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Ariana Grande - thank u, next (lyric video)

Ariana Grande`
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Director: Chris Shelley @Create
Editor: Remington Franklin
Producer: Light Switch Digital


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6 nov 2018




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Commenti 31 622
Sunday Funday
Sunday Funday 4 minuti fa
Imagine her hearting a comment like thats legendary ♥️😂😂😂😂😂♥️♥️love this song Ari 🎵♥️
Shane grassi Dawson Hoying
“I think we are all grateful for our exes “~ Victoria justice
Cy'niah Bruner
Cy'niah Bruner 4 minuti fa
omg ..you the best nice voice
Sumana koli
Sumana koli 5 minuti fa
Breakup Uhhhhh I think..............not for me
Josh Newman
Josh Newman 13 minuti fa
Wonder who that someone else is?
amal rami
amal rami 15 minuti fa
RIP angel ❤Mac
Mikayla Salaman
Mikayla Salaman 17 minuti fa
One taught me love♥️ One taught me patience🕗 One taught me pain💔
That's so Bella Gil
That's so Bella Gil 17 minuti fa
Yasss ari killem with your amazing voice
Fiffi Cat
Fiffi Cat 21 minuto fa
Monday is back... Thank u next :)
Janishia Van det bank
8D MUSIC 23 minuti fa
❤️ 8D AUDIO remix of this song on my channel if you guys want to check it out ❤️
Phoebe Little
Phoebe Little 24 minuti fa
T Th Tha Than Thank Thank y Thank yo Thank you Thank you n Thank you ne Thank you nex Thank you next Thank you nex Thank you ne Thank you n Thank you Thank yo Thank y Thank Than Tha Th T ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Miguel S
Miguel S 26 minuti fa
Where's the actual video?
Mehmet Bardakci
Mehmet Bardakci 28 minuti fa
Oh its so good
Marcos 31 minuto fa
Shirin K.
Shirin K. 32 minuti fa
Love her and her music so much 💗 I think Ariana is an angel 👼🏼
MIMI tigress
MIMI tigress 33 minuti fa
someone tell me what is the song about
jeet 10
jeet 10 34 minuti fa
wish zayn breaks up with gigi and end up with ariana that would be great😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Luis León
Luis León 35 minuti fa
# 1 bitcheeeeessss
Crisleydi J Mercedes
So proud of ma'baby❤
Star Girl
Star Girl 38 minuti fa
Love it 😍😍😍❤❤❤❤
duonhuyen 39 minuti fa
so much bots over here i guess 😅😅
diana sheerow
diana sheerow 41 minuto fa
Ari is amazing 😍😍
Nooova 45 minuti fa
Just the malcolm line gets crying. Rest in peace legend. So many people love and miss you..
Rioghna Lyons
Rioghna Lyons 46 minuti fa
I love the lyrics. So deep. I wish all of my friends would understand that just loving yourself is OK. I love you Ari!
Ie Beats
Ie Beats 47 minuti fa
Thanks you ...and no one next only you...
Queen Maknae
Queen Maknae 47 minuti fa
When you see your ennemie: *fuck you, next*
joy_ BTS
joy_ BTS 48 minuti fa
This is not getting over my head......!!!!!!!!!! I will always love you 💜💜💜💜
daniela lemus
daniela lemus 50 minuti fa
my manz just broke up with me and this song really helping
Alexa Perez
Alexa Perez 50 minuti fa
*She tAUghT mE Love💘* *sHE tAUght mE pAtIEnCe ⏰* *hOw shE hAnDLEs paiN💔* *tHaT ShiT's AMaZinG😩*
Joanna Francois
Joanna Francois 51 minuto fa
#1 billboard
WGC Squad
WGC Squad 51 minuto fa
This is a bop
Nevi boo
Nevi boo 54 minuti fa
This song is everything 🔥🔥😭😭😭😭😍😍
Ayesha Khan
Ayesha Khan 55 minuti fa
This has been on trending for like a week, and I love the song
Kenny Hogg
Kenny Hogg 56 minuti fa
Who is mac?????
I1_Certii 58 minuti fa
Next u will end up wit ur mouth on my dick
Maurice Estelle
Maurice Estelle 58 minuti fa
So, no mention of nathan? Who am I kidding, it was a staged relationship obviously
juice-0811 m
juice-0811 m 59 minuti fa
#1 on Billboard!!!!!
bukhari sa'ri
i hope the music video would include all of her exes.....
I don't know if I'm crying because her voice is so beautiful or the positive vibe this song gives off.
Ladydeath Ora fa
Thank you Ariana, I needed this.
xa Du
xa Du Ora fa
Swati Pathak
She's going through so much and still glowing .
//•is CCP helper •//
I love so you much Ariana❤️
Nadia X
Nadia X Ora fa
Just respect 😍🤧
//•is CCP helper •//
Today is my Birthday aaaa😍
Anjeza Xhelili
Cat yarn Ariana grande Uaua
Amira minz
Amira minz Ora fa
Endlich mal ein cooles Lied , von Ariana babe 💞
## kunsang ##
BOP !!!!!
Bellalayan tube,
Will love you always ari❤️ she told everything in her heart even is really hard to explain” Vote for selena and ari,
This Will earn a 1# on Hot 100
Isabelle Hewitt
I’m annoyed about the Kris Wu situation but this song is still a banger so...
Angie Ora fa
It is really sad how Mac left the world thinking that Ariana was going to get married. 😔👼
babylemonade 22
Wanna cry every time I hear that song💔
La Red Head Jessi
1 Like And I'll Add "❤" For Loving Yourself I'll Start It Off ❤
Higor Borges
she's like thank you next, and I'm like when will I get the first girl. (almost 20 haha xD)
Cronch Slimes
may mac rest in paradise ❤️🕊
1-2-3 Kuckmal
When will people realise that this girl is a narcissist? She has been groomed for stardom from an early age, went to a private school and straight to auditions as soon as she was old enough. Most likely pushed into it by her mother. She is a horrible person - talks bad about her father even though the money he earned (and had stolen from him by alimony) allowed her to become famous, constantly uses the death of Mac Miller to gain sympathy even though she had broken up with him months before he died and probably didn't have a nice word to say about him until she found out he was dead. Constantly uses the bombing of her concert to gain sympathy even though it had nothing to do with her and she was nowhere near when the bomb went off. Have you seen any of her interviews? She is a horrible person, stuck-up, bitchy, narrow minded and arrogant. She claims to follow the Kabbah but yet thinks is means "be good to others and they will be good to you". Wake up, Ariana Grande does not care about her fans at all, look at her instagram posts and everything she says and does - she is obsessed with herself.
Kailey Davis
Best song so fare love u Ariana keep doing what your doing
Emilly Heringer
This melody remembers me of Piggy back- Melanie Martinez
Kqwaii Bean
0:48 "nEXt" I see what you did there ari's editor
This is one of the most beautiful songs I have heard in a long time.
Cutest shade ever.
st1phanie Ora fa
this song makes me miss my nonexistent ex
Ayesha Ather
Look I started crying, okay?? I love you Ari, I never liked you so much but now I do. And if not minding, I want to relate this song to Selena.. She and Ariana goes through same situation as I see. Personalities like them are an example for this world the way they handle pain and people who break their heart. Only difference is Sel didn't move so fast as Ari
La Red Head Jessi
Broke the replay
Shannon Wasser
I'm so thankful for all of my ex's, they taught me self love. I need to love myself first before I love another man
seungj00ns Ora fa
but.... jai and nathan????
Aníta Eik Jónsdóttir
Jasmine Zhu
This song is so positive and amazing ❤❤🔥🔥😘
Maryam Kalkun
Wish i could say thank you to malcom, cause he was an angel😍
Ravneet Chima
Stuti Bhattarai
Ari ❤️🔥😍😍😍
Radha Chopra
Awesome song
fx6ma 28
fx6ma 28 Ora fa
oooff the shade
New fav song😌😍
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Hawa Aboo
Hawa Aboo 2 ore fa
RIP Malcom 😇😭
lonely whale
lonely whale 2 ore fa
this is such a mature way to handle break ups. I admire the way Ari gets over her ex's, without hate them; it's like "it was cool, thank you for the time we spent, now it's time to keep going." god, i love her so much.
Abdi Tube
Abdi Tube 2 ore fa
Editor: what fonts? Ari: Ok
Elsa Mona
Elsa Mona 2 ore fa
Rex 2 ore fa
I love Ariana grande but I think it's wrong to write about exe's especially to one who died. :c
Hellokitty 2 ore fa
The chorus sounds like mine by bazzi I’m so fucking happy when you smile I’m so fucking grateful for my ex Same tune ?
Carol nunes
Carol nunes 2 ore fa
Meu amor por ti só aumenta!! És maravilhosa, Ariana.
Saraid Muñoz
Saraid Muñoz 2 ore fa
JAJA, Se mamo la Ariana
Will Bowling
Will Bowling 2 ore fa
I feel like one day she is going to write a song called “Thank you” and it’s going to be after she’s found the one for her. She’s going to thank everyone before and ahhh can anyone else imagine this?
Michael Jackson
This song cuts deeper than any knife and believe me, I know
"I know they say I move on too fast" yep she Def heard the haters, lol but "her name is ari " was a good one haha love everything about this song honestly 😍
Dare2liveee 2 ore fa
You are such a beautiful angel Stay the way you are I know you are a very strong woman Thank-you for everything you have given us through your songs
Gabe Copel
Gabe Copel 2 ore fa
go to my channel! i made a “thank u, next” music video! hope u like it. 💟
no but I got cheez whiz
a *_bop_*
Ben Brockman
Ben Brockman 2 ore fa
Wish I could say thank you to Malcolm because he was an angel🥺❤️
kylie byron
kylie byron 2 ore fa
*Ariana is this generation Mariah Carey*
hi 2 ore fa
Khaiah Mann
Khaiah Mann 2 ore fa
Yep. This is a vibe.
leonardo da vinci
The letters look like they're from the burn book
Prossimi video