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BEST Reactions to Eminem - Lucky You ft. Joyner Lucas (Kamikaze Album)

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Eminem dropped surprise album Kamikaze .
Here some of the best reactions to the track "Lucky You" ft Joyner Lucas
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Netherlord666 19 ore fa
I'm pretty sure his Majesty verse is his fastest though.
Totally not The F.B.I
My man at 3:16 looking like shack mixed with Kanye
Andrew Cowgill
Andrew Cowgill 4 giorni fa
There's one guys reaction that sucks. Saying it doesn't sound right Eminem rapping like this. Straight over your head pal. Y u reacting.
Murilo Silva
Murilo Silva 5 giorni fa
6:00 ??
Maks Boetefuer
Maks Boetefuer 5 giorni fa
Em really gave Joyner the opportunity to become bigger cause Joyner really wasn't liked by many before this track
Vermester 5 giorni fa
Out of the two dudes who are listening in their automobil the one on the drivers seat looks like If Drake and Dj Khaled had a baby lol.
Shahil Sheik
Shahil Sheik 6 giorni fa
Anyone in 2010 ?
Jizzleman 1017
Jizzleman 1017 6 giorni fa
Wouldn't it be nice if people actually knew about music before they review shit and wtf is dude wearin a purse for and white dude wit adidas hat tries hard lol
Luka Creery
Luka Creery 7 giorni fa
I don't want to be mean, so please don't take this the wrong way: According to Genius Lyrics, Joyner's flow was 2.42 syllables slower than Eminems.
Barlos Rocha
Barlos Rocha 9 giorni fa
Mohammed saud
Mohammed saud 12 giorni fa
6:16 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Faiz Fakri
Faiz Fakri 12 giorni fa
That british accent guy: this doesnt feel like em Next clip.... hiding behind the chair ..lol priceless
Veizii Dziinamai
Veizii Dziinamai 15 giorni fa
1:03 was fucking true. Joyner deserve it
Noah Litzin
Noah Litzin 16 giorni fa
yah yah yah yah yah.......RIP
SuperXFilms 17 giorni fa
People have been trying to give Joyner attention. Tech N9ne and Busta Rhymes tried to give him attention but didn't too awful well. So Eminem was like "Yo. I got you homie"
Barbzy 21 giorno fa
why the fuck don't you do the whole song? its literally going to kill you..
Jan Faber
Jan Faber 22 giorni fa
Eminem is the fuckin goat
Nihilist Misantrophe
3:08 when you fart in a room full of homies
ZaddyOc & Mohamedissavage
I like how Joyner says that he’s hungry and Em says that he’s been eating a lot but he still isn’t full.
Collin Hinkley
Collin Hinkley 27 giorni fa
6:20 hahaha 😂
Jonathan Ortiz
Jonathan Ortiz 29 giorni fa
That’s white boy with the big head is fucking stupid
La_ Mese fa
Em: Im the only rapper that can LITEREALLY Mumble rap, and make it fire...
Time 2 ROWCO
Time 2 ROWCO Mese fa
LMAO!!!! He said Em was mumble rapping. He must think Twista is a mumble rapper.
Ory-G-Nal Julz
Love the compilation good work
This is why back in the day mumble rappers never got any exposure this song is TRUE RAP!!!!!
John Valverde
Eminem is representing the Big D. Detroit is in the house!
Marco Yjan
Marco Yjan Mese fa
Tech 9 + Eminem + Joyner Lucas = Goodbye Motha Fuckers🖕
EdMel Mese fa
Who that baddie in the camo?
danegereux Mese fa
Love your channel. I watch pretty much all of those channels individually so having their highlights in one place is awesome. Thanks for your hard work, much appreciated. 😁
Lee Casey
Lee Casey Mese fa
Does no one understand that its not just Drake that’s been accused of having a ghost writer?
Ren Renny
Ren Renny Mese fa
I like how drake has become synonymous with ghost writers 😂😂😂
paul thornton
Eminem spits mad fast
paul thornton
Check out speedom
jairo chavez
jairo chavez Mese fa
I like what the one dude said. Revival wasn't bad, it just wasn't em. It's the truth honestly, cuz the music was great just that it wasn't for all his fans and people that enjoy eminem's flow.
Kirstyn Ashlee
Those Indecently Decent guys must be slow if they have to print out the lyrics in every single video in order to react to a song.... Especially an Eminem song where no matter how fast he's going his words are clear and he enunciates every syllable. Dudes go back to school or pick up a book.
Trigun7th Mese fa
I've been listening to Eminem since his The Eminem Show album. He's my favorite, the GOAT!
Erica Kim
Erica Kim Mese fa
Joyner made it frist emiem hop on the song
Joe Lackey
Joe Lackey Mese fa
How about we stop pausing the song? We want your reaction, not your commentary.
FYI, if you didn't know, Eminem paid homage to the Beastie Boys with his cover art, go and check out the cover art for "Licensed to ill" by Beastie Boys.
Troll Sage
Troll Sage Mese fa
1:44 reminded me of faze adapt ya'll ya'll ya'll ya'll
At 9:07 the guy said "Eminem did a full 360 on us". A 360 is a full revolution, therefore, Eminem would still be facing the same direction. Therefore, in saying that, he is implying that Eminem has not changed. Therefore, he has made himself look like a fool.
Raun Mese fa
Only one question to you Mr uploaded, where is No life shaq's channel in most of your reaction videos??? Shit ain't complete without that man my guy..
Megan Hayne
Megan Hayne Mese fa
Sis with the glasses gotta gooooo
Gamer Pro
Gamer Pro Mese fa
6:19 Dafuq is going on with this dude😂😂😂
Salman Sakib
Salman Sakib Mese fa
6:18 nigga literally died
kunal pathak
kunal pathak Mese fa
Hatata bataata why don't we say nothing and just Mumble. .....fuck!!
Alejandro Avila
Alejandro Avila 2 mesi fa
Eminen mumbles better without trying
BLTZ ReaLiZe 2 mesi fa
6:16 is me after finishing the album
BuzzANut 2 mesi fa
Joyner : i rap fast Eminem: hold my beard Joyner. : but you beard weird Eminem: Shut the fuck off
GONGG ZILLA 2 mesi fa
This last album which people thought wasn't fire 🔥 went platinum but I guess people set the bar so high for em ,he was talking about it in this album where he mentioned that "if he could put auto tune in it people would actually buy it"and if he did that than he would actually sound just like everyone in the game and he was saying most of the bars went over people's head coz people are to dumbed down to the point where they only focus on the beat which is true in today's hip hop industry
freddie gonzalez
That girl with glasses damnn she's beautiful sorry but I had to said it
Cliff Burrows
Cliff Burrows 2 mesi fa
These reactors need to keep their clueless THOTfriends off the video. They are just there to be seen on camera.
Jean Claude
Jean Claude 2 mesi fa
Thats why you need to put a lot of respect at Em...
munkithestoopid 2 mesi fa
7:22 should we be worried?
Kendrick L
Kendrick L 2 mesi fa
6:16 Best reaction ever 🤣
KheirO DinO
KheirO DinO 2 mesi fa
That British dude is totally OFFSIDE !
january woodard
january woodard 2 mesi fa
4:27 lol she gets it more than him and hes asking her if she gets it haha
Vince Sloan
Vince Sloan 2 mesi fa
Did anyone see megamind
TariqNation 2 mesi fa
who's that dude saying em was on a mumble rap flow? hahahahah what a dumbass
Hannibal Flores Jr.
Its actually Joyner who called Eminem to be part of this track, it should be Joyner's track but its going Em's album so he give it to Slim and make a compliment out of it.
OjTheJuiceBoy 2 mesi fa
Had to skip the whole fast part
TroLL Hard
TroLL Hard 2 mesi fa
1:46 can anyone tell me the reactor with the durag?
Eddie Vazquez
Eddie Vazquez 2 mesi fa
Man putting that Irish kid in this video is a crime lmao😂
Triple X
Triple X 2 mesi fa
Is that dude unbox therapy brother
Jerry Ao
Jerry Ao 2 mesi fa
Eminem's line "You got a couple of ghost writers but to these kids it don't actually matter" is not a diss to Drake, Paul Rosenberg tweeted on Twitter said that.
Matthew Carroll
Matthew Carroll 2 mesi fa
Who is the Irish twat
Scooby Smith
Scooby Smith 2 mesi fa
lil Wayne is way better than Joyner! nice try to get Joyner to the top . Eminem is not above Wayne either. nice try again!
Scooby Smith
Scooby Smith 2 mesi fa
Joyner is ft in Eminem song . he's mainstream . and Joyner is NOT top 5 of ALL TIME that's the dumbest shit I ever heard. fast rap is not new. bone was way better at it !
Scooby Smith
Scooby Smith 2 mesi fa
Joyner is mainstream. he keeps white and black separated . Upchurch has a song called bloodshed and it is way better than Joyner. sorry. fast rap isn't what makes bars good ! it's the context of what your saying . anyone can put a 808 drum with a high hat and snare and rap fast . talk about something don't just rhyme. smh America is fucked mentally since 2012
Sushant Wadte
Sushant Wadte 2 mesi fa
Where there's smoke there's usually a fire
Nchimunya Siadangu
All these little reactors are none compared to my coach 'NO LIFE SHAQ'
maya summers
maya summers 2 mesi fa
They both equally shined. That's my opinion.
maya summers
maya summers 2 mesi fa
6:16 Was me when I first heard it...😂
maya summers
maya summers 2 mesi fa
Joyner's gonna get so much recognition now. Makes me happy.
Whg does the 'indecently decent' guy look like a discount CourageJD?
ExaHertz 2 mesi fa
for those people who think marshall is dissin drake your straight up fucking retarded
B.Rabbit oliaS
B.Rabbit oliaS 2 mesi fa
Revival wasn't bad. This is why you people are important,the media,the critics etc. There are alot of people who doesn't have opinion for themselves and lazy people who doesn't try to check it for themselves,they just depend on what the media said,some critics said. These people are mostly like the mumble rap fans,or casuals.
Rhyanna Bottom
Rhyanna Bottom 2 mesi fa
this track was originally Joyners' and Em Liked it and put it on his ablum
Business Cat
Business Cat 3 mesi fa
Honestly, Joyner probably has close to the same amount of syllables in this song as Eminem, but Eminem does it for a longer period and has clearer pronunciation. Not trying to take away anything from Joyner cause he's a goat in his own right.
Tk Schaaf
Tk Schaaf 3 mesi fa
Album of the fucking decade!!!
Manny Fresh
Manny Fresh 3 mesi fa
I hate how they automatically assume Eminem is talking about drake if he mentions ghost writers . Eminem said he would never diss drake in a recent Interview btw
faraaz1985 22 giorni fa
Yes it us true but fuck drake
Izell Lide
Izell Lide 2 mesi fa
Manny Fresh dudes not really Eminem fans bro Eminem will say your name directly he was never pussy I found out he has two charges as well gun n battery charges bro
Hard Trader
Hard Trader 3 mesi fa
Ya'll ya'll ya'll ya'll ya'll ....
suraj mishra
suraj mishra 3 mesi fa
The girl in specs, is she Indian, cos she look so
Logan Harrison
Logan Harrison 3 mesi fa
I love how nobody caught the elevator line
Sushi Gamer
Sushi Gamer 3 mesi fa
6:16. This dude is getting electrocuted
יאיר נידם
im getting cringe everytime they just repeat the sentence with that smug face
John Cena
John Cena 3 mesi fa
Mumble rap:Habatatabata Lyrical rap: actually sings words
Tracey Mair
Tracey Mair 3 mesi fa
There was no darn draw!! Em absolutely killed it!!! Joyner was amazing but Em was out of this universe!!
Elote20 3 mesi fa
These reactions is funny to watch and a little entertaining but I hope nobody watches most of these "reactors" for real opinions. Especially the ones that have their girls in the video and they always lost af and don't know whats going on and the dude gotta explain lmao
Helena Dahbour
Helena Dahbour 3 mesi fa
thank u em fr exposing joyner more
Robert Delafuente
Joyner Lucas snapped but eminem rapped faster and put more complex words together
Robert Delafuente
Only #eminem can give people chills and make them spaz out in emotions
Robert Delafuente
Only #eminem can literally put chills and make people spaz when they listen to him 💯#facts
Zach Wallace
Zach Wallace 3 mesi fa
I'm just going to say this if Em. Would've gotten kendrick and cole on this. It would be a great addition to a great album.
Dominic Campbell
The thing about Revival, is that there's nothing catchy on it that you can dance to, it's a lyrical album where you have to sit down and actually listen to what he's saying. Most rap fans these days don't have the kind of patience for that anymore.
Nate 10315
Nate 10315 3 mesi fa
Now we just need a Fall compilation
carlos espinoza
carlos espinoza 3 mesi fa
lol that's kind of fucked up that that's what drake is know for now, he wasn't dissing drake
Ghost 3 mesi fa
05:55 This dude's so clueless, he doesn't even understand what Eminem is doing.
glen noval
glen noval 3 mesi fa
Well on the cover 'tikcus' is just inverted from 'suck it'
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