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Best Songs Of Phil Collins Collection - Phil Collins Top Hits

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12 set 2017

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Commenti 2 872
Music TV
Music TV Mese fa
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marcin kieronski
marcin kieronski 14 giorni fa
Popje baśka
Siul Malumora
Siul Malumora 20 giorni fa
This is the my best song
christine JAUTEE
christine JAUTEE 29 giorni fa
I like video!!! LIKE - SHARE Perfect video I things with him!!!
Ioan Opre
Ioan Opre 29 giorni fa
in the air tonight
christine JAUTEE
Phil Collins : Like and share your Music!!! Beautiful!!!
Kent Krueger
Kent Krueger 2 giorni fa
I love this guy. He spent his fortune collecting Alamo artifacts- then gave it to Texas he has depth!
mogtowija 3 giorni fa
super music!!!!
Max Mwangi
Max Mwangi 3 giorni fa
It touches my heart every time😰😳😳
Maricelia Rodrigues
Rainer Bode
Rainer Bode 5 giorni fa
this great men will stand another time on stage.respect for him
Mirian Alves
Mirian Alves 5 giorni fa
Amo estas músicas 💕❤
Ben M.
Ben M. 5 giorni fa
Ein Meister seiner Zeit, Vielen Dank für Ihre Zeit Mister Sirr Collins🍸🦊
Shaun Russon
Shaun Russon 7 giorni fa
Horrible quality!
Simone Veloso
Simone Veloso 8 giorni fa
Phil Collins magnífico maravilhoso amooooooo todas as suas músicas
Salim Mamouni
Salim Mamouni 8 giorni fa
DSL les gens,ne sachant pas parler l'anglais, je vais m'exprimer dans ma langue maternelle Juste pour vous dire que toutes les musiques de Phil Collins ont bercées mon enfance, comme là plupart d'entre vous.Perso,j'ai 46 ans cela me fait rappeller les premières boums,discothèques etc...en mode lover sur des slows torrides A l'époque, 1 folie ça emballer sec qui s'en rappelle De nos jours, cela s'appelle serrer ou piner.Plus aucun respect pour la gente féminine ...Où est donc passer le Romantisme comme jadis.Cette nostalgie, cette époque me manque tellement années 80 pour toujours Vivre années 80 et 90.Peace and love Cordialement.
jose cavalcamti
jose cavalcamti 8 giorni fa
Bom 👍👍👍
Samuel Oliveira
Samuel Oliveira 8 giorni fa
Era baterista do Genesis e agora vocalista e ótimo baterista. Muito elogiado por todos q curtem esse grande músico.
Daniele Silvaa
Daniele Silvaa 8 giorni fa
Minha música favorita Amooo
UMKW invecivel1
UMKW invecivel1 8 giorni fa
THIS IS THE MAN WHO BROUGHT TEARS TO MY EYES WITH SON OF MAN!!? 😭 always liked these songs, just never knew who sang them, neither knew he was the man behind son of man! Now that i am man i can find out all these things on my own!
TheCreamEgg Guy
TheCreamEgg Guy 11 giorni fa
Are these live versions??
desiree selikow
desiree selikow 12 giorni fa
Bernardo Bautista
Bernardo Bautista 13 giorni fa
first lady laarni collins montenegro macalalag enriquez
francisco bonize
francisco bonize 13 giorni fa
Ícone !!! Anos 80 !!! Saudades!!!
Frederick Christusten
Henry A.D
Henry A.D 14 giorni fa
Lo mejor del planeta!! Él gran phill collins!!!!
Mohammed Ahmed
Mohammed Ahmed 14 giorni fa
You know
Rebeca Santos
Rebeca Santos 17 giorni fa
Como dizem máquina do tempo são essas músicas!!!!! 👌🔥🌷🌬
Audenia Sales
Audenia Sales 18 giorni fa
Tempo bom esse
Jigsaw Puzzle
Jigsaw Puzzle 18 giorni fa
nice song
Aaliyah Claire Davies Khan
My favourite artist of all time. What a legend. His lyrics are so true
Adriana Medeiros
Adriana Medeiros 19 giorni fa
Sou fã do Phil Collins, são tantas músicas legais e o tempo passa, mas parece tão atual...tenho muitas músicas favoritas rsrs
valeska Andrea González Oyarce
amo su música presiosa😍
Rainundo Gomes
Rainundo Gomes 20 giorni fa
com licença da palavra puta que pariu linda de mais da conta
Appelboom 22 giorni fa
Anyone knows what version of another day in paradise this is? The instrumental sounds so much more emotional than the normal version
Maciel Santos Santos
Alguém ai? Kkk. 2018.
Maciel Santos Santos
Lindas músicas..
Sheena Brooks
Sheena Brooks 22 giorni fa
love his music
Imelda Dizon
Imelda Dizon 23 giorni fa
My all time favorite, Phil Collin's songs♥️
Good Mood Daily
Good Mood Daily 23 giorni fa
Ебать, вот это он валит.
Krismansyah 25 giorni fa
like and comment
Krismansyah 25 giorni fa
ayahku suka y lagu gini 2
World Wide Records , Record Label
Wow , reminds me of some very good times, I miss this 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Marise Sousa
Marise Sousa 27 giorni fa
🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Phil Collins.
Etoile8 27 giorni fa
The best!!!
Rachid fikiri
Rachid fikiri 28 giorni fa
Achhad lmosica dyal basah
christine JAUTEE
christine JAUTEE 29 giorni fa
J'ai toujours adoré vous voir, vous écouter et vous entendre Phil Collins! Nous nous connaissons depuis XXXXXXS annnées! Je suis toujours à MONTROUGE/PARIS.
Carlaomendespintor Mendes
Fhil Collins valeu
Mercede3s Mercedes
Mercede3s Mercedes 29 giorni fa
11E people can suck justin biebers dick!!
Josh Pagador
Josh Pagador Mese fa
Shantanu Sharma
One of the best singers of all times, great songs.
Rus 777
Rus 777 Mese fa
Su Teimosinha
música que não se perde no tempo e na história, ficara gravada para sempre
zeno gameplays
Saudades dessa musica viu que letra que romatismo demais
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Supreme -_-
Supreme -_- Mese fa
Best Songs Of Phil Collins Collection - Phil Collins Top Hits
Paulo Santos
Paulo Santos Mese fa
quem ouve essas músicas sabe o que música boa tchau tchau ...
Where can i find this version of ''Another Day In Paradise''?? Please let me know ;)
Lupita Ger
Lupita Ger Mese fa
Bella 🎶 música
Abram klassen
phil collins has no lips
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101ers77 Mese fa
Bald and boring people can't be rock stars.
flor perez
flor perez Mese fa
adoro a este cantante!!
Josafá Felix Felix Da Silva
eu gostomuito destas músicas deste cantor é lindas todas
Denise Matos
Denise Matos Mese fa
Isso me lembra o meu falecido marido que gostava e colocava pro meu filho assistir
Eton Bvuma
Eton Bvuma Mese fa
Timeless classics.
Gloria Cifuentes Arrey
Que lindo Phil rsl
Marisela Córdoba
Marisela Córdoba
Marisela Córdoba 18 giorni fa
+Howards Daniel Muy bien gracias y vos? Yo soy de Costa Rica Pura Vida! 😊
Marisela Córdoba
Marisela Córdoba 18 giorni fa
+Howards Daniel Hola!
Ben M.
Ben M. Mese fa
Spektakuläre Zeitraffer
Kamalll Tito
Kamalll Tito Mese fa
Phil Collins top musique
Alimi abdou wabi
Hello, i'm Alimi from République of Bénin .For me, Phil Collins is the best musiciens evrytime. my favorite title is : in the air tonight. i wicth if i can get the texte in french
Teresa Joyce
Teresa Joyce Mese fa
I love this album it's great
Bagaskara Azhar
Don’t mind me, just another english comment to appear
Eric Sanchez
Eric Sanchez Mese fa
I wish they would make music like this these days....i love this..reminds me of my childhood...
Remco F. Gerritsen
Way to long silent moment/no sound moments URG
Daro Lil Pharaoh
Starlito brought me here.. insomnia addict
Lo excelente es sólo exelente
Leandro Santos
Muito show!!!!
jose geraldo barranco
so saudades bouas
B. Berya
B. Berya Mese fa
B. Berya
B. Berya Mese fa
I love this man Collins! God bless him.
Marie Hélène Amirane
J'aime ses sons, sa voix et tous les sentiments que je perçois me fais du bien
Abdourahmane Diallo
2018 nous sommes là 🌷🌷💐
daniel boxall
You did part of the buster film at the seven valley rail way I think
Nelson Brockes
Melhor do que Pink Foid.
Nayrubi Ramírez
Phill se escucha en VENEZUELA
Jane purple rose
he is one talented artist....one of the greatest...thank you for sharing your gift Phil :)
Stevyn Walker
Stevyn Walker 2 mesi fa
we love u phil
Chus Riu
Chus Riu 2 mesi fa
Dels milhors
Madeline Lima
Madeline Lima 2 mesi fa
Que viagem maravilhosa 😘😍
Marcia J. Brito
Marcia J. Brito 2 mesi fa
lindas lindas músicas !! gosto sim !!
Music TV
Music TV 2 mesi fa
thank you so much
gramo Ramos
gramo Ramos 2 mesi fa
Yo amo ala Jessica es mi mujer hacemos el amor escuchando esta música
otolikos 2 mesi fa
you forget the best song......: Can't Turn Back The Years
Pedrito Cariño Hermosilla Jr
I love music... My music my life...
Darwin Lagos
Darwin Lagos Mese fa
Phill collins
Tchamendes Mendes
Bom todo
brenda vanwinkle
Remember wells Fargo days
Almir Valerio
Almir Valerio 2 mesi fa
Esse é UM dos melhores artistas que existe, super legal muito bom 👏👏👏👏👏.
Wilton Fernandes
Todas lindas amo todas
มงคล บุญพิศาล
Odibara Catibaro
Awesome songs Phil Collins is the best
Alan Gravers
Alan Gravers 2 mesi fa
The song order in the picture isn't correct
Patricia Silva
Patricia Silva 2 mesi fa
Melhores músicas de todos os tempos 😘😍
Anne Wossou
Anne Wossou 2 mesi fa
un très très grand plaisir de t'écouter encore et encore
Miguel Angel Valeron Gonsales
Es un cantante con mucho prestigio
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