Billie Eilish - bad guy (with Justin Bieber) [Audio]

Billie Eilish
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Listen to "WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?", out now: smarturl.it/BILLIEALBUM
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11 lug 2019




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Commenti 132 763
luis solis
luis solis Ora fa
Me salto a la parte de Justin xd
Faith Elizabeth
Never disliked one of Billie's videos till now... :/
Chandeni Chaudhary
Honestly I like the original but if Billie likes it I FUCKING LOVE IT 😍
Tacori Jennings
I don't she what she see but maybe it's cause I'm wearing your cologne
Ossian Lawrie
The Justin part ruined it all
Wtf is this
Imogen Adao
Billie at 17: millionaire Me at 17: mum! MUM! MUM! We need a dog
just me
just me Ora fa
JB voice is so damnnn 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Belen Fernandez
Siento que podría ser mucho mejor. O sea, no se, pero en mi opinión parecen recortes acoplados, bueno todas las canciones son de alguna manera eso, pero creo CREO que se entiende mí opinión
brichy LV
brichy LV Ora fa
Sry justin but ur terrible at flexing 😂
chicken strips
did i just hear the worst dood on earth say skrrt in a song that doesn't even need it
Jason Joe
Jason Joe Ora fa
wolfpack gatcha
Was at you concert for world tpur san deigo!! I was ablw to get opretty close to stage to it was awsome keep it up!!!
d a r k s s u s h i n e.
El ”skrr“ lo repetí como 748484847474729202873738498373993737378383837738383747848487363839373747474849936634637384947737384983738848377474849487373884847474774949584783839487748484992826400274974749387384947849483884848848383883838617289294774849028274739930 veces :”v.
Mickaella _
Ya si igual te salio justin qliao
isdaris T
isdaris T Ora fa
¿A quién le da risa la cara de la niña
Jules Ora fa
13 year old girl: listens to Billie eilish 13 year old: mY lIfE sUcKs, I hAvE DePrEsIoN
Hdmwb Shavqj
Ann numbers
When is there going to be a music ved
Cristobal Benjamin Arancibia Rodriguez
La wea mala xuxetumare
Tania Nayyar
Doesn’t anyone else remember Billie at 8 million subs ... I can’t believe she has 17 million now eh ... she deserves it
Rama Amaro
Rama Amaro 2 ore fa
a puro autotune
Juliana Hernadez pippo
Lova 3201
Lova 3201 2 ore fa
This is so cute because she is a huge fan
Moody Blues
Moody Blues 2 ore fa
I prefer the original but this is good too. If it came out first I probably wouldn’t have liked it as much as the original though. Everyone is making fun of it but it just has a different vibe and shows both of their musical personalities. I could have lived without the “so icy” though. That was a bit WTF. Overall, 7/10.
kaneki_xxx 2 ore fa
Autotune at its finest
Luis Chuquicondor
Solo espero que no sean pareja, ella es muy buena cantante como para juntarse con el
Chopped Liver
Chopped Liver 2 ore fa
how to destroy your already amazing song 101
sketch person
sketch person 2 ore fa
That was so funny so i was sining your part and tjan i was readdy to sing the beebs part an i was like oh... Its not the same words lol
manuel torres
manuel torres 2 ore fa
When i hear this song i remember when jb was 17 years old, awesome song
Ramen Dogg
Ramen Dogg 2 ore fa
I’m the guy who likes you 👉🏾👌🏾🍑🍆🤤 hahaha
Samuel Florentin
Jajaja la cago feo la Billie Eilish 😂😂
Yasmin Mohidin
Like the original better
Johan Soto
Johan Soto 2 ore fa
Creo que a alguien le gustan menores :V
Halle Anderson
Who ships billie with Justin not me
Marti Contreras
I don’t like a lot but they’re Billie and Justin so LIKE
Zic Albuquerque
Dats da tea Sis
Kinda messed up this song not to be rude
Emma Ruggles
Emma Ruggles 2 ore fa
I'm in Love with his part
Hans Lacoa
Hans Lacoa 2 ore fa
Que puto asco cago el tema
ItIZAwesome Trixie16
I’m one of the 132k comment :’’’)
Hannah Montana
Lindsay Francois
I not a big fan of this song but I will support billy there any you know
Andre Carlo Petalcuri
I really like the beat.
Lil Menk
Lil Menk 2 ore fa
Beiber sounds more like a female than Billie
Schleich Equine
How much autotune: Billie: Whats au-to-tune? Justin: WhOOaoOa
crashistrash 2 ore fa
This ain’t it sis
jaden lee edelen
Producer : how much auto tune Billie : non- Justin : yes
Vanessa Princcer
*Fan and idol goals*
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