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Best of Sade - Sade Greatest Hits Full Album

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Commenti 83
JOSEPH ABAKPA 7 giorni fa
01By Ur side 02Smoth operator 03 Kiss Of Life
JOSEPH ABAKPA 7 giorni fa
Wow good music by Sade wat a memories
Omarr Koroma
Omarr Koroma 16 giorni fa
Do you think you have the xfactor or sumfin
sandra 4rs
sandra 4rs 19 giorni fa
Ирина Барило
Можно слушать вечно!!! 😘💞🎶
Reaper Predator
Reaper Predator 29 giorni fa
On ne se lasse pas de Sade.Toujours autant de plaisir a l’écouter.
Jacques Tremblay
Très bon spécial
Eva Restino
Eva Restino Mese fa
Beautiful song 😉
wezzy1980 Mese fa
stupid music
Teresa Williams
Sade is one of the greatest😘
Salvia Tourer
I WIFEY M.E.N mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Ivailo Manolov
` 0:00 No Ordinary Love 7:21 Smooth Operator 11:40 By Your Side 16:07 Kiss Of Life 20:18 Cherish The Day 26:35 Your Love Is King 30:20 Soldier Of Life 36:15 Paradise 39:46 Is It A Crime 46:10 Nothing Can Come Between us 50:02 Jezebel 55:14 King Of Sorrow 1:00:10 Never As Good As The First Time 1:04:05 Hang On To Your Love 1:08:02 Love Is Stronger Than Pride 1:12:21 The Moon And The Sky 1:16:57 Feel No Pain 1:20:42 Babyfather 1:25:23 Haunt Me 1:31:14 You're Not The Man 1:36:23 Love Affair With Life 1:40:57 When Am I Going To Make A Living 1:44:25 Fear 1:48:36 Flow 1:54:08 Clean Heart 1:58:14 Every Word 2:02:20 Morning Bird
Daryl Mattos
Daryl Mattos Mese fa
Great song should be more
Diana Bonheur
Thank You !❣️ 👍🌸🌺🥀🏵️💜🌼😊💛💧🔥🌺🌹 Muwhhhh
La classe a l’international ❤️
granica illic
Sade ist eine Ausnahmekùnstlerin, die in ihrer Musik aufgeht und dadurch eine starke Wiedererkennung hat. Ihre Srimme ist einzigartig schòn.
Raymond Chaney
What a beautiful soul
Gordana Djergovic
Like a dream
Elma Gombio20
Elma Gombio20 2 mesi fa
she's my favorite female singer
Antonio g Looez
Antonio g Looez 2 mesi fa
My favorite female singer, God bless you
Elma Gombio20
Elma Gombio20 2 mesi fa
me too shes amazing beautiful
natures way
natures way 2 mesi fa
Timeless beauty
Stephanie Fussell
The whole album is a beautiful thing.
Arrold Abidos
Arrold Abidos 2 mesi fa
En fin d'écoute au début. .. Les deux trois personnes et plus, si. .savourent oui .. seront biens à la Vie
isaias chavez
isaias chavez 2 mesi fa
This is amazing , the best female singer on earth
Quailla Evans
Quailla Evans 2 mesi fa
Sexy.classy, Lady SADF
Aleksandra Maj
Aleksandra Maj 2 mesi fa
i hate it . my mom is hearing this whole time...
denise huntington
denise huntington 22 giorni fa
Beautiful Soul. Real Heart.Love her class act sexy voice the best love music ever love Sade
Silvia Severin
Silvia Severin 29 giorni fa
Melissa Sachs
Melissa Sachs 2 mesi fa
nice music
Zara Othman
Zara Othman 2 mesi fa
She has such a dreamy voice. Timeless
Carlos m Morales Medina
Excelente música Saludos
Brigitte Merhet
Brigitte Merhet 2 mesi fa
Derick Akoto Kankam
Who knows the song 1:37:13
Camille Melville
I love me some Sade'
igor mirgorodskiy
Лучшая из лучших...сколько времени а как актуально звучит...Respect!!!
Leidiana Uribe
Leidiana Uribe 2 mesi fa
In the sheets
Wow,golden vibes
md g
md g 2 mesi fa
holli perkins
holli perkins 2 mesi fa
I have all of her albums, know just about all the songs that aren't even played on the radio....some of her best work is still being done! Definitely the most underrated artist EVER!!!
Miss Siza
Miss Siza 2 mesi fa
who is this and where have I been sleeping? wow!!
LuLuSpRiNgS Mese fa
...now you see... =)...... and isn't it beautiful !!! ?
Mytime153 2 mesi fa
Yes. Sade music guides you through the passages of love. Her music been around for decades
holli perkins
holli perkins 2 mesi fa
She's been around since the 80's and is the whole, complete BOMB!! You have been sleeping, but you're awake now!
No F
No F 2 mesi fa
wonderful - thank youu so much
Varienne Cloete
Varienne Cloete 3 mesi fa
All her songs has me in a trans and I LOVE IT.*** 2018
Teofilo 3 mesi fa
Excelente música por SADE.
Nadia Aboud
Nadia Aboud 3 mesi fa
Alma Tynes
Alma Tynes 3 mesi fa
I loved!
Johnny D Smith
Johnny D Smith 3 mesi fa
love me some Sade always
Michael Bartus
Michael Bartus 3 mesi fa
Such a sexy, sultry, smooth operator!
Jon Dise
Jon Dise 3 mesi fa
Jenn Mendez
Jenn Mendez 3 mesi fa
The most Timeless masterpieces
Daniel Enrique Rojas Negrin
Excelente selección de la música cantada por Sade. Relajante, melodiosa e increíblemente dulce, apropiada para el trabajo o la meditación. Congratulaciones a los(as) compositores(as) y a su interprete. Gracias por compartirla.
elizabethqbi 3 mesi fa
Una reina!!
Sónia Guerreiro
Chafika Gaouar
Waaw quelle femme sublime
klutkz 3 mesi fa
Love this
Joao paulo
Joao paulo 3 mesi fa
Myron Allen
Myron Allen 3 mesi fa
Jason Dopson
Jason Dopson 3 mesi fa
Almir Valerio
Almir Valerio 3 mesi fa
A minha cantora preferida.
Joan Season
Joan Season 3 mesi fa
Love you Sade !!!
Christopher Forster
What a lovely album thanks .
Matrix Master
Matrix Master 3 mesi fa
Love Is Found^^
Jamaal Brunson
Jamaal Brunson 3 mesi fa
Timeless music
Everton Turner
Everton Turner 3 mesi fa
Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor 3 mesi fa
The Best...................xx
Christian Egon Bärnthaler
super art 111
Hector Lyman Cicero
Buen gusto, hay que decir, porque si te quedas en un ... Hay que agradable, que bello, no basta. Great Sade. √
Aniceto Carvalho
Boa música 🎼
Milica Teodorovic
Kraljica :)
Мариэль ФОрТунА
Красиво зазвучало изначально, Дай Бог открыть в себе красивый божественный голос, который будет помогать людям.
orelander love
orelander love 4 mesi fa
All is beautiful
Silvia Severin
Silvia Severin 29 giorni fa
Hendry Patel
Hendry Patel 3 mesi fa
for you child dady love you"
Goodluck Goodluck
Amazing music
Muxiddin Xasanov
Золотой голос
Muxiddin Xasanov
Толко шаде
Muxiddin Xasanov
Muxiddin Xasanov
Kristine Thompson
Muxiddin Xasanov. Vct4r;iiâ7t
BrendaDokken 4 mesi fa
Who the f*** would give Sade a 'thumbs down'? 11 of you? That's a damn shame...
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