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YouTubers REACT
YouTubers REACT 3 mesi fa
Channels in the video : LawTWINZ itvid.net/show-UCJ0DMUCkJqSlLg2_WsX8dfA Meami itvid.net/show-UCfkVJtpCaVD3nchndm8j5uQ FVO itvid.net/show-UCl_0K19VcZjgWpXpKAB3ZcQ Hectic Reacts itvid.net/show-UCky64Ev99ANqsacUEa7pQuw Zman itvid.net/show-UCeMuna4NtOxrumCGibMXBfw IKE & RE itvid.net/show-UCeXJdCXeSKdLV8QhPy1g3kQ Tay and Drew itvid.net/show-UCEEnk6zpV6QrUHi6JBqlzrg 3MG LIVE itvid.net/u-radames41 SayySooFlyy itvid.net/u-20sayyid INDECENTLY DECENT itvid.net/show-UC2tcYulDL_dHg_pN13NTGaQ Rich and Kelsey itvid.net/show-UCMJD9wZVMP8X-9pa1JxbGTw Drew Fortune itvid.net/show-UCIPX3lgsfumednb91v7V5Lw Sean itvid.net/show-UCDuv9KQAj9pPSN9t-fwRaQw
Mike Topps
Mike Topps 8 ore fa
The ghostwriter line was NOT about Drake. Eminem said in an interview that he would never diss Drake
Itz Phxntom
Itz Phxntom 12 ore fa
Im addicted to this video and people reacting to this song. Lol
SelfZin Giorno fa
Ok so what pissed me off was someone (I forgot and i'm not going back through the video to find them) said that Gambino copied Joyner's 'I'm Not Racist" with "This is America" and that is some of the most bullshit loaded sentences I've read sure Gambino's song was released a year later then Joyner's but that doesn't mean he copied Joyner's was just about racism while Gambino's was about all the main problems America faces not just racism
Haniteli Pahulu
Haniteli Pahulu Giorno fa
Just discovered a lot of reactors that I'd enjoy to watch 😂
Anthony Hutchins
Anthony Hutchins 5 giorni fa
You know Eminem respects joyner when he actually borrows his flow for the song.
Zsolti a Béka
Zsolti a Béka 6 giorni fa
My top 5 rappers: 1.Eminem 2.B-Rabbit 3.The white guy from D-12 4.Slim Shady 5.Marshall Mathers
instigatordj001 7 giorni fa
The guy wearing the man purse. lol Dont. Its not fashion. Its lame. lol
Nathaniel Puente
Nathaniel Puente 7 giorni fa
Who else was diying at the "yall yall yall "
Myers 8 giorni fa
Joyner was fire on this beat, let's not get it twisted. Em the GOAT though!
mr xxprogamerxx553
mr xxprogamerxx553 12 giorni fa
What do you mean he is mumbling? He is NOT
Tristin McKinstry
Tristin McKinstry 14 giorni fa
Lemme keep it a stack: Joyner is the entire reason I decided to listen to Kamikaze. I was gonna put it off for a day or two, see what the reaction was, then lend an ear. But once I saw Joyner was on it, I had to check it out. My favorite rapper hopping on the album of the rapper who made me interested in rap? Yes please.
Dragondude 4848
Dragondude 4848 15 giorni fa
Should have reacted to the video
Norules Gimo
Norules Gimo 18 giorni fa
@6:15 is my favourite reaction to this
venessa daniel
venessa daniel 18 giorni fa
Drake isnt the only one who has a ghost writer
Alex Xaon
Alex Xaon 19 giorni fa
haha at like 6:50 she is confused and like wait what? and dude looking at her , like really bitch?! u didnt get that? its ok you fine tho lol i forgive you cuz you bad as hell.
Bradley J
Bradley J 19 giorni fa
7 minutes is talking.. guys, stfu and listen
tristan flood
tristan flood 19 giorni fa
Who else loves the kamikaze album cover
Willie Bell
Willie Bell 20 giorni fa
0:23 this mothefucker lookin like a box
Caleb Sowards
Caleb Sowards 20 giorni fa
Definitely was a Drake diss, but Drake just got out the ICU per Push, so he hasn't responded yet.
Alexzander Halo
Alexzander Halo 22 giorni fa
Why does no one realize that Em just hates ghost writers
Brandon Mashburn
Brandon Mashburn 24 giorni fa
7:11 Eminem threw dude out of his seat with 🔥🔥
Mohammad Mehram Khan
I noticed too
Stanson Ashley
Stanson Ashley 27 giorni fa
I'M Eastside
YoungChildSupport Xxn00b5layer
Eminem mumbles better than mumble rappers
Yael Molina
Yael Molina Mese fa
9:10 It wasn't Slim Shady you mean
Joseph Hausser
It was joyners song. He proposed it to em.
Awesomeflipper Gamer
Even if Eminem wasn't dissing Drake, he still did. Having a ghost writer is just saying ur not good enough to make stuff urself, and sorry to say Drake can't come up with shit, at least not on the spot
Awesomeflipper Gamer
Well Joyner isn't an underdog compared to someone like token, everyone I know who listens to rap likes Joyner and knows who he is, but almost no one I know knows token
EdMel Mese fa
who's the megamind lookin ass?
Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez Mese fa
For those who says the last album was bad, you didnt get them songs nor bars my niggas, but it doesnt matter, i think there was alot of nice songs. the thing is you say it like that even when you stupid brains didnt catch the songs, you come later and say or that song or the album was pretty nice. Like albums bfore that. the thing is he did the song, arose that basicly is to proff and you bs trashed it like, i understand eminem was hurt about that, cuz you b, be like, or we need new eminem, why dont he grow and shit like that, then he does that and you say, we need the old eminem back, like you act like bitches who cant decide what they want in life. so now he does kamikaze, then its too much he diss to many people, he is homofobic, people get offended by it. stfu. You dont know greatness even if it bite you in the ass.. Everybody wants something, everybody is a critic, but they cant do it better, who are you? lol just peope that dont have a life trying being someone you are not, wasting time spreading hateful content. THEN you got buthurt when he disses you, orh yes he came at you and fucked you critics so much you apes didnt know how to react. Some of ya did react saying ah ok i desserve that. lol.
Akhona Eland
Akhona Eland Mese fa
Damn I'm tired of this ish now ,not everytime that eminem mentions ghost writers it has to be linked to drake
Hunting Gaming
6:18 me when i heard the song for the first time.
byn bkhyn
byn bkhyn Mese fa
trash ass, no talent mumble rappers
CLOWNY 69 Mese fa
Fuck u skipped the fast part
CLOWNY 69 Mese fa
In all reality Joyner Lucas had wrote this song for his own album but then he heard Eminem was making a new album and he called up Eminem to ask if he wanted to be part of this song. Obviously Eminem is credited for it cuz its his album and well hes the Goat and Joyner asked so im pretty sure Joyner didnt mind. Joyner just wants to be known.
Mike Roeber
Mike Roeber Mese fa
Literally 6:10-6:24 is everyone's reactions to that verse
Futur e
Futur e Mese fa
Why do all the black guys call Eminem a nigger, and btw I’m black so what I can say nigga if I want
RandomFilipino Kid
When Eminem came on everyone had a seizure 🤣🤣
Shawn Joyce
Shawn Joyce Mese fa
How in the actual hell do you have some white dude from England giving a reaction but you never add the two Dads from South Carolina in here?
Orion Wilson
Orion Wilson Mese fa
My favorite song on the album
Robert Toth
Robert Toth Mese fa
No The tracks from Revival were just different eg Eminem Walk on Water! They still had skill and Soul! But weren't the typical Em people expected!
Greatest in the GalaxZ
“You did a whole 360” uhhhh 😂
marcelo cantor
Eminem ,killed the it lyricle, Joyner hyped it up to get the song going.
El Cangri
El Cangri Mese fa
6:16 lol he feeling it
lil shady
lil shady Mese fa
Who's that dude at 3:46???
Evo Lution
Evo Lution Mese fa
who is that girl in the Supreme sweater?
Nikko Angelo Adal
The guy wearing red shirt and red durag looks like chamillionaire
thesunvanished 2 mesi fa
I think it's funny them idiots thought Eminem said the Nigger word and what he really said was you got a couple of ghost writers but to these KIDS it don't actually matter ...how the fuck do you mistake the word kids for nigger
Crispy Beats
Crispy Beats 2 mesi fa
How big and far away our Sun from the Earth? Because that's how far away and that's how Big Eminem compare to all y'all Mumble rappers you may shine bright like Mercury you may be hot as Venus but Eminem will Fucking Eat You alive which our Sun in Theory will do to all the the Planet's.
Crimson Fission
Crimson Fission 2 mesi fa
Does no one get the cover art reference to the beastie boys debut album license to ill? It's almost identical and an awesome little tribute.
Injustice 1000
Injustice 1000 2 mesi fa
4:10-4:12 is this guy doing that shit the whole reaction like how tf you shake your head for 4 minutes straight i feel like weights on my brain after that
Crispy Beats
Crispy Beats 2 mesi fa
This Track is my favorite it ended Racism plus both Legendary Rappers are spitting bars.
Mowashui Medarshang
"Hatata batata" will never get old😁
OjTheJuiceBoy 2 mesi fa
All the channels be skipping the fast part 😤
Cara Falon
Cara Falon 2 mesi fa
6:20 I felt that 😂😂😂
jay bee
jay bee 2 mesi fa
anyone see that dude wearing a fanny pack like an indiana jones satchel
EL Pariente
EL Pariente 2 mesi fa
That nigga with the fucked up hair du on top of his dome wtf is that
Gogo Yubari
Gogo Yubari 2 mesi fa
Eminem is the goat. Period
mark russo
mark russo 2 mesi fa
My man at 6:15 😂
K Willa
K Willa 2 mesi fa
I'M so glad em went second 🤣 I like Joyner🔥
The Chosen One
The Chosen One 2 mesi fa
That whooo at 5:01 was actually good
That Mexican Boi
I like how Eminem talks about Ghost writters and everybody thinks about Drake
Michael Ludovico
JOYNER X EMINEM🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Emilio Thompson
Emilio Thompson 2 mesi fa
Fuck mumble rappers you feel me
Tincho :v Alvarez
6:16 me jajajajaja
Freddy Mercury
Freddy Mercury 2 mesi fa
Please God, just get rid of these mumble rappers, they have no talent, i dont even know what they are saying
Anthony Vega
Anthony Vega 2 mesi fa
beastie boys
Kaushal verma
Kaushal verma 2 mesi fa
7:27 when people go to church!!!!!!
Megh Raz
Megh Raz 2 mesi fa
i am nodding my head every time i hear kamakazie
doniwhips247 2 mesi fa
demon GH
demon GH 3 mesi fa
1:41 ya ya ya y'all
Necrobadger 3 mesi fa
People might beat Eminem in speed, but NOBODY beats him in words per minute that actually mean something. Period.
G Aguayo
G Aguayo 3 mesi fa
Omg I fucking loved everyone's reaction 😱😁😎👌
Jacob Ross
Jacob Ross 3 mesi fa
I spend to much time on you tube I got the new shit wait for it I work 3 jobs but I make this old money to buy me a Canadian app shit give me a month
Netherlord666 3 mesi fa
I'm pretty sure his Majesty verse is his fastest though.
Totally not The F.B.I
My man at 3:16 looking like shack mixed with Kanye
Andrew Cowgill
Andrew Cowgill 3 mesi fa
There's one guys reaction that sucks. Saying it doesn't sound right Eminem rapping like this. Straight over your head pal. Y u reacting.
Murilo Silva
Murilo Silva 3 mesi fa
6:00 ??
Maks Boetefuer
Maks Boetefuer 3 mesi fa
Em really gave Joyner the opportunity to become bigger cause Joyner really wasn't liked by many before this track
Vermester 3 mesi fa
Out of the two dudes who are listening in their automobil the one on the drivers seat looks like If Drake and Dj Khaled had a baby lol.
Shahil Sheik
Shahil Sheik 3 mesi fa
Anyone in 2010 ?
Jizzleman 1017
Jizzleman 1017 3 mesi fa
Wouldn't it be nice if people actually knew about music before they review shit and wtf is dude wearin a purse for and white dude wit adidas hat tries hard lol
Luka Creery
Luka Creery 3 mesi fa
I don't want to be mean, so please don't take this the wrong way: According to Genius Lyrics, Joyner's flow was 2.42 syllables slower than Eminems.
Barlos Rocha
Barlos Rocha 3 mesi fa
Mohammed saud
Mohammed saud 3 mesi fa
6:16 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Faiz Fakri
Faiz Fakri 3 mesi fa
That british accent guy: this doesnt feel like em Next clip.... hiding behind the chair ..lol priceless
Veizii Dziinamai
1:03 was fucking true. Joyner deserve it
Noah Litzin
Noah Litzin 3 mesi fa
yah yah yah yah yah.......RIP
SuperXFilms 3 mesi fa
People have been trying to give Joyner attention. Tech N9ne and Busta Rhymes tried to give him attention but didn't too awful well. So Eminem was like "Yo. I got you homie"
Barbzy 3 mesi fa
why the fuck don't you do the whole song? its literally going to kill you..
mumble rap is for faggots
Eminem is the fuckin goat
Nihilist Misantrophe
3:08 when you fart in a room full of homies
ZaddyOc & Mohamedissavage
I like how Joyner says that he’s hungry and Em says that he’s been eating a lot but he still isn’t full.
Collin Hinkley
Collin Hinkley 4 mesi fa
6:20 hahaha 😂
Jayso 4 mesi fa
That’s white boy with the big head is fucking stupid
La_ 4 mesi fa
Em: Im the only rapper that can LITEREALLY Mumble rap, and make it fire...
Time 2 ROWCO
Time 2 ROWCO 4 mesi fa
LMAO!!!! He said Em was mumble rapping. He must think Twista is a mumble rapper.
Ory-G-Nal Julz
Ory-G-Nal Julz 4 mesi fa
Love the compilation good work
This is why back in the day mumble rappers never got any exposure this song is TRUE RAP!!!!!
John Valverde
John Valverde 4 mesi fa
Eminem is representing the Big D. Detroit is in the house!
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