BEST LUXURY BUFFET in Singapore!? Colony Buffet Review at Ritz Carlton

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The very last time I was in #Singapore, I couldn't get into the Ritz Carlton #buffet because the wait was insane, so this time I'm feasting there. So here's my review at one of the best #luxury buffets in Singapore.
✧ The Ritz-Carlton
Marina Bay, 7 Raffles Ave, Singapore 039799
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Strictly Dumpling
The thing at the end of the video with the salted egg....sacrilege or evil food genius? 😂
Andrea JustAndrea
Andrea JustAndrea 15 giorni fa
Shaira Cambara
Sorry nooooooo. Lol "a whole new world" song.
Arlene Grimm
Arlene Grimm Mese fa
EFG for sure👍
Atikah Beatboxer
There are already salted egg ice cream available in Singapore before this video was made
m3talpanda 3 mesi fa
salted egg ice cream already existed when salted egg is in trend. Even 7-11 Malaysia once have a salted egg ice cream for a limited time.
WarSylph Giorno fa
Sorry Mike, the ice cream with burbur chacha isn't a new flavor mixture in Singapore. But good job for trying it 😜
Mike Mike
Mike Mike Giorno fa
Dam you got the munchies! Haha. Keep it up!
Pretzel Head
Pretzel Head 14 giorni fa
Egg ice cream? :/
allyinline 16 giorni fa
The amt of food you eat.... Whoah
Wayfaring Stranger
Wayfaring Stranger 17 giorni fa
What menu is this? I can't find the menu with the tulang? Or is the tulang refered to as lamb roagan josh?
bright light
bright light 17 giorni fa
who the hell eats noodles at the buffet
Metronome 21 giorno fa
If you like Assassin's Creed, I made two parody-ish vid's on my channel lord oz0ne
Lou C
Lou C 23 giorni fa
Mike you cannot quit your morning job!😀 Egg and ice cream??? bro you are not a chemist for sure! 😃 But all is cool for you ROCK in buffets!!👍👊👊 Lu from Canada 🇨🇦
Toasted Cheeseburger
You're Killllllllling Me
Wolfie 29 giorni fa
man, watching him eat make me drool
Yash mittal
Yash mittal Mese fa
you are a creation genius
Shaira Cambara
U said crazy rich Asian 🤣🤣🤣🤣💖💖💖
Shaira Cambara
U have the sweetest tooth u think u are related to my husband from another country lol. Love ur videos
Mister Yu
Mister Yu Mese fa
The shaved ice is a halo-halo wannabee. Can't compare. LOL As for salted egg cream over ice cream, I can imagine it. I've had salted caramel ice cream before so it shouldn't be that much of a stretch in taste. :)
michael paguntalan
He didn't even mention of how much it cost him with his whole thing meal in this extravagant buffet.. if you see this message bro, kindly give us a hint on how much you have spent so that it will attract us more to try this out.. ✌🏻😅
Watching this while fasting for 24 hours was a bad idea
Kris Weng
Kris Weng Mese fa
Hi Sir, i want to to make an updated (if you already made it) “Your TOP 10 Best Buffet resto.” Just wanna know what’s your top 1 right now.
gary zaiontz
gary zaiontz Mese fa
Oh my God, Bro!! That looked freakin' awesome!! Out of curiosity, how much was this buffet in USD??
john smith
john smith Mese fa
We ate here. The place looks amazing. The food looks amazing. The customer was service fairly good. The problem we as two food lovers had was with the actual food. We paid around 200 or so dollars and the food tasted average. There was no wow factor we were hugely disappointed. We went mainly for the crab but it was served cold i believe and the chilli crab was messy with little meat and you couldnt really taste the actual crab. We went about 2 years ago the only thing memorable for us is our disappointment in taste of ritz carlton food. One thing about these videos you never see them dislike anything at all. I like mike chan but be warned we went and presentation is better than the taste of the food.
Achnezia Deysel
Dont know were u put all the food
Charlie Talbot
Wot best seafood buffet you every had were
Jack Collins
Jack Collins Mese fa
That salted egg bun looked like magic
GREY E CAT Mese fa
I could watch you eat all day. Beautiful.
Earl Owens
Earl Owens Mese fa
I love Singapore, I stayed at Ritz Carlton never went to buffet. Now i regret it. Next time i will.
Jake Abe
Jake Abe Mese fa
Amigo how come when you see a bone you don' think of the Flintstones ! zzlike Dino with a Bone !!
Jake Abe
Jake Abe Mese fa
Dude do you not have to wear a suit & tie or a Tux ! Come on son tell us the Price ! Whats the damage Gringo !
john campo
john campo Mese fa
Dude, Im 6'2, 283lbs and I cant eat like you. God I wish I had your appetite! Everything looked so yummy!!!
Lenny Online
Lenny Online Mese fa
Wow. I didn't know Singapore had such food heaven. I gotta visit there. When Mike puts the camera close up to the food, my mouth salivates.
Kate Sinclair
What a beautiful city.
What's the price for this buffet
Daniel Jonathan The
Hi , you can really eat alot.
onisphilia Mese fa
a local ice cream place literally makes a mid-autumn festival "charcoal caramel ice cream with a molten Cantonese-style duck egg custard in the center." So you're on to something
Mik Hail
Mik Hail Mese fa
is this better than spiral buffet?
Cindy Tran
Cindy Tran Mese fa
Wish we had this in US. Everything looked so freaking delish!
Ain nabilah
Ain nabilah 2 mesi fa
I tried salted egg pancake from the daily fix cafe in Melaka , Malaysia. It was weird at first but the taste tho 🤤 salted eggyolk+vanilla ice cream = love
raven scott
raven scott 2 mesi fa
No salad rule ! LOL
Totoismypet 2 mesi fa
Have you ever tried the chocolate buffet at the Fullerton in Singapore?
Torahboy1 2 mesi fa
Said it before....... he’s HOT!!!
Veronica Grace
Veronica Grace 2 mesi fa
I love the music in beginning
kartikeya jha
kartikeya jha 2 mesi fa
I would have been done had I had all those noodles
Jason Thompson
Jason Thompson 2 mesi fa
nacho libre... " I dont want to get paid to lose... I want to vwin!"
Raphaela Baldi
Raphaela Baldi 3 mesi fa
Am I crazy or did Mikey looked high on that video?
Daniel Wilson
Daniel Wilson 3 mesi fa
Things like this inspire me to make money so that I can have them.
Star Carter
Star Carter 3 mesi fa
That’s the NO1 buffet in south east Asia ! Till we meet again after covid
Carte Prostale
Carte Prostale 3 mesi fa
Love how you enjoy food!
Tpring90 3 mesi fa
I love how Mike is a two plate guy. Same bro. 💪
Silver Arrow
Silver Arrow 3 mesi fa
I love buffet
Kalei Pule
Kalei Pule 3 mesi fa
Looks expensive...
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer 3 mesi fa
Imagine he was your dad and he took you with him on all the trips.
cherry liu
cherry liu 3 mesi fa
Any recommendations for good buffets in nyc or queens area? Have only had amazing buffet at vegas (wicked spoon was amazing)
Rachel P Umapas
Rachel P Umapas 3 mesi fa
Hi Mike first time to see your blog in Singapore and it was wonderful ,you a have a big appetite, I love what you eat most especially the spare ribs,I am hungry now😋.hope you visit the viking restaurant here in the Philippines the food was so good .thumbs up👍😋
Mathew Hardy
Mathew Hardy 3 mesi fa
This video , one of the best🍷
BuggoMan BuggoMan
Where is one of the first places you are off to after this covid19 crap is over
Moose Chip
Moose Chip 3 mesi fa
I just don't understand by physics, how Mike can eat so much?? I get tapped out on plate 2 at a buffet.
Maria Sarah Macapili
Ridiculous! Ice cream 🍨 salted egg. Doesn’t sound good! Hahaha...
Brandon Dang
Brandon Dang 3 mesi fa
12:27 you know it’s good when he’s cursing
RexTheMagician 141202
Are you sure your surname is CHEN not CHAN? I'm pretty sure you're somehow related to JACKIE CHAN
Glynis Morris
Glynis Morris 3 mesi fa
Hot Sauce!! Yummy Yummy! Garlic and onion and hot sauce!
Keyy malone
Keyy malone 3 mesi fa
What about trying the salted egg bun wit the coconut milk Nd sweet potato dessert
Agent X44
Agent X44 3 mesi fa
Here in philippines we have literally salted egg icecream flavor. No need to go buffet.
CECILLE EYE 3 mesi fa
Im getting hungry every time i watch ur videos
Deesch 3 mesi fa
Those salted egg buns look gross but everything else I would demolish. Lol
Rosalee Rich
Rosalee Rich 4 mesi fa
Greetings from Texas 🇺🇸! Mike, you really crack me up! Having a perfect, yet large piece of pork & bone on your fork, and you stop & look around before taking a bite! Classy! You are alright, no matter what anybody else says! 😉☺🐷
Louise Ken Sarzona
What day of the week did you go eat this buffet??
Alfred Tao
Alfred Tao 4 mesi fa
how does one eat so much?!
Aesthetic ́
Aesthetic ́ 4 mesi fa
And here I am with three pieces of Oreos and a glass of milk and I'm already full. I admire those who has such capacity.
henry naylor
henry naylor 4 mesi fa
you do good work!!!
mrtubevisitor Gabriel
This is why the Ritz Carlton has a reputation this is a royal level of quality
Toh Kok Hau
Toh Kok Hau 4 mesi fa
Chili crab is probably the most delicious thing on earth.
Avenge Basketball
Why is Mike Chen starting to sound like Trump.
Jun D
Jun D 4 mesi fa
Hi idol
kisstherain73 4 mesi fa
What if you hate salted egg?
Kogasengaha Hishoshi
No one gonna talk how it went from DAY to NIGHT in the video lol......
Adam Dhaly
Adam Dhaly 4 mesi fa
So far the best buffet ever was at Nikki hotel in Vietnam 🎉
ArticNexas 4 mesi fa
13:58 I almost thought that he said heri*n
Jen Lee
Jen Lee 4 mesi fa
I am salivating
Enkephalen 4 mesi fa
Absolutely love the bowls! Where can we get the crazy shell fish scissors?
Yana Kaur
Yana Kaur 4 mesi fa
Your buffet videos where you give buffets tours and tell us what dishes are you getting are better than this video.
Ethan Dymkowski
Ethan Dymkowski 4 mesi fa
Roast pig and roast pork 🧐
77navarram 4 mesi fa
This dude can eat so much and he is so skinny!!
Jedi Ninja
Jedi Ninja 4 mesi fa
Kufc Corona virus, Im definitely coming to Singapore
Igor Srbinovski
Igor Srbinovski 4 mesi fa
You have the best job in the world. If you're able to make a living off these videos then you're a lucky man!
X-75 Hurricane
X-75 Hurricane 5 mesi fa
Mike, are you able to pick one item of food from ALL the buffets you've eaten at and say it was your ABSOLUTE favourite thing EVER??? Or is that just toooo hard to do? Had to ask...cheers from NZ.
Shakira Bells
Shakira Bells 5 mesi fa
he eat a lot but his body is average
S K 5 mesi fa
Washington DC Four Seasons buffet is very good also.
Stephanie Andriana
Feeling poor rather than hungry...
the great one
the great one 5 mesi fa
watching that egg bun jizzed all over that ice cream, getting a mad boner
K R 5 mesi fa
Am I the only one who felt forget the dessert and get more noodles, dumplings, and seafood?
Susan Ananda
Susan Ananda 5 mesi fa
Do they offer special discount in February 2020? Afterall it is the COVID-19 season
Han Husain
Han Husain 5 mesi fa
I'm almost in tears. Singapore , hands down serves the best food in the world! This is so in terms of variety and quality!
Kimbella Bella
Kimbella Bella 5 mesi fa
The egg yolk over ice cream disgusted me...
Gideon Joseph
Gideon Joseph 5 mesi fa
Ice cream is made with egg.
pankaj kalaskar
pankaj kalaskar 5 mesi fa
OMG..how can you eat all this...😁
Aphroditeyoung 6 mesi fa
Shouldn’t roasted pig and pork be the same thing 😐
Kiss Kitty
Kiss Kitty 5 mesi fa
Roasted pig is the whole thing. Roasted pork is a specific part of the pig.
gemstone freeman Jr.
Very good video
Daisy Jansen
Daisy Jansen 6 mesi fa
9:46 it's like watching a porn movie
Info Matters
Info Matters 6 mesi fa
Why do i watch these videos at 3 am?
D Q 6 mesi fa
$60, and all you can eat sashimi? That alone would be 100% worthit.
csnation 6 mesi fa
I like how Mike started with the fork but quickly just go down with his hands. The food must be so good that there is no time for niceties ! :P
Prossimi video