Bad IRISH ACCENTS That Even I Can't Understand

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Irish accents are beautiful and diverse but sometimes they reach the comical levels of a cartoon and I can't even understand them.
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24 nov 2020




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Tzeitel McCormick
Tzeitel McCormick 17 minuti fa
The irish accent when in full bloom is the hardest thing to understand. I can understand scottish accents far easier than that monstrosity, but I love it!
Tzeitel McCormick
Tzeitel McCormick 22 minuti fa
I'm not from Ireland in any way other than genetics, nor could I ever do a good irish accent, and I knew that was horrible.
Barry Keating
Barry Keating 39 minuti fa
I subscribed these Irish accents are horrible coming from an irish
beave200 44 minuti fa
I grew up watching a lot of Monty python and comedians with cockny accents so I can understand a lot of this style of talking. So I showed a friend of mine a jon Richardson routine (figured it was easiest to hear) and they couldnt follow because of the accent. Even watching boondock saints they were lost. It was funnier watching them trying to decipher what was said.
themonsterfrombird box
i’m from irish decent living in england and go to roscommon every other year and im very proud i could understand that farmer big ups irish ancestors
Martian Flower
I was actually able to translate some of what the farmer was saying 0.0
Sprenzy Ora fa
Irish accent is like english but without the proper rhythm and the intonation mostly Cause japanese have pitch accent if you don't use pitch accent correctly I guess it could sound like kinda how irish accent sound to native English speakers
MJ Lee
MJ Lee Ora fa
I've watched wild mountain thyme, don't do it to yourself .
Taffy is trashy
Brad Pitt was doing a traveler accent, he was a traveler in Snatch.
luckystrke Ora fa
Grizzlert Ora fa
The Irishman doing An Irish Accent: "I am Really Good at this"
Thomas John Dillon
Thats a limerick.accent if ive ever heard one
I’m Irish and I can’t even understand the oufella
Jack, I love you, but when you said fuck you Italy, all I could think of is "VAFFANCULO" Lmfao
LavaSlug 3 ore fa
The Irish farmer's accent reminds me of how thick the Appalachian southern accent is!
jonathon schott
That was actually a good walken jack
Jörmun Gandr
Jörmun Gandr 3 ore fa
How the hell is Australian 5th on the sexiest language list?
2 D
2 D 3 ore fa
So apparently some dude stole rougly 10k worth of sheep from the poor farmer, what a madlad. 10k in a couple days flippin sheep lmao
Thom Pugh
Thom Pugh 4 ore fa
Richie Griffin sounds like Daithi...
All Beast
All Beast 4 ore fa
Christifer walken sounds like the god darn terminator
Jules Becker
Jules Becker 4 ore fa
Sterling Higgins
Try doing a Canadian accent.
Chelsea D
Chelsea D 6 ore fa
Dudes accent is thick but if I close my eyes I understand it
Box Creature
Box Creature 6 ore fa
my great grandad was from tobbercurry/tubbercurry
07 Zoltan
07 Zoltan 6 ore fa
in the video of how tom do an irish accent when she tried to say flover i tought she siad flare :,D
Dumb baby
Dumb baby 7 ore fa
Ireland the land of ire
Ragical the Unhallowed Knight
It's so weird I kinda understand half of what the heavy accent lads are talking about as a Dutchman
Emma cullen
Emma cullen 7 ore fa
Me who’s Irish and Australia 👁👄👁 I can’t understand either
Karsten Stegink
i could actually understand them mostly
Alicia Anderson
Every person who’s ever gotten a vocal lesson from that voice coach should get a refund.
Lily Lumin
Lily Lumin 8 ore fa
Danendra Nobel
The farmer sound chense
Josh Booth
Josh Booth 9 ore fa
Love how you’ve stopped shouting! Been watching you more since playing among us, was never a fan when you was aiming at younger viewers with kids shots and screams haha! Love the new vibe
JCGver 9 ore fa
"Irish people are just build different, aren't they?" It's called Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Sylvius the Mad
Sylvius the Mad 10 ore fa
I think a lot of Americans can't distinguish between Northern Ireland and Dublin, so there's no chance they could perceive the specific sounds in Killarney.
HEY_HEY _HEY 10 ore fa
Donagh McCarthy
Donagh McCarthy 11 ore fa
I met u in monksland like 3 times
Aoibheann Dolan
Aoibheann Dolan 12 ore fa
Sure yer man from Kerry was just abit disappointed about his sheep being gone that's all. I understand him completely (I've Kerry blood in me and I go there alot so I'm used to the accent) Also yer wan teaching an Irish accent is all wrong
warsongchief1 13 ore fa
Why do we need the dog? It's not the dog we need. 5:05
Christopher Gill
The fact that my blood actually got going when he said it would at the top of the video 😰❤️❤️
robisaurus 14 ore fa
Honestly, Jack, your accent sounds like it’s lost some of its strength since your move. I’ve never had any difficulty understanding you. 🤷‍♀️
BreezyGamer92 15 ore fa
@ 16:41 love this accent.
Josue Portal
Josue Portal 15 ore fa
Literally sounds like a different language
Nitsirk 15 ore fa
There is something about an Irish accent that just gets a girl going.
Brittany Hutchens
Nobody: Jack: WHAT THE FOCK JEFF? Me: *dies laughing* My humor is messed up istg 💀
weird science the 2nd
When they started wi the diddly music I was like plz don't play anymore itl attract the old fellas who's all steaming 😭😂 the ol sheep fella reckons someone snuck up there coz of a full moon I'm dead 🐑🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🎑
PNZ6 Ausf J
PNZ6 Ausf J 16 ore fa
didnt brad pit play a irishman in the devils own
Razor Face
Razor Face 16 ore fa
Dude you have too much enthusiasm.
ben Higgins
ben Higgins 16 ore fa
Looking at this comments I never realised that ya, are accent is so hard to understand.
Mr The_DogE
Mr The_DogE 17 ore fa
This is how I feel, as a Canadian, when someone says something along the lines of “dats aboot how we do tings in de great white north eh” in that accent from Alberta or Saskatchewan, thinking that’s how we all talk lmao
ImaginedRain 16 ore fa
I was actually thinking about Canadian accents while watching this - I've got friends from BC and some from Ontario (hers leaned more towards the one you quoted) and the difference is... pretty big. It's like comparing East coast and West coast American accents, or Midwest and Southern. .. Well, anywhere else in American and Southern, NY, or Boston really LOL I'll never understand branding a whole country with the idea of it having ONE accent
XyaboylikeminoX 18 ore fa
I only understood him because I’m lived there for 5 years
xXJoe Swanson69Xx
Coming from the south of Ireland and having two grandads it’s actually very easy to understand that sheep farmer
Cartridge Studios
what kinda accent does Jack hav?
Rahim Murrat
Rahim Murrat 18 ore fa
4:00 I had same feeling when I as a Russian first heard Bulgarian language
Rathmere 19 ore fa
Should try to understand Newfoundland accents
HeedGadjee •
HeedGadjee • 19 ore fa
You should listen to strong Scottish accents, it’s the funniest 💩 ever
erikortega117 19 ore fa
Dude this guy is freaking hilarious! 😂🤣
ToolseyTV 19 ore fa
Scottish is Well better pal
Pyro 19 ore fa
0:23 as a italian thats offensive to my spaghetti culture country race
Crawdaddy 19 ore fa
lol That sounds like my Buddy when he gets mad playing a Video Game, he goes off in Irish and none of us understand lol
Dips Hit
Dips Hit 20 ore fa
Why does the schoolboy look like the gman from half life ? Is that just me
Art Lover
Art Lover 20 ore fa
As a Norwegian, these thick Irish accents are easier to understand than the goddamn Scandinavian language called Danish.
Maunarchy !
Maunarchy ! 20 ore fa
I’m from limerick and a lad from school guessed my exact town by now I sound
STRETCH93 20 ore fa
Jack translating the farmer , to an Irish person is very impressive
Reece Georgens
Reece Georgens 21 ora fa
How come Jack did a better imitation of Christopher Walken doing an Irish accent than Christopher Walken did.
Frostbit 101
Frostbit 101 21 ora fa
I gotta hide from that boy
Gemma Low
Gemma Low 21 ora fa
Havagooddaggan 06:45
Fornax Quark
Fornax Quark 21 ora fa
Did ya not see me post requestin you read a book in your accent? I be needin ya to do that sometime soon. utterwise me words steuck soundin like a Shoe Makeour. Cringe, I know.
Gemma Low
Gemma Low 21 ora fa
05:05 i live for this so much
João Jóia Paulo
Tbf.. Brad Pitt on snatch is not exactly irish
random user
random user 22 ore fa
I rate brad pitt trying to do a traveller accent
bubbles unicorn
bubbles unicorn 22 ore fa
irish people: iabvfakj cisnvic vhuavugaj other irish people: *understands perfectly what he was saying* every other culture: WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU ON ABOUT WHATS THIS GIBBERISH
erzebet6977 22 ore fa
I'm American. I've been picked on for how I say mirror my whole life. Apparently I say mirror like an Irish person 🤷🏻‍♀️
Ian Jones
Ian Jones 22 ore fa
Steven Braswell
Steven Braswell 22 ore fa
"The Irish accent is the sexiest accent." Totally agree!
Fasareste 23 ore fa
Honestly, the Rowers were the easiest to understand in my opinion xD
Lord Sekiro20
Lord Sekiro20 23 ore fa
All the fucking Gaelic, man.
bubbles unicorn
bubbles unicorn 23 ore fa
couldn't understand most of what them farmers said and i'm irish myself
Anna 23 ore fa
Tir gan teanga, tir gan anam.
emma. bruh
emma. bruh 23 ore fa
Why tf did my German ass actually understand the dude with the missing sheep like ?
Wei Xian Ng
Wei Xian Ng Giorno fa
White people don't realize that there are also some ridiculous Mandarin Chinese accents out there.
Sean Cahill
Sean Cahill Giorno fa
Sean im sorry but michael martin isnt lettin you back lad
Fishy Pet Keeping
Jake Tarter
Jake Tarter Giorno fa
I feel like the sheep farmer is the Irish equivalent of a thick Cajun accent in America
Ashton O Keeffe
Ashton O Keeffe Giorno fa
As an Irish person from Cork i can understand all of these but this is soo funny hehehe.
Ashton O Keeffe
Ashton O Keeffe Giorno fa
Like the girl teaching you do do the accent is shocking 😂
Phil Gooden
Phil Gooden Giorno fa
"Mikey Joe O'Shea" is the epitome of Anglicised Irish names, yet the guy with that name couldn't sound more Irish unless he started actually speaking Irish 😂
Dee Nicholson
Dee Nicholson Giorno fa
aaaaaaaaaaaah My great Gran was from County Cork :D
Fun_Time Productions
I love Irish accents-
Grace Giorno fa
the lady teaching the Irish accent was so calming idk why
-l Goonar Eternal l-
11:02 She is onto something, I had an accent coach who taught me the ‘o’ thing. It’s a generalized accent, not dialect-influenced. Your accent is much more majestic, Sir Sean
Dish Giorno fa
It sounds hobbit.
BlitzofChaos Gaming
Before watching this video I thought mumble rap was bad. Now I realize its just a heavy Irish accent.
Masala Pizzaa
Masala Pizzaa Giorno fa
12:18 Exactly how I feel when people try to emulate the "Indian" accent. With more than 19,500 mother tongues throughout the country, the accent of even native languages can change within different areas of a city. It's so difficult to watch American movies without wincing at the Indian accent forced on to actors who naturally have an American accent.
Ryal Holland
Ryal Holland Giorno fa
my friend i physically cant even hear your accent
Steve Broadsmith
sure-and -be-gore-ah!!!! did i get it?
Chris McDaniel
Chris McDaniel Giorno fa
I found out something today. city Irish I can understand but if I get lost in the country way out in the boondocks I'm screwed because I wouldn't be able to understand anyone
Pink Pink
Pink Pink Giorno fa
Riccardo Furlan
Riccardo Furlan Giorno fa
oh god deadly spoilers you made, lol
Anonny Moose595
Anonny Moose595 Giorno fa
Being Irish myself, I-I can't
Kev Smith
Kev Smith Giorno fa
Christopher Walken sounds like he's trying to do a Scottish accent, not an Irish one. And he's failing at that too.
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