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Ariana Grande - thank u, next (Live on Ellen / 2018)

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Thank u, next (Live On Ellen / 2018)

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Aired November 7th, 2018

Music video by Ariana Grande performing thank u, next. © 2018 Republic Records


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13 nov 2018

Ariana GrandeArianathank unextEllenAriana on Ellen




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Commenti 27 416
Ro Ramirez
Ro Ramirez 26 minuti fa
So amazing
Br vr.silva
Br vr.silva 32 minuti fa
Amei a participação da Blogueirinha
Randa Al Shawa
Randa Al Shawa 32 minuti fa
I never liked Ariana before now after I watched this video I love her ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰👑👑👑👑☺️☺️☺️☺️
engy 07
engy 07 35 minuti fa
I love you ariana 💖💖💖💖
Dvtches. V
Dvtches. V 46 minuti fa
Don’t let her have mental break down
adelene grace
adelene grace 51 minuto fa
why do you even go up the chairs, though? what is the point?
clarezelle christy1989
A barbie Human
Cecilia Leon
te amooooooo
Nikita Johnston
Love the nod to First Wives Club!!
Ch Kim
Ch Kim Ora fa
아~이쁘다 느낌있다. 키조금작고 얼굴까만 요정같다.
Rebecca Barbosa
maravilhosaaa 😍😍❤❤
Misty Game
Misty Game Ora fa
Thokozani Collin Gabela
This is so cuute🍉🍉 I loved it when she stumbled😚😚 It really is hard singing and dancing at the same time I feel you Ariana but good job🤘🤣
JefriFHD present
Yang pirang ko mirip mimi peri..😂😂😁😁✌
# Unicorn4life
Love the confidence!
RYHOnline 2 ore fa
you was gonna fall
Raffael Pilz
Raffael Pilz 2 ore fa
This is nice Song
冯雅楠 2 ore fa
omg she so sweet !
charlene canda
Great one im so im so great Full for my ex
Listen to Zayns new album Icarus Falls 💖
Lordwally Torres
Im so (im so) grateful for my ex.😂
Lordwally Torres
Her voice is better on live OMG im inloved
vintage edits
vintage edits 2 ore fa
my strong baby
HOON 2 ore fa
She lookes a little bit tired
Samantha Dilani
Omolade Sanya
Omolade Sanya 3 ore fa
Ariana is such an amazing singer! Like if you agree
Pxrxsx MSP
Pxrxsx MSP 3 ore fa
I see you being my favourite singer
Aarti Sharma
Aarti Sharma 4 ore fa
It means at 1:19 we got know that her voice is more than the song,and it's her real voice
Francis Patrick Villones
o m ggg ariii ❤ no need of autotune or some shitt ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Kusa Fusa
Kusa Fusa 4 ore fa
I like how she's not serious XD
Die Nohamas Sisters
I love you
VZ .42
VZ .42 4 ore fa
French people ?? Y'a d français prcq je me sens seul, mdrr elle a failli tomber 😂❤😂
loopy rain
loopy rain 4 ore fa
Siti Romlah
Siti Romlah 4 ore fa
Naturally telling the truth
Ana hoho
Ana hoho 4 ore fa
2:16 perhaps i cried?
PotatoMan 4 ore fa
Bacon eggs, Bacon eggs, Bacon eggs I’m so I’m so grateful for my eggs.
alexandros kef
Omg ari i didnt waited for that! I love you
Czarah Vlogs
Czarah Vlogs 5 ore fa
shes so cute when she slipped you are soo cute ariana
Syuhada Zulkefle
She always made me laugh when she slipped. Once she said "OOH GIRL I ALMOST DIED UP HERE" lmao
Oliwia Antoniewicz
Uwielbiam Cię 💕❤
Oliwia Antoniewicz
Nie martw że się potknęłaś ważne że powstałaś i się super uśmiechnęłaś ❤❤
Tina O'connell
Who else loves how real she is❤️❤️ love u ari❤️❤️
QUEEN TV. 6 ore fa
GamingWithJen Fan
When Ari jumped off the chair with heels it made me never want to wear heels again!
Cheese 7 ore fa
*ShE sLiPpEd*
Yazmin Martinez
Rachel Ngethe
Rachel Ngethe 7 ore fa
You Are Probably Wondering Who Is Beautiful Read the first two words Happy almost Christmas
YOLO Lee 7 ore fa
Where is fuckin?haha
sampurna's world
She’s not using it here cause it’s a terrible word
Lizzie Unicorn Vlogs!
did anyone heard or misheard "cause her name is aubrey" lol i missheard that lol and when she slipped she was soo cute! well for me is just laugh lol
Nurse Kupsy
Nurse Kupsy 7 ore fa
I never liked her until, thank you next, and how legit her voice is. Gosh, so much respect for Ari. 😍❤️
Toffee Coffee
Toffee Coffee 7 ore fa
iis Abbey
iis Abbey 7 ore fa
Love it!
Ellen De Vet
Ellen De Vet 8 ore fa
My name is Ellen ❤❤
Rishi rishikesh Chandra
I'm so , I'm so grateful for not using that word !!
carlos Newell
carlos Newell 8 ore fa
i love her
Muhamad Rizki
Muhamad Rizki 9 ore fa
I thought Ariana is teenager
Jeff Zerkle
Jeff Zerkle 9 ore fa
Sayra Diaz
Sayra Diaz 9 ore fa
2:28 she said god forbid something happen and her friend whispered it wont ❤️😭
Evelyn Paucara
Me alegro el dia😂❤🇦🇷
Tracy 9 ore fa
Omg. What is that...slip number 400? Seriously I've seen her 3 times and she slips or trips every time.
ItsAri’Elle 9 ore fa
Cat valentine has left the chat
Marîa RM
Marîa RM 9 ore fa
Ella tiene una gran voz pero aquí no sentí que lo hiciera muy bien no se si son nervios o si esta cansada pero no vi la voz hermosa que siempre tiene🤔❤
Tae TV
Tae TV 9 ore fa
Solo - Jennie like Thank u next.
GalaxyPurple Plays
Us: Aww she fell down! Ari: Shoot, I fell down...
Monse Vargas
Monse Vargas 10 ore fa
1:19-1:20 is going to be viral
Vira Qurrota
Vira Qurrota 10 ore fa
1:20 , are you okay?
Edu Borges
Edu Borges 10 ore fa
1:19 😂😂😂 vamos brasil
Karen Montelongo
Omg she fell Tips don’t jump of a chair with high heels😉😉
mrjaysahil 10 ore fa
Let’s take a vote like = Ariana grande comment= Selena Gomez 🦄🦄🦄🍭🍭 Yay
Dandy Mandy!
Dandy Mandy! 10 ore fa
Girl can't get through a song without making herself laugh.
Victorienne 10 ore fa
The First Wives Club😍
Evilov3r100 Roblox
her Voice is beautiful. Love your songs ❤️
Heaven Gresham
Heaven Gresham 11 ore fa
At 1:19 she trips
Yamileth Rodriguez
Griff McDonough
Griff McDonough 11 ore fa
Omg haha she tripped 1:15
Melissa Whitehair
Can’t wait to see her May 21 in Dallas TX💕
Devin Carson
Devin Carson 11 ore fa
I’m loving the background dancers
DAVI PEREIRA 11 ore fa
A blogueirinha de merda tá em todo lugar ,até de peruca loira
Ladybug Forever_Fba
Even though you missed up I love you
0 Autumn_Ice 0
0 Autumn_Ice 0 11 ore fa
All I hear is Thank you *ness* I like To main Ness in Smash Brothers
Vencent Castillo
ATX GAMING 11 ore fa
1:19 when u almost trip
Royal Rain
Royal Rain 11 ore fa
Ari: Note to self. Don't jump off chairs with high heels on... Me: You are gracious! Who cares if you make a little mistake of slip up. Everyone does that.
Chloe Clark
Chloe Clark 12 ore fa
At 1:20 😁😂 love you ari 😘😍
U and me Me
U and me Me 12 ore fa
U are the best singer
Gulshaal Khan
Gulshaal Khan 12 ore fa
bacon eggs im so im so grateful for my eggs
강슬기 13 ore fa
사랑스럽다❤️ lovely❤️
dxndelion -
dxndelion - 13 ore fa
I love this performance so much bc of how natural it is. I also love the girl w/ the short hair's outfit!
Bitia Miralles
Bitia Miralles 13 ore fa
Ho mi dios y por que no dijo la otra parte de la cancion solo dijo i m so i m so
Caley Kawaii Paper Squishies
3:18 did anyone else notice that the backup dancer/singer on the right didn’t have a chance to put on her jacket all the way??****NO HATE****they still did FABULOUS!!!!!!
Tre Talks
Tre Talks 12 ore fa
Caley Kawaii Paper Squishies it fell
Ignacia Contreras
I love ariana my idol
Paula Serna
Paula Serna 13 ore fa
This girl is awesome, so profesional always 😂💕
Adonei Aubrey Dela Cruz
You nailed it!❤️
Magiedits 14 ore fa
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Tameika Harris
Tameika Harris 14 ore fa
Princess Anika
Princess Anika 14 ore fa
hey people! ariana is not lipsyncing HAHA!
Kim taetaeizinho
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