As Seen On TV Automobile Gadgets Tested!

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Dent Pullers, Night Vision Glasses, Turbo Pumps and More! We're testing the most popular As Seen On TV Car and Automobile Gadgets!
Find all of our As Seen On TV Testing videos here: itvid.net/video/video-hUj2pN11Yec.html
Links to Products We Tested:
Yoohe Dent Lifter/Remover: amzn.to/2ExHIkQ
Turbo Pump: amzn.to/2WsWt2v
Car Solar Ventilation Fan: amzn.to/2K4DTXL
Night Sight HD Glasses: amzn.to/2EzjTJx

Serious Business Inquiries Only: hhh.link/Contact


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26 mag 2019

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Household Hacker
📢 Thanks for taking us on the Trending Train! TOOT TOOT ALL ABOARD! Previous Video: As Seen On TV Cooling Gadgets Tested - itvid.net/video/video-hUj2pN11Yec.html FULL PLAYLIST HERE: itvid.net/video/video-hUj2pN11Yec.html&list=PLrIRP14xXUYDyaudD5ASowRws7obfx1ES
Wafflepop plays
Wafflepop plays
U like RWBY
Gabriel Distasio
Maybe some more food items
zodiacfml 5 ore fa
nice poem u got there and open mouth thumbnails! 😂
Jerimiah Arias
Love you dad
Ayumo 77
Ayumo 77 Ora fa
Okami Ora fa
How to get your car jacked easier, leave an easy ass gap for the criminal to access
Kodak wK
Kodak wK Ora fa
most are these are BULLS#!T
Household Hacker
Kodak wK pretty much
Tobi Smasher
Well you basically forced to stare right into bright blue lights with in 2019 they got rid of incandescence then they got rid of high pressure sodium now we’re stuck with LEDs in there blind and a fax so yeah screw in LED bring back incandesce sent and the other ones those are suck to look at
erikdravn Ora fa
Awwww. You forgot a link to the windshield cleaner. Now I gotta find it myself. Sheesh! ;)
Cody Dodge
Cody Dodge Ora fa
10:49 don’t know why, but I found this hilarious
KatanaClan Ora fa
0:19 LOL
KatanaClan Ora fa
hi papi
Sarah Gardner
Sarah Gardner 2 ore fa
You DESERVE to be on trending! Good work!
RON B 2 ore fa
Solar ventilation fan so funny. Ty for the laughs.
Bro household did you know you’re freaking video is number two on trending
Household Hacker
I heard
Bryan Pascual
Bryan Pascual 2 ore fa
Whoa Trending nice!!!
Kainoa Griffin
how and why is this on trending?
Household Hacker
Open mouth thumbnail, we’ve been over this
Angelo Teran
Angelo Teran 2 ore fa
Finally something good in the trending page
Household Hacker
We like you
Blank Blank
Blank Blank 2 ore fa
Steals neighbors gas
Creamy Boi
Creamy Boi 2 ore fa
is it me or does the traffic light look blue at 1:31
Finessekid TV
Finessekid TV 2 ore fa
Soviet Seagull
Why are the street lights blue
Spam Sandwich
Spam Sandwich 2 ore fa
Sure, that flimsy coat hanger activated the unlock button Whaddya think we're stupid?
wait do you have blue traffic lights?
Bryan Hix
Bryan Hix 2 ore fa
0:25 Those glasses could be used as computer glasses for thoses glary monitors.
Jocelyn Leclerc
Please make more
Kainoa Castillo
Please help me tackle my medical bills. My family refuses to help me and I'm about to go into debt soon by just relying on my savings gofundme.com/Tackle-medical-bills
Todd Tourville
Why do you need to dry that last one after washing since you're going to get it wet again?
Winona Murray
Winona Murray 2 ore fa
The turbo pump moved to aquatics and is being sold as a water siphon for fish tank that is supposed to rival the python... Honestly it's no contest python takes all
Arielle Nichole
How to steal gas easily 101. LOL
Matthew Boan
Matthew Boan 2 ore fa
Piggly wiggly. Ive never considered were you guys are located, but its nice to know your somewhere near me.
ton321 2 ore fa
Nope, Portland.
MI5 2 ore fa
6:00 you can give the product as a present to ur friend and loot their car, what a great gadget gift ;)
MI5 2 ore fa
5:23 well said buddy
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 2 ore fa
#2 on trending street
Erin applebie
Erin applebie 2 ore fa
Don't use an electric drill to pump gas or BOOM ! Not sure how safe Turbo pump is with gasoline? ?
DrewDriver 2 ore fa
didn't you already do the last one ?
Ellipsis of Triple Tap
Gotta love the white/black thumbs; sooooo current year...
MI5 2 ore fa
Can't wait to trick someone into thinking that my aluminum cube is made of gold using the glasses, thank you for this epic life hack
Perpetual Collapse
The thumbnail worked!
Raynesword 2 ore fa
Wow you actually got onto the trending page
That Kid That Abuses His Phone
Ok so u guys aren't gonna mention the blue crossing lights?
Canned Asian
Canned Asian 3 ore fa
Mortice Moe
Mortice Moe 3 ore fa
Remember when this guy did science shit
ton321 3 ore fa
TRENDING at number 2.
Yall ni@@az crazy
Logan Lavallee
The glasses shown first are really useful in winter because it makes black ice visible at night
Pakalolo Boy
Pakalolo Boy 3 ore fa
@1:45 r Kelly needs these
Rebelin Reb
Rebelin Reb 3 ore fa
This shit is foooooor ratrdzzzaaa hahhhaghh daw df yr welcum
seals 3051
seals 3051 3 ore fa
You do relize what a golden shower is right
Andrew Curtin
Andrew Curtin 3 ore fa
*#2 on trending* My God hes right
señor gore
señor gore 3 ore fa
10:35 I knew I wasn't the only one who did this
_Mxnta 3 ore fa
Those glasses look like a good way to get pulled over at night 😂
six6ense 3 ore fa
Lmao !!!! “In between fuckets ” @ 2:49 . Love these little Easter egg
Alex Paffenroth
9:41 all the non Midwestern viewers are now thoroughly confused
Steven Paige
Steven Paige 3 ore fa
Heh heh heh....... golden shower
AURA the FOX 3 ore fa
Noodle dent remover
Sammad Saeed
Sammad Saeed 3 ore fa
Hackerman is back!
sonfire117 3 ore fa
Dat mass dispel tooltip
Catie Hattesohl
In my experience, you can get a similar experience of the Night Sight glasses from a $5 pair of yellow "hunting glasses" in the Walmart gun section, it's practically the same thing, minus the fashionable flex to your passengers.
Lord Jock
Lord Jock 4 ore fa
5:50 those fans and variations of them have been around for years and they are all bloody rubbish .the only thing that works is a good air conditioner a windshield cover and steering wheel cover .I got gifted one on Christmas The outside temp was in the 30s and the car was close to 40 .After installing it fuck all happened
ryan rhoads
ryan rhoads 4 ore fa
Lets Sko Buffalo
sooooooooDark 4 ore fa
2:36 preferably ur NEIGHTBOUR'S driveway ;P
Bob Weaver
Bob Weaver 4 ore fa
The turbo pump is just innuendo-a-plenty.
yeah go through the work of siphoning like a cup or two of gas from your push mower to your vehicle's gas tank lol
Frank Wickets
Frank Wickets 4 ore fa
About those solar fans hanging on the window, not only it's not safe or not even working but i've also spotted there the hidden small opening for batteries, i assume that the solar panel is also not working as promised. Not even mentioning that having such a thing in the window is like hey robber wanna take it?
ronnie 4 ore fa
love the videos
Joe Zen
Joe Zen 4 ore fa
1:45 r kelly got excited with that statment
Hayder_jz 4 ore fa
The rubbing alcohol removed half of the clear coat
Kellie G
Kellie G 4 ore fa
If it's raining golden showers outside, something is wrong... 😂😂
Ggnoree 293
Ggnoree 293 4 ore fa
Who just watch the video for hes voice and you never buy
“Fill it till it drips” best quote
Andy Anderson
Andy Anderson 5 ore fa
6:44 you can get the same exact results simply using a suction cup, and it's faster as well
PromKing2801 5 ore fa
When is he doing life hacks again?
Brotat 285
Brotat 285 5 ore fa
If you had 2 dent poppers, could you create a singularity?
Nin Tendo
Nin Tendo 5 ore fa
they posses the ability to turn ... rainy days in golden showers u got me there m8 :D
Grey Aria
Grey Aria 5 ore fa
More reasons we *LOVE* HouseHold Hacker: 1:23 , 1:34 , 1:40 , the *entire* review of the Car Solar Ventilation Fan (especially @ 3:43 , 5:12 ) , All the Harry Potter and D&D references in the Hurricane Windshield Wizard, and finally 10:34 . Never change you beautiful Hacking bastards, never change.
Household Hacker
Hey thanks Grey. We appreciate it.
Wan Ilham
Wan Ilham 5 ore fa
Nice intro
Tim Spooner
Tim Spooner 5 ore fa
Funny to see the liquid transfer pump, transferring liquid from one pail to another. Pick it up and pour it!!
Malekir420 Kir
Just flip inside out Like you underwear hahaha 😂😂😂
aggese 6 ore fa
Glasses for better vision during night should also make you slightly nearsighted
Alex Zapata
Alex Zapata 6 ore fa
Thx guys. you are the best have a nice day
EpicKillz 6 ore fa
Couldn’t I just use a normal microfiber cloth for the last product, that what you suppose to clean your car with anyways to not leave scratches so basically it just came with a handle which I guess is cool but idk how much this item cost but I know at autozone I can get a pack of 3 microfiber cloths for like 5$
Household Hacker
Yes! They are really just selling the handle and spray nozzle.
LethalSquid Gaming
My🍆 hurted
Joe Bolger
Joe Bolger 6 ore fa
love the intro
diagonal mage
diagonal mage 6 ore fa
1:42 best review ever
You over pulled the ding. You need to use a tap down hammer to flatten it out.
olja Braese
olja Braese 6 ore fa
Does anyone think that fan looks realy weird?
Everyone keeps talking about golden shower like it's something wierd, someone mind explaining?
Hexk yeah that wicked cheers
??? 6 ore fa
snaplash 6 ore fa
"As seen on TV" means "This product is crap".
Darth Raider
Darth Raider 6 ore fa
With the Night Sight, legally in the UK you need your driving licence to include a picture of you with the glasses on because in legal terminology they are classified as glasses. UK driving licences require drivers who wear glasses to have an image of themselves without glasses and with glasses.
Mason Parks
Mason Parks 6 ore fa
Pigly wiggly parking lot wtf lol
Matthew Boan
Matthew Boan 2 ore fa
Its a real business too
Alec Magill
Alec Magill 6 ore fa
“The extra height will think that there’s something blocking the window... A giant piece of trash”
M Mill
M Mill 4 ore fa
+Alec Magill Deaf people read what is said so that is how the "hear". Now what smartass?
Alec Magill
Alec Magill 4 ore fa
I don’t actually. Would you include deaf people in “all of us?” Didn’t think so.
M Mill
M Mill 5 ore fa
Alec Magill Don't you think that we all could hear what he said?
St. Lunatic
St. Lunatic 6 ore fa
Beautiful golden shower........Mother Nature's Dutch oven? Were these pins intended?
Anthony Scali
Anthony Scali 6 ore fa
Where does he keep this stuff??
mitchlu 6 ore fa
that was too funny!
haòn sesom
haòn sesom 6 ore fa
william osman made a appereaance in this video
leighten Blake
TBH the thumbnail was the only thing that made me not want to watch this
mattikaki 7 ore fa
Oh my. Do the American cars have the power windows powered even if the ignition key isn’t in position I or II ? Really easy way to steal everything inside the car. Could also be a fire hazard of some kind and if the rocker switch breaks, the window(s) or sunroof can open. Nice surprise on a rainy or snowy morning.
@8:46.... "87.32486% of the way out"....Gotta love the math!
nowr2run 7 ore fa
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