Best Budget Camera In 2019?

Peter Lindgren
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Best Budget Camera In 2019?
Is this the best budget camera in 2019? i personally think that the Sony a6000 is one of the best cameras i've used in that price range.
BUY THE A6000: geni.us/DRyq8
Hope you'll enjoy!
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Anish Rajah
Anish Rajah Anno fa
Literally use the same camera!!! 💯 agree with you. Also I use a 40.5 VND so I can do 1/50 shutter speed at 24fps and the quality is amazing!!! Also use a Sony ECM-XYST1M mic for audio!!!
Anish Rajah
Anish Rajah 10 mesi fa
@Ammar Hazim Since the A6000 doesn't have an mic Jack, it only works through the hotshoe. The mic isn't amazing since the A6000 doesn't have a way to change the audio levels so usually I edit the audio
Ammar Hazim
Ammar Hazim 10 mesi fa
Does the mic only use the hotshoe ? U don't hv to do any post processing?
man I love your accent
GameTRY 2 mesi fa
1:42 is acually where he starts talking about camera
fearghalhughes 3 mesi fa
More Photo tutorials :D
Omar Al Shareif
Omar Al Shareif 4 mesi fa
This was published on my birthday
Miya sama
Miya sama 4 mesi fa
Happy birthday.
Greg jeanyus
Greg jeanyus 5 mesi fa
super confusing! talk about the camera of your focus! BUDGET CAMERA
Mahinder H. 360 VR World Tour Guide
Since 2019 the Sony A7ii full frame on sale $899 and with 50mm 1.8 for $1100. Very good at low light. Very good buy. Even better price if you don’t mind a used one. Cheaper price then canon mirrorsless.
Albin Odén
Albin Odén 6 mesi fa
Tack för hjälpen, broshan 👍
Daniel Quirós
Daniel Quirós 6 mesi fa
I watched the part of the video when you search on the phone the Price of the Canon EOS RP, like 7 times trying to "get" the pronunciation...
Lachsoos 7 mesi fa
You dont need so many batteries like Peter said in the video. I have the camera and if i shoot a full day 3 batteries will be enough. and if not you can charge the batteries with a powerbank while you are on a trip. Little Correction right here
Naveen kattimani
Lol do tou think it's budget camera! Ahahag
Robin Varghese
Robin Varghese 7 mesi fa
Bro little help with selecting a mirror less camera..pls
Aravind.R Aravind.R
Love it so much you are all the 💓 editing tutorials, thumbnail, shooting style ,b..... roles drone shooting ...... More and more like it keep 💯💪 going man 👊 -
F.O.M. Media
F.O.M. Media 7 mesi fa
I think Video tutorial is good. I Personally like those.
Travel Thai Cinematic
I really look forward you put on a test on sony alpha a9 mk 2.. can't wait ^^
danskbb 7 mesi fa
more b-roll bakom kulisserna!
Peter Lindgren
Peter Lindgren 7 mesi fa
مرتضى جلال حسن
Make more photo bro
Spectacular Spider-man
I still think that ill go for panasonic g7
Tenzy Dee
Tenzy Dee 9 mesi fa
You are funny 😆
As we all know that a6000 doesn't have mic output,how did you manage to shoot that b-roll sequence with perfect sounds(water splitting by tyre, rotating of the wheel)? I'm planning to buy an alpha a6000. My need is to shoot street,landscape, portraits and kind of B-roll ! But confused as a6000 doesn't have a mic output ! Please help :) -From India
trouvaille - by Aamir
You must do a tutorial about handheld shooting. I struggle so much, it looks alright when I playback on camera screen but on a big screen like computer I realize how shitty the footage turned out to be..
M Irfan Syarif H
Well Peter, i love the way you said "don`t forget to sakibdas89(*^*(&ASbdasbdk Subsribe" haha that`s sound unique! keep it.
MorrisonFam 9 mesi fa
cool vid thanks
Ansley Reilly
Ansley Reilly 9 mesi fa
"in 2019, this list helped me decide for the best compact camera *scafe.shop/tbc2019?aW* hope it helps you out too!"
Pascal Pascal
Pascal Pascal 9 mesi fa
How does it compare to the iphone 11 camera for static videos (talking infront of the camera)?
Brad Darnell
Brad Darnell 9 mesi fa
Can I hook my tascam up to it for great audio?
mills 9 mesi fa
what if I’m more focused on video and not video?
-Visii- 10 mesi fa
Has anyone ever asked you if you played guitar for Opeth? Lol.
Peter Lindgren
Peter Lindgren 10 mesi fa
Yes, plenty of times 😂
Shiba 10 mesi fa
Cheapest mirrorless full frame Sony a 7
Just Jack
Just Jack 10 mesi fa
ta de pana banana
Joshua Sherman
Joshua Sherman 10 mesi fa
I'm have no aspirations to be a filmaker or creator. Would someone please recommend a recorder for just documenting things, and recording nice unedited footage? Is it a GoPro?
Peter Lindgren
Peter Lindgren 10 mesi fa
A goPro or DJI Osmo Action is probably gonna be a great fit!
Loser-sama 10 mesi fa
Meh, not worth it, sony e glass is mostly garbage untill you put a real budget on it... go for mircro 4/3 guys.
The TexPat in Saigon
I have a5100's. It's virtually same as the a6000 sans viewfinder. In lieu of the viewfinder, you get a flip up selfie screen like the a6100s and up now have. It is also a touch-to-focus camera. I always shoot separate sound, so the lack of a mic input doesn't bother me at all. I have 2 of them now. One lives full-time on a gimbal and the auto-focus is great. The other is used on tripods, and in a variety of other ways. I paid $575 for both with the Sony kit 16-50mm. I really think the a6000 is a good choice too, but for vlogging and gimbal, I think the a5100 is more useful. Good show, I enjoyed your point of view on the topic.
SuperMarioGabe 10 mesi fa
Sorry but I think the best budget camera is the Panasonic g85. If you can’t afford that then it’s the canon M50, or Panasonic g7
Abhi D Music
Abhi D Music 10 mesi fa
g7 for sure .
Toto Chiba
Toto Chiba 10 mesi fa
No doubt. Coz i still have one 😂
HawksNest 10 mesi fa
0:08 I use my cameras just for the audio 🤓
Akmal Aziman
Akmal Aziman 10 mesi fa
You can't even attached a Rode mic into this Sony A6000. How is this worth it?
Akanbi Lincoln
Akanbi Lincoln 10 mesi fa
Hello sir? Very good content. My problem with a6000 it's overheating, that's all, apart of that I'm really pleased with it, even it's what I used for pay job, both photo and video. Because of its versatility, I drop my Canon FF cos I'm satisfied with it image quality. Please, any hack for the overheating and it's new Sony a6100 HD video better than a6000?
Obinna Eva Garu
Obinna Eva Garu 10 mesi fa
Hi Brother, i dunno if this helps but i found somewhere in the comment section, someone recommended pulling the screen from the body so the heat can evade.
ZERO 10 mesi fa
Peter you should try canon m50
BandOfBros 10 mesi fa
Would be a nice camera if Sony didn't have such a piece of shit handeling. When I bought the sony a6500 I sold it within 4 or 5 months, absolutely hated shooting with it.
OGtalks 10 mesi fa
The a6100 has a mic jack . Personally I’d leave the a6000 in the past and buy the a6100. Great post !! 🙏🏼🙏🏼✌🏼✌🏼
cammy chose
cammy chose 10 mesi fa
i have sony a6000 with 35 mm 1.8 it's perfect
Sw4gga McMuffin
Sw4gga McMuffin 10 mesi fa
breh......panasonic gx80
Chris Au
Chris Au 10 mesi fa
What's your take on the a5100 with the flip screen?
Peres Dixon
Peres Dixon 10 mesi fa
Nope the Sony A7 is the cheapest full frame camera,it is still for sale in England,£850 with 28-70 lens.
Yatone 10 mesi fa
Worth mentioning that if you want an option with 4k recording at 24 frames per second, check out the Canon Sl3. I've had this baby for sometime now and it does not dissappoint ;) Great video still!
Oscar López
Oscar López 10 mesi fa
What lens you used on this video?
Bigodiz 10 mesi fa
naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa canon m6 mk 2 bro....
Yash Gupta
Yash Gupta 10 mesi fa
Have tried out the eos rp recently, yeah it's pretty good for the price considering it's a full frame.
Deni Yudha
Deni Yudha 10 mesi fa
Have you ever try nikon z6?
Karol Ren.
Karol Ren. 10 mesi fa
A71 is cheapest but best deal is a7ii (2)
Emin macit
Emin macit 10 mesi fa
What do you think about Fujifilm x-t100 for recording
FreaKdull [Bangla Bawal]
How do you color grade plz tell me please
NepShoot 10 mesi fa
I am waiting this camera.
The Most Awesome DMC
I got the Canon M50 for the autofocus and the flip-out screen. The dual-pixel focus (or whatever it is called) is superior. And it has the mic jack. So for vlogging or making "talking head" youtube videos, I would say the Canon M50 is superior (for more action style filming I would not know). Just pop a Røde mic on top there and you are good to go! Picture wise I am guessing Sony is better, but I would not know. But as a starter camera which is very versatile without breaking the bank, I think the M50 is better if you will do more filming than pictures (especially due to the superior autofocus!). Of course, the 4K of the M50 is not great (lots of focus hunting) and only 50fps at most in 1080. But for the flip-out, mic jack, and superior autofocus, the M50 would be my recommendation for those starting out (simply easier and less hassle, so remove some of the technical hurdles for noobs like myself).
Tjhandra GTV
Tjhandra GTV 10 mesi fa
What about the lens ? Is there any budget e-mount lenses(lenses for this camera or a6000) becuz I searched for it and most of them were like $100 or more.
Jeff2ey Gelaga
Jeff2ey Gelaga 10 mesi fa
Sigma 30mm f1.4 ,thanks me later.
Sakhr Noman
Sakhr Noman 10 mesi fa
suped 👍
Louis Luzuka
Louis Luzuka 10 mesi fa
loved your insights, I was going to get the a7 but I'll seriously look into these because they're really good prices right now, I don't need mic because it'll be a b or c cam, love it! much love from Vancouver Canada *subbed* !!
OAP travel diary
OAP travel diary 10 mesi fa
The thing is that the camera are only a tool..... If I use a RED and Peter use an a6000 his videos will still be superior
saiba.moe 10 mesi fa
overheating cameras again?!
Now i see
Now i see 10 mesi fa
3:49 that bicep
Paul McCarthy
Paul McCarthy 10 mesi fa
Best camera for shooting pics for the money even after being 5 years old.
Darith Beng
Darith Beng 10 mesi fa
The only thing is I have to keep buying OSS Lens haha
iamAK 10 mesi fa
Hi... Canon M50 and Sony a6100, which one is the best option to buy... Please reply me
Gad Ong
Gad Ong 10 mesi fa
Amardeep Pawar
Amardeep Pawar 10 mesi fa
gift me a6400 please
Melvin Yadiel Vega
I have a question is the battery rechargeable because you maked it sound like it isn't.
Melvin Yadiel Vega
@Peter Lindgren thank you a lot
Peter Lindgren
Peter Lindgren 10 mesi fa
Yes it is!
Wirya Funte
Wirya Funte 10 mesi fa
Subscribe cause of a6000 user hand's up
Dimitri Zacher
Dimitri Zacher 11 mesi fa
You just safed me from a 900€ beginner mistake!!!!! I got the a6000 and wanted to buy a 6400 because i thought my gear holds me back, but now i will stay with the a6000 until i got my other skills polished. Thank you!!!!
Aku Zine Eddine
Aku Zine Eddine 11 mesi fa
I Really have hard time choosing my first camera, between a6000 and 200d, cuz i used the canon 200d much but i don't like the low light sensitivity on it but canon lenses in my country are affordable, i think this a6000 is better and here the body is cheaper than the 200d but i haven't used it yet and the lens E-mount in my country are more expensive, plus i am more drawn to sony cameras .....hard choice, cuz i am thinking that my next camera after the a6000 would be the a6500. overthinking i know XD i wish someone could shed some light on the matter. anyone used them both ?
Aku Zine Eddine
Aku Zine Eddine 11 mesi fa
i wish u used it to film this video it would be better..although u can't hold it while talking but it's okey .
Rudolf Abelin
Rudolf Abelin 11 mesi fa
Hej Peter! I don't agree! I would say an Olympus OM-D E-M10 II. That is more of a real camera, but smaller. Don't forget the brilliant IBIS (stabilization), a beginner want that when shooting handheld video. Lenses are much more worth the price and there is a ton of them new and used. In Sweden one the larger retailers just sold it for sub $500 with a kit lens. It is not "plasticy", it's a magnesium chassis. Don't forget that the lenses on the A6000, though the same mount, will not move with you if you shift up to a full frame. Greetings from Lund :-)
Achmad Marendes
Achmad Marendes 11 mesi fa
Subbed. Greetings from Jakarta
Bipin Shrestha
Bipin Shrestha 11 mesi fa
Sony a6400+sigma 16mm Is it good for photos and videos???
Peter Lindgren
Peter Lindgren 11 mesi fa
Yes, but if you're gonna shoot a lot handheld I would be cautious with that combo since it doesn't have any stabilization!
ozan ada
ozan ada Anno fa
lovely video! I am using a Lumix FZ80 4K and my very first camera. It works pretty fine on daylight for 290$. I am into videography. I was think next time on budget getting a used A6300 or new A6000 or Lumix GX85. What is your opinion?
Amol Raj
Amol Raj Anno fa
Best 10k binoculars
OC Imaging
OC Imaging Anno fa
I think I’ll eventually want to move over to Sony, absolutely amazing. I definitely think you should do photography tutorials going forward 👍🏾
Creative 7 Inc
Definitely going to have to look into this camera! loved the test shots featured
ant billionz
ant billionz 10 mesi fa
Creative 7 Inc I use the a6000 for video over my Panasonic g7 the 1080p xavcs footage is a higher quality than my g7 4K . The footage from the a6000 looks amazing fresh out of the box
Strix XX
Strix XX Anno fa
Nikon d5600 or a6000 ? For low light /astrophotography landscapes and portraits
Jonas Gaute
Jonas Gaute Anno fa
More photo! What to photograph in your own surrounding? "street photo" when you dont live in a big city, tends to be quite dull
Md. Rezaul Islam
Very nice video sir......
Md. Rezaul Islam
Sir can I buy this camera online on the side and if you know the link online you can give me, thank you.
T-Stops Photography
Yessss definitely do photos as well!
louay ben hamida
this is how you make a review , i love your work , and i love when u go '' laralaralaralralralralra '' when u miss the pronunciation x)
Jeff Kenerly
Jeff Kenerly Anno fa
Sony a7ii with kit lens and Sony a7body are under $1000
Mohammad Anas
Do more videos on Photos!
Max Power
Max Power Anno fa
Sony a7ii is the cheapest!
Kyle Vollaers
Just found your channel! Great work dude!
Mohamed Hamdy
Yes please some more photography tutorials, especially editing process 😁😁
Brainy Khagokpam
Also bro please do mobile photography..if u have extra time..
Oh Avery
Oh Avery Anno fa
Definitely more photo tutorials! Keep up the good work!
Sean Concannon
THIS is the camera and lens that I always recommend to anyone who wants to get started in photography or even filmmaking....brilliant camera and such incredible value!!!!!
Robert MacDonald
Hey Peter, Appreciate the shoutout and love the channel! The photo tutorials would be cool and keep on creating!
Aman Chandra
Aman Chandra Anno fa
Plzz make a video on Hyperlapse ! You make really good videos ! Congrats
JT Fuller
JT Fuller Anno fa
Peter, no sponsors yet. I am surprised. You are killing it man. I am so happy for you dude.. Great content bro...
#Hey bruh !... I recommend u to not reveal the name of camera right in ur thumbnail... So most of them will not click on the video.... U should keep it suspense nd make them to click on video....!
@Peter Lindgren u revealed sony... So most of the sony users think... (Anything in sony im happy) ... Canon users wont click on vid because they think ... (Its not canon so i wont 😒)... so bro no matter how good content is... The whole thing matters in thumbnail and title in which youtube starts recommend to all... Hope ull improve nxt time..! 💥
Peter Lindgren
It isn't revealed In the thumbnail. Can be any camera from a6000 to A6600:)
Vishwajith Vijayabaskar
sony does have a special mic made for the multi interface shoe. Nice vid as usual!! keep going! do you think this is better than the eos m50?
ant billionz
ant billionz 10 mesi fa
@Vishwajith Vijayabaskar I never use the st 100
Vishwajith Vijayabaskar
@ant billionz oh nice...is the xt 100 more worth it (it is cheaper than the a6000 in my country)
ant billionz
ant billionz 10 mesi fa
Vishwajith Vijayabaskar I took my m50 back because the footage was the same as my t3i lol yeah the Sony is by far better
Gerald Joehri
As much as I love Sony, but in my opinion, the best Budget Cam is still the EOS M50. Flipscreen and you can plug in an ext. Mic. My recent video is completely shot with the M50 and a Canon 22mm f2.
Choo Khai Wen
My friend planning for years to buy a6000 ans now still saving money for it 😂
ant billionz
ant billionz 10 mesi fa
Wow it cost about 250 bucks lol
Emilio Q Lozano
yes do photo tutorials. Also do you have a color grading tutorial?
Can you make a tutorial how to edit your footage from a6000 like your byclice video ? Im a sony a6000 user too.
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