ASMR | My boyfriend takes out my braids (5+ Triggers) + Bloopers!

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I hope you all enjoy today’s videooooooo 😊
I love you all so much.🤘🏽🤟🏿🤘🏻🤘🏼🤘🏾
- positive vibes ONLY! 🏳️‍🌈
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7 nov 2018

2018chynauniquechyna & jordon




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Commenti 1 411
Haley Snow
Haley Snow 11 ore fa
why do the whisper im so confused
ur local loser
ur local loser Giorno fa
nadiaalibaig Giorno fa
mauwi takes out moanna's braid get it???
Rosalinda Gonzales
Rosalinda Gonzales 2 giorni fa
The name of the my boyfriend is Jhordan :v
i feel as blank as this wall
U got a nice man like fr bruh its like god put u two on the earth just so u could be together
Aimée Hill
Aimée Hill 4 giorni fa
Chynas so cute
Marieke Eising
Marieke Eising 5 giorni fa
how old are you?
Anializ Dejesus
Anializ Dejesus 5 giorni fa
Damn he is so good at this! Jordan the asmr king🤘🔥 He should make his own channel 👌
Emma B.11
Emma B.11 5 giorni fa
I’m jealous of his hair. It’s beautiful 😍
Den Canadá
Den Canadá 5 giorni fa
10:12 In love with that sound.
kellsy h
kellsy h 6 giorni fa
Ooo girl yes. Brush n smooth his hair instead as a VISUAL asmr. Lol. Wow. 😍😍 Eta: Nvm. You did one already. Lmbo
TheLeaf424 8 giorni fa
*sweats in bisexual*
vaeh lynne
vaeh lynne 8 giorni fa
jordans hair is absolutely....gorgeous
Jennica 9 giorni fa
Oh wow, they’re in LOVE
ThatDogCat Gal
ThatDogCat Gal 10 giorni fa
Curly head,Tarzan,Noodle head,what s’pose to be Jesus,You so fine, head ahhhhhh
Chayton Yisu
Chayton Yisu 11 giorni fa
Y’all both have gorgeous curly hair 😫😫 Also y’all are so cute!!
TFTCLAN OFFICAL 12 giorni fa
17:36 fucken earrape
oh connie
oh connie 12 giorni fa
Mari’s Channel
Mari’s Channel 13 giorni fa
emma kate
emma kate 13 giorni fa
im late but 15:41 was so cute awhh
Macy Leigh
Macy Leigh 14 giorni fa
these are the best admit videos!!!! i love it when he is doing it with you
Merepounamu Kukutai
Merepounamu Kukutai 15 giorni fa
Goals Right Here😂
Maddie Cass
Maddie Cass 15 giorni fa
Do a back scratch video with him!!!!!
Embrace the Blue Line
Awww. What a sweet Boyfriend
maria Francisco
maria Francisco 15 giorni fa
did she move houses
The Dankest Senpai
The Dankest Senpai 15 giorni fa
Those scissors falling shook me out of my sleep in the harshest way
Aquilla Alwan
Aquilla Alwan 16 giorni fa
Follow me on Instagram @_05_28_05_
Riisa Gaming
Riisa Gaming 16 giorni fa
You both have perfect hair :O and your a perfect couple :O :D
vanessa delvalie
vanessa delvalie 16 giorni fa
Get u a man's like this who undo your weave that's trust right there☕🐸
Paris Adams
Paris Adams 16 giorni fa
Where can I get a Jorden?
Lau Mercury
Lau Mercury 16 giorni fa
Lamar Hakami
Lamar Hakami 16 giorni fa
Why does Jordon kinda look like russ ?
Jasmine Aaliyah
Jasmine Aaliyah 16 giorni fa
He should have his own ASMR channel. You taught him well!
Uma Steinmann
Uma Steinmann 16 giorni fa
he has so much patience wow!
camille jakesta
camille jakesta 17 giorni fa
"Let's get my big booty scissors" ✂ 😂 holy fck I roared
LimitLESs Steph
LimitLESs Steph 17 giorni fa
I can’t get over how gorgeous his curls are 😭😭
Olivia Dos Santos
Olivia Dos Santos 18 giorni fa
You to are couple goals💕💕
Nonhlanhla M
Nonhlanhla M 18 giorni fa
Oh dang, your hair look nappy girl, you sure you wanna face the back :D LMAO love you guys!
Kiara Newton
Kiara Newton 19 giorni fa
Having one stand of hair pulled is worse then any greater number...
Kiara Newton
Kiara Newton 19 giorni fa
Jordan should make an asmr channel!💀😂
Queen Fanta
Queen Fanta 19 giorni fa
5:15 oh hell naw im out this bihhh
Pau Jimenes
Pau Jimenes 19 giorni fa
GAD C.L 19 giorni fa
5:14 RIP :'v
I Don’t Care
I Don’t Care 20 giorni fa
It’s beautiful to see that your bf is down to do this with you. I have seen so many people break up with their partners when they find out they do ASMR. Beautiful
Paypol Writes
Paypol Writes 21 giorno fa
kyia's world
kyia's world 22 giorni fa
did yall move
Nelli Morena
Nelli Morena 22 giorni fa
Chyna, you are so naturally beautiful 😍! I loved this 💜😘!!
DAOU LAMINE 22 giorni fa
You speak french???
Lillyr 24
Lillyr 24 22 giorni fa
My bday today
Nisanur Hellaç
Nisanur Hellaç 22 giorni fa
Quiet Hip Hopper
Quiet Hip Hopper 24 giorni fa
Want a love like thisssss
starbucks life
starbucks life 24 giorni fa
Omg cut your hair boy and girl u are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fat and fugly
Andrea Molina Camposano
starbucks life Makes me laugh that you are like a grown up for what I see in your pp but you act like a mad 10 year old lol take it easy girl, let them live their life however they want to
Niesha ReNae
Niesha ReNae 25 giorni fa
I’m weaaak at the bloopers 😂😩
sweetiepie622 25 giorni fa
Love this!😂😍❤️
Karisia Marinese
Karisia Marinese 25 giorni fa
This goes beyond ASMR. You two are so sweet! 😊💕
Kyla Turcios
Kyla Turcios 25 giorni fa
5:14 scared me soooo badly lmao
Honnah Griffith
Honnah Griffith 25 giorni fa
y’all could make some beautiful children
Ally Cunningham
Ally Cunningham 25 giorni fa
He's so gentle with your hair, I love how he's like "I'm so sorry if I'm pulling your hair!" When he's very slowly and gently taking out the bobby pins and we girls are over here like *ripping them out, and a chunk of hair falls out* and we go "whoops" lmao
Shannon Kristine
Shannon Kristine 25 giorni fa
I hope they never breakup, they make such a perfect couple.
blackpink & bangtan
blackpink & bangtan 25 giorni fa
your boyfriend is so pretty
eilish subliminals ♡
hi i want jordan’s curls
Amelia H
Amelia H 25 giorni fa
Ya'll are so cute. I need a relationship like this
Harry The Moth
Harry The Moth 25 giorni fa
Can you do a full video of your boyfriend giving u a head and face massage, thank you for the videooo ❤️❤️😂
Hannah Bananah
Hannah Bananah 25 giorni fa
OMG 😂💕
Ciera’s Custom
Ciera’s Custom 26 giorni fa
And he rubbed the back😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Anais Contreras
Anais Contreras 26 giorni fa
hes a keeper
Dessie Jean
Dessie Jean 26 giorni fa
Love how she’s always smiling and laughing because of him! Great couple 💕
kee keytani
kee keytani 26 giorni fa
cutest couple!!!!
Diana Wigenstam
Diana Wigenstam 26 giorni fa
Wooowww gurl, you really trust your boyfriend 🤯😯 If i did this with my bf he would cut my hair off 😂
Camille Evans
Camille Evans 26 giorni fa
Why dl yall both wisper every time yall make a video but yall skin color the bom
Camille Evans
Camille Evans 26 giorni fa
She right why do they wisper every time they make video
Hjordis' littleWorld
Her laugh is everything
Hannah Balkovec
Hannah Balkovec 27 giorni fa
Y’all are so adorable. You can tell you make each other genuinely happy. I really liked the comb sounds and the sound of the braid running along the mic!
Cody Stokes
Cody Stokes 27 giorni fa
Chynaaaaa, it’s so cute that you let everyone else get involved. Like your boyfriend and your little sister. It warms my heart!! This video makes me smile☺️
Thatawkward Slytherin
This is not being mean I loved the video it was AMAZING❤️!But every time Jorden turned around why is it that all I could see was Maui from Moana?!😂🤷‍♀️
Anndee Menchaca
Anndee Menchaca 27 giorni fa
That was a good and fresh sister scissor snip ;)
deacon Kuhn
deacon Kuhn 27 giorni fa
omfg chyna your face when he dropped the scissors 😂😭. me when i see i did good on a test i thought i was going to fail 😂😂. i love you guys
You can tell she’s smiling so cute ❤️
Avakin life sarah
Avakin life sarah 27 giorni fa
The werid side of youtube
Rachel Anne
Rachel Anne 27 giorni fa
Beautiful couple 💕
Ciera Nichole
Ciera Nichole 28 giorni fa
Jordon's hair is sooooo curly, its great.
Divine Diana
Divine Diana 28 giorni fa
Wow can you make a video rubbing scissors on weave lol
Amy FUn
Amy FUn 28 giorni fa
Is no one else gonna acknowledge the fact that there in an empty room with like no furniture?🤔🤣
Kitten Rice
Kitten Rice 28 giorni fa
8:43 chyna looks so natural and pretty🥰😍❤️💗
karina vs celine
karina vs celine 28 giorni fa
i mean braids*
karina vs celine
karina vs celine 28 giorni fa
your so nice with the pink brades it looks so adorbale on you
Dror Rakavy
Dror Rakavy 28 giorni fa
Ugh I want his curls omg , hair tutorial please!! In ASMR how do you guys do your hair
Christian R
Christian R 29 giorni fa
Boyfriend tries to cut my hair (not clickbait) jk luv you chyna
Lydia Lay
Lydia Lay 29 giorni fa
He mixed?
Nightcore Natalie
Nightcore Natalie 29 giorni fa
i needa partner that’ll take out my braids with me 🤧
Potato 29 giorni fa
He is pretty good
Terra Chamando Bia
Terra Chamando Bia 29 giorni fa
MDS que cabelo *PERFEITO* do namorado dela ❤💕
Hello Ivy
Hello Ivy Mese fa
Jordan is sooo cute
winngls Mese fa
Can i ask what does he have in his arm? That tatto looks cool
EveryThing Ego
You can tell he really loves making her happy and comforting her
LaTasha Phillips
I'm gonna be honest, Jordan really did give me tingles and i was surprised
Brooklyn Williams
Awwwwww your boyfriend is so sweet
Kay Lynn
Kay Lynn Mese fa
I love the sound of the scissors 😍cutting the hair
Megan Smith
Megan Smith Mese fa
Awe he’s so supportive you guys are adorable ❤️ make some cute babies please
Mil djane Celebs
Just why ... Why you cut it WHY looks so ugly I'm sorry but she used to look pretty with that hair and it looks just like it's burned
kylarandolph Mese fa
3:50 “that’s cheating” 😂
Prossimi video