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Ariana Grande Thank U Next (World Premiere) The Ellen Show 2018 - 1080p HD

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MadLove 4 giorni fa
i honestly don't like her so much but dude this made me rethink it haha
Atomic Bomb
Atomic Bomb 4 giorni fa
Can we talk about the wedding decor tho? Gorgeous ❤
Bella M
Bella M 4 giorni fa
Wat a qween
chandrakala jamadar
Love you Ariana😍😍😍
Stanley Robert
Stanley Robert 4 giorni fa
Love this performance. She almost fell, she cried, the backup cheers her and then she giggled. All those mistakes makes me love this honest performance! ❤️❤️
Not Today
Not Today 4 giorni fa
Do you’re thang sis 😭❤️
justin8771 4 giorni fa
Aww she started crying 😢
Lucas Shannon
Lucas Shannon 4 giorni fa
justin8771 4 giorni fa
Mac Miller was definitely her soulmate 😍❤️so sad he had to r.i.p. so young but Ariana is amazing for this performance she so strong and blessed thank u Ariana 🙏🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
justin8771 4 giorni fa
I can’t stop watching this it brings me joy😱😁
SteezyTeej 4 giorni fa
She regrets leaving malcom... but we all know they truly loved each other. You can feel the pain. I hope she stays strong. Keep supporting her, she’s going to need it.
Hannah Sarus
Hannah Sarus 4 giorni fa
best damn live performance ever 👏🏼
aysha mulla
aysha mulla 4 giorni fa
I love that she cares so much for her back ups 💕💘
Solar Liu
Solar Liu 4 giorni fa
A lovely singer Love you💕
Amarah Bloomfield
Amarah Bloomfield 4 giorni fa
I love that this performance is lowkey a mess but makes me love Ari so much more!!
Amarah Bloomfield
Amarah Bloomfield 4 giorni fa
ayesha shahbaz
ayesha shahbaz 4 giorni fa
Mac Miller is still whaching us!!😭😭😭😭
Gislena Torres
Gislena Torres 4 giorni fa
Ari siempre se tropieza🤣 y sigue normalito🤣
David 4 giorni fa
The ugliest backing singers I have ever seen. Get Golem next time ffs
Ugly Friend
Ugly Friend 4 giorni fa
Ariana who ?
Deutsche Kartoffel
Deutsche Kartoffel 4 giorni fa
am i dumb or ion know but i cant see her crying or smth
mona abualnail
mona abualnail 4 giorni fa
Lmao this is a mess but it’s still amazing
5 Stars
5 Stars 4 giorni fa
Go girl 👍
Iman Fadilah
Iman Fadilah 4 giorni fa
Okay? Millions of people broke up before marrige and learnd from their exes ....? I had waffles for lunch you're thankful for your ex .....🤔😅
anniversary sae
anniversary sae 4 giorni fa
@2:26 "God forbid something happens" Backup singer: "It won't" So cute
Victoria frança
Victoria frança 4 giorni fa
This video made my day happier
ItsLacey Joy
ItsLacey Joy 4 giorni fa
She almost got married to Pete? Who’s that x but I love her she’s so strong❤️❤️
whosmtt 23
whosmtt 23 4 giorni fa
Even though this performance was a mess and not that great but i still love it ARIIIII ❤️❤️ stay strong , ur not alone !
Alisa. Lola
Alisa. Lola 4 giorni fa
I love Ariana grande💋
Statistics 101
Statistics 101 4 giorni fa
We love you Ari♥️
Rob kg 3
Rob kg 3 4 giorni fa
omg ella es tan hermosa, alguien mas habla español?
Charlotte- Elizabeth
Wait how can she be singing so perfectly at the exact same time as falling off a damn chair in stilettos and laughing at herself ... she's an actual magical angel omg
Lalaine Grande Cabello
Ive miss youuuuuu
Larisa Frantz
Larisa Frantz 4 giorni fa
My heart skipped a beat when she almost fell..
eman osman
eman osman 4 giorni fa
Her ex died thats she said thank u next
eman osman
eman osman 4 giorni fa
1:18 she always trips
FoxKeeper Tiana
FoxKeeper Tiana 4 giorni fa
she was soo cute when she fell 😂😍
Bianca Therese
Bianca Therese 4 giorni fa
That was a mess but still beautiful
Stella Seydel
Stella Seydel 4 giorni fa
Ellen: we know you have had a rough time Victoria: I think we have ALL had a rough time
John Larry
John Larry 4 giorni fa
For a pop star she is not very entertaining. But the song is a smash.
Amanda Cruz
Amanda Cruz 4 giorni fa
OMG is no one going to talk about how her entire performance was a reference to "the first wives club"?!
Jasmine Miller
Jasmine Miller 4 giorni fa
My girl Little Inez slaying with Ari
Ore Bärli
Ore Bärli 4 giorni fa
AdrianZeAwes 5 giorni fa
I loved how she and the backup dancers let loose and genuinely smiled in this performance, as it shows that Ari is happy and strong
Bwii Reyyarmy
Bwii Reyyarmy 5 giorni fa
this made me love ari moreee. 😭💗
Lillian Atkins
Lillian Atkins 5 giorni fa
song about your ex... my style lol
Karolina Pawłowska
I want her to be my mom
Mmaarryy Roxx
Mmaarryy Roxx 5 giorni fa
I had a feeling she was going to trip when she went up the chair 😂
k a m m i a
k a m m i a 5 giorni fa
*Wish I could say thank you to Malcolm, cause he was an angel* Made me cry ;c Such a beautiful song!!
Aubrey Takashima
Aubrey Takashima 5 giorni fa
I dont know why i prefer to listen to this than the studio version...
Rhianna Diaz
Rhianna Diaz 5 giorni fa
I need these backup dancers to be my bestfriends
Annabel Sanding
Annabel Sanding 5 giorni fa
Omg can we just say that Ari is the queen for tripping on stage XD she’s tripped so much and that’s why I love her xx
VillageKev 5 giorni fa
Adore this song. Covered it if you want to check it out 💪
Rhianna Diaz
Rhianna Diaz 5 giorni fa
Aw poor ari :((( I’ve been a fan so long looking at her through all this and watching this makes me wanna cry ugh I can’t
Lina Ammor
Lina Ammor 5 giorni fa
Please check out my Cover of thank you next
Ebony H
Ebony H 5 giorni fa
Is this what it’s like signing autographs?
cheryl compton
cheryl compton 5 giorni fa
I love Ariana songs
Sebi 5 giorni fa
this performance makes me love Ari more,more and more,she fell and she cried nu never give up, *THAT'S MY QUEEN*
Grace imani Bradley
Ohhhhh i see that glitter eyeshadow and highlighter is bomb
Nguyen Dinh Minh Quan
9M for a live omg shes too cute
MenItsMe 5 giorni fa
Thought I'd end up with Sean But he wasn't a match Wrote some songs about Ricky Now I listen and laugh Even almost got married And for Pete, I'm so thankful Wish I could say, "Thank you" to Malcolm 'Cause he was an angel One taught me love One taught me patience And one taught me pain Now, I'm so amazing I've loved and I've lost But that's not what I see So, look what I got Look what you taught me And for that, I say Thank you, next (Next) Thank you, next (Next) Thank you, next I'm so fuckin' grateful for my ex Thank you, next (Next) Thank you, next (Next) Thank you, next (Next) I'm so fuckin'... Spend more time with my friends I ain't worried 'bout nothin' Plus, I met someone else We havin' better discussions I know they say I move on too fast But this one gon' last 'Cause her name is Ari And I'm so good with that (So good with that) She taught me love (Love) She taught me patience (Patience) And she handles pain (Pain) That shit's amazing (Yeah, she's amazing) I've loved and I've lost (Yeah, yeah) But that's not what I see (Yeah, yeah) Just look what I've found (Yeah, yeah) Ain't no need for searching, and for that, I say Thank you, next (Thank you, next) Thank you, next (Thank you, next) Thank you, next (Thank you) I'm so fuckin' grateful for my ex Thank you, next (Thank you, next) Thank you, next (Said thank you, next) Thank you, next (Next) I'm so fuckin' grateful for my ex Thank you, next Thank you, next Thank you, next I'm so fucking... One day I'll walk down the aisle Holding hands with my mama I'll be thanking my dad 'Cause she grew from the drama Only wanna do it once, real bad Gon' make that shit last God forbid something happens Least this song is a smash (Song is a smash) I've got so much love (Love) Got so much patience (Patience) I've learned from the pain (Pain) I turned out amazing (Turned out amazing) I've loved and I've lost (Yeah, yeah) But that's not what I see (Yeah, yeah) Just look what I've found (Yeah, yeah) Ain't no need for searching And for that, I'll say Thank you, next (Thank you, next) Thank you, next (Thank you, next) Thank you, next I'm so fuckin' grateful for my ex Thank you, next (Thank you, next) Thank you, next (Said thank you, next) Thank you, next (Next) I'm so fuckin' grateful for my ex Thank you, next Thank you, next Thank you, next Yeah, yee Thank you, next Thank you, next Thank you, next Yeah, yee
Ben Lim Alcantra
Ben Lim Alcantra 5 giorni fa
Though the performance was mess but I enjoyed overall and for Ari m always Thank you next 💝😀💖💖
Nathan Hernandez
Nathan Hernandez 5 giorni fa
This song gives me a winter vibe 😍
redcarpet blues
redcarpet blues 5 giorni fa
i just realized the set is supposed to be a wedding :0
nua suveinakama
nua suveinakama 5 giorni fa
She’s so strong, Ari we love you😭😭😭
nua suveinakama
nua suveinakama 5 giorni fa
She’s so cute 😭😍😍😍
Anna K
Anna K 5 giorni fa
Honestly who is aris therapist bc whoever she is shes doing a great job n im so proud of ari for working through everything shes been through
Caelyn 5 giorni fa
Ariana : I know that’s,omg ......., on to fast
Jetaime Vang
Jetaime Vang 5 giorni fa
Not the biggest fan of Ariana Grande, but I give her MAJOR PROPS for this performance and song
Orla Otsu
Orla Otsu 5 giorni fa
Did they only start practicing in the dressing room or something? :/
Kristin's Strings
Kristin's Strings 5 giorni fa
I love how even tho she slipped she still makes it work and just laughs it off I love her so much she's amazing
Trisha Paytas Memes
Is it jus me or is the Ellen shows audience the most enthusiastic and loud and happy crowds like ever??
REEEEEEE 5 giorni fa
Trisha Paytas Memes is it just me but this is 20 seconds after the comment and you liked your OWN COMMENT
Magdalie Mexile
Magdalie Mexile 5 giorni fa
Even if this wasn’t her strongest performance ever it was still hella amazing cause of how real it was. She’s so pure I love her 😭😭
Nana Mana
Nana Mana 5 giorni fa
Wait... so her backup dancers were Tayla Parx and Victoria Monet? 🤔
World-Wide Wrestling Fantasy Community
that was AwEsOmE
Jaylenes_ AMA
Jaylenes_ AMA 5 giorni fa
Ari is so strong 🔥❤💋
Gamer 1000
Gamer 1000 5 giorni fa
1:19 now we at least know she is not lip singing
Abbey xoxo
Abbey xoxo 5 giorni fa
Btw I know a lot of people are calling them her backup dancers but their names are Victoria and Tayla xx 💛
blooies 5 giorni fa
at least we know she’s singing live 😂😂😂
Slideshow Cinema
Slideshow Cinema 5 giorni fa
It's my birthday today I'm turning 14 yay
queen bee
queen bee 5 giorni fa
Love that the backup dancers had her back when she almost fell and cried #FriendshipGoals
Slime Queen
Slime Queen 5 giorni fa
When she was about to cry I started to tear up😭
Yamrot Wendimu
Yamrot Wendimu 5 giorni fa
I can stopped listening to this song lol
orangebubblegum _
orangebubblegum _ 5 giorni fa
who is ricky?
Anita B
Anita B 5 giorni fa
Real question why did the backup dancers have microphones because they never used them
Lori Bell
Lori Bell 5 giorni fa
I wanna be tracer
Janette Morales
Janette Morales 5 giorni fa
anyone else hear thank you macc
GhostEpic 5 giorni fa
Clementine Is My Queen
Arianne De Staebler
My names Arianna too!! And I'm small as well lol
Travis Bickle2.0
Travis Bickle2.0 5 giorni fa
awkward performance. song is dope. she is a lil weak and undisciplined, too much...
Hugo Torres
Hugo Torres 5 giorni fa
*like if ari is queen* 😍❤🤧
Moonlight Simmer
Moonlight Simmer 5 giorni fa
Hahha when she slipped I died
Akylah Taylor
Akylah Taylor 5 giorni fa
When she almost fell Litterally me around my crush
Chloe Barnas
Chloe Barnas 5 giorni fa
I’m so glade that she is writing a song about how she’s great full for her exes instead of writing how she hates them she is someone who truly has a heart
Maria English
Maria English 5 giorni fa
At least we know she wasn’t lip syncing.
Maisie Patricia
Maisie Patricia 5 giorni fa
This is such a lovely performance 💜 one of my favourites from her, just so real
Victoria Fishburn
Victoria Fishburn 5 giorni fa
Absolutely adore her, she’s such an inspiration!! Imperfections make it so much more relatable! She human at the end of the day and she clearly needs her fans support right now, let’s help her like she’s helped most of us with her music 🎵 🙏
unicornliliy2022 5 giorni fa
She has such a strong and beautiful voice, uhggg she amazing. Love you ari♡♡
Stacy Cortez
Stacy Cortez 5 giorni fa
Wow she’s such a queen ✨😭
Prossimi video
thank u, next
16 giorni fa