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What is the best camera 2019 - Which would I buy today for my work. It should be good for landscape photography and for filmmaking.
Nikon Z6 / Z7* amzn.to/2Pg1Jkd
Canon Eos R* amzn.to/2KJ7qYW
Sony a7III / a7RIII* amzn.to/2Ky7Cdw
Fujifilm XT 3* amzn.to/2VTcoUg
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Camera and video editing: Ludwig Baessler
Production and director: Benjamin Jaworskyj
Easy learn photography with adventure photographer Benjamin Jaworskyj
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Sony A7RII*➡️ amzn.to/2B9fJ9n
Sony 16-35 4.0 ➡️ amzn.to/2HyC065
San Disk 64 GB Karte* ➡️ amzn.to/2RiT9Ac
Fotorucksack EVOC 18L* ➡️amzn.to/2UmyE82
L-Bracket* ➡️ amzn.to/2RTpKli
Ersatzakku Sony a7RII * ➡️amzn.to/2RiMHcA
Phorex by #jaworskyj ND Filter single round* ➡️ bit.ly/2HAjHxD
Phorex by #jaworskyj ND Filter round SET * ➡️ bit.ly/2MEdUWI
Phorex by #jaworskyj Polarizer *➡️ bit.ly/2B6TBN3
Phorex by #jaworskyj ND Filter Pro Set Square* ➡️ bit.ly/2ROufxL
Phorex by #jaworskyj Graduated Filter Pro Set *➡️ bit.ly/2MAjSYn
Phorex by #jaworskyj Polarizer 86mm for Pro SET *➡️bit.ly/2sPa0RK
Links to filmmaking gear I use ⤵️
Sony a7SII* amzn.to/2CSfu1j
Neewer Shoulder Rig* amzn.to/2FusbkA
Sony 16-35 4.0* amzn.to/2CVaw3S
Sigma 50mm 1.4* amzn.to/2D3noJe
Samyang 85 1,4* amzn.to/2qVBlDn
Haida Variable ND Filter* amzn.to/2qZq3hA
Pilotfly H2 Gimbal* amzn.to/2qU9a7X
Sennheißer AVX* amzn.to/2DlH5ZL
Sony a6000* amzn.to/2D7e8Dq
Samyang 12mm 2.0* amzn.to/2FwR2Ef
Sony Microphone* amzn.to/2EALp6J
Step Up Rings for Filter Diameter* amzn.to/2EDF7n8
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Commenti 281
Ultra Gamer • 72 years ago
Now waiting for the 2020
Britt Byler
Britt Byler 24 giorni fa
are your courses free
Giancarlowijman 24 giorni fa
in belgium the sony a7 III is 3100 euro with the kitlens 2020
KriZ MidHun
KriZ MidHun 27 giorni fa
Hy, i got my sony A6400 Camera yesterday, i think i need to learn lot more
the okizen company
Sony A7III for videos and photos.
Nassif Visuals
You missed the big detail that Fuji can shoot at 10-bit internally at any resolution/framerate , other cameras has a ton of restrinction and requiers an external recorder that costs almos 1000€ more. Fuji XT3 i think is the perfect, for that price
suckgames Mese fa
Have you actually tried these cameras that you are recommending?
Rozsa the newbie radiologist
It's a shame that Fujifilm XT3 ended up with "CONS" only... :)
C. Ricardo.
C. Ricardo. 2 mesi fa
Hola desde República Dominicana 🇩🇴
Rechelle Ann Uao
How about canon eos 77d sir? Is it good for a beginner like me? I appreciate it if you will answer my question😊. Thank you.
علم دیل
علم دیل 2 mesi fa
i'm a beginner and i'm looking for a good camera with less expensive quality ... help i choose the canon 350d or canon 1000d or canon 1100d or powershot?
samsung gamer
samsung gamer 2 mesi fa
2020 video
Jordan Haynes
Jordan Haynes 2 mesi fa
Are “kit” lenses cheap and not as good as purchasing separately?
Shajol Islam
Shajol Islam 3 mesi fa
@benjamin help me out, which camera i should buy for landscape photography lenses too?
Emojimatt 3 mesi fa
Naples Italy all the way
Carlos Alarcon
Carlos Alarcon 3 mesi fa
Hi Ben Love to hear your opinion about the Canon 5D versusthe Sony 7 III
Eric Dillon II
Eric Dillon II 3 mesi fa
Please Help!!!! I am currently looking to get another camera, I have the Canon SL2, do you think the Sony A7II is an upgrade as far as stills go? I like the XT-3 but I'm trying to get into a full frame. The Sony A7II keeps going on sale for like $900-1,000 which is 1/2 the price of the A7III.
Sir Ad
Sir Ad 3 mesi fa
Hi I have a question please answer me
Deluxe Edition
Deluxe Edition 3 mesi fa
Technical OMAR
Technical OMAR 3 mesi fa
JustAMessenger 3 mesi fa
Ciao! Como Stai¿
miazot 4 mesi fa
11:52 FUJI XT3 CONS v/s CONS upvote if you're OCD great video!
Ahmed Jirde
Ahmed Jirde 4 mesi fa
Where is Gh5s
Leon Lijo
Leon Lijo 4 mesi fa
iam indian ur fan
Mike NoJumper
Mike NoJumper 4 mesi fa
That’s a nice ass lamp 🔥
Cris Meman
Cris Meman 4 mesi fa
FLIP SCREEN Camera's do not have weather sealed bodies thats why Camera's with rugged bodies used "tilt" screen for better weather sealing.
Cris Meman
Cris Meman 4 mesi fa
@nubscrub yes they do but only for light splashes and dust resistance, but extreme, harsh weather condition they don't stand a chance. Bring Sony A9 in desert for photoshoot and you'll know what I mean. We brought two D5, two D850 and one A9 in Egypt fro a photoshoot, @11am A9 overheated while the Nikon's continue shooting until the end of the end of the day. We also use A9 and D5 in Vietnam, it was raining that day, A9 did manage to finished the shoot but when we return to the hotel it froze and wouldn't start due to rain water penetrated the body and the screen had mist inside. The next day we couldn't use the A9 anymore, we sent it for cleaning and we still use it upto now but not in harsh weather. The main reason for Nikon ( Tilt ) and Canon ( Non-tilt, non Flip ) screen on their highend DSLR is mainly due to weather sealing.
nubscrub 4 mesi fa
Cris Meman This sounds like a reasonable guess if you don’t do any research on cameras, but you’re wrong. Several flip screen cameras with rugged bodies have weather sealing.
DrJ 4 mesi fa
Quality content 👌🏽
kazi heron
kazi heron 4 mesi fa
Which camera did you used in your this video..?
kazi heron
kazi heron 4 mesi fa
hello.. sir, I’m doing ladies clothing business.. for this reason i need to start live streaming from my showroom to show clothing products to social media user’s so.. can you suggest me which camera and lens will be good one for such activities ( i need little bit cinema quality video ) ?
badhabit 4 mesi fa
HOw about a budget camera?..below 1000$
badhabit 4 mesi fa
@AyeAyeKaying Fuji X-T30 that s what im going with.
AyeAyeKaying 4 mesi fa
badhabit right 😂
Dan Friedman
Dan Friedman 4 mesi fa
Only a few months and prices have dropped significantly,
Zare 030
Zare 030 4 mesi fa
Ahahahhaha mi ciamo. Good video
Milan Bhattarai
Milan Bhattarai 4 mesi fa
@benjamin what about a7RIV ??
vikrant supehia
vikrant supehia 4 mesi fa
bro you have been mis spelled on fujifilm camera specs on the part of pros n cons ... 🔭
Vlad Olaf
Vlad Olaf 4 mesi fa
Ben is such a hot dude
Amed thaher
Amed thaher 4 mesi fa
What does 2250 euro be in doller
Ng Swee Ling
Ng Swee Ling 5 mesi fa
the best camera is.., your eyes
Mr. N Dre
Mr. N Dre 5 mesi fa
I was gonna listen to you but the video is in 1080p. ew
Willy ten Donkelaar
Nice video, very helpful. But what I kind of miss in there is judging of the image quality. That's not an unimportant criterium I think....
Martin Romano
Martin Romano 5 mesi fa
I like your style so I shall watch you
Dan Friedman
Dan Friedman 5 mesi fa
It would be more helpful if you linked to USA Amazon. Just a suggestion.
MB Prod
MB Prod 5 mesi fa
this video by any camera??
Eddy Vanderspikken
what is this for a choice...because you have sony lenses...man man man
Daniele Lanza
Daniele Lanza 5 mesi fa
Bella li
Denzo 5 mesi fa
Z7 all way
Coq Le
Coq Le 5 mesi fa
thanks for the video. we have french viewers also
upclose evolution
I just started watching your videos regarding cameras ....its somehow clear for me to easily choose on which camera to buy.....
தமிழ் வேதம்
Now I confirmed to buy Sony A7iii camara, brother.. I was watching from Australia... thanks for your information
Inevitable Decline
Fuji has nothing but cons. Not buying that one.
Karthick's Review
Love from india... good learning from you mr.benjamin.
Dada Tata
Dada Tata 6 mesi fa
Can I buy Sony a7ii in 2019?
P Lee
P Lee 6 mesi fa
Looks like you are doing virtual review of some cameras and that's is not right.
misigun 6 mesi fa
of course the most expensive cameras are the best... just buy a fucking leica
Optidorf 6 mesi fa
I started with photography last year and I bought the Fuji X-T2. I'm quite happy with it as it's a versatile camera with some great lenses. But with what I know now I would choose the Sony A7III for pretty much the autofocus alone.
Joey KaBoom
Joey KaBoom 6 mesi fa
what did you film this video with? colors are great btw
sunny day
sunny day 6 mesi fa
Szigeti Laszlo
Szigeti Laszlo 6 mesi fa
Did you ever tried a Hasselblad camera?:) I have a Mavic 2 Pro with a Hasselblad lens on it. It can take really nice photos from the sky. Üdvözlettel László:D
Richard Corkum
Richard Corkum 6 mesi fa
What about the Olympus OM D-E M1 mk11, I would like you to review this one.
You Tech
You Tech 6 mesi fa
sony a7 III
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