patented design and utility features in 2018, right?
Tony Geronimo, Jr.
What are you even saying? Resell value? Billion dollar company? That doesnt have anything to do with what my comment is about. My comment is about moving technology forward. Samsung, motorola, Huawei and other companies out there are moving technology forward with their bold and outrageous innovations. So when the poster says that having a crease is a step backwards on a foldable full screen phone, it's laughable. Please give me one tech that apple has announced on their iphones that is innovation or tech leading innovation?
Nycko Heimberg
@Alpha Beta Globally, Apple is a long way from new technology leaders. Imagine being able to buy Xiaomi, vivo and even Huawei products from all operators in the USA? Apple would no longer exist. It is necessary to make the USA only Samsung as a competitor among operators. Without the restrictive and protectionist policy of the USA, Apple would not be so high with real competitors in front, and not just Samsung. In Europe, the iPhone has 12% and in the USA more than 50% without all competitors.
Alpha Beta
Alpha Beta Mese fa
@Tony Geronimo, Jr. It means they are a very successful company and people are enjoying using them and Apple iPhones are the best resell value in the mobile phone in the industry. If you say Apple hasn't moved forward since 2007, then you are just being a hater.
Sarah Christine
It’s not glass tho it scratches sooooo easy compared to iphones
Rick Walker
Rick Walker Mese fa
Thickness is a good thing 😉
Uni Spectra
Uni Spectra Mese fa
Who else is watching this video on their galaxy flip? 😊😊😊
Phillip Pugh
Phillip Pugh Mese fa
i rather have a Samsung....now that flips ....oh have one already
Notyourmomma _26
You can’t fold glass maybe if it was dual screen
Joel Miller
Joel Miller Mese fa
No, Apple should not make this. The technology is not ready yet... It scratches extremely easily and the durability is just not there. Give it 2-3 years.
Andrew Morris
Yes, it’s a 6.7” display, but with a horrible aspect ratio. The Xs Max has a 6.46” and has .90% more screen area and 13.8% more area for watching 16:9 content. The Xs Max and iPhone 11 Pro Max displays are bigger than the Z Flip display.
Jerome de Jong
I'd not want a Apple flip phone. This would be planned obsolescence on an increased scale in my opinion.
TheTechChannel 1
My favorite phone of 2020 so far
rme ind
rme ind Mese fa
iphone flip: in the year 2040
dsilber4 Mese fa
I am going to break out my Motorola flip phone from the late 90's and use it as a phone. I will still do everything else on my iPhone 11 pro. Done
Nejad Muhammad
As usual when Samsung makes something new it mostly useless and no real need for it like this one and the one before “rounding edges”. We can easily live without Samsung inventions. I really would like Samsung to come up with something useful so I can say here Samsung wins, but not yet.
Amir Grigoryan
I am going to hit dislike to every single video you make before you remove that annoying voice telling to subscribe from the beginning
Gnyffe Gnyffesen
I will NOT have a folding iPhone, never.
Vince Bailey
Vince Bailey Mese fa
i don't think we need flip phone, i apple brought one out am not sure i would by it.
"I love the idea of folding a phone in half" as though there were not folding phones back in the days Jeff 😅
Jose Luque
Jose Luque Mese fa
Flip phones is not thinking future is ancient technology, the real deal it has to be hologram screen or virtual screen... you get the idea. That’s real innovation or sci-fi maybe but still cool to think on something like that!!
Don Smith
Don Smith Mese fa
A big benefit not mentioned is that now you can stuff the small, folded phone in your pocket and the screen is protected. As a man, I carry my iPhone either in my shirt pocket or a pouch on my belt. Love the idea, but hate Android and the screen being so easy to permanently scratch just makes me an observer from afar.
Roque Santos Junior
`No they shouldn’t.
justice Genesis
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne Edition itvid.net/video/video-RmnuMBreOxQ.html
Daniel Mese fa
Need that phone 😲😍
Daniel Mese fa
Need that phone 😲😍
Daniel Mese fa
Need that phone 😲😍
Eddie Colletti
Watching this on my Z Flip and I'm loving it
Sabrina Santiago
The apple overlords say you don't need this.
zurkram Mese fa
Dude, folding phones are trash. Both Motorola’s and Samsung’s flip phones are already getting reports of screen cracking. Apple should NOT be making a flip phone.
M Price
M Price Mese fa
Naw...the gold looks coo... but I just don’t think it’ll last day to day...
Hello Cony
Hello Cony Mese fa
How about... NO
janette butler
very clever, yes to Apple flip.
Mick Cozad
Mick Cozad Mese fa
Ron S
Ron S Mese fa
I don’t see the point in this size folding phone.
Matt D
Matt D Mese fa
No thank you! I do not want an iPhone Flip or foldable. I think this new foldable phone deal is a gimmick. Reminds me of a fad, from back in the 80’s, Reebok Pump shoes. It seemed cool at the time but you don’t see them around anymore. Slab phones are here to stay, foldable phones? I just don’t see them lasting.
focus human
focus human Mese fa
It depends on SAMSUNG. Only SAMSUNG can make foldable OLED display.
James Rogers
James Rogers Mese fa
No, Apple shouldn’t make this. Not for at least a year. Probably two. The tech isn’t even close to fully ready for anyone beyond tech nerds.
Ed Gauci
Ed Gauci Mese fa
I have no interest in this other than the wow factor. It's cool tech but I'm not going to spend money on it. My iPhone 11 pro (not max) fits in my pocket just fine. Once that wow factor wears out, you're left with a phone that makes a big bulge in your pocket, has an annoying crease right in the center, requires two hands to open, and there is no way it isn't more fragile than a hard phone.
Ross MK
Ross MK Mese fa
I’ll wait till the screen is some how fully glass vs having a protector plastic layer. Also, I don’t want a crease on my phone don’t know if that will ever be fixed but I’ll wait till they fine tune it especially if Apple makes it a few years down the line.
Dave Mese fa
I have no interest because size is not an issue and the design brings tons of compromise. Seems like all cons and no pros
Wallstreet Johnny
No no they shouldn't
Macintosh Fan
Ooh that hinge!
Lil Kel Official
Whats next? Galaxy Z Bend?
Víctor Mese fa
Eh... No, thanks. The 2000's doesn't need to return just yet, please.
Its Ádiyáh
Its Ádiyáh 24 giorni fa
Víctor 😂😂😂
Cactus Tweeter
Thumbs up for your content Benjamin. I for one am not interested in a flip iPhone.
JR Richards
JR Richards Mese fa
I may buy one of it was 99 bucks.
Lau Mese fa
Everytine they force the screen to bend IS STUPIDITY! That will never be the future of the design
JR Richards
JR Richards Mese fa
I would absolutely not want anything like this. So many comprises I can every begin and for 1380? I wouldn’t buy this if it was 399
J.M. Clark
J.M. Clark Mese fa
I think a dual screen smartphone of some sort is definitely in the works in Apple labs.
Junok Mese fa
No, Apple shouldn’t. It’s tacky.
Mixed Facts
Mixed Facts Mese fa
#iFip Sounds Amazing
Murat Kilci
Murat Kilci Mese fa
It will be gone in a year...
That crease tho...🤮🤮
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