Barcelona 5 x 0 Real Madrid ● La Liga 10/11 Extended Goals & Highlights HD

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1 gen 2021




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Anarcho-Boulangist Llama Enthusiast
2010-2012 was the peak of the El Clasico rivalry. Because back then it wasnt just Barca vs Real, it was also Messi vs Ronaldo and Guardiola vs Mourinho.
Escurador 6 giorni fa
Leandro Gomez
Leandro Gomez 8 giorni fa
And football vs wrestling as well.
polly v
polly v 18 giorni fa
@Esteban Garcia depends on how you look at things. For me Barca was playing nice and effective, but Real under mourinho learned from their mistakes on the first season and crashed them later on with fast breaks style. The biggest weakness in that Barca team was their GK and corners. Just my opinion anyway
Esteban Garcia
Esteban Garcia 19 giorni fa
@polly v no they weren't, barça was superior than us back then , in playing style and in tactics 🤷‍♂️ but we got our moment too so.
Damir Kajtazovic - Relaxation Channel
👍👍 Good game 👍👍
Fawwaz Ali
Fawwaz Ali 2 mesi fa
David villa- One of the most underrated strikers ever, won almost everything the game had to offer.
Brandon Zeledon
Brandon Zeledon 12 giorni fa
Been saying this for years !!!!
kamran kamii
kamran kamii 13 giorni fa
I think 🤔 ,it was going a pakage of 📺 over there.....
ARTHUR Agina 16 giorni fa
Barca has never been able to replace Villa
Jordan Monago
Jordan Monago 16 giorni fa
Visca Barcelona for a lifetime
Jou t7
Jou t7 19 giorni fa
Yes Villa goes as great striker always for the chance, but its unfortunate how excited Ramos is always in tackling him.😩
Alex 2 mesi fa
The good times when Barça could beat Madrid by 5-0 with 0 goals scored from Messi. Says a lot of how incredibly good the rest of the team was. Edit: I’m not saying that Messi was invisible in this game, I’m saying that the rest of the team had a greatness on pair with Messi, which we are lacking nowadays. I love Barça and hope we will grow again ❤️
Zub 41r
Zub 41r 4 giorni fa
It also shows how much of a sore loser Ramos and CR7 are that they cheat and foul when they lose. Messi destroyed them
Marius Fontes
Marius Fontes 9 giorni fa
Messi played a lot, as usual, but only with Xavi and Iniesta, dominating each inch of the middlefield, we could see this kind of Magic.
Tower A
Tower A 13 giorni fa
Only thing you forgot to mention, messi made all the goals happen
Joel Soto
Joel Soto 14 giorni fa
Messi hizo los pases claves.
dragonbane44 18 giorni fa
@Jou t7 I remember Leverkusen Coach saying back then that Barca without Messi was a great team but Barca with Messi was from another galaxy. Messi was the reason Barca dominated for more than a decade. Players came and went, Xavi and Iniesta got replaced but Barca still dominated. I don't just watch highlights, I used to watch full games back then. I also remember Barca struggling to score whenever Messi was injured. Messi is what made Barca a monster.
FBI USA 3 mesi fa
Messi's passing absolutely phenomenal
Lucio Zvayt
Lucio Zvayt Mese fa
Unbelievable, can't even be done with Playstation.
Leobest Bote
Leobest Bote 2 mesi fa
This Villa gives me the chills he was just so so good, so lethal
Albin Zzandahl
@alex Jz agreed, this is by far the best football team we have ever seen. But it only held for 1 season
alex Jz
alex Jz Mese fa
And those messi passes, messi connected with almost any barca player unreal football, we probably won't witness something so special for a very long time
Cyber Aiham
Cyber Aiham 4 mesi fa
Messi at this era was literally unstoppable, a wondersome phenomenon.
Flo rian
Flo rian 18 ore fa
Ofc. Pep knew how to use Messi and he create everything around Messi
Siddhartha Mondal
Siddhartha Mondal 3 giorni fa
@fighting force bro Messi was motm in this match wth
Joerakeri Joe
Joerakeri Joe 10 giorni fa
@NoeLM f
Joerakeri Joe
Joerakeri Joe 10 giorni fa
@NoeLM ff
Joerakeri Joe
Joerakeri Joe 10 giorni fa
Felpsnunes Mese fa
Que time maravilhoso de ver foi esse de 2010/11 meu Deus, xavi e Iniesta eram de outro planeta Messi já era o Messi né...
Anderson Silva
Anderson Silva 8 giorni fa
@Marius Fontes Tem razão a zoeira vai existir sempre irmão. Com certeza, cair pra Mazembe e outros tantos é bem pior mesmo.
Marius Fontes
Marius Fontes 9 giorni fa
@Anderson Silva o sarro é normal, nao adianta, mas falando sério foi menos vergonhoso que os brasileiros que caíram nas semi finais, aí sim..
Nert 10 giorni fa
@Anderson Silva Gol do Barcelona kkk
Anderson Silva
Anderson Silva 11 giorni fa
Pobre Santos no mundial. E ainda tem gente que quer tirar sarro do peixe, diante dessa aberração que era o Barça em 2011.
Y W 16 giorni fa
Back then the El Classico was a mesmerising, toxic roller coaster of emotion. Really miss those times
Kelvin Kemoi
Kelvin Kemoi 2 mesi fa
These classicos were the most anticipated games of the season, the players on show for both teams, the atmosphere! This players were going to war. We always knew its either Ramos or Pepe for red card. We will probably not have such intense games again
PoroTaZo 21 giorno fa
For me, the best match of Messi in the history, his performance of that day is AWESOME
Youtuber Savaşları
Prime barcelona, will be missed! They were not players but artist..
Ananthu Mese fa
9:43 Legendary assist👑
sx200n1 Mese fa
What a game. I remember in the pep era that every Clasico was an absolute classic regardless of score. Such energy from both teams.
José Dornelles Neto
Cuántos recuerdos de este partido celebré después del quinto gol. Incluso hablé por teléfono con mis amigos del 5-0 de Jeffren, me encantó Messi en el Barcelona y David Villa en el Barcelona. Qué doble, fue un gran día, extraño este Barcelona
Melik Fırat Vural
Melik Fırat Vural 26 giorni fa
Hello man could you tell me what spanish song name first 0.00-0.030
ChIp5 Mese fa
y nunca mas volvera xd
Pecinta cucu Nabi
I remember my neighbor who is a Real Madrid fan. after this match, he got a new tv.
Shohrux Abdurahmonov
@Jamshidbek Jamoldinov p
Shohrux Abdurahmonov
Noskip React
Noskip React Giorno fa
Muhammad Rivaldi
Muhammad Rivaldi 2 giorni fa
Ngakak wak 😂😂
Rajesh Raval
Rajesh Raval Mese fa
those days it was proper El Clasico.... love, passion and legends fighting for the badge ♥️ good old days 💔
Douglas Santos
Douglas Santos 2 mesi fa
Esse sim que era um Barcelona de respeito
RaMiX 5 ore fa
Esos eran clasicos⚽️
Ja M aL
Ja M aL 2 mesi fa
times where classicos where real classicos with all emotions, beautiful football and obviously with alot of screenplay 😂😂😂👌
Matt Dunn
Matt Dunn 5 mesi fa
I'm convinced that this barca team was the greatest of all time. They just completely overwhelmed everyone they played. It was a joy to watch them that year
polly v
polly v 18 giorni fa
@Zain Khan ever? umm that's your opinion. For me they were top10 teams ever, nothing more
Zain Khan
Zain Khan 18 giorni fa
Not even joking literally this Barca team for 3/4 years and then that Messi suarez Neymar team for 2/3 years was the two greatest spells from a football team ever
Francesco Trombetta
Francesco Trombetta 22 giorni fa
@x-stoner imagine a dumb like you calling me a fool just for expressing a personal opinion.
x-stoner 22 giorni fa
@Francesco Trombetta than you must be a complete fool😂
polly v
polly v Mese fa
@svenner80 this had many weaknesses tho, so I wouldn't say it was the best team ever. Maybe top10.
Richard Melo
Richard Melo 17 giorni fa
"Ganhar de goleada é bom, ganhar de goleada do Real Madrid é melhor ainda" Guardiola, Josep 2010
Jackadaur 3 mesi fa
Looking back at these matches is amazing, we all should be very grateful we got to witness messi and Ronaldo going at it with Real Madrid and Barcelona… unbelievable man
Paul Joni
Paul Joni 2 mesi fa
It's 2021..even after a decade..This match..is lit 🔥🔥
Success Hard work
I just want to make a Statement for future viewers that this real Madrid was one of the strongest teams ever and Barcelona were really killing everything. Yes,there were many findings and conspiracies with proofs that real Madrid's tactics and line-ups were getting leaked but hands down this Barca has inspired alot of footballers and the fact although Messi came out as "The best" almost handful of players in Barcelona were best at this moment.
Chidozie Victor
Chidozie Victor 18 giorni fa
@Zac Adam Morrison a team with prime Ronaldo plus di Maria ozil benzema khedira Ramos Pepe Marcelo and casillas isn't good enough for you? Lmao🤡🤡
Zac Adam Morrison
Would not say strongest. Madrid starts getting good at 2012 and peak at 2017
Tasmay Shah
Tasmay Shah 2 mesi fa
also another note that Barca defending was ridiculous. Like Madrid had so many chances but it was very very solid by Barca's back line to keep them off. Puyol very underrated.
Nico 5 mesi fa
The pass Messi gives at 9:44 is just insanity. He looks up once.. for a millisecond. That's what makes him the greatest of all time. Few if any players can create goal scoring opportunities like that and make it look so effortless.
mitrra aswin
mitrra aswin 17 giorni fa
@Aqil Muqri look at cr7 whole career, still he hasn't been a creator, he's only a poacher and nothing else. Maybe man u ronaldo was good but never in the standard of even the worst playmaking season of Messi
fitofito1001 20 giorni fa
You need watch more games, more players.
Release tha kraken
@Yardz yup..basic pass for messi..but not for everyone
iiazharr Mese fa
@Yardz you must be hurt after watching this match🌝😂
Vibe Mese fa
@Yardz its so obvious that you don’t play or watch.
This was not just a game it was a war between two best clubs in la liga
Cláudio Oliveira
O melhor jogo daquela epoca
yadhu krishna
yadhu krishna 2 mesi fa
Unforgettable golden days 🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️... Missing those days 💔
Omar Majano
Omar Majano 2 mesi fa
Looking back at this you can see Messi missed villa couple of times whenever he was wide open… to know that this wasn’t Messi’s prime moment makes me think how unstoppable this Barca team would’ve been with Messi in his prime 🤯
Rich Jebs
Rich Jebs 5 mesi fa
To think that Ramos and Messi are playing on the same team now, is insane!
Babajide Odusanya
@Arminiusz Mazowszanin It's personal. Ramos was a dirty bastard. Ronaldo was a d**k
Diego Ballón
Diego Ballón 2 mesi fa
Qatar Saint Germain
Rich Jebs
Rich Jebs 2 mesi fa
@Itachi Uchiha Yes, I'm aware of that!
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 2 mesi fa
They have signed for the same club but Ramos is not yet playing
Elvin Zeynallı
Elvin Zeynallı 2 mesi fa
what was more insane is that villa run knowing for sure that messi would manage such a pass
Bruno Soares
Bruno Soares 2 mesi fa
Futebol dessa época era cheio de craques, intensidade e técnica, até às chuteiras eram mais bonitas.
Sempre Compos
Sempre Compos 2 mesi fa
Partido inolvidable 😁🤩
Sergio Payan
Sergio Payan 2 mesi fa
Ufffff que tiempos tan bnos 🙏💗
Takam Tagi
Takam Tagi Mese fa
This will be My fav barca team ever 😭 they played robot, What a Godly team 😭😭 miss them
Nwha Jlawn
Nwha Jlawn 11 mesi fa
I really miss this Barcelona😭😭
blr9051 Mese fa
Yaa , me too. Now is a shadow of this team 😡😬😳🥺
chandan thapa
chandan thapa 2 mesi fa
Same here I miss this Barcelona
Muhammed Fasil
Muhammed Fasil 2 mesi fa
Me too
macluumaad tube
macluumaad tube 2 mesi fa
Me too
Isaac said Gg
Isaac said Gg 2 mesi fa
Tanto el Barcelona como el Madrid en esos años tuvieron sus mejores años
Mouad Parolox
Mouad Parolox 25 giorni fa
Lamentablemente, la situación ya no es así, ahora queremos que el Barcelona 2011 vuelva con Xavi
conchi piquer
conchi piquer 2 mesi fa
One of the best 5 - 0 I saw, magnific
Armin Xvs
Armin Xvs 26 giorni fa
One of THOSE Clásicos we will all remember!
SAÏD BEN Mese fa
I miss those glorious days of Barça, I hope they return soon
Tahsin Tanveer
Tahsin Tanveer 5 mesi fa
This was the Barcelona that didn't need to rely completely on Messi every single match
NeRo Steffo
NeRo Steffo 2 mesi fa
bro my mans assisted 4! 😂
kobar LOL
kobar LOL 2 mesi fa
@MrRockleyend y
kobar LOL
kobar LOL 2 mesi fa
@MrRockleyend i
Leivon Paul kom
Leivon Paul kom 2 mesi fa
Almost all the goals r Messi's Assist
0phex 3 mesi fa
Thanks to Xavi & Iniesta
Joa Feriozzi
Joa Feriozzi Mese fa
1 - 0 Xavi Hernández 2:00 2 - 0 Pedro 3:18 3 - 0 David Villa 9:00 4 - 0 David Villa 9:41 5 - 0 Jeffren 11:41
manoj Manoj
manoj Manoj 2 mesi fa
The Barcelona I Remembered 😔❤️
Benjamin Holland
Esto si era un verdadero clasico de clasicos
predador-sniper Giorno fa
😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣 que delícia ver Pepe, Sérgio Ramos e CR7 se ferrando juntos 😋😋😋🤣🤣🤣🤣
harsh aggarwal
harsh aggarwal 3 mesi fa
never have I ever seen a match this intense but still one-sided
Radio Libee
Radio Libee 18 giorni fa
Then you never watched prime Arsenal and man utd matches
Jou t7
Jou t7 19 giorni fa
Xavi with building up the team is making it so intense. Real Madrid got totally get rekted, so no need to Ramos or Pepe be mad about their defensive skills.😂
Pzakiorous 23 giorni fa
@Qwerty Mark true
Qwerty Mark
Qwerty Mark Mese fa
I like to put it the other way around
zane 2 mesi fa
@Rajab True
aaravos 3 mesi fa
2010/2011 wasn't those years the best? at least for me,I remember I was still 7-8 years old,watching barcha, going to my friends house and playing football at pc, going to the football clab, school,fun,so beautiful days ,for a lot
elielton7645 Mese fa
Iniesta, lenda!!
Treize Mush
Treize Mush 15 giorni fa
I've had to watch 4:07 - 4:13 several times. Too bad it ended in an offside call, that was just sublime grace and vision under pressure.
КРСМАН 2 mesi fa
Beautiful moves, blows whistling from all sides, football just had weight. That was only 10 years ago… Please football to wake up again ❤️⚽️
Kareem Lawson
Best era of football in my lifetime, I support United but I fell in love with messi and this barca team
Peter Gašperan
Peter Gašperan 2 mesi fa
04:08 that pass had me in tears
Mar Ortega
Mar Ortega 22 ore fa
Messi parecía no querer pasar el balón a Villa. Hay dos jugadas que el asturiano está solo y Messi no le da el balón... sino caen 3 o 4 goles, no sólo 2 de Villa
CHBROUSH !! 2 mesi fa
even in the end of the world this match unforgettable :)
Ishay Friedman
Ishay Friedman 11 mesi fa
I can watch this game every single day and not get bored.
ingrid souza
ingrid souza 3 mesi fa
@Ishay Friedman queimou de Bananeiras wjjķ8kokihjjijki9 888ji88
The Lambo
The Lambo 3 mesi fa
Football is game of cheater 😝😝
swt_Liangbajin 3 mesi fa
@Tony:Dejnada maybe I will meet ur parents and tell them how to teach a kid to use brain😆😆 LMAOOOOOOOOOOO
Tony:Dejnada 4 mesi fa
@Tᴏᴏᴛʜʟᴇss how was your last match with bayern😂
andrew gyenfie
andrew gyenfie 2 mesi fa
That feeling of el Classico, when Ramos and Pepe were savages 😆, miss my Barcelona
Ryckael Reis
Ryckael Reis 3 mesi fa
Deus me livre desse Barcelona. Eu nunca vi nada igual na minha vida.😍😍
🎼 Ń*Ń*𝐎𝐫𝐢ë𝐥💥
Grande mi Barcelona 👏🏻⚽ Todavia espero el momento en que lo vea así cómo era antes muy completo.. competitivo y Ganador...🏆
Salsa Colombia
Salsa Colombia 2 mesi fa
nunca mas... ya no habra otro iniesta , messi suarez combo
Joe X_hayle
Joe X_hayle 3 mesi fa
When we talk about El clasico this were the matches 🔥
Arsenal Forlife
Arsenal Forlife 6 mesi fa
David villa has to be one of the most underrated strikers of all time
Jaap Spruitenburg
@Black Box Casillas saved Spain losing the World Title with his big toe. And he is definitely valued for that, even the Dutch respect him for that safe. It is why it felt for players and fans as such a relief 4 years later to win, and why everybody was happy for Robben to make their 'personal battle' a bit equal. And concerning David Villa, if Guardiola gets you into his team I believe you're not undervalued. Because with this you just become part of a thriving team that is able to get the best out of you as person and player.
Marcus Rashford
Marcus Rashford 2 mesi fa
@Francisco Magallanes bruh he was top scorer in laliga when he played for Valencia so he could do it without messi
skt1 skt1
skt1 skt1 2 mesi fa
Casillas mejor portero??🤣 Se comió las mayores humillaciones en los clásicos el mejor yashin
Mr.Moon 2 mesi fa
Underrated? Really?
Nesco Tee
Nesco Tee 3 mesi fa
@Moda1106 What do you mean by "Real Madrid playing dirty with other teams"?
Elijah Acevedo
That attempt by Messi in the 6th min still gets me goin crazy. If that had gone in my goodness, what a goal that woulda been.
Alejo 003
Alejo 003 Mese fa
Cuando un clasico era emosionante 🥵
Ltsyy 2 mesi fa
12:45 well Ramos deserved 3 red cards for this if I'm honest😂
Gonzalo Iglesias Martin
Include red card for kick Lass Diarra 😄
JODI AR 1982
JODI AR 1982 Mese fa
I don't know when Barca will have a squad like this again😭
Noa Quiroga
Noa Quiroga Mese fa
Ese Barselona era el mejor equipo del mundo, además Messi estaba en su mejor momento ☝🏻😎👑
Paulnathan Charles
The time when La Liga at its best
Starry night 🌙
Pedro's career is insanely underrated. What a team player.🙌🏽
Ro Sandi
Ro Sandi Mese fa
Sergio ramos pantek asu
Rid Ho
Rid Ho 19 giorni fa
I remember i watched this match with my grandfather when i was a kid. In that time i still don't know football yet. I don't know what club i choose to support, and this match makes me a choice. I became the full BARCELONA supporter since that ('till now) and Messi became my idol. It's all because i just like the way Barcelona plays and it just win. I don't know what happened if Madrid win, maybe i just become the Madrid fan since then 🤷‍♂️😅
Brian Snake
Brian Snake 22 giorni fa
que buen clasico !
Neeraj Mese fa
Still i think that this MATCH/WAR was on YESTERDAY....And i am watching highlights of last NIGHT AGAIN AND AGAIN.... 🔥🔥❤️
Hamas Aadhil
Hamas Aadhil 2 mesi fa
12:01 Legend's celebration 😂❤️💙🔥
Павел Павлов
Лучший состав Барселоны…ну а Рамос очень грязно играл против своих по сборной
Um Zé Qualquer
Um Zé Qualquer 4 mesi fa
Guardiola's Barça was probably one of the best teams i've seen playing.
Entertainment Updates
@Rodrigo Ponce it as not under guardiala .. was tito .. at least know it . previously destroyed bayern 4-0 😁😁
Rodrigo Ponce
Rodrigo Ponce 17 giorni fa
Bayern 7-0 barcelona
MH cbrians
MH cbrians Mese fa
@polly v they are pressing really high and leave a lot of spaces behind the defence. They're fairly susceptible to the pass behind the defender.
polly v
polly v Mese fa
@Aiman Irwan true
Aiman Irwan
Aiman Irwan Mese fa
@polly v and highly defensive team and high pressing team. This Barca had difficult times against defensive teams from what I recall.
wimmenoone Mese fa
One of the best El Clasico ever!!!
Leo Prestes
Leo Prestes 3 mesi fa
que nostalgia cara
Tutun chakraborty
El classico is no longer be the same. Those were golden days of my life.😩🥺😫
Nu Yasnenko
Nu Yasnenko 2 mesi fa
Да уж😔......были времена🔥
Leorio Rich
Leorio Rich 11 mesi fa
This game was so good cause Mourinho told that Villa was a bad player before the match. And after Villa maked 2 goals.
polly v
polly v 2 mesi fa
mourihno studied them and won the next year tho
haku 5 mesi fa
@kasra kasra not everyone speaks English be respectful kid
Roman69 5 mesi fa
Kishore Kumar
Kishore Kumar 5 mesi fa
song sanged...!!
sherifflive 5 mesi fa
English isn’t everyone’s first language, you know?
Joshua Sosa
Joshua Sosa 2 mesi fa
I miss those days. That was football to me.
Tyreek 2 mesi fa
Legends will know the best 20 seconds in El Classico ever 💀
Football lover
Football lover 2 mesi fa
Really, I miss the previous Barcelona and Real Madrid team.
Ayush gaur
Ayush gaur 2 mesi fa
It goes bad to worst from ridiculous for real Madrid-damn😂, and now it is getting very very nasty. The commentary still gives me goosebumps🔥💪🏻
Christian Gomez
Christian Gomez 5 mesi fa
I remember ditching my last class in high school to run home and watch this game. So worth it, this is the best memories I will have of the most beautiful football being played.
Cykablyat 2007
Cykablyat 2007 2 mesi fa
@guru only one class its worthed As they say school is temporary el clasico is eternal
Cristian Solares
@guru In America you can ditch 5 classes and go to college lmfao. It's not that serious. Also it was worth it if he did it to watch el clasico in its peaks.
I Don't Make Videos
@guru By missing one class? Don’t think so
It'z Dupre
It'z Dupre 3 mesi fa
@guru would be worth it honestly
guru 4 mesi fa
Working for McDonald's tho
Outlaw CODM
Outlaw CODM 2 mesi fa
I could literally feel the atmosphere and emotions through the phone
Sergio Duerto
Sergio Duerto 2 mesi fa
9:40 I remember watching this part as a child. I was so shocked that I thought if they were humans being playing football. Just universal players. They are from there [universe] not there.
Jhon Carlos
Jhon Carlos 2 mesi fa
Esse time era perfeito 🔥😪
Memento Mori
Memento Mori 2 mesi fa
Prime Barca. Blessed to have watched this team as a kid
TheNazreensyah 5 mesi fa
2010-2012 Barcelona was unstoppable. the best team ever assembled to date.
Jim Jim
Jim Jim 3 mesi fa
@Sin Sna no it's not easier dumbass it's way more difficult to compete in a 'farmer's league' as you say facing no worthy competition then having to confess the greatest teams in Europe. You don't get to practice enough . If you think exhaustion and fatigue makes top league teams less favourable, you don't know the level of physical prowess of a top footballer
You Say Yes I Say No
Three peat Madrid second
Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor 3 mesi fa
Then 7-0 happen
adnan ahmed
adnan ahmed 4 mesi fa
2011-2012 real beat them at nou camp
Barittos QWETY
Barittos QWETY 4 mesi fa
@Sin Sna not like this bro !!! im a barça fan but bayern destroyed everyone in ucl and farmers league and that proves how powerful they've been since season 20
Manthan Giria
Manthan Giria 17 giorni fa
Messi at this era was literally unstoppable, a wondersome phenomenon
Miguel Ramírez
Miguel Ramírez 3 mesi fa
Penalti: 6:23 2-1. Pausar y velocidad 0.25. *Ambos tocan el balón, pero en **6:33** Valdés se lleva primero a CR7* 8:01 6-1 *8:50** 7-1* 10:35 caída fingida. Roja directa. A demás que ya era para tenerla 7:21 11:20 nada
Victor Luis
Victor Luis 3 mesi fa
The control by Xavi for the first goal is amazing a bit lucky perhaps but still amazing how he manage to score.
Clover Union
Clover Union 2 mesi fa
Великолепный матч сильнейшей Барселоны за всю историю.
Юрий Куркин
Best El Clasico in history.
polly v
polly v 2 mesi fa
not really
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan 5 mesi fa
@Fathurrahman Baihaqi gmn kabarmu saat pandemi abadi?
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan 5 mesi fa
@Cesar Arh 23 hi cesar valerio11.
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan 5 mesi fa
@Martin Machado 14-0.
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan 5 mesi fa
@AlexandeR :v have u watched the opening matches of Football in Tokyo 2020?
Артём Кондратенко
Вот это была настоящая Барса!!!
Kartenn 2 mesi fa
İ m fan of CR7 but messi is from another world. He has so different skills idk he is insane
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 2 mesi fa
2011 the best year for Messi 🔥🔥🔥
Uluc Guler
Uluc Guler 3 mesi fa
İş iyice ticariye döndü özledik şöyle maçları.
Kemal Erhat
Kemal Erhat 5 mesi fa
9:44 THAT PASS from "Messi-ah" to David Villa for the fourth goal was one of the greatest passes in the history of football. Unbelievable. 🎯⛹️
Robert Langdon
Robert Langdon 4 mesi fa
The same sentiment is shared by his teammates, for example di maria always said, on top of his extreme agility and technique, Messi's spatial awareness and response time is just that much faster than a normal player. Messi game IQ is unique only to him. Truly a genius.
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@SW Pepe and Ramos were in no man's land as well 🤣
SW 5 mesi fa
The way he pulls 2 players out of position before playing the killer pass as well. Unreal 👌
11:43 Pure class from Leo
Jose Amieva
Jose Amieva 2 mesi fa
I thought the first goal was a deflection off of the defender but Xavi actually had control throughout. Amazing
Sagnik Ganguly
Those golden days, when El Clasico was synonymous to a Red Card to Sergio Ramos.
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The Night Messi Made Ronaldo CRY [HD]
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