Bayern Makes The Incredible Happen! | 1. FC Köln - Bayern München | Highlights | MD 34 - Buli 22/23 

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#KOEFCB | Highlights from Matchday 34!
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Watch the Bundesliga highlights of 1. FC Köln vs. FC Bayern München from Matchday 34 of the 2022/23 season!
Goals: 0-1 Coman (8'), 1-1 Ljubicic (81' P.), 1:2 Musiala (89')
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Bundesliga 4 mesi fa
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Sheafil Maharjan
Abdelhak AOURAGH
Poor bundesliga. One club and nothing. God bless premier league.
Paul Aboagye
Paul Aboagye 4 mesi fa
Ever heard of bayern dussell
2 Tears In A Bucket
11 in a row they’ve got it down to perfection to make it look competitive,it never was.. must be boring for German people now?
💵Dios Segun Buda💵
Thank you Bundesliga
Red Rebel
Red Rebel 4 mesi fa
Well done to Bayern on their 150th league title in a row!
Gabrielnfs 4 mesi fa
Not true yet but hopefully in 139 years it will be!
Wonyo 4 mesi fa
That’s why the goat Ronaldo said Saudi league will be the 5th best league instead of Bundesliga
Deepankar Singh Bhati
​@Wonyo why not Keep dreaming ronaldo fans.
DarkZombie 4 mesi fa
@Deepankar Singh Bhati keep dreaming cricket fans. How is your population now ?
Jayson Miru
Jayson Miru 4 mesi fa
Farmers prove it again they’re going no where! The trophy can be given. In the opening Bayern game 😂
cr 7
cr 7 4 mesi fa
dude musialas first touch is like magnet ..ball weirdly sticks to his legs
Pacyguy 4 mesi fa
Every proffesional footballer has a touch like that what you talking about
Dugal 4 mesi fa
yeah he had a magnet inside his shoe to attach the ball
TricksyGG 4 mesi fa
Cause he's world class
GOAT 4 mesi fa
@Pacyguy watch that touch again and tell me footballers do that on a regular basis. He literate scooped it and placed it perfectly for a shot.
Emerald 4 mesi fa
@GOAT facts, I have never seen mane do this, his touch always ends up on a farm
kingsley kofi boateng
The touch, turn and strike from Musiala is sublime 🔥. Congrats Bayern🎉
Ophthalmophobic NPC
This was Dortmund´s golden opportunity to finally win another Bundesliga title. I feel sorry for Reus but congrats to Bayern. I guess thats Bayern doing Bayern things, just like in 2000 and 2001. Now they need to learn from this season´s mistakes, make some big signings and Im sure they will once again dominate next season. Anyway, a truly incredible season comes to an end.
You must be from England, where everyone thinks they can fix anything by signing big players
Saka Rider
Saka Rider 4 mesi fa
Dortmund bottled the title like Liverpoo in 2018-19….
Viz 4 mesi fa
Bayern celebrating as if it's their first Bundesliga title 😂😂
Dizzy Ocelot
Dizzy Ocelot 4 mesi fa
​@Viz that's the mentality that put them so high above
Halzseyy 4 mesi fa
"They need to learn" or maybe Bayern are just better? Lol
Eric Lange
Eric Lange 4 mesi fa
As a Bayern fan, This season was anything but incredible...
dazzaMusic 4 mesi fa
Kingsley’s Coman’s record of winning a league title in every season he’s played in continues.
Thomas Müller
Thomas Müller 4 mesi fa
As a bayern fan, I'm happy that we won the league, but also a bit sad for dortmund players, specially Reus. He really deserved the title more than anyone else!
Kpt.Skalski 4 mesi fa
Then u just a plastic fanboy. Nur der FC Bayern!!
Dizzy Ocelot
Dizzy Ocelot 4 mesi fa
​@Kpt.Skalski being a respectful mature fan is not the same as being a plastic fan. True Bayern fans respect rivals as well as does the team.
Bayern_34 4 mesi fa
@Dizzy Ocelot we would‘ve been respectful if Dortmund fans wouldn‘t have been toxic
Raditya Indera
Raditya Indera 4 mesi fa
Not if they played like that in the last game of the season.
jonhyosbourne 4 mesi fa
What a crazy championship full of emotions until the end! SUPER FC BAYERN! 🏆🔥
Saka Rider
Saka Rider 4 mesi fa
Dortmund following the footsteps of Tottenham, always bottling leads….
They were two nil down so wdym. Also your an arsenal fan
Michael Elah
Michael Elah 4 mesi fa
​@Saka Rider How about Arsenal 😅
Normal Boy
Normal Boy 4 mesi fa
​@Saka Riderarse nal the biggest bottles 😊
Myztrix 4 mesi fa
​@Michael Elah look at his name bro, aint no way he gonna admit arsenal is the biggest bottler 😂
tika 4 mesi fa
it was such a difficult season, i'm so proud of them! MUSIALA GOLDEN BOY
servant 4 mesi fa
Musiala.. what a player.. breaking Dortmund hearts 😢
Furkan Bozdag
Furkan Bozdag 4 mesi fa
Dortmund broke theire own fans
Noah Landa
Noah Landa 4 mesi fa
Dortmund could just once play good and win
nurderfcb 4 mesi fa
Was ein letzter Spieltag! Gänsehaut pur!! Ehrlich gesagt war es wirklich mal geil so ein spannender letzter Spieltag 😂
Harold360 4 mesi fa
Mia san Rekordmeister Bruder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mia san mia!!!! Bayern und Bochum!
RoDson 4 mesi fa
Um raut mautnan baar geil spitzer fruuk mankan👍
Neo 4 mesi fa
Ich stimme zu und obwohl es meinem Herzen überhaupt nicht gut getan hat, hat es Spaß gemacht, besonders weil wir gewonnen haben :0)
Fabian 4 mesi fa
Mia San Mia!
A New Beginning
A New Beginning 4 mesi fa
Congrats my German team 🎉🎉.. You guys fought a hard victorious war by losing a few battles along the way, but you can only get stronger from all the hardships you guys underwent.. And honestly, that's how a league should be, competitive.. This season has to be one of the best.. And my boy Musiala, the #1 future of our German team.. Congrats again Bayern from a United fan, but I support Germany as my international team, and most of our players play for you guys, so naturally, I'd want the best for the team on behalf of our German players..
Achilles C
Achilles C 4 mesi fa
That Musiala goal. Incredible
Дмитр Петров
Слезы радости на моих глазах. Я уже больше пол жизни люблю тебя моя Бавария и буду любить до конца❤️
Nicholas David Hutabarat
That turn from Musiala 🤯🤯🤯
Adrian Kwiecien
Adrian Kwiecien 4 mesi fa
One of the greatests football seasons in German football history. Gotta be. 😂👍❤️🇩🇪👍👌
J B 4 mesi fa
... if the outcome had been a Dortmund win.
Iddrisu Ganiwu
Iddrisu Ganiwu 4 mesi fa
What's the greatness in Bayern Munich winning another budesliga? It's another normal season for Bayern.
Gin 4 mesi fa
No, but it's the German-est season in German football history. Bayern do some Bayern things, wait BVB ruin everything and give them the title.
Sergeant Tentacles
Yeah because it was the first competitive season in a decade.
MrRay168 4 mesi fa
To you this is a great season. To the rest of the world, this is Tuesday.
Só golaço❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Lemmy 4 mesi fa
0:42 unbelievable touch
qpr 4 mesi fa
What a touch - ABDIKADIR
XiaV 4 mesi fa
Aram Skaef
Aram Skaef 4 mesi fa
Tricolore 4 mesi fa
Musiala first touch, mindblowing 🤕
Ivica Kovač
Ivica Kovač 4 mesi fa
Those two games were condensed versions of the whole 2022/2023 season, both for Bayern and Dortmund. As a Bayern fan I am happy that Bayern has won the title but some things have to change. The mistakes on the defensive end were horrific throughout the season. Pavard, Musiala, Mazraoui and today Gnabry have caused penalties that were costly by throwing hands in the air while standing in their own box. Dortmund did everything to not win the title and Gnabry almost outshined them in that regard by causing that stupid penalty. Tuchel and his stuff have a lot to do in order to make this squad play like a true Bayern team.
Gonçalo Oliveira
I think its safe to say Bayern won more cause of nagelsmann than tuchel ssince they won on goal difference and the average with nagelsmann was higher even with higher amount of games.
Cornellius Dimas Berlin
No, it is because Bayern title rival is a team that full of ultimate joke like BOTTLEMUND
Wave 4 mesi fa
Joao cancelo is one of a few players whose won two domestic league trophies in a single season. Let that sink in. Amazing 🤩
amanojaku91 4 mesi fa
Beautiful goal by Musiala. What a way to win the title.
Pokemon Team
Pokemon Team 3 mesi fa
sminem 4 mesi fa
TEE CHONG MENG 4 mesi fa
What a miracle, Musiala just come in 4 minutes and score a very very important goals. Congratulations to bayern win bundesliga for 11 years in a row.👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan 4 mesi fa
Musiala is the man that Bayern Munich wanted in the most crucial moment.
Entjik Achmad Reza Yudiar
Magic Musiala, what a goal. 🙌🏼👏🏻
Guille 4 mesi fa
COME ON BAYERN! It has bringed for sure more than one close to a Heart Attack. I had no doubt about Dortmund failing again when they have the possibility of taking the trophy on their hand. I got really scared with Köln goal, because with that goal Bayern was losing it and there wasn't so much time to go, but they made it in the last minute(last before Extra Time). THE ELEVEN CONSECUTIVE IS HERE.🔴🔴🔴
EC 4 mesi fa
Musiala first touch so clinical was unbelievable.
Marek xyz
Marek xyz 4 mesi fa
Probably the most valuable sports result in recent years, looking at what the Bayern M season was like! and how the situation in the Bundesliga table turned out in the last round CONGRATULATIONS !
Christian Ilekenri
The numbers of trophy Kingsley coman have taken is definition of Grace. He also scores important goals
Zeus O
Zeus O 4 mesi fa
That was a very nice first touch from Musiala Goated stuff
Don Jonaidine
Don Jonaidine 4 mesi fa
Im proud of bayern and am a true fan they had a tough season due to Nagelsman being sacked but somehow tuchel pulled through
Николай KKK
сумасшедшая концовка чемпионата , люблю такие)
bimal grunge
bimal grunge 4 mesi fa
As a Chelsea fan I felt so happy for Tuchel . congratulations Thomas and the boys
Musiala is Just special❤ That's the wonder kid❤
Cedric Asdfghjkl
Musiala Magic. I'm so happy, he's my favourite player.
Samar Singh
Samar Singh 4 mesi fa
Mine too ❤
dashmir 4 mesi fa
was not consistent during the season we excpeted more from him in UCHL but hopefully he is going to learn alot
Dennis Tukak
Dennis Tukak 4 mesi fa
and he hadn't score for a long, long time
Cedric Asdfghjkl
@dashmir true, but I stick with my favourite Teams and Athletes through thick and thin.
Valentine Abade
Valentine Abade 4 mesi fa
Musiala with his aguero moment 🔥
YourBoyBenjamin 4 mesi fa
Apple Apple
Apple Apple 4 mesi fa
Back then it was an accomplishment. Don’t compare that iconic moment to this Bundesliga moment. Man City beat Alex Ferguson’s Man United. Here they’ve won it 11th time in a row.
Gautam Krishna
Gautam Krishna 4 mesi fa
​@Apple Apple yes yes u dont need to shove that in, we know that was more iconic, the guy was just saying this was a similar situation bruh
Pokemon Team
Pokemon Team 3 mesi fa
​@Gautam Krishna city scored 2 in extra time bayern scored in the 89th minute against a poor form koln side
George Martins
George Martins 4 mesi fa
Congratulations Fc Bayern, well deserved 👏🏆
ycnarf 4 mesi fa
Exactly 33 years after the last joy in the Bundesliga, they weren't the favorites but they showed that with the strength of ideas you can stand up to the great German battleships
M0J0 4 mesi fa
That turn, dribble and shot from Musiala was filthy
Michael Spring
Michael Spring 4 mesi fa
Bayern won! Wow. What an unexpected result. Nobody saw this coming. Great league, so many different winners.
Richard Michael
Richard Michael 4 mesi fa
It means so much for Bayern because they did poorly this campaign and still won as if they are entitled
Cornellius Dimas Berlin
Yeah, because your team title rival this season only BOTTLEMUND, Bayern don't need to have good campaign because BOTTLEMUND did ULTIMATE WORST than Bayern Munchen this season 🤦
Andika K
Andika K 4 mesi fa
​@Cornellius Dimas Berlinyes.... Today we saw true Haller. This man keep missing chances after chances.
Richard Michael
Richard Michael 4 mesi fa
@Cornellius Dimas Berlin A lesson learned by fire
Kotarou Rider Black
Musiala's finish was brilliant
The Super Siblings
What a winning goal from Musiala !
Harry Wang
Harry Wang 4 mesi fa
Congratulations to Bayern! The Vital Goal by Musiala! 🇩🇪🏆
Evandro Gouveia
Evandro Gouveia 4 mesi fa
A arbitragem atrapalhou o que pode, os jogadores foram displicentes demais e infelizmente perdemos Kahn e Salihamdzic... Mia san mia!
Javier Gar
Javier Gar 3 mesi fa
que emocion... ganar la liga otra vez.... 16 de los ultimos 20 años
Matthew Su
Matthew Su 4 mesi fa
Musiala the saviour of team! Tuchel finally made good decision for the late replacement to win the last matchday and defend the title! Congratulations to Bayern!
Abdullah and Adam
It was the best game in this year and the stress was 100000
njn brl:re
njn brl:re 4 mesi fa
Congrats Dortmund for winning title for 16 minutes 👏 🙌 ❤
Ethan Claridge
Ethan Claridge 4 mesi fa
What a finish Musiala 👏
Highonswae 🇧🇱
Kimmich running to check the scores while some forget and where celebrating 😂😂
Sebastjan 4 mesi fa
Captain for a reason😅
Cartèl 4 mesi fa
Bayernliga, no surprises
gREENS & bROWNS 4 mesi fa
@Cartèl you gotta give them credit when it is due .. I also wanted Dortmund to win but unfortunately they are 🤡🤡 .. It is their fault .. Kudos to Bayern.
Rhazes 4 mesi fa
@Cartèl why are u here🤡
Chardon Crepu
Chardon Crepu 4 mesi fa
The phone of Muller sorrounded by the others players iconic image
Tom Andrews
Tom Andrews 4 mesi fa
Musiala will be remembered the most for the league winning strike but Kingsley Coman's goal was crazy. Bayern fans are hardly celebrating at the end. They look completely indifferent 🤔
yonathan W
yonathan W 4 mesi fa
Ive been sayin for quite a long time, Coman is an underrated player. he really is amazing. well done Bayern ❤🤍
Coman 👌🏼😎
Igor 4 mesi fa
Coman is great, he is way better than Gnabry
matt zam
matt zam 4 mesi fa
100%. since when he came with costa, I’ve always thought of them as easily one of the best 1v1 wingers. They’re literally what we want in our wingers on fifa. Pace, acceleration and top speed
Hussain Painter
Hussain Painter 4 mesi fa
Most importantly he is a clutch player. You can always count on him to show up in important matches
Thomas Hack
Thomas Hack 4 mesi fa
I watched Bayern's game and Dortmund's game at the same time and watched as Musiala scores and Dortmund flop. The most two stressful games of my like. LETS GO BAYERN!
addison fung
addison fung 4 mesi fa
Gnabry......Musialaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Man, I can totally feel Martin Tyler saying that!! What a way to win the Bundesliga Title. Alls well that ends well for Bayern Munich after all!! LOVE YOU GUYS!! #MIASANMIA
Cornellius Dimas Berlin
But they lost 2 their prior target, DFB Pokal and CL, they could win the title because their rival is a joke team like BOTTLEMUND
Leonardo 4 mesi fa
Si el Borussia no aprovecho, era obvio que el Bayern no lo dejaría pasar, felicidades al Bayern, aunque sigue doliendo el empate
Mark Heitz
Mark Heitz 4 mesi fa
Well done to All Bayern Munich & congratulations to the fan's all the world
A W 4 mesi fa
I want to congratulate Bayern on their 30847th staged Bundesliga title in a row and the DFL for a wonderfully balanced league, keeping it interesting for all and where it is hard to determine whether Bayern or Bayern will win it.
Arian Mahmutaj
Arian Mahmutaj 4 mesi fa
I went crazy when musiala scored that goal a very crazy day it was, come on Bayern
TookHerToTheO 4 mesi fa
Congrats to Bayern, AGAIN! However, I cannot believe Dortmund started so lethargic and played so poorly for majority of their game. The pressure got to them. I’m devastated for Reus b
Kevin Tobing
Kevin Tobing 4 mesi fa
Thank you Coman and Musiala. Also, Muller running celebrating while still checking his phone 🤣
Nishank Verma
Nishank Verma 4 mesi fa
Musiala is really a top class ball controller and dribbler
Blader LPG
Blader LPG 4 mesi fa
it's really amazing, can't describe the feeling of dortmund ..
Warren Sanchez
Warren Sanchez 4 mesi fa
11 years in a row is just plain crazy
Mhajan 4 mesi fa
I thought it's all over for Bayern. Feels like miracle.
X X 4 mesi fa
Happy for FC Bayern, specially for players like Sommer and other first title.
MBE official
MBE official 4 mesi fa
What a turn and shot from Jamal ✨️✨️
XJ_LEGEND_7573 4 mesi fa
Hasib GamingYT
Hasib GamingYT 4 mesi fa
What a victory ✌️ Bayern
Neo 4 mesi fa
Wow, wow, wow…And that Ladies and Gentleman, is how you win Titles :0) Reminds me of that last gasp winner by Aguero, way back in 2012 and it doesn’t get more exciting than this and two great goals from Coman and Musiala. Certainly been through the wringer this Season and this must serve as a wake-up call….. This Season, the worst Football I have seen us play for a long time. I also cannot see what difference Tuchel has made, but with the summer to work on it, hopefully that will improve…a lot!!! Because it needs to.. A World Class Defensive Midfield Player and definitely a World Class Striker, needed for next Season, not to mention a wake-up call. This was the most satisfying Title since the first one, 11 seasons ago. On a footnote: Nice to see the Fans getting hold of the Miestershalle Trophy and to see it being shared around, as it should be. Can you imagine that happening in the PL?! Someone would nick it within 30 seconds. Also, nice to see Bayern Players paying tribute to the two Koln Plyers that are leaving/retiring. Much respect. But….Well-done Bayern! “Mia San Mia” :0)
Cornellius Dimas Berlin
This is just happened because your team title rival is the ULTIMATE BOTTLEMUND 🤣
Seth Williams
Seth Williams 4 mesi fa
"worst season in a while" tell that to southampton
Messerstolfo 4 mesi fa
when neuer is back in the team and we sign a clinical striker i think things will start looking up again.
Neo 4 mesi fa
@Cornellius Dimas Berlin And because Bayern are not :0)
Neo 4 mesi fa
@Seth Williams Good point...Maybe I should have added, "For Bayern", that was the worst Football, for a while, ever, lol
John Gachugu
John Gachugu 4 mesi fa
Even though I am a Bayern Munich fan in the Bundesliga and I predicted that last week they would win the Bundesliga title, Borussia Dortmund would have ended Bayern's dominance by winning the Bundesliga title as they deserved to win it today ended up drawing with Mainz while Bayern Munich scored in the 89th minute through Jamal Musiala. I really feel bad for Marco Reus who has never won the Bundesliga title since when he left Borussia Monchengladbach in 2012 as he was on the bench today together with Jude Bellingham, all in all this is football there is a winner and loser and the winners are the fans 🫡🫡🫡🫡👏👏👏👏👏. Congrats to Bayern Munich and most importantly congrats to Borussia Dortmund for putting up a fight till the end.
ბლე ბლე
Coman is 26 years old and has won 11 league titles already
mak cine
mak cine 4 mesi fa
12 titles 8 bundesliga 2 serie a and 2 ligue 1
Zayden 4 mesi fa
Lmao I'm crying this man has 11 Bundesliga While Dortmund has 8 😂😂😂😂😂literally a banter club
Godwin Onah
Godwin Onah 4 mesi fa
​@mak cine what of UCL?
Lewis McConkey
Lewis McConkey 4 mesi fa
@Godwin Onahhe’s won the champions league aswell and scored the winner in the final lol
The Revolution
The Revolution 4 mesi fa
Geile Siech, Sommer!!! 🤝 🇨🇭 🤟
Mandar Bhosale
Mandar Bhosale 4 mesi fa
Musiala had a Aguerooo moment... Wow so similar... But still different vibes since they win it everyday
gichris gahlia
gichris gahlia 4 mesi fa
as a bayern fan, i actually wanted bayern to lose so we can have a reason to do a major overhaul and rest. i think some of the players feel complacent and a kick into reality would have lit a fire under them.
Сергей Лем
Безумный расклад 🔥🔥🔥💪🏻
Zidandy 4 mesi fa
Bayern win the title again at 1/100000 odds! Incredible!
DarthSparhawk 4 mesi fa
Terminator team, never gives up.
Feno Rizky Vilando
Hampir saja seperti di pertandingan EPL musim lalu, tetapi tetap Bayern adalah Rajanya Bundesliga. Bersyukur tidak bertemu Barcelona di grup UCL
Neville Kibwanga
Musiala is a beast👐🏿🔥
Ahmad Altibi
Ahmad Altibi 4 mesi fa
Wow what a tragedy!! Being a Bayern fan I don’t see it fair for Bayern to win the Bundesliga again! It’s all Dortmund mistakes over and over again! Unbelievable from Dortmund! They had many chances this season but they refused to make it happen. I feel sorry for 💛 especially for the Captain Rues he deserves a big title at least! Hard luck BVB💛🖤💛 Congrats FCB❤🤍❤️
Artorious 4 mesi fa
I love this club! ❤🎉
91aprox 91aprox
91aprox 91aprox 4 mesi fa
Am happy for Thomas Tuchel👏👍 he deserve it the most than Dortmund
jean LOZES
jean LOZES 4 mesi fa
les deux meilleurs joueurs de l' équipe ont marqué...
Matthew 4 mesi fa
Musiala's such a special player
Edgar Melkonyan
Edgar Melkonyan 4 mesi fa
01:55 fantastic moment
Tyson_ West
Tyson_ West 4 mesi fa
How else can Dortmund break my heart 💔
Rafi Hussaini
Rafi Hussaini 4 mesi fa
That first touch is magnetic jeez!
Rishav Singh A/31
1:01 The Ultimate Bayern Dominance 🎉🎉🎉
Muhammad Hamzah
Muhammad Hamzah 4 mesi fa
Incredible Jamal musiala 🎉❤
Ayush Singh
Ayush Singh 4 mesi fa
Lots of Love to Bayern from India on winning the title for the 11 time .. This is what #MiaSanMia is all about
okeee 4 mesi fa
Musiala shot was amazing
Anthony R
Anthony R 4 mesi fa
Dortmund have blown it in front of the WORLD! unbelievable.
MimM 4 mesi fa
As a neutral I prefered Dortmund to win, but this is the kind of spectacle that simultaneous games can produce.
Mason Dangol
Mason Dangol 4 mesi fa
Dortmund have done all they can it finished 2-2. Meanwhile Bayern are still alive here Gnabry , Musialaaaaaaaaaaa I swear you'll never see like this ever again.... ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Alternate Cavs
Alternate Cavs 4 mesi fa
Poundland aguero
MimM 4 mesi fa
It reminded me of the Agueroooo commentary too.
FyreNinja 4 mesi fa
@Alternate Cavs lmao
Finja Scherer
Finja Scherer 4 mesi fa
​@Alternate Cavsr🎉
Mason Dangol
Mason Dangol 4 mesi fa
@MimM yup what a moment it was ❤️❤️
S S 4 mesi fa
Congrats Bayern 💪🏽
Tanaka Sitaraga, S.E.
Puji Tuhan... Akhirnya Bayern Munchen Juara Bundesliga Jerman 2023... Gelar Juara ke-33... Juara 11 Tahun Berturut-turut (2013-2023)... 20 Tahun Menjadi Fans, Ini Penentuan Gelar Juara yang Paling Dramatis & Mendebarkan... (Total Poin Sama dengan Peringkat 2 & Hanya Unggul Selisih Gol)... "MIA SAN MIA" From Indonesia
Congrats to Bayern ❤
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