ASMR | My boyfriend takes out my braids (5+ Triggers) + Bloopers!

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I hope you all enjoy today’s videooooooo 😊
I love you all so much.🤘🏽🤟🏿🤘🏻🤘🏼🤘🏾
- positive vibes ONLY! 🏳️‍🌈
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7 nov 2018




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Commenti 1 575
Medison the Wolf
He's so talented wiht ASMR and he need open a chanel plssss!
Shiniqua Cedeno
Shiniqua Cedeno Giorno fa
His hair is gorgeous girl hold him tight
Lucy Spamer
Lucy Spamer Giorno fa
The way that Chyna looks at Jordan😍😍 from 16:41
Eyara Varra
Eyara Varra 3 giorni fa
Jordan made my ears hurt but I luv luv luv u guys so so so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sasha Dunn
Sasha Dunn 4 giorni fa
Omg Chyna just hit 1 million 🙌💗🙌
The Dark Skin Queen
Best part was 5:14😍😍
Jaelynn A.
Jaelynn A. 6 giorni fa
11:02 mood😂
Kat North xx
Kat North xx 6 giorni fa
Jordan out here snatching her job
Quiana Crawford
Quiana Crawford 6 giorni fa
Y’all baby would be PERFECT 😍😍
CSR 2 Gamer
CSR 2 Gamer 6 giorni fa
Almost 1million soooo close
oof organization
oof organization 7 giorni fa
Yo Jordan should low key open an ASMR channel too, like, he’s actually pretty good at this. I’m pretty sure Chyna has given him lessons or something
ASMR lanatal
ASMR lanatal 7 giorni fa
Me a encantado :) 🤩👌🏻💯
shasiela z.
shasiela z. 8 giorni fa
what a power couple! ❤️
katurina Francis
katurina Francis 9 giorni fa
Aurora 10 giorni fa
5:14 Chyna's face 😂😂 so cute ❤️
Gabriela Costa
Gabriela Costa 10 giorni fa
Você achou o comentário em português que tanto procurava
Blissful Life
Blissful Life 11 giorni fa
The way he hugged you ❤️
Bryson Adams
Bryson Adams 13 giorni fa
Chyna and her boyfriend switched hair fir the day😂
Diva Williams
Diva Williams 13 giorni fa
There skin is perfect 👌😍
Star 16 giorni fa
Oh yeah yeah
Maja Sundqvist
Maja Sundqvist 16 giorni fa
4:42 best part 🤩
Letizia Torre
Letizia Torre 18 giorni fa
"...wait, you never looked at it? it's been on my hair for like four days!"
Noelle Veronica
Noelle Veronica 20 giorni fa
She was smiling all the time 💓
QweenIsShook !
QweenIsShook ! 20 giorni fa
Am I the only one that thinks Jordan’s curls are gorgeous? I have curly hair but not that nice 👏🏼 idk if he uses something or it’s just naturally like that but I love it! 🙏🏼 Edit: now that I’m thinking about it my comment is stupid he obviously uses something because no one has them perfect curls 🤦🏽‍♀️
Marwah Khaled
Marwah Khaled 21 giorno fa
meow meow
meow meow 21 giorno fa
When your boyfriends have longer hairh than u 😂😂😂😂
Janiyah Rucker
Janiyah Rucker 21 giorno fa
Of course her boyfriend is fine asf 😂😤🥵
blue1000 22 giorni fa
That was hilarious when he made all of that noise! 😂😂
Judit Gutiérrez Rodríguez
Quiero un novio 😭❤️
vibes with victoria
vibes with victoria 23 giorni fa
How I’m tryna be 😩
Omira Sugar
Omira Sugar 24 giorni fa
He is good at this 😍💖 these tingles
Sabrina Urbano
Sabrina Urbano 24 giorni fa
Can we just talk about how beautiful both of their hair are?
Fatoumata Sacko
Fatoumata Sacko 27 giorni fa
Oh wow On my way! 😶😶😶
M. Never
M. Never 27 giorni fa
He’s really good at asmr
Karen M
Karen M 27 giorni fa
Omg I dying when he said “Let’s get my big boy scissors” 😂😂😂😂
mariana ocaña
mariana ocaña 27 giorni fa
Omg his curls 😍
Sam Riley
Sam Riley 27 giorni fa
This gives me so many tingels ❤️
Shaniya Mithcell
Shaniya Mithcell 28 giorni fa
Not trying to hate but why does every video I do have to be asmr it’s kind of annoying
bloodspit 28 giorni fa
that’s some real trust right there when u let ur man put scissors near ya head i could never
O͙O͙F͙ G͙R͙A͙C͙I͙E͙
Eww your hair looks gross chyna
lyov Qocharyan
lyov Qocharyan 29 giorni fa
pekna miin
pekna miin 29 giorni fa
Eu amo os seus asmr por mais que eu não fale em inglês
Emelie Porreca
Emelie Porreca 29 giorni fa
Your boyfriend is so cute 😂😍
Zach Herron Lover
Whitney Winzell
That is so cuuute I
Allie boo
Allie boo Mese fa
Why I'm I jelly of Jordon's curls though. Lol
Allie boo
Allie boo Mese fa
december 2609
when Jordon throw out the scizors i almost don’t troped for my bed 🤦🏽‍♀️
Angelica Villafane
Your boyfriend's hair is beautiful 😍
nextup Banks
nextup Banks Mese fa
Didn’t know Maui was a cowboys fan 😂😂😂
Alejandra Tronco
you boyfriend is beautiful 😊
Eimaan Ziaee
Eimaan Ziaee Mese fa
This is my biggest SHIP!!!
eva rodriguez
I didn't know you live in texas I noticed Jordons shirt cause I live in texas'
This is so cute. I LOVE YOU 2!! More vid please
ToruKun1 Mese fa
[scissors clatter to the floor] RIP in Pepperoni headphone users 🤣
Meina Martinez
I wanna be naturally beautiful like yaal 😪😪😪
Asmae El Ghazi
7:53 that side profiel WOW
Chelsea Craven
I love the positive vibes you both give you can clearly see chyna grinning 💋
Cin Darellyyy
I love how we can see her lil giggles and smiles you guys are so cute💕
christina sanchez
The cutest couple ever💓💓🙏
This is so cute omg
Mandy Powell
Mandy Powell Mese fa
You guys are so funny & sweet together!
unicornasaurus Rex
Omg Jordans hair is goals 💯💯 Brooo routine please lmaoo 😫🙏🙏💓
unicornasaurus Rex
6:28 "This one's under the scalp" 💀😂
ASMR Queen
ASMR Queen Mese fa
How is his hair better looking then urs ? 🤨
Nataly Torres
Like si crees que se ve bien fea
Harriet Chalk
Marta Gonçalves
Preciso aprender inglês urgente 😪😍♥️
Lia G
Lia G Mese fa
He has BEAUTIFUL curls!!!!! 😍 I’m so jealous 😂
Victoria evans
7:19. "My weave" I'm deadddd😂😂❤️
Asita Batoe
Asita Batoe Mese fa
I wanna hair like your boyfriend
Amanda Rivera
I was so relaxed and then the scissors dropped and I jumped out of my skin, but great job Jordon!
Keet o
Keet o Mese fa
I love how you like everyone’s comment unlike some other people who don’t care about their fans ❤️ you are sooo pretty and your boyfriend was so nice. Keep making more vids❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mimi A
Mimi A Mese fa
I love when he goes "oi" 😂
Paz Por siempre
You two are so so adorable! I love you chyna!!🌺
he is so cute
Evi A
Evi A Mese fa
7:51 damn She doesn’t have a double chin, bless her parents and their dna
Melina Trinidad
Jordan: wow this pink is so pretty and bright I never really looked at it Chyna: wait u never looked at it its been on my head for 4 days Jordan: well - (he couldn't save himself there) 😂😂
Vanessa Littlejohn
Wish I had his locks.
Iz Halo
Iz Halo Mese fa
You two are the best 💞💞
Morgan Woods
Morgan Woods Mese fa
Jordan’s curls 🤤🤤
Ashley C
Ashley C Mese fa
What products does he use for his curls? I need to use what he uses!
ColourSwatxh 13
I need to find myself a Jordan
vitalogy Mese fa
5:17 lmaoo Chyna's face like excuse me did you just mess up my asmr video being dat loud?
Adrianna Purkins
Aww he's adorbs 😃 you're both so cute together 😃
Felix Freckles
Sis i need his hair routine
Kristiana Gallegos
"Little mushroom top but I still love it" I like how Jordon is so nice and Gental to you
Ghostly Lizard
Wow Jordan wheres your asmr channel
AshlynnPaw_ Mese fa
You're boyfriend is AMAZING.
Lily Crimaldi
I love how your boyfriend gets his own videos. It's so cute
Kelsie Smyth
Kelsie Smyth Mese fa
How agrees that jordon should have his owe asmr channel
London Brown
London Brown Mese fa
Why does Jordan remind me of Maui from Moana😂❤️
Tra'mayne Gaines
Janelle Bules
I wasn't looking at the screen and I was closing my eyes, trying to fall asleep. I was getting really relaxed and was about to fall asleep then boom, sorry scissors fell😂😂
Gabby Tignino
5:14 almost gave me a heart attack!
Reili Brewer
Reili Brewer Mese fa
You and you're boyfriend are good at ASMR
Fiona Sophie
Fiona Sophie Mese fa
Januar 2019 anyone??
Gail gottlieb
now he is a keeper lol
Teddy Mese fa
When ppl warned u about the noise at 5:14 and it still shook u 😂
Rae Sterling
Rae Sterling Mese fa
What yall both so cute for
lamp at a party
Yoooo like what does he use for his hair because my fiancée’s looks all knotted and your bf’s looks all separated and clean
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