Billie Eilish - bad guy (with Justin Bieber) [Audio]

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11 lug 2019




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Commenti 145 303
Kuzya 31 minuto fa
Bad gay.🏳️‍🌈
Alina Hasani
Alina Hasani 54 minuti fa
I‘m sorry but holy shit wat is that for a picture😂😂
Doiminic Balugo
Ayy I'm just playing she a tweeker not u
Mozart Herbert
Thank you Justin Bieber for bringing a real sung melody to this song \o/
OvertJake 3 ore fa
Katy Cathrine
Katy Cathrine 4 ore fa
Justin just a little baby boy😂😂
Karlene Stinson
I love this song! It's so unique and great to dance to! 💃 👏 🙂
you are ugly as hell
Khadija Ba
Khadija Ba 5 ore fa
Wtf no
Nouras27 5 ore fa
2:29 Justin trying to do a metal breakdown :,3
XxXWolfieXx 7 ore fa
Eww like if you hate justin
Darcio Vitor
Darcio Vitor 8 ore fa
please come to Brazil
Rachel Bonte
Rachel Bonte 8 ore fa
I hate to tell u this,but Justin bieber has done messed up things and doesn't write his own stuff most of the time.....just hope u know cuz I wanna look out for ma queen I stan for
Ryo Canley
Ryo Canley 9 ore fa
No way Justin Bieber’s gonna see this comment
Amaretto Punsch
Literally congratulations for singing your song with your idol. Wishing the best wishes for you in the future :D
•Heey Doidas!•
Melhor q isso só a versão brega funk!
Jin Kazama_ TekkenGamer
*”skrrrt” and at that moment he knew he f*cked up*
React with Amro
React with Amro 10 ore fa
I cant be the only who is laughing about him constantly saying so ICY😂
Aria Gomes
Aria Gomes 10 ore fa
my grand dad when he uses auto tune
Kaylee Boxford
Kaylee Boxford 10 ore fa
Nobody is going to talk about how in the pic she has like 3 Justin posters YAY GOOD JOB BILLIE! (I really am happy)
Hatter 10 ore fa
Maéva Comara-Brown
I hate Billie Eilish. But I loooove JB 💕
Emil Bańkowski
Emil Bańkowski 11 ore fa
Isamu kiedy hurtworld ?
The little star Rosales
Billy is giving me jojo vibes right about now😂
UmbreonErick 13 ore fa
Nobody.. Not even a single soul Justin: *SKRRRRRRRRRT !*
cold iced tea
cold iced tea 15 ore fa
everybody gangsta till Justin joins Billie
London Hinds
London Hinds 16 ore fa
So iCy
Razan Akram
Razan Akram 17 ore fa
Paithani Design
Paithani Design 18 ore fa
Justin fans only.... 👍👍👍👍
ViVou GG
ViVou GG 21 ora fa
Merci NRJ ❤
Anna Hernadine
Anna Hernadine 22 ore fa
That facs lol
love love love
love love love 22 ore fa
Игрок в pubg
Скоро будет Billie Eilish и Зеленский
PLR 88
PLR 88 Giorno fa
Much better with JB
lance lol
lance lol Giorno fa
What do you like more? Solo or Duet?
WoofWoof Madness
how to ruin bad guy no.1 get justin bieber no.2 tell him to remix the song no.3 publish it and make it viral there ya have it bad guy ruined
Apple Boy
Apple Boy Giorno fa
I'm waiting Justin saying "DUH" but.... It's "WOOAAAA OOOOOOHHHHHHH" 😂😑
Usman Shaikh
Usman Shaikh Giorno fa
Can anyone appreciate the moment at 2:00 woahaoooOooOOOOH DUH! I loveeeee ittttt😂💕
Fangirling Justin Bieber
Usman Shaikh yeah I like his flasetto in boyfriend song
Usman Shaikh
Usman Shaikh 22 ore fa
Fangirling Justin Bieber hahah sameee it’s so catchy I don’t care if people hate it I like it so yaaaaa!😂😜
Usman Shaikh
Usman Shaikh 22 ore fa
i burned the babies in the candle ur wrongggg it’s so catchy idk why!😂
Fangirling Justin Bieber
Most of the people hate it but Idk why I like it
[ t r ø y t a r ø ]
Im the bad guy......OOF
Игры Тв
Игры Тв Giorno fa
кто знает русски
Liza Ыыыы
Liza Ыыыы Giorno fa
Mr Oof
Mr Oof Giorno fa
Billie:MIGHT SEDUCE YOUR DAD TYPE. me:wait how old are you? Billie:*silence*
Hunter whitley
Hunter whitley Giorno fa
Yo yo yo
pure vocalś
pure vocalś Giorno fa
Nothing like us cover itvid.net/video/video-RkpyoRdNpe0.html
Kasharwans Babygirl Yashshakar
Man I hate it that Justin is in the aduio
Swiftie Ever
Swiftie Ever Giorno fa
Bieber ruin this song
•Kiwi •
•Kiwi • Giorno fa
justin biver rrowned this song
Yuthiel Choque
Yuthiel Choque Giorno fa
Wat from me
Joiner Allauca
Joiner Allauca Giorno fa
Fryan Giorno fa
Half assed tbh
Hamcheese Giorno fa
Billies face is me when someone asks me a question I don’t want to answer
gabo Bn Zukulento
Jajajajaja este si la descargo fuaaa temazooo ohhhh la wea wena el otro era callampa este esta buenardo
Roy Buis
Roy Buis Giorno fa
Okay Justin Bieber ruined the whole song.
let's get fun
let's get fun Giorno fa
10 lucky people watch it itvid.net/video/video-uKX1k1CpDVg.html and sub 😚😚😚
Ulfa Al-Baar
Ulfa Al-Baar Giorno fa
Billie at 17: collabs with her childhood idol Me at 17: re-watches entire Brooklyn 99 series for 57689th time inside of year
raunel gonzalez
raunel gonzalez Giorno fa
Justin:Im ThE BaD GuY Billie:Duh Justin:WhOaHoAHoWaHOwWa Billie:*plays music*
raunel gonzalez
raunel gonzalez Giorno fa
I forgot to say somthing Justin:SSSSKKKKKIIIIIIRRRRRRTT
Ay Giorno fa
Anthony Roberts
Anthony Roberts Giorno fa
billie. im a bad guy . justin. duh billie. really REALLY
Rshad bozan
Rshad bozan Giorno fa
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