Baking With Syd :)

Sydney Serena
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let's hope i don't burn my apartment down 🤠
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24 feb 2019




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Commenti 80
גלי יוסף
גלי יוסף 10 giorni fa
You is amazing❤❣!
Staffpassedus 8times
You know how betty Crocker died she had a spoon stuck up her ask
Sarah Fields
Sarah Fields Mese fa
Man, Sydney you be a “𝑅𝐸𝐴𝐿” Chef woahhhh!!
Peyton Miller
This video made me hungry 😂
TËRRII.Ç ! 2 mesi fa
If I can just count how many times you touched your hair loll 😂New Subscriber love your energy!!💗
Jasmine 3 mesi fa
happy 1yo to this video!!!!
Neva 3 mesi fa
why do you need flour and cake mix?
Jason Saddam
Jason Saddam 3 mesi fa
Jason Saddam
Jason Saddam 3 mesi fa
Tell mom I could snap anytime unless you give me some love
Jason Saddam
Jason Saddam 3 mesi fa
Laugh lookout behind you I got a knife awh
Jason Saddam
Jason Saddam 3 mesi fa
Jason came
Jason Saddam
Jason Saddam 3 mesi fa
Know ok I'm 19
Jason Saddam
Jason Saddam 3 mesi fa
I'm 18 baby
Jason Saddam
Jason Saddam 3 mesi fa
Your pretty
Jason Saddam
Jason Saddam 3 mesi fa
Know kiss me
Jason Saddam
Jason Saddam 3 mesi fa
I wish my baby girl was here stone cold took her
Alifiya Sewed
Alifiya Sewed 4 mesi fa
you're so gorgeous, you should be an actress, Syd :)
Anthony Dinh
Anthony Dinh 6 mesi fa
That was scary... you nearly thought it’s better without frosting! O.o
Clara Bartlett
Clara Bartlett 7 mesi fa
as much as i love your merch, we need a new one that says “oui oui baguette”
Francesca Pîslaru
I want more videos ,,Baking with Syd".Do you ?
paityn ella
paityn ella 7 mesi fa
I thought that was a pizza
Family youtube channel
Love you girl you are beautiful and pretty
V-Jose Playing Card Deck Reviews
Beautiful lady
Marylou Garcia
Marylou Garcia 8 mesi fa
I have my own baking shop
Aditya Rajesh
Aditya Rajesh 8 mesi fa
Nice Delicious Cake Sydney 😋
Kayla Brito
Kayla Brito 9 mesi fa
Baguette we we just like in the other video la day in my life!
hi it's me
hi it's me 9 mesi fa
Your a very good prankster ❤️❤️
joy clark
joy clark 9 mesi fa
You made good video
Magui C
Magui C 9 mesi fa
oui oui baguette should be merch😂
Fauzia Raza
Fauzia Raza 9 mesi fa
I suggest you to learn some martial arts cuz u live alone and yeah people are dangerous sooo...yeah! BTW love u
Elsa Aubri
Elsa Aubri 10 mesi fa
Oww my eyes lol
Nothing Nothing
Nothing Nothing 10 mesi fa
The cake made me hungry😂
Isabella Vlogs
Isabella Vlogs 10 mesi fa
Hi syd, 👁 ❤️ U! Quick question what is the song called in the vid?
Katie Parry
Katie Parry 10 mesi fa
When you are depressed and crying bc you’re leaving primary school and don’t have some of you’re best friends coming to the same school next year and you watch syds vids to make you happy
Katie Parry
Katie Parry 10 mesi fa
That’s me
Tiara Brown
Tiara Brown 10 mesi fa
hey syd your cake looks good😘
Chasheen Ishaq Khan
I don't know why I'm obsessed with her dimples and hair
jenna albin
jenna albin 10 mesi fa
we stan/love a chef ilysm syd 💗💗
Russell Ferrera
Russell Ferrera 11 mesi fa
You're doing a good baking! I loved it!
Karoline Vlogs
Karoline Vlogs 11 mesi fa
she’s like a hannah meloche and a emma chamberlain mixed😂
• Gacha Life World •
This is Lila she is 0 1 like =1 age 🤷🏼‍♀️ 👖 🥿🥿 How old can she get???
Arianna Long
Arianna Long 11 mesi fa
I want a pig too! But my parents won't let me get one! BTW love you!!!
BRENDA AVILA 11 mesi fa
She kinda looks like Hannah meloche - that's a compliment
Mirmir's Diys
Mirmir's Diys 11 mesi fa
You do get sick from eating cake batter and cookie dough because it has raw egg. I am not trying to be mean i am just trying to let u know for the future.
Bao Huynh
Bao Huynh 11 mesi fa
stupid emeliea
Kanzy Banzy
Kanzy Banzy 11 mesi fa
8:01 - 8:02 but what about me? I want cake too🙁😢😋😅💕😘Ilysm Syddie
Aimee VDP
Aimee VDP 11 mesi fa
This was published on my birthday ;)
Lovley Tae!
Lovley Tae! 11 mesi fa
can you please do more starbucks vids
Dknz_72 J
Dknz_72 J Anno fa
Please, moree Baking with Syd!!!!))))
You just earned a subscriber.
life isn't daijoubu
*the cake looks like a pizza in the thumbnail*
Valeria Escobar
The reason you can't eat raw cake mix is because if the raw eggs they will make you sick depending on the amount you eat bc if you eat the whole mix and you added 3 eggs then you basically just ate 3 raw eggs
Ridha Maulidanisyah
Go bake a papperoni pizzw
Valeria Granados
Lol when you where laughing you sounded like Ariana Grande when she played the part of cat
sarsa is not the salsa
тнιѕ ιѕ мαкιиg мє нυиgяу!
Callie Coke
Callie Coke Anno fa
Callie Coke
Callie Coke Anno fa
7:40 MWAH MWAH BADDIEEE "I feel like Baddie level 10,00 right now"
Callie Coke
Callie Coke Anno fa
Callie Coke
Callie Coke Anno fa
1:11 "Ratchet Style"
Restu Suci Ananda
you are too proud to be someone that cant cook😂
Slimey Mangoez
3:22 YOU LIVE IN MINNESOTA I’ve never seen a youtuber from MN before I live in MN!!! I have for my whole life. “Holy buckets”😂😂😂🤭
fancy pants
fancy pants Anno fa
This is kinda embarrassing but when I looked at the thumbnail I thought she was making a pizza😐
River Griffin
Good job your like me don’t really know how to cook.
Ivytheweird Cookiemaster
Don’t eat non baked cookie and cake or cupcake batter and dough you have eggs in there
Misheru Sato
Misheru Sato Anno fa
I want to text sydney but she cant reply
Pari Shaw
Pari Shaw Anno fa
Hey Syd ! 😊Love Ur videos and lots of love from India😃
Peter Bishop
Peter Bishop Anno fa
Where did you get your apron from
CHESAM Saro Anno fa
gisela lazuardi
why you're so beautiful😫🖤
Hannah Parker
Are you just going to keep trying to be Emma and copy all her video ideas
Evan Fantin
Evan Fantin Anno fa
Came from Insta...!!!!😋😋😋❤🧡💛💚💚💜
Oli R.
Oli R. Anno fa
I’m pretty sure we go to the same target! We both live in LA and target is also under construction and looks like that
Sylvia Anno fa
I looovvvveeee you sooooooooooooooooooooooo much ❤️🧡 💛💚💙💜🤓 you are the best love you so much ❤️ 🧡💛💚 💙💜 🤓🤓 🤓
French Toast
French Toast Anno fa
S:I'm in me mum's car Vroom-Vroom M: Get out me car S: 1:15
Bby 17
Bby 17 Anno fa
I love you so much syd!
Sumaita Ibnat
You are the prettiest❤❤
katie Anno fa
pls more baking with syd ❤️
Jianna Sea
Jianna Sea Anno fa
You can get sick from eating cake batter just because of the raw egg but if you just have a little bit you will be completely fine. 🤗👍🏻
Paul Graves
Paul Graves Anno fa
Do you like baking a lot.
Rajeev Kumar
Rajeev Kumar Anno fa
Awesome video Syd love you baking queen
Isabella Rodriguez
7:06 #diabetes
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