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Ariana Grande - breathin

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sweetener out now
i love you
breathin’ (visual)
Directed by Hannah Lux Davis
Produced by Fuliane Petikyan & Brandon Bonfiglio
Edited by Hannah Lux Davis & Anne Laure Dhooghe
For London Alley
Music video by Ariana Grande performing breathin. © 2018 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


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7 nov 2018





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Nyana Roberts
Nyana Roberts 26 minuti fa
love it
Shelly Chen
Shelly Chen 27 minuti fa
Aphiwe Magaya
Aphiwe Magaya 27 minuti fa
Who's here a university student and going to miss abusing Wi-Fi for these amazing songs?
Exotic 27 minuti fa
What the actually fuck happened to her face?
Aline Marcelino
Aline Marcelino 27 minuti fa
Maravilhosa amo de mais 😍
alejandro gonzalez
alejandro gonzalez 28 minuti fa
The Mandela effect is real I know I heard this song even before it came out
Aphiwe Magaya
Aphiwe Magaya 28 minuti fa
😢😢😢 Ariana,that was amazing
Tselmuun Erdenebileg
It’s been 5 days but she’s still #48 on trending
natalia buta
natalia buta 29 minuti fa
I love it ❤️💞❤️💓
ale -
ale - 30 minuti fa
I LOVE youuuuuuu
Ayush Upadhyay
Ayush Upadhyay 30 minuti fa
*Aesthetically pleasing.*
lina moussa
lina moussa 30 minuti fa
SK KHAN Official
SK KHAN Official 30 minuti fa
she has a magical voice 👐 killer eyes just love it ❤
Swiftie All the way
Swiftie All the way 30 minuti fa
0:18 Girl your whole world is spinning probably because of that high ponytail.
Jasmin Louise
Jasmin Louise 31 minuto fa
How can someone dislike this? EXPLAIN🤔
Zandri Oberholzer
Zandri Oberholzer 31 minuto fa
How are some people supposed to breathe... When you keep taking there breathes away.. 😂?!?! 👊
Swiftie All the way
Swiftie All the way 31 minuto fa
Ain’t got no wigs left to fly!!!
Ravenn chamatou
Ravenn chamatou 32 minuti fa
Omg I love you ! 😍
afghan rap star TV
afghan rap star TV 33 minuti fa
Παναγιώτης Τενεκετζής
a lovely person!
a lovely person! 38 minuti fa
1 like = 1 respect
Amal Habib
Amal Habib 40 minuti fa
#2 TRENDING BABYYYY in uaeeeee ❤❤❤
Syed Humayoon Bukhari
Annemarie Menice
Annemarie Menice 42 minuti fa
I think we all just shipped #breathin
Shareen La Valle
Shareen La Valle 43 minuti fa
The drums kinda sound like the ones in Hold on we’re going home by Drake? Great song none the less
Daddy 44 minuti fa
*Emery Bingham left the chat*
rousanna vlassian
rousanna vlassian 48 minuti fa
i love the news song of Ariane Grande , she is beautiful this ma favorite singers but to my ideur for all .
dan sav
dan sav 48 minuti fa
hhdxxice gdhxue
dan sav
dan sav 48 minuti fa
Abu 1903
Abu 1903 49 minuti fa
Iann Cavalcanti
Iann Cavalcanti 50 minuti fa
20.706.967 Views November 12th, 2018. 14:31h 🌚
Loid Pipiko
Loid Pipiko 53 minuti fa
The song is called breathin but I stop breathin' as soon as I heard the song🤧💕💕
TheAlex Dance
TheAlex Dance 51 minuto fa
Hello, come see my dance on thank u next on my profile, I start, thank you :)
Fortnite Player
Fortnite Player 54 minuti fa
I love you Ariana
Haim Duani
Haim Duani 56 minuti fa
מי ישראלי?
Pro Reaction
Pro Reaction 56 minuti fa
Kilimall Cash Rewards! m.kilimall.com/kenya/invitFriendsShare/W201499 (From Kilimall App)
TheAlex Dance
TheAlex Dance 51 minuto fa
Hello, come see my dance on thank u next on my profile, I start, thank you :)
Haim Duani
Haim Duani 56 minuti fa
חיים שלייייי😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
tt tt
tt tt 57 minuti fa
*2* *0* *1* *8* *?*
Klaus 333
Klaus 333 Ora fa
Yes ari
علاء السر
Yasin Öztürk
You take
Im still addicted:(
Mateo Doleqi
So thicc No nut November
EVA #crazy
EVA #crazy Ora fa
5 Trending at Bulgaria 🇧🇬
TheAlex Dance
TheAlex Dance 51 minuto fa
Hello, come see my dance on thank u next on my profile, I start, thank you :)
Whats in Michaels Bag.
Fab voice n show....are u named after my 2nd cuz!!?? Lol
oof Ora fa
10 facts: 1.tHiS 2.sOnG 3.iS 4.cOmPlEtE 5.t 6.R 7.a 8.S 9.H 10. And you just finished reading this line.
bts army
bts army Ora fa
Her voice is too good 💕💕
عمر الصلخدي
مبدعه يا سنفوره 😂😂😂💙💙
Meanob 21st
Ari's pig 🐷 brings her some money. Now she slent all money making this mv. Pig's happy to be in anothet mv again.
Staticz Ora fa
My goal is to reach 100 subs.. I need 3 more. Help me out here guys! BTW, if you actually read this you are a beautiful human
Hanant debis
Y’all catch that hidden msg of upcoming tracks at 1:24
Artist Talent
Why 26 k dislikes.... I. MEAN WHY???
sidsbiich Ora fa
Ariana Grande now: Just keep breathin and breathin and breathin Ariana Grande 2 years ago: I’m so into you, I can barely breathe
She should've released it when Sweetner came out and now it will not be famous as it could be when it was released initially .. now most of the people are fed up listening to it again and again & i guess she is too late to upload it
efeaerre uwu
Taxi Dashcam
Denki Kaminari
if she breathes she’s a THOT
Drapper ndiyamba
Yass gurl ....keep slaying
Mathilde Sorel
J'ai beau être française j'adore Ariana grande
Dalia Chami
Nikoleta Deimon
Oyaoy tellio
Danilo Santos
Minha música preferida, alguém também? ❤
Alessandra Santos
o todo ouvindo ❤❤
Anna Jonda
Anna Jonda Ora fa
👧 👗 👢
Rainbow Kitten
I love you sooo much I'm a big fan
Kino Zomby
Kino Zomby Ora fa
Take him back
Emina Maric
I love you
David Oliveira
Itzbaby Ash
Miss Grande I got so many posters of u
Jayden Gandhi
She made me stop breathin😂
Harry James Martin
Love your music Ariana
fanny rose
fanny rose Ora fa
Time goes by and i cant control my mind 😔
Arun Mondal
She is breathing smoke ughh
Read the Music
one of the greatest artist
Anaclaradasilvagomes Gomessilva
Y love you 💕❤❤❤😍
Cerveza Sin Subs xd
Abeer Alamriy
تجينن انا بحبك كتير :-)
Tiago Ora fa
I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG!!! ❤️😍🔥I made a remix of this Btw: itvid.net/video/video-CBUGFQSFTkQ.html
Serenity Shields
I love drawing portraits of her
Hala Alturkey Alturkey
Am I the only one who addectied this super fantastic song 🙂?...
Eve Demon - Unicorn
Here before 1 billion? Ari team
Samantha Dupuis
Keilla Lacerda
Ariana é so tiro
Chantel Zavala
belu ledesma
I just keep breathing after realising that Ariana teased AG5 tracklist in 1:23 💕
Keilla Lacerda
Ariana Rainha ❤
Никита Лисовский
ребят зацените плиз, в живую круто поют девочки в прямом эфире itvid.net/video/video-wJhID0zcSM0.html
Maddison Harper
Your a queen I love you ❤️
Chantel Zavala
This song makes me sad but at the same time happy 😭ari you have the most beautiful voices ily girl keep ya head up
Admilson Santos
chunky monkey
I think the video means caring about what others think can choke us
Amalia Gutierrez
I love the song 😍😍😍😋😋😋
Ben van Dijken
Made in china
Dæęlå Avakins
hamira 31
hamira 31 Ora fa
Ashtyn Graceful
YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!! This song is so powerful to me bc I suffer from anxiety as well.
The Real Markpain
Nice One Of My Favorite SIngers .. Check Out My Artist Channel And Subscribe If You Like
Kim Taehyung
*her voice :0*
Prossimi video
thank u, next
9 giorni fa