Best Black Friday 2019 Deals - LIVE! (Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Target!)

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This year I wanted to live stream how I find all my favorite deals on Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart + more! Come join me and save! ↓↓ Click "show more" for the DEAL LINKS FOR TODAY ↓↓
Top 50 Deals At Amazon: bit.ly/2slZzb6
Top 46 Deals Overall: bit.ly/33xspSW
Top 10 TV Deals Overall: bit.ly/2OvAjI3
All other deals updated around the clock: mattsdailydeals.com/product/top-black-friday-deals/

**The above contains an affiliate link. If you buy something through this link I may get a small share of the sale. (You're helping me buy diapers for my new baby, so thank you)
In this live stream The Deal Guy is finding the best black friday deals this 2019 season! We are hunting tech deals and normal deals for Walmart, Amazon, Target and Best Buy! These black friday deals are some of the best of 2019 black friday!
Don't miss out!
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Commenti 59
john mcmurray
john mcmurray 5 mesi fa
youz guys rock
Deion Jackson
Deion Jackson 7 mesi fa
love the cool vibes content and saving deals you and your lovely wife are giving to us thankyou very much
Kingston Teall
Kingston Teall 7 mesi fa
Christina Giggle
Thank you
Nosh Hed
Nosh Hed 7 mesi fa
5 hours, wwwwehhhhhhooooooo, y'all went deep deep
Viv Mac
Viv Mac 7 mesi fa
Any good deals on cases for tablets & phones? Thank for all that you do, love the enthusiasm!🙏
cornell 749
cornell 749 7 mesi fa
John Hoyt
John Hoyt 7 mesi fa
Matt, You mentioned that the Mario Cart Bundle on the Nintendo Switch is the older version with the least powerful battery....but how do you know when you’re at a store that the Switch you’re buying is the newer version?
Tony 7 mesi fa
The FitBit Versa 2 is available several places for under $150.
Moon Dawg
Moon Dawg 7 mesi fa
Size matters!
Jacob Wilfong
Jacob Wilfong 7 mesi fa
Biniam Gaming
Biniam Gaming 7 mesi fa
I regret buying the beats earphones. They’re extremely horrible
Jason Evans
Jason Evans 7 mesi fa
Thanks for the information!
Roslain Rolf
Roslain Rolf 7 mesi fa
Doing a great job
Donna Battles
Donna Battles 7 mesi fa
Thanks Matt and Daria!!
Yuan Tronz
Yuan Tronz 7 mesi fa
5 hrs, wow.
Ronnie Jeffers
Ronnie Jeffers 7 mesi fa
Was late but just watched video you guys put in a lot of work that most don't see live stream was great
Aaron D
Aaron D 7 mesi fa
I did get the Echo Show 5
purna karanam
purna karanam 7 mesi fa
Good one
purna karanam
purna karanam 7 mesi fa
Amazon best deals are here
Pat Hairiston
Pat Hairiston 7 mesi fa
is there any deal for the iphone 11 pro outside of just activating with a new provider?
Blessed Girl
Blessed Girl 7 mesi fa
Yay 🎉
Cyn Dad
Cyn Dad 7 mesi fa
Karina Holmes
Karina Holmes 7 mesi fa
Live stream was awesome thank guys, ya did great
prisca oceane
prisca oceane 7 mesi fa
I need a good tv deal
Redonna Leckie
Redonna Leckie 7 mesi fa
Have a blessed day!
Kelly Wolfe
Kelly Wolfe 7 mesi fa
Is there a comparison and affordable..... iPad and pencil ..... like the one from Apple that you would recommend my daughter keeps talking about it but it is way out of any price range in our reality ...... thank you ... 💜💚💟💛💙
Jeff 7 mesi fa
Thanks for all the hard work to both of you. God bless you both. 😇❤🙏
Kelly Wolfe
Kelly Wolfe 7 mesi fa
My mom has been wanting a firestick that's what everyone tells her she needs 💜💚💟💛💙
Deltonious 7 mesi fa
Look up how to jail break it
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez 7 mesi fa
Happy thanksgiving to you and your family . There’s so much good things to buy . Thank you so much for what to buy and what not to.
Kelly Wolfe
Kelly Wolfe 7 mesi fa
I know what you mean about going broke I don't even have stockings yet and I have a 9 year old girl and a 14 year old boy and we took in another boy who is also 14 and it is only me and my mom so it's definitely going to be a hard this year 💟 happy holidays to you and your family 💜💚💟💛💙
Paul Braccini
Paul Braccini 7 mesi fa
Where's the best place to but the Samsung Note 10+?
Doug Cline
Doug Cline 7 mesi fa
Did you already mention Car Jump Starters?
xjm40 7 mesi fa
I need new tv and xbox please...hint hint... I am very broke
Quincy X
Quincy X 7 mesi fa
I owe you an apology about the 50"tv from Wal-Mart I just ordered it from your website. I pick it up tomorrow. Sorry I said you must be working with Wal-Mart.
Leah Pellegrin
Leah Pellegrin 7 mesi fa
Thank you Thank you so much Matt! I just was able to order the last #1 TV deal at Walmart! Love this channel! ❤️ Also do you know of any mattress deals?
Shayan Abbas
Shayan Abbas 7 mesi fa
Bruh this is dedication...subscribed from the ad
Tarek Atkins
Tarek Atkins 7 mesi fa
Your voice is about 25 seconds ahead of your video
Michael Mount
Michael Mount 7 mesi fa
how about alexa compatible plugs for the visually impaired
Seth Totten
Seth Totten 7 mesi fa
Where is the best place to get a deal on 75 inch or bigger 4k tv
Loretta Brown
Loretta Brown 7 mesi fa
Apple TV 4k
TheScannergeek 7 mesi fa
Sonos products ?
Darnell Evans Sr
What about the iPad Pro 12 inch?
tai_ tai
tai_ tai 7 mesi fa
Hi Matt and Daria! Im here for the deals yahhh! And how is Myra, the cutest baby in the world!
Darnell Evans Sr
Do they still sell 1080 P TVs?
Debbie Wright
Debbie Wright 7 mesi fa
Just so you know you are talking and the sound has some catching up
Tom Vanacore
Tom Vanacore 7 mesi fa
Any Coredy robot vacuum deals?
Nargis Chogle
Nargis Chogle 7 mesi fa
Hello!!! I’m so excited to watch the live stream!
Scott F.
Scott F. 7 mesi fa
Good stuff...
Andrew Kheir
Andrew Kheir 7 mesi fa
Love your videos!
VD Query
VD Query 7 mesi fa
anything surround sound?
Stephen Egli
Stephen Egli 7 mesi fa
Next year...modify your cameras so both of you are of equal distance in the scene
VD Query
VD Query 7 mesi fa
Hey Matt, got a good price for a vizio 5.1.2 soundbar with atoms?
TnCouponer 7 mesi fa
Enjoyed the live stream. Thank you Matt & Daria..
Comatoasted 7 mesi fa
I forgot this was still being casted to my tv from when you were live earlier and the stream just restarted by itself at full volume! Dariha you scared the %$&@ out of me! can't wait to see what you guys have for us on monday.
Robin Steffes
Robin Steffes 7 mesi fa
You two are so adorable!
FERNIE115 7 mesi fa
Daria you are soooooo beautiful. Take care and great job.
Pat Hairiston
Pat Hairiston 7 mesi fa
Is a Toshiba better than Amazon's TCL tv deal?
Jim Nelson
Jim Nelson 7 mesi fa
I'm am looking for wyze products
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