ASMR | My boyfriend takes out my braids (5+ Triggers) + Bloopers!

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I hope you all enjoy today’s videooooooo 😊
I love you all so much.🤘🏽🤟🏿🤘🏻🤘🏼🤘🏾
- positive vibes ONLY! 🏳️‍🌈
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7 nov 2018

2018chynauniquechyna & jordon




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Commenti 1 792
Թլոk ASMR Giorno fa
КТО РУССКИЙ НАПИШИ ПОД КОММЕНТОМ +. Ах да еще поставьте луйс чтобы кто то подумал что это что то оч умное (я не лайкодрочер)
Xcx_ xcX
Xcx_ xcX Giorno fa
Ya'll are so cute, made for eachother! ❤
Jaidyn Andvik
Jaidyn Andvik Giorno fa
How old are you? 😑🧐🤨
Katelyn Pensick
Katelyn Pensick Giorno fa
Boi when you dropped those scissors I flipping flipped my Filipino flipping flopping pancake over
Rainee Hewett
Rainee Hewett Giorno fa
my little ponee
Kryn Graham
Kryn Graham Giorno fa
This is the freaking CUTEST 😍
Taylor Roth-Cerce
omg marry him everything about this video is so pure and wholesome i love it
milkysaturns Giorno fa
"let's get my big boi scissors"
Eliothebeast Giorno fa
I will miss your braids!! ❤💞
reema alqassem
reema alqassem Giorno fa
"my little ponyyyyyy" 😭😭😭
ANGIEXKPOP _ Giorno fa
I need me a man like Jordan 🥺❤️
periodT Sus
periodT Sus 2 giorni fa
how long did you leave them mf braids in🤢
Francesca Taylor
Francesca Taylor 3 giorni fa
Your relationship gives me hope. Love y’all
80skaedee Edits
80skaedee Edits 3 giorni fa
Ugh he’s so sweet I’m melting
Mizz Funn
Mizz Funn 3 giorni fa
Omg this vid made me smile 😊😊
Joshua Breaux
Joshua Breaux 3 giorni fa
I bet she don’t respond to this
tea bag
tea bag 3 giorni fa
they’re the cutest thing in the entire world i’m-
Valerie Harman
Valerie Harman 3 giorni fa
Who knows Selena quintanilla his hair reminds me of Chris Perez hair idk
Macie Vlogs
Macie Vlogs 3 giorni fa
how come the unexperienced asmrists always have the softest voices? 😂😂
Lina Giacubbo
Lina Giacubbo 3 giorni fa
Love 😍😍😍😘😘😘
latin naa
latin naa 3 giorni fa
You guys look a lil bit stoned
Katherine Hernandez
Anita Witherow
Anita Witherow 4 giorni fa
# couple goals When your boyfriend/ girlfriend does ASMR with you be like 😊😍
Bri’s World
Bri’s World 4 giorni fa
Chynaunique you were please don’t mess up my hair😂
Juel-Pilar Romero
Juel-Pilar Romero 4 giorni fa
Her hair would look nice if it we’re parted into a couple of sections and put into buns or at the front of her head would be two little buns and the rest of her hair would be out in the back (I think it’s cute! Just saying)
T E A 4 giorni fa
Taking out those braids must be so releaving for you oh my lord
Nia_ 21
Nia_ 21 5 giorni fa
Jordan’s curlllsss❤️😂
Ceci 2005
Ceci 2005 5 giorni fa
Oh gosh you look so different without makeup on😀 you're always beautiful😍
Alexis Holmes
Alexis Holmes 5 giorni fa
Why you let them get that old 🤢🤮
Nėllÿ H
Nėllÿ H 6 giorni fa
You look absolutly pretttttyyyyyyyyyyyyy without Make Up ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kasey Smith
Kasey Smith 7 giorni fa
Whats his hair routine? LOOK AT THAT CURL DEFINITION. Lmao
M 8 giorni fa
One girl in my class has blue ones like those but there’s like 36 of hem on her head
Lea Langer
Lea Langer 8 giorni fa
You guys are the actual definition of adorable
Avery Meche
Avery Meche 8 giorni fa
Its 2019 are they still together??
Steph Jones
Steph Jones 9 giorni fa
That heavy noise frightened
Sandra산드라 11 giorni fa
This is so great, I actually feel good even though it wasn't my hair lol. You guys are adorable
Deja R
Deja R 11 giorni fa
Dang she got a whole package with massages too ❤️😫 low key jelly 😂
Lay Maeng
Lay Maeng 11 giorni fa
So pretty 😍💛🇧🇷
Sther Fraser
Sther Fraser 11 giorni fa
Lindo o cabelo dele 😱
Подружки life
(Kto eto ponimaet layk na com.) Ну Америкосы точно не поймут даже можно не переводить
Demelosis Ervin
Demelosis Ervin 11 giorni fa
Awwww yall funny
хён сали
хён сали 12 giorni fa
Alicja Fendorf
Alicja Fendorf 13 giorni fa
5:14 i die
Peridot 7u7
Peridot 7u7 14 giorni fa
Es luisito comunica
Cordelia Byington
Cordelia Byington 14 giorni fa
Why is your hair so short
Dione Gordon
Dione Gordon 14 giorni fa
I’m used to taking out braids and I’m only Eight years old that she’s my mom’s picture on my profile
Ronak Khazaei
Ronak Khazaei 14 giorni fa
If your late and you know it 👏 your hands
Icarly Shoota
Icarly Shoota 3 giorni fa
elephant lover
elephant lover 15 giorni fa
❤💙😍They are sooooo cute😍❤
Zarry is real and all i need 1D girl
What did he cut her hair off ? 😯 But she still looks amazing 😊☺
Rebel Cat
Rebel Cat 17 giorni fa
That look soo cuuute 💕💕
nevertru 18 giorni fa
If you ladies don’t have a man like Jordan what r u doin
The random
The random 18 giorni fa
Omg when you 2 have a baby that is going to be one beautiful child, the baby would have precious eyes, amazing hair and bright clear skin😍😍😍I’m really dying to see that notification pop up of one of your videos that say “ASMR WERE HAVING A BABY” 😭
Just Me Myself And I
Oh dats trust RIGHT THERE! Thank goodness Jordan was there bc Chyna if you were on ya own I don't know about you but I WOULD STRUGGLE 2 THE COREEE
Israel André
Israel André 19 giorni fa
I love 😍😊😊👏👏👏👏 Brazil
laird poland
laird poland 19 giorni fa
For some reason I love the sound the Bobby pin makes on the comb 5:58
Cindylou Hernandez
Cindylou Hernandez 19 giorni fa
I guys are cute. And his hair is on point and so is the trust u guys have. Is anyone else here from 2019??
Polli like
Polli like 19 giorni fa
Только я одна тут русская?🤔🤨
Chocolatedripzz 20 giorni fa
Ik that head massage 💆 felt good
Chocolatedripzz 20 giorni fa
The end of the video tho 😂😂
Ocean Sauce
Ocean Sauce 21 giorno fa
Emily May
Emily May 23 giorni fa
I normally don’t get tingle but when he scraped the scissors on the hair I Got tingles 😱😱😱🥰
Emily May
Emily May 23 giorni fa
Awww relationship goals love it 😂🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
ッッ sunflower
ッッ sunflower 24 giorni fa
You should do an ASMR cutting his hair 😂
NUGGET GANG 24 giorni fa
I was so scared when he cut her hair I drop my phone 😂
hannemieke - roblox
hannemieke - roblox 25 giorni fa
4:42 we’re also amazing sounds! Who agrees?
Giovanni Pergolizzi
Giovanni Pergolizzi 25 giorni fa
Puppy Training
Puppy Training 26 giorni fa
Who else can see her laughing
Rosalyn Afu
Rosalyn Afu 27 giorni fa
I wouldnt trust anyone to cut my hair. Not even family. Not even me. I dont cut my hair. You must really trust jorden
someone_5831 someone_5831
Not being rude or anything but that braid looks hella messy and old💘 but ily sis
kosarachi okonkwo
kosarachi okonkwo 29 giorni fa
Does it take him 18 minutes to get two braids loose . Well my brother takes 15 hours to get one braid loose
[insert name]
[insert name] 29 giorni fa
this reminds me of when ur at a sleepover and you have to whisper so you don't wake up the parents lmao
Maisie Thompson
Maisie Thompson 29 giorni fa
This made me laugh 😂💗
سينما تركيا اكيد بالعربي
She look like I am lucky girl 👧 ❤️
smr Mese fa
Okay but why was this actually really good?? 😂🙌🏽
Marilyn Del Carmen Mejia Escobar
¿Soy la única que se pone a ver asmr en inglés sin saber y entender nada? :p
Chelsea Rodriguez
Leave a like and I’ll add a ❤️ for every like
wow, how can Jordon unbraid two super LONG braid extensions while over here, i can’t even brush out my short frickin curly hair 😩 get u a mans like dis.. ❤️
when Jordon dropped the scissors i literally jumped at least 10 ft in the air😳😂
Renata Candia
Grande Américo 😎
Ciel Phantomhive
Th bobby-pin on the comb was maximum tingles
A.D.V. Brave
A.D.V. Brave Mese fa
You're the best couple on ITvid!! He loves you so much!!!!
Duh , it's me
You guys so cute together ❤️❤️❤️
Милена Миленочка
Я тут одна знаю русский ?
Гдо туты русхий ? Лакос !! Обез если ты русхий хеххе
Queen Royal
Queen Royal Mese fa
Those braids were very ugly , no offence
Maggie Lanigan
Oml such a cute coupleeeee ❤️❤️❤️ btw that hair is bomb 🤣😍
Chiara Styles
chyna looking at Jordan while smiling -> LIFE 16:29
London B
London B Mese fa
When Jordan choked on his own hair😂 I can relate as a fellow curly head
Belle Stamsvik
Please do a asmr washing hair routine
Savanna Stekly
If you guys get married and have a kid they will have NO acne😭
Bailey Criswell
Me: sleeping 5:15 scissors fall
black soul
black soul Mese fa
Okay im jealous of his hair
demariania hayes
You have a beautiful girls
demariania hayes
demariania hayes
Mckinzie Chrisman
you guys are so cute
Jocelyn Scholl
I think he is the first asmr boyfriend that knows what to do for asmr, you taught Him well 😋
Ivy Racicot
Ivy Racicot Mese fa
16:20 ... so cute 🥰!!
wendy is bored
“i was a lil scared to pull her long hair... but now she don’t got nun, so i don’t worry about it” LMAOOO😂😂
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