Best Video Game Cinematic Trailers of All Time | Part 2

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Best Video Game Cinematic Trailers of All Time - Part 2 | World of Warcraft, League of Legends, The Witcher 3, Overwatch, Assassin's Creed, Batman, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Starcraft 2, The Elder Scrolls!
00:01 Overwatch Animated Short - “Reunion”
07:55 League of Legends - Odyssey Animated Trailer
10:23 World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Cinematic Trailer
14:42 STAR WARS: The Old Republic - Knights of the Eternal Throne - Betrayed Trailer
20:50 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Killing Monsters Cinematic Trailer


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3 nov 2018




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Commenti 182
QHANNEL 0Q0 9 giorni fa
Mustafa Aylin Demir
Mustafa Aylin Demir 13 giorni fa
Best cinematic diablo 3 ros malthael scene.
Fridolin Freundlich
Fridolin Freundlich 15 giorni fa
none of these trailers is anyhow noteworthy. Not that the witcher ones are bad, but best of all time? Nah
your mom
your mom 16 giorni fa
That time you realize the "game" industry is just a dumpster of s.h.i.t.
Little Panda
Little Panda 17 giorni fa
Yes... The Withcer 3 is the best game ever made
Dedskin Prodcer/DJ
Dedskin Prodcer/DJ 17 giorni fa
LOL LOL cinematic in space , with space manga cowboys , my god this really has nothing to do with the actual game
Dedskin Prodcer/DJ
Dedskin Prodcer/DJ 17 giorni fa
Best animations that have nothing to do with actual games they are made to advertise
Dedskin Prodcer/DJ
Dedskin Prodcer/DJ 14 giorni fa
@Internet Explorer no , there are laws , one cant tell you its 1kg of fine apples when it is not 1 kg apples , there always has to be small print telling the truth or its illegal . Small pring here being Cinematic , or not Actual gameplay , youll always fine that , but its BS
Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer 14 giorni fa
The same goes for everything ever advertise. Like some birthday presents, they are made as good as they are meant to be. But it's the thought, or sentimental value that counts.
Victor Fehr
Victor Fehr 18 giorni fa
These could be more accurately titled," Triple A Developers Who Put More Effort into Their Cinematics Than They Do Their Games!"....well minus CD Projeckt Red ofcourse.
Alexander Frazier
Alexander Frazier 20 giorni fa
I know it looks bad ass and all but you aren’t supposed to light cigars with Zippos. It ruins the taste or something. I don’t smoke I’ve only heard that.
Alexander Frazier
Alexander Frazier 8 giorni fa
Jozsi Torok it do tho. I don’t smoke cigars cause I ain’t some fool trying to get cancer. Have fun tho
Jozsi Torok
Jozsi Torok 16 giorni fa
So you are basically a smartass on a thing you have no knowledge about. I love your kind of people, criticizing just for the sake of criticizing. I smoke, and I always light my cigars with Zippos, but you, kid, you changed my entire view on life. I will never again light a cigar with a Zippo because a kid on ITvid who doesn't smoke heard that it ruins the taste, and just HAD to share his wisdom.
sandelic 22 giorni fa
Dishes in sink that are clean, guy eats with fork that is spotless after use...
Solitary 23 giorni fa
What’s a best cinematic video with The Old Republic?
Corey Mckay
Corey Mckay 25 giorni fa
World of Warcraft trailer still give me goosebumps
Ichika Nakano
Im planning to sub if i saw Left 4 Dead Trailer. but nope.
Krieg Mese fa
There is no way, L4D can beat these
Brad Mese fa
I woulda had some of the halo trailers but its not my video
najib habibi
najib habibi Mese fa
im remember this like cormano , caracter of the sunset rider game,,,90's game ,,,
Theo Gillan
Theo Gillan Mese fa
For Honor?
Penemuel Watcher
Witcher III is a work of art.
Denzel RJ
Denzel RJ Mese fa
blizzard cinematics always makes me shiver
Boogie _Gamer
The Witcher looks Amazing !!
VeXd EmBeRz
VeXd EmBeRz Mese fa
Legit some of the best trailers. Agree with this list 100%
Michael Steiner
So sad I don't understand the SWTOR cinematics very well. Seems like a good story. For the Witcher, it looks so interesting, the cinematics are great, many people love the game, I respect it. I am kind of sad that I don't get the right vibes from the game as others do.
Sanguinius, le Primarque Blood Angels
For the story of Star Wars, it's actually a prologue to highlight the last two extensions of the mmorpg Star Wars The Old Republic who focused on the Eternal Empire, the family in power is the family that we see in the cutscenes (the two sons are in black and white, with their father in armor with the wolf on the chest called Valkorion and the mother who is in this cinematic and who tried to get their hidden daughter that she had hidden to protect her but that when the father discovered it with his powers to bring it to a temple to train and indoctrinate it and it is this temple that saw it during the kinematics) And in the game, we go into action soon after when the Eternal Empire attacks the galaxy in which the universe of Star Wars is located and simultaneously attacks the Empire and the Republic and manages to put both knees very quickly, from in such a way that the only way for them to survive is to sign an armistice and so they surrender to the will of the reigning Eternal Empire as the master of the galaxy until we enter the scene with our fleet of renegade ships of the Empire and the Republic secretly formed in coalition with the Republic, the rebels, mercenaries, soldiers of both camps and pirates to directly attack the capital of the Eternal Empire in the outer border (this is the area blur located in the unknown space between two galaxies) and bring down the Emperor Eternal and his children. The rest I let you discover it for yourself even if you want to do the game as the rest depends entirely on the choices you make with your character in the game and I will not want to spoiler all the more that it is a splendid adventure. :)
Anders Svart
Anders Svart Mese fa
3:29 - damn, why is she so sexy... -_-
Cloud Strife
Cloud Strife 2 mesi fa
Imagining if Witcher were in Game of Thrones. Then he would probably save every poor women who are unfairly handled. He would never let anyone kill an innocent child. He would save him or her if he has to.
creator Space
creator Space 2 mesi fa
We made it well. blog.naver.com/7heppy7
Rhyland Yokoya
Rhyland Yokoya 2 mesi fa
When Blizzard make World Of Wacraft Iphone platform?
KB MILLER 2 mesi fa
jinx is a lot like Harley Quinn see that lawsuit already lol either way cool intros
mayakovski 2 mesi fa
Very disappointed in the Apple Pie physics, was expecting better. If Overwatch was even a fraction as good as it's trailers it would be amazing. Too bad.
Alex Blinoff
Alex Blinoff 2 mesi fa
Особенно рассмешил ковбой у которого шляпа украшена патронами 7,62х25ТТ...
DatDragon Boi
DatDragon Boi 2 mesi fa
there should be a new game about odessey
Marinosso 2 mesi fa
The first time i saw Ashe i was like: "hey thats Michael Jackson"
Bassem 2 mesi fa
you know why andwin cried while raising his army back to life ? he dropped his father sword ... he isn't meant to be a warrior like his father , he is a priest after all ... touchy
Necrophite78 2 mesi fa
10:51 is that Sylvanas Windrunner?! The Dark Ranger from Warcraft 3?
Bassem 2 mesi fa
yep , she is leading the hord atm , facepalm!
George Edmond
George Edmond 2 mesi fa
the first game I played was the first halo on the original Xbox and in my opinion I think halo does epic trailers so I don't understand why halo isn't on here
Justin Rau
Justin Rau 2 mesi fa
Where is TF2 like are u stupid
little dude from across the street
guys please, I need your help. I saw this cinematic trailer maybe 2 years ago and I lost that game and I was deliberatly trying to find that again but I couldn't. it was about father holding his child on his hands and there were sodliers. There was river under the bridge and when sodliers were passing over the bridge the father would hide underneath holding his child. there was epic music and it was rainy. Please, help me out guys. That was legendary trailer and I beleive so was the game. That's all I remember... I know that's not much, but still... God bless everybody!
little dude from across the street
no, "death stranding" is an upcoming game :C That game is already released I suppose. But the main character is really similar to this one. He also got beard and long hair lol
Wuce Brayne
Wuce Brayne 2 mesi fa
Death Stranding
little dude from across the street
@William Chau the guy with a jar in his hands with an embryo in it? That's an upcoming game in December. No, it's not. You got trailer to share ?
William Chau
William Chau 2 mesi fa
The one with norman reedus from the walking dead?
Blemmo 2 mesi fa
man i hate Anduins Ultimate...
Paulo Voevoda
Paulo Voevoda 2 mesi fa
Cachyn 2 mesi fa
23:07 music ?
Cachyn 2 giorni fa
@Leonardo Longinotti YOU ARE GOD !!!
Leonardo Longinotti
itvid.net/video/video-XbSlRla81B0.html Far cry 5 theme
Leonardo Longinotti
Vaggelis Argyropoulos
i was looking for the same as well
no name
no name 2 mesi fa
So ash is his ex?😂 Lots of situation to imagine how there relationship turned like that😂
Antonio lewis
Antonio lewis 2 mesi fa
I play all day dva for ever
Aziz LePoulet
Aziz LePoulet 2 mesi fa
15:50 yes girl you got your thum now go kill dragons !
Play Games Channel
Ultron-5 3 mesi fa
CDPR cinematic trailers are so underrated, the company is underrated in general even though they created the best RPG game of all time in the Witcher 3
Shubham Bahirat
Shubham Bahirat 3 mesi fa
Yeah Witcher 3 I one of the best games I have ever played
udai SINGH
udai SINGH 3 mesi fa
Great game
K D 3 mesi fa
Overwatch and LoL trailer were pathetic imagine playing that cuck shit or thinking those cinematics were on par
Jojo Pro
Jojo Pro 3 mesi fa
What is the outro music?
GAMEOST 3 mesi fa
​@Jojo Pro My pleasure :)
Jojo Pro
Jojo Pro 3 mesi fa
@GAMEOST Thank you
GAMEOST 3 mesi fa
Far Cry 5 - Resistance Theme
Lucas França
Lucas França 3 mesi fa
Quem percebeu que tem um número com número da besta do apocalipse??
obito 3 mesi fa
Cinematic awesome but gameplay really shit
magaa 3 mesi fa
The Total War Warhammer trailers are certainly missing here
Furkan Sav
Furkan Sav 3 mesi fa
Baştaki video oyunmu filmmi adini ögrenebilirmiyim
erencoolguy 3 mesi fa
Studio Sarangi
Studio Sarangi 3 mesi fa
starwars trailers are so emotional
basuki febri
basuki febri 3 mesi fa
Ryoma aov
Apple Gaming
Apple Gaming 3 mesi fa
What's with the LOL things
King Andrade
King Andrade 3 mesi fa
BLIZZARD! 💥❤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Rock girl
Rock girl 3 mesi fa
Michael Petrarca
Really, an Overwatxh trailer? Did you not mean the most cliched trailers?
Мируддинов Межроб
Chadwick Champman
Is this 4d?
Rize Falco
Rize Falco 3 mesi fa
This made my nipples go hard
Keñji GAMING 3 mesi fa
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