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Ariana Grande - breathin

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sweetener out now
i love you
breathin’ (visual)
Directed by Hannah Lux Davis
Produced by Fuliane Petikyan & Brandon Bonfiglio
Edited by Hannah Lux Davis & Anne Laure Dhooghe
For London Alley
Music video by Ariana Grande performing breathin. © 2018 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


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7 nov 2018





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Chad Amore
Chad Amore Ora fa
Thank you next....7rings
Mickey Ora fa
This vid gives me vibes from that movie called 2:22
Mark Angelo Concepcion
It's sad this is the last music video from the sweetener era. No tears left to cry, Light is coming, God is a woman and breathin. It's so fast that this era is end. 😭 She forgot other songs from sweetener.
living life as jazzy
43k people aren't breathing right now. Just saying
petar king
petar king 5 ore fa
Is she pop or hip hop?
I am Sid
I am Sid 5 ore fa
vab 6 ore fa
why is this song so underrated?
g. a.s
g. a.s 6 ore fa
Danaya Clark
Danaya Clark 7 ore fa
I love you make more songs🤗
Space Alchemist
Ariana just realized existence.
tea time with taylor
this video did not get what it deserved period
Carney Art Glass
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Jodie Lindbo
Jodie Lindbo 9 ore fa
I subed turned on 😉😉🔔 and I 👍
Jodie Lindbo
Jodie Lindbo 9 ore fa
I love u so much ur buetifull I'm not ur so like able ☺☺☺☺☺😊😊😊😊😊💛💛💛💛👍👍👍👍👍💛🐺🎅🙋😇😇😇😇😇😖😖😖😋😋😋😎😎😎👍👍👍👍👍
Spooky Filmz Ent.
Jodie Lindbo Its Something About Her Songs That Give Me Good Vibes 🙏🏻 and Snoop Dogg new artist just dropped a video he looks like young version snoop 😆 & the video hard 🙅🏼‍♂️lie share 🌎 gotta see this itvid.net/video/video-AlVcltZuEfg.html
Justine Moooh
Justine Moooh 10 ore fa
nice voice but i hate you...
Bill Alicea
Bill Alicea 10 ore fa
SHE SLAYED SO HARD... love that 💛💙💛💙💛
Tori Razor
Tori Razor 10 ore fa
This song is getting me through midterms
Jovan Lalli
Jovan Lalli 10 ore fa
Can I get a like on this comment
SasukeUzmuaki Naruto Uchiha
When Nicki Minaj hear this She left and she keep breathin becuase of BREATHIN
Trinity Simpson
Trinity Simpson 10 ore fa
“And you tell me every time” (I’m wheezing) Just keep breathing and breathing
Molopop 11 ore fa
Vivi WithDatPeaceSignYasss
Why does this remind me of God is a woman,when she in the sky?
Neo Cute Technology
Y’all should go to check doyoung cover of this song
Survivor N'Cash
Survivor N'Cash 11 ore fa
nctzen😊😊😊hi fam
smart man
smart man 12 ore fa
Most memorable travel songs of all times
Lily Levy
Lily Levy 12 ore fa
Mr_ Zodiac
Mr_ Zodiac 12 ore fa
What's better? Ariana Grande=Dangerous woman? Ariana Grande=Sweetener?
Marlyn Grullon
Marlyn Grullon 12 ore fa
She has a wonderful voice😍
Spooky Filmz Ent.
Marlyn Grullon Its Something About Her Songs That Give Me Good Vibes 🙏🏻 and Snoop Dogg new artist just dropped a video he looks like young version snoop 😆 & the video hard 🙅🏼‍♂️lie share 🌎 gotta see this itvid.net/video/video-AlVcltZuEfg.html
Captain Levi
Captain Levi 13 ore fa
guys check out breathin covered by Doyoung fron NCT
Skye Bullock
Skye Bullock 13 ore fa
Am I the only one who noticed the "Flight list" with all of arianas upcoming songs?
Avni Sharma
Avni Sharma 14 ore fa
Febin Jonrs
Febin Jonrs 14 ore fa
I love this so much it made me think about my grandma
jennifer b.awesome
According to her new song she has enough money to solve all her problems so don't know what she's freaking out about
Khadro Maah
Khadro Maah 15 ore fa
Iconic ,goddess ❤💞
Spooky Filmz Ent.
Khadro Maah Its Something About Her Songs That Give Me Good Vibes 🙏🏻 and Snoop Dogg new artist just dropped a video he looks like young version snoop 😆 & the video hard 🙅🏼‍♂️lie share 🌎 gotta see this itvid.net/video/video-AlVcltZuEfg.html
Zoe Griffin
Zoe Griffin 15 ore fa
This song has literally helped me with my anxiety and seeing u get over the times that were horrible it is so inspirational and I am so grateful for this song there should definitely be more songs like this thank u ari I love u❤️
Spooky Filmz Ent.
Zoe Griffin Its Something About Her Songs That Give Me Good Vibes 🙏🏻 and Snoop Dogg new artist just dropped a video he looks like young version snoop 😆 & the video hard 🙅🏼‍♂️lie share 🌎 gotta see this itvid.net/video/video-AlVcltZuEfg.html
Silently Fixed
Silently Fixed 15 ore fa
People writing 'Who's Better' Comment. Like will always win as comment are limited to 500.
jayda correll
jayda correll 16 ore fa
1:56 her hair looks SO good like that
Bert Spoelstra
Bert Spoelstra 16 ore fa
Keep on breading.
Pure Energy, Thank You, sanergiatheworld.com/2018/12/06/el-secreto-de-la-vida-the-secret-of-life/
Sociopath's Journal
its ironic how you copy every single Taylor swift videos and and your fans say you are better tgan taylor..... hypocritical fans you got lol girl... p.s this vid is copied from style by Taylor Queen swift 😒
Amy Wilkins
Amy Wilkins 17 ore fa
I love you ari♥♥
Vasi Lyubomirova
maliah 17 ore fa
This song has helped me a lot. Been going through so much stress lately sometimes I forget to take a deep breath. I can relate to her. Depression is not a joke it’s a real thing. Everybody goes through something.
Nasito _wee_brat
Българската армия тук ли е?!?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😊😊😊😊😊☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️😇
Cedric Collart
Cedric Collart 18 ore fa
0:49 when I see my exam
Casey Barnes
Casey Barnes 19 ore fa
8ii hi[]000
Sarah Ciszek
Sarah Ciszek 19 ore fa
Sorry ariana grande
Sarah Ciszek
Sarah Ciszek 19 ore fa
You Are beautiful a rain a grande do you speak danish
DivaAventurasS Divaj
mel l
mel l 20 ore fa
Cd os br
Mahgol Sohrevardy
Jason Mckinnon
Jason Mckinnon 22 ore fa
vc e linda demais,maravilhosa,canta muito gosto muito de vc ariana grande seu corpo e perfeito
Jason Mckinnon
Jason Mckinnon 23 ore fa
y Love you ariana grande te amo muito😍😍😍😍😍
ioana posteuca
ioana posteuca 23 ore fa
Rishita Kaku
Rishita Kaku 23 ore fa
her voice only can bring me to tears
nyamnyam Giorno fa
No name
No name Giorno fa
7 rings?💍
Yours Today
Yours Today Giorno fa
JDANTT Giorno fa
God is a woman No tears Breathin BEST SONGS IN THAT ORDER FROM SWEETENER
Kawaii Potato Sassy Queen
Taylor Swift: Bad blood Ariana Grande: Breathin Demi Lovato: Heart A Break I see a trend
Nick Jenner deangelis
Ariana: just keep breath- Victoria: I think we all breath
Ty Snow
Ty Snow Giorno fa
Ariana's voice is what I think other people find with beyonce. so damn good. Ariana is my fave
Ayesha Islam
Ayesha Islam Giorno fa
Usha Goswami
Usha Goswami Giorno fa
M-my Ari, M-my Ari, M-my Ari, My Ari, M-my Ari, M-my Ari, M-my Ari, yeah!! See 2:10 !! My version!!
Keila Samantha Videos
Is she wearing the miranda lipstick??!?!
love it
Mukesh Gond
Mukesh Gond Giorno fa
Nice Song 😘😘😘😘
shubhangi borgohain
needy, remember, imagine.......damn didn't see that coming 1:24
Amelie Joyce
Amelie Joyce Giorno fa
whats better ~ thank u next: like ~ 7 rings: comment ~ don't comment something like "thank u next is better!"
Chanel Stendalen
love lisening at this on my lesson
Ally Cat
Ally Cat Giorno fa
This song gets on my nerves so much.. it’s literally on repeat at the fken gym like stfu and stop breathing, yeah?😂💯
SouthSideSinner Giorno fa
Breathing? No need to tell me! I’ve been breathing that’s how I’m alive ;^;
Vernon Silva
Vernon Silva Giorno fa
Is nobody going to talk about how amazing it is that she wrote this song about her anxiety? As someone who deals with severe anxiety I think it's incredible that we have a singer as famous and talented as her willing to shed light on the struggles of anxiety.
yourstruly esmeralda
NASA was one if the words in the airport thingy and it's the name of the sing in her album Feb 8 👏💞 she was dropping hints
ابن الاردن ابن الاردن
me days, things just take way too much of my energy I look up and the whole room's spinning You take my cares away I can so overcomplicate, people tell me to medicate Feel my blood runnin', swear the sky's fallin' How do I know if this shit's fabricated? Time goes by and I can't control my mind Don't know what else to try, but you tell me every time Just keep breathin' and breathin' and breathin' and breathin' And oh, I gotta keep, keep on breathin' Just keep breathin' and breathin' and breathin' and breathin' And oh, I gotta keep, keep on breathin' Sometimes it's hard to find, find my way up into the clouds Tune it out, they can be so loud You remind me of a time when things weren't so complicated All I need is to see your face Feel my… ترجمة إلى اللغة العربية
sofi ;
sofi ; Giorno fa
kaur Giorno fa
favvvv sog
Constance Mcpherson
I think this is saying that the higher in life we go in a hectic world we gotta keep moving pushing and striving to complete our goals. I really love the way the format of the video goes along with biblical teaching because in order for us to be able to breath we gotta keep up with people because people are racing to win a goal won
Constance Mcpherson
Like the verse in the bible that says everyone that hath breath praise you the lord no matter who you are or what you believe worldly songs praise the higher power to
Constance Mcpherson
You have a great song breathing I want hear too more of you and your way of thinking my email address is constancemcpherson@gmail.com
Constance Mcpherson
I'm saying if you know how to obey people or things then it's just that much easier to obey a higher power
Constance Mcpherson
Really I think that anybody can make it to heaven as long as they keep breathing
Bi Tea
Bi Tea Giorno fa
Liv B
Liv B Giorno fa
1:23 if your watching this after Ariana released the names of her new songs/album I think those are the names of the songs just the letters are shuffled up I feel so stupid now tho bc I noticed it just now
alexandra magallanes
I'm selling replays 0:00 0:00 They cost a like
Hello there
Hello there Giorno fa
I feel like shit sometimes Ariana Grande too but don't worry you're strong woman. ^^ You got this! Show your reactive mind who boss! :D
TrashAndPerfume Giorno fa
How many of you realized the tracks are on her upcoming album? 1:23. :D
Austin Stinson
Austin Stinson Giorno fa
endy Rabanni
endy Rabanni Giorno fa
Record music💘💓😍💞
Spooky Filmz Ent.
endy Rabanni Its Something About Her Songs That Give Me Good Vibes 🙏🏻 and Snoop Dogg new artist just dropped a video he looks like young version snoop 😆 & the video hard 🙅🏼‍♂️lie share 🌎 gotta see this itvid.net/video/video-AlVcltZuEfg.html
morrow to
morrow to Giorno fa
Josh Cirri
Josh Cirri Giorno fa
i am amelya i am your nuber 1 fan
Barbara Sanchez
Barbara Sanchez Giorno fa
This song is 🔥 love u ari! U are killin the game rn ❤️
Jen Lester
Jen Lester Giorno fa
Is this about a panic attack ?
Yuni Kurniati
Yuni Kurniati 23 ore fa
This song is about anxiety. I don't know how anxiety is for other people, but for me, anxiety is exactly like what is portrayed in this video. It gets into me so much that it becomes physical and makes me feel like I can't breathe, or forget to breathe (I am still breathing ofc, it's just like, the feeling you know, when your chest feel so tight). Everyone or everything around me, the time itself moves very fast and it feels like im the one who's left out. It is pretty much like it.
Jimmy Cupcake
Jimmy Cupcake Giorno fa
Who's hear after reading, Ariana Grande- breathin
lauramae 22
lauramae 22 Giorno fa
Janie- Giorno fa
Is it slowed down?
v c v
v c v Giorno fa
Duliana Figueroa
She is so beutifull. She looks like a Barbie doll
Estefani J
Estefani J Giorno fa
Awesome. I love both the version tbh
Shawn Williams
Shawn Williams Giorno fa
I love you air
Mya Johnson
Mya Johnson Giorno fa
Anyone wish you could sing like her
bébé213 la boss
i love maname is alicia old eleven
Jaime Ignacio Arceo Chavez
Arianita es especial la quiero mucho me importas bien mucho soy tu mayor fan soy el que más te quiere la BOI a protejer y cuidare de todo lo malo miren quienes la cuidamos cártel de los Zetas vs policía federal minuto cuatro veinticinco
Prossimi video
Apple Be Like
3 giorni fa