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On October 18th, 2017, after a busy day of promotional interviews in New York City, Billie Eilish met with Vanity Fair to discuss the 15-year-old’s breakthrough success. On October 18th, 2018, after a long day of pre-tour rehearsals, Billie spoke with VF again to answer the exact same questions and look back at a time capsule of her answers from last year. Her Instagram follower count grew from 257K to 6.3 million. She went from playing crowds of 500 fans to playing arenas for more than 40,000. See how Billie’s life changed over the last year.
Listen to a recomposition of Billie's "Ocean Eyes" here:

Directed and Interviewed by Joe Sabia
Produced by Jeff Kornberg
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Billie Eilish: Same Interview, One Year Apart | Vanity Fair


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Commenti 71 558
Majestic Sea flap flap
This is so emotional! 🥺
Charlie Baker
Charlie Baker 12 minuti fa
So this piece of trash is underage? Ok now I know why she is overrated
hello. hello.
hello. hello. 24 minuti fa
The whole time she looks like she’s going to cry...😢
The Shaman
The Shaman 37 minuti fa
She needs to smoke some salvia divinorum to make her appreciate what she has..
Wolfy_Tay 23
Wolfy_Tay 23 54 minuti fa
I want to give her a huge hug. Not just because I’m a big fan, but because I look at her face and I see a person desperate for a TRUE REAL hug.
Ben Shaffer
Like what bad things happened in her life tho
João Arthur
8:26 omg owwww
Mia Mascuch
We love you Billie. ❤️❤️We don’t want to put any pressure on you.
Jaidynn Crowley
Billie Ellish looks and acts like my aunt😂🤣😂🤣
Nicola Newberry
She is an amazing person and pretty awesome. Very honest. Love that she talks to her family all the time. Lots going on and thats not a bad thing just needs more faith in herself but that comes with time...and maybe a bit less pressure. Her songs are 100% unique at least for me!
marlena hales
How old were you qhen you found out Billie eilish has tourettes? I was this day years old.
Allison Bugbee
1:34 now its at Cochella
Anthony Bee
Anthony Bee 2 ore fa
Through the video I see her bout to cry up in here
Laila Kitty
Laila Kitty 2 ore fa
I love you Billie. Thank you for being real
Joanne Rotherick
Billy I love you
Angi Chan
Angi Chan 2 ore fa
I love this!
OGAnarchy 2 ore fa
shasiela z.
shasiela z. 2 ore fa
5:44 Billie said thank u, next and dipped 😂
m8 ur Doodoo
m8 ur Doodoo 2 ore fa
The music it’s not sad
Ping Central
Ping Central 2 ore fa
Well she's hit puberty
Crie DurrhYT
Crie DurrhYT 2 ore fa
She is a lot like me (mentally)
#GucciGanger Squad
Why did we all get this in our recommended now?? Almost a year later 😭😂
M M 3 ore fa
Notice how she looked happier, nicer, and more importanly less demonic in the first video..?
Harley 3 ore fa
She looks a bit like lil xan
Chupito ElPame
What is this garbage?...
gucci tae
gucci tae 3 ore fa
I didn't know that she is 17!!! She is so young
Death Is fun
Death Is fun 3 ore fa
My biggest regret is putting fear in every one around me I have anger issues and I had no one that claimed me done but I don’t know why I’m texting this no one cares
Death Is fun
Death Is fun 3 ore fa
My name is Collin I’m 14 and my advice is life is not easy and if you walk life alone then it will make you strong but when the time comes you need someone when you cannot stand alone
Locho Lelmani
Locho Lelmani 3 ore fa
That’s how it looks, when you sold your soul....
Coral Anne
Coral Anne 3 ore fa
the pain in her eyes😢
Clover Catowo
Clover Catowo 3 ore fa
Billie sounds really sad.. A year ago she looked happy. I hope she's gonna survive, you can see in her eyes that she is depressed and extremely stressed. Billie is young too... I hope she gets better
Sxvannah Creme
When you looked into her eyes look like she was about to cry I feel bad The song made me cry and how she used to be and now how she changed
The Flamingo Family
Such a beaitiful kid in a world thats going to give her a lot of fame but nothing more... Sadness in her eyes creeps me..
allisson Arias
I want to be billies best friend and be with her through all the stuff she goes through
Currham 4 ore fa
I'm sorry who is this? And why is this in my recommended?
Emma j
Emma j 4 ore fa
and this is everything wrong with the music industry, at a time where no teenager knows their direction in life, she’s going through so much more. there needs to be caps on when you can do music and tour. heck she isn’t even old enough to drink alcohol, vote, etc.. she needs taking back. it’s all too fast and too much. she needs to be sheltered. she’s associated with people fuelling these emotions more. it’s not right
M-Ą .Ł. ღ
M-Ą .Ł. ღ 4 ore fa
i keep forgetting that she's only 16
Wyatt T
Wyatt T 4 ore fa
Who’s kid is this again?
Gabby Fox
Gabby Fox 4 ore fa
She was a whole different person...
Fortnite - Ally
She's right, never post your feelings..
A Scott
A Scott 4 ore fa
Proof success does not necessarily bring happiness.
Verena S
Verena S 4 ore fa
One year later she looks so sad...
Esther Lee
Esther Lee 5 ore fa
It’s so amazing how you can change in a year woah
I'm a travellista
She looks so broken...
Denis S.
Denis S. 5 ore fa
I just want to offer her a hug 🤗
Gacha Ellyana
Gacha Ellyana 5 ore fa
She so cute tho💖🥰
The Walnut
The Walnut 5 ore fa
You see, this is why famous people commit suicide.
Gachatha 5 ore fa
Vanity Fair is so sad. "what's the best thing to happen in your career?" Lists everything except for this interview. I feel ya
spag haddy gameplays
whaaattt shes 16?"!?!?!?!..im 16 and i cant even sing twinkle twinkle little star right..and our gurl here billie is making copycat and bury a friend
Gian Cabaron
Gian Cabaron 5 ore fa
You in last year is so cute and innocent 🤣😘
Gian Cabaron
Gian Cabaron 5 ore fa
This is very nice😘
Angela Vore
Angela Vore 5 ore fa
Look how much brighter she is a year ago
Douglas Phillips
she's so annoying
Abbie Ricks
Abbie Ricks 5 ore fa
She’s changed so much
Gaming with Leah
When she said I like bright green I was like thats a great colour but then she said black and I started balling
danielj507 5 ore fa
Why are you an artist if it makes you so sad, maybe try engineering or business school
Harriet Tasker
She was nicer before 😔I mean no offence to anyone I just think she is hiding so much natural beauty with this fake personality
Irma Zuniga
Irma Zuniga 6 ore fa
Billie then or Billie now?comment
Shalburry 5 ore fa
Billie whenever
Ryan Krug
Ryan Krug 6 ore fa
Weird how much her speech has changed within one year.
Kasia Makowska
She’s my age here omg i look so much younger (Not hating her, hating my baby face)
Joandra Delgado
When she said 10/18/18 that's the day my dog die 😟😭
Charles Cooper
16 to 18 are not the best years there the worst mentally im 19 and im glad i mad it
Dark Snow
Dark Snow 6 ore fa
Im alone, im depressed, this girl made me cry and i fell in love with her
Gedi Nixan
Gedi Nixan 6 ore fa
i dont know why this makes me want to cry bruh..
Aaron Demiri
Aaron Demiri 6 ore fa
I couldn't handle a sad girl like you
Sub to me for no reason !
Bro I can’t believe she’s 16. She only 3 years older than me and I still look like a 3rd grader.
ShadowXplicit 7 ore fa
Flanster AJ
Flanster AJ 7 ore fa
CMW Chris woodward
My misses said your really nice and a good roll model , I think u should shave your head
Luz Pattereson
She rich asf why she depressed I'm broke and homeless and I'm still happy
Ella R
Ella R 7 ore fa
That Manta
That Manta 7 ore fa
At first I thought she said her name was Billie Eyelash
Mari Nel
Mari Nel 7 ore fa
18th October ia my Birthday!!
Naomi Carrillo
Billie is so inspiring and sweet 😊😭
Rosalinda Diaz
Place do one this year!!!
Nekro 7 ore fa
how has worsened in a year
Queen DumbHead
Poor Billie...I feel bad for her....she's still just a kid and everything is going by so fast..once when she is an adult, and she quit singing, what will happen?.....I really hope with all my heart that Billie doesnt stop being strong and doesnt stop singing.
Jackseptic eye
Whers 2019
Chrisaoo 8 ore fa
Come to modafucking Brazillllllllllll
Jexica Smith
Jexica Smith 8 ore fa
Her mom hugs her at the end... Imma cry that’s so sweet
It’s Melon
It’s Melon 8 ore fa
Imma start a depression diet bcuz of dis vid man I feel sad for billie
Anderson Santos
And the point is!?
Just wanna point out this is Their most viewed video
Sukh Ramgharia
What 16 😲
0:20 that smile.
eva zalar
eva zalar 8 ore fa
She look so happy and naive one year ago and now is like dissapointed on life
MaDLion 8 ore fa
Wer ist das man
Daniel Gordon
Daniel Gordon 8 ore fa
Well when you sell your soul...
Skastrik 8 ore fa
That is one stressed out and depressed teenager.
Kiwi_ Gacha
Kiwi_ Gacha 8 ore fa
Jimbo Jones
Jimbo Jones 9 ore fa
Jamma 9 ore fa
To think that she only was 16 makes everything even sadder :(
Skylar Van Staden
I hate to see you so sad and that you want to cry 😞
Pun Pun
Pun Pun 9 ore fa
[emotional music]
Haider Rizvi
Haider Rizvi 9 ore fa
I'm so more in love with her now! 😭💓
Yann M
Yann M 10 ore fa
Her attitude changeddddd
Kimzy 10 ore fa
dfq she 16
BanjoHitter 10 ore fa
I feel so bad for her she shouldn’t be feeling like she is tbh, she will not be a celeb that dies again
My dad’s birthday is on the 19th of October 😂😂😂
Nandalal Guha
Nandalal Guha 10 ore fa
I 💗 Billie ☺
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