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Who knew backyard games and corn hole on a GIANT water slide could be this fun!
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Commenti 100
Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect 9 mesi fa
Stoked y'all liked the vid! Next 📺'S up are... 💥 Nerf Trick Shots 🎳 All Sports Bowling
Crafty Pixy
Crafty Pixy 2 giorni fa
I lovvvve racoons
The Art n Craft Box
Felix Escobar
I'm a ffffaaaaaaannnnn🤤
CAT Mese fa
The Ireland boys have been there
Kiran Minocha
Frozen Rabbit
Frozen Rabbit 18 ore fa
This is how many people are team ty ⬇️
shri reddy
shri reddy 20 ore fa
team ty hit the like
Adam LEO
Adam LEO 23 ore fa
Mourya Manohar
Mourya Manohar Giorno fa
Cobe always looses😛
Connor Schlegel
Connor Schlegel Giorno fa
Can I live with you pls I'll pay rent
Dean Kyle
Dean Kyle Giorno fa
Sponsored by Amazon? Who tf are these guys talking to for that?
Goldberg The Great
Alyss Mainwaring
You know you've made it when you're sponsered by Amazon.
Nick Lamm
Nick Lamm Giorno fa
Love it
omar villa
omar villa Giorno fa
Rambo John
Rambo John 2 giorni fa
that slide needs some serious maintenance looks like its all breaking up at the lower part xd
news 1
news 1 2 giorni fa
the cat typist
the cat typist 3 giorni fa
this is awesome
the cat typist
the cat typist 3 giorni fa
team ty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Storm Gaming
Storm Gaming 3 giorni fa
I'm a purple houser fan and Tony the Tyler let's garret down
gamingwala banda
gamingwala banda 3 giorni fa
Justice for garret
bob slatter
bob slatter 3 giorni fa
Who's watching this in quarantine? Cause I am
Sandro Luiz
Sandro Luiz 3 giorni fa
Tem ti
Olckers Family
Olckers Family 3 giorni fa
You my sport guys.
Olckers Family
Olckers Family 3 giorni fa
Rebekah Pointek
Rebekah Pointek 3 giorni fa
Let’s go Tyler
i like tyler
Shubham Mansotra
Shubham Mansotra 3 giorni fa
TT wins most of the battles
Gacha Sapphire
Gacha Sapphire 3 giorni fa
Daniel Oliveros
Daniel Oliveros 3 giorni fa
I wish I can do that
Marc W
Marc W 4 giorni fa
I have to admit I leaned forward in my chair on Coby's last slide there. Alas, it wasn't meant to be. lol
Fire o knight
Fire o knight 4 giorni fa
Wellness, Meditating, Healing & Relaxing
AH SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
raghavnandan loya
raghavnandan loya 4 giorni fa
lucky lives
Harsh Sharma
Harsh Sharma 4 giorni fa
People be like: 1:45 poor garret Put the correct time stamps biach
Harsh Sharma
Harsh Sharma 4 giorni fa
They had to change the title because of the comments
EaglesFury 4o4
EaglesFury 4o4 5 giorni fa
Bsr cable park?
Goku Naruto
Goku Naruto 5 giorni fa
Garret got friend zoned
Josh Gilfoy
Josh Gilfoy 5 giorni fa
Anyone else hate when Ty wins?
ARYAN SHARMA 5 giorni fa
Ri K
Ri K 5 giorni fa
Nice A&M shorts 😍
Vincent Zhou
Vincent Zhou 5 giorni fa
Wow they changed the title... I wonder why....
SUGE WHITE Jacoby 6 giorni fa
I watch all these videos and forget about how much time goes into editing all of this footage! It must take days sitting front of a laptop just edit 1 days worth of events!🤙
Hannah Grace
Hannah Grace 6 giorni fa
Their convos are hilarious 5:39 6:00 6:42 7:07
Methodical 6 giorni fa
So cool
Bear Powder
Bear Powder 6 giorni fa
Who remembers when this was BACKYARD battle
Parth Pandey
Parth Pandey 6 giorni fa
My most favourite and the most talented,,first guess and then press read more😉😉 None other than. Tyler
junkjouster 8 giorni fa
I wonder what they get for advertising Amazon in all of there vids?
Harsh Sharma
Harsh Sharma 4 giorni fa
You never heard of sponsorship?
Oz Ulrich
Oz Ulrich 8 giorni fa
Sehr geehrter
Mohammed Farooq
Mohammed Farooq 8 giorni fa
I watched endgame its the best
Troy Wessels
Troy Wessels 8 giorni fa
can you please have a nerf battle in a water park or an airsoft battle
Terencio Calipes
Terencio Calipes 8 giorni fa
Dude perfect
Danny Davie
Danny Davie 8 giorni fa
can we have a team twins
Solar Richie
Solar Richie 8 giorni fa
Who else never saw this video before
Ava Moore
Ava Moore 9 giorni fa
You know you’ve succeeded in life when you get a sponsor from Amazon
jo4ko021 9 giorni fa
7:11 did you saw that? xd
William_Hildenbrand 20261047
And Gar
William_Hildenbrand 20261047
Team Cory
Dorina Fernandes
Dorina Fernandes 9 giorni fa
Why don't you do a beyblade trick shot
Ozy Mandio
Ozy Mandio 9 giorni fa
Legend says that Garrett is still waiting for that handshake.
EL CAPA 10 giorni fa
I'm a fan of you
mat da boss
mat da boss 11 giorni fa
Imagine being sponsored by amazon
Sabertooth 82
Sabertooth 82 7 giorni fa
Amazon is Deep State flith who hates America. Jeff Bezos is CIA. Amazon made a deal with the CIA.
Tushar Sahu
Tushar Sahu 11 giorni fa
Everybody wants a giant slides in her home ground and this type of life
Gretchen Fawn
Gretchen Fawn 12 giorni fa
*My favorite animal is raccons* *uh oke*
Landon Spencer
Landon Spencer 12 giorni fa
Backyard games battle backyard? How is this possible to have this in a backyard?
Neeraj Gogate
Neeraj Gogate 8 giorni fa
With the exception of the giant waterslide, the games were all games that you could individually play in your backyard.
Nazeem Shihab
Nazeem Shihab 12 giorni fa
Team ty
jin han
jin han 12 giorni fa
Rovindu Vidumin
Rovindu Vidumin 12 giorni fa
Oh yeah
Nithish 427
Nithish 427 13 giorni fa
4:04 I feel sorry 4 Gar
Mr. Magma
Mr. Magma 14 giorni fa
Ty wins way to many of these
akshat saraf
akshat saraf 14 giorni fa
Kishan Patel
Kishan Patel 14 giorni fa
go go team cobby !!!!!!!
jammes saygusa
jammes saygusa 15 giorni fa
Go team TY
Alexis Ellis
Alexis Ellis 15 giorni fa
Satyam Ray
Satyam Ray 15 giorni fa
NuBz Jpunk34
NuBz Jpunk34 16 giorni fa
Nooooo garret
Michelle Grant
Michelle Grant 16 giorni fa
Poor purple
Hannah Cao
Hannah Cao 16 giorni fa
Bella Bond
Bella Bond 17 giorni fa
I love your videos. Subscribe to them😃👍
Rabia Tayab
Rabia Tayab 17 giorni fa
salvador brooks
salvador brooks 17 giorni fa
4:53 😮😮
Superstar ALDC
Superstar ALDC 17 giorni fa
i died laughing when they played the sad music when Garrett got left hanging
Fukkur 1500
Fukkur 1500 18 giorni fa
Love BSR cable park
Amy Kanning
Amy Kanning 18 giorni fa
Where are u
Stephen Blakely
Stephen Blakely 18 giorni fa
You can’t call a “whiff opportunity” after he already whiffs
Jitendra Kumar Tonk
Jitendra Kumar Tonk 18 giorni fa
Tyler my favourite
Stephany Rodriguez
Stephany Rodriguez 19 giorni fa
Yay Hiiiii
Caleb Moss
Caleb Moss 19 giorni fa
Caleb Moss
Caleb Moss 19 giorni fa
Caleb Moss
Caleb Moss 19 giorni fa
I'm a ty fan
BRIAN DOTY 19 giorni fa
Team ty for life
Jenny Pha
Jenny Pha 19 giorni fa
RIP coby
REHMAN KASHIF ST-SR 20 giorni fa
i dont like you because coby is winner cheater tyler
MatiK 20 giorni fa
4:11 how deep is it?
PAYTON Thompson
PAYTON Thompson 21 giorno fa
Nice shot ty
Sandip Chakraborty
Sandip Chakraborty 21 giorno fa
I feel pty for Garrett
Ian Cline
Ian Cline 21 giorno fa
So my back yard is a 6 by 18 foot stall... (backyard games)...
Nate Berman
Nate Berman 21 giorno fa
Nice backyard!😂
Lucretius Devil
Lucretius Devil 22 giorni fa
Who else is watching every old dude perfect video because of quarantine
Alwin Nadar
Alwin Nadar 22 giorni fa
Dude perfect put stunt driving battle 2
Reiko B
Reiko B 23 giorni fa
anyone else worried about how dirty the water seems? just me? ok...
Adrian Overdevest
Adrian Overdevest 23 giorni fa
Can you guys do a video all about Cory!
Seth Bryant
Seth Bryant 23 giorni fa
Happy belated Birthday to the Cotton twins
Seth Bryant
Seth Bryant 23 giorni fa
5:43 The cameraman is right
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