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Who knew backyard games and corn hole on a GIANT water slide could be this fun!
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4 nov 2019




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Commenti 14 075
Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect Mese fa
Stoked y'all liked the vid! Next 📺'S up are... 💥 Nerf Trick Shots 🎳 All Sports Bowling
AngelYui Giorno fa
Nani korae
HIẾU TV 4 giorni fa
Mình mới tập làm ITvid mình đã đăng ký ủng hộ các bạn, mình tập làm ITvid để lập nên quỹ hoạt động từ thiện mong các bạn thân mến giúp đỡ mình và ghé trang để giúp đỡ một phần của các bạn cũng là một món quà rất giá trị về tin thần cho tôi.rat mog các bạn sẽ làm đều đó rất chân thành cảm ơn sâu sắc.
Bang Heru
Bang Heru 13 ore fa
please stop by my channel, and help subscribe to my channel Thanks you all.
Ninjo Player
Ninjo Player 17 ore fa
And all of this stuff is in their backyard IM DEAD
Claudia Sanchez
Claudia Sanchez Giorno fa
Where is the big slide at dude perfect
Nicole Perneroski
poor garret
Isaiah B
Isaiah B 2 giorni fa
7:23 that’s what she said
KFC THETRUTH 2 giorni fa
No shave November
Football God
Football God 2 giorni fa
1 like = 1 high five for garret
Muhamed Haiqal
Muhamed Haiqal 2 giorni fa
from INDONESIAN like's😂
Jonard Carganilla
Jonard Carganilla 2 giorni fa
Up to this day, Garrett may still be waiting for that handshake....
magash77 pushpadass
Dude perfect.. this name enough for getting lots of likes and love ..
Furious Magma
Furious Magma 2 giorni fa
*sees the title and thumb nail* Yeah I have a giant slide going into my giant pool in my backyard
Greyson Magers
Greyson Magers 2 giorni fa
You should do yo ring trick shots
Simon Clark
Simon Clark 3 giorni fa
who wants blindfolded fishing
Shayne Kyler
Shayne Kyler 3 giorni fa
who else though cody was gonna skip it all?
Kasey Keller711
Kasey Keller711 3 giorni fa
4:09 Ty: TO THE BIG SLIIDE!! Garett: HIGH FIVE Ty: *ignores* Garett: *HELLO DARKNESS MY OLD FRIENNNND.....*
10,000 subscribers With no vids
My dream is to make 10,000 subscribers with no videos and only you can help me. 1 subscriber means so much to me so I would appreciate a subscriber 10,000 subscribers with no videos Sounds hard but it’s possible Subscribe please
Karlo Savić
Karlo Savić 3 giorni fa
Jor komplitli kul
Anne Barua
Anne Barua 3 giorni fa
the show was great i like how the people were doing some tricks but they were falling down
Sushank Sushu
Sushank Sushu 3 giorni fa
@4:04 😂
daniel ferry
daniel ferry 3 giorni fa
garret goes like "YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY" HAHAHA
Liam Powell
Liam Powell 3 giorni fa
F in the chat for Garret
Liam Powell
Liam Powell 3 giorni fa
Team ty man I never will change
Adil Ahmad Khan
Adil Ahmad Khan 3 giorni fa
I like ur creative games
Cindy Ong
Cindy Ong 3 giorni fa
they need to open DUDE PERFECT PARKS!
Mr. Chung
Mr. Chung 3 giorni fa
ez clap
Selena Yusuf
Selena Yusuf 3 giorni fa
2:50 made me laugh 😂
Jake Ocasal
Jake Ocasal 3 giorni fa
Can we give a L to garret because he did not get a handshake 🤣😂
KING_PLayZ_14 4 giorni fa
Favorite is coby
KING_PLayZ_14 4 giorni fa
Favorite Coby
Will Hardcastle
Will Hardcastle 4 giorni fa
Airport stereotypes Like so they can see 👎🏼👇
John Visnovsky
John Visnovsky 4 giorni fa
Ty wins again
ExoticSaga-12 4 giorni fa
iPhone Stereotypes and iPhone Trickshots
HIẾU TV 4 giorni fa
Mong các bạn hãy ủng hộ cho kênh ITvid mới của mình vì hoạt động phong trào từ thiện rất mong sự ủng hộ và giúp đỡ từ các bạn chân thành cảm ơn nhiều ạ
udit galar
udit galar 4 giorni fa
Farhan Amir
Farhan Amir 4 giorni fa
Who watching in December hit👉
Jameslivex ツ
Jameslivex ツ 4 giorni fa
Black friday stereotypes??? Like if you agree
Karthi Keyan
Karthi Keyan 4 giorni fa
G yh
younus ali
younus ali 4 giorni fa
Dude perfect fans like here
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