Best Cyber Monday 2019 Deals (Top 50!)

The Deal Guy
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I have found the BEST places to get Cyber Monday bargains! I have summed up the Top 50 deals that i found on online so you don't have to do the digging to find the good stuff. Watch now! ↓↓ Click "show more" for the DEAL LINKS FOR TODAY ↓↓
LINKS TO THE DEALS FEATURED IN THIS VIDEO: mattsdailydeals.com/?post_type=product&p=37138&preview=true
Many huge tech deals for Cyber Monday go live tomorrow and I will update my website with those products then!
**The above contains an affiliate link. If you buy something through this link I may get a small share of the sale. (You're helping me buy diapers for my new baby, so thank you)
In this video The Deal Guy has found the BEST tech deals this Cyber Monday 2019. This top 50 deals list sums up the best Cyber Monday deals this year. These top 50 Cyber Monday deals are the best of the best.
If you're looking to do all your Cyber Monday shopping on amazon or other websites then this video is for you. Don't miss the best Cyber Monday 2019 deals!

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gary harris
gary harris 14 ore fa
Cyber Monday is like Matt's Superbowl lol
Kathy Lopez
Kathy Lopez Giorno fa
Alvin Horn
Alvin Horn Giorno fa
I really like the DE Jump Starter and Power Station.
Joyeux Irashubije
Karen Schevikhoven
Karen Schevikhoven 2 giorni fa
Hi Matt!
Laura Ridenour
Laura Ridenour 2 giorni fa
I have cut the cord and are using different apps to watch tv. However, I am always buffering and it drives my husband crazy. I was told it was my wifi system. What wifi system would you recommend and when is the best time to buy.
Mark Crider
Mark Crider 2 giorni fa
Great work Matt
Vin#S#RACE 3 giorni fa
Cyber Monday and black friday sucked, on amazon and pretty much all around all sites nothing but useless garbage to take up room in your house, not really stuff I need 15 to 20% is not much a deal to me
Chris 3 giorni fa
This guy is great! Thanks for video.
Curious Whasian
Curious Whasian 3 giorni fa
I saw your ads and I subscribed!
Ralph Giofre
Ralph Giofre 3 giorni fa
Nice Job, thanks Matt!!!
Dawn Swinney
Dawn Swinney 3 giorni fa
Loving the Deals !!!
Ten8yp 3 giorni fa
seeing a LOT of stuff for sale....... but not really what I would call a "deal"
Barb Foss
Barb Foss 3 giorni fa
This is my favorite time of year for your videos, I get so excited!!
Aaron Howard
Aaron Howard 3 giorni fa
We definitely enjoy your humor, your dance moves and your honesty. With those decibel ear buds that their case is also a charging bank ...you said they have a good battery life..how long are they supposed to last and does it come with any cord for charging my phone?
Viv Mac
Viv Mac 3 giorni fa
Thank you Mat & your lovely wife🙏
stan loona
stan loona 3 giorni fa
anyone know if some deals last until Tuesday? I get paid tomorrow im so sad 😭
John Alvarez
John Alvarez 3 giorni fa
Watching while I’m waiting for the live stream, :)
Gina Powell
Gina Powell 3 giorni fa
I wonder if Monday makes more money than Black Friday...
Luis Vega
Luis Vega 3 giorni fa
Such a great vid, I never subscribe off a first view, but here and there I find channels like this
G Nandhay
G Nandhay 3 giorni fa
Great video
Thousandeyes85 3 giorni fa
My prediction, cyber Monday will replace black Friday, entirely
dmv073 3 giorni fa
Great deals!
Dan Shaller
Dan Shaller 3 giorni fa
Great video, always appreciate your efforts to save us money. Still waiting for DASHCAMs. Very important in today's automotive industry.
Alison Buchanan
Alison Buchanan 3 giorni fa
here it is Cyber Monday and 3:30 am. I turned on my ITvid Channel on my TV with my Amazon Fire Stick & also my Matt Deals on my computer. At the same time I'm watching Matt's Deals..the same video shows up & going on my Computer. What kind of Day will this be?! Maybe even better if I can get something new as FREE for MATT!! What do ya say Matt!
A B1
A B1 3 giorni fa
jump start a trailer?
PAPPY 40 3 giorni fa
Man U are in your element
Bobby Stro
Bobby Stro 3 giorni fa
New subscriber! Excited for deals! Thank you!!
Sasha A
Sasha A 3 giorni fa
Awesome deals!! Thanks Matt! All the deals, from home to tech to everything!!
coolnegative 3 giorni fa
Yay Matt!
Lee Milstein
Lee Milstein 3 giorni fa
Best Nintendo switch deals (2nd gen)?
Stennex 3 giorni fa
Matt have you slept as yet. How much coffee have you had. Great job helping us this year. 👍🏾
Uji Sungwoon
Uji Sungwoon 3 giorni fa
did he even talked about the switch?
Gabriel Rubinsztain
scotty thompson
scotty thompson 3 giorni fa
cool video tech talk the deal guy matt
desron chance
desron chance 3 giorni fa
Checking on the w king d8 speaker best deal can you help please
Richie Rich Son of money
Good job you are awesome 😎
Michelle Casas
Michelle Casas 3 giorni fa
Love watching the savings thanks a whole lot
Joe L
Joe L 3 giorni fa
Thanks great info
Alejandro 3 giorni fa
Thank you Matt, you're amazing! 😬
Jbobthe 1st
Jbobthe 1st 3 giorni fa
Man I got a sound bar I bought from a deal that you told me about, thx man
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