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On October 18th, 2017, after a busy day of promotional interviews in New York City, Billie Eilish met with Vanity Fair to discuss the 15-year-old’s breakthrough success. On October 18th, 2018, after a long day of pre-tour rehearsals, Billie spoke with VF again to answer the exact same questions and look back at a time capsule of her answers from last year. Her Instagram follower count grew from 257K to 6.3 million. She went from playing crowds of 500 fans to playing arenas for more than 40,000. See how Billie’s life changed over the last year.
Listen to a recomposition of Billie's "Ocean Eyes" here:
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Billie Eilish: Same Interview, One Year Apart | Vanity Fair


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6 nov 2018

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Commenti 51 324
Grandma holding shotgun while grinning at u
She looks rly tired now, or maybe it’s just puberty idk
Violet Moon
Wow what beautiful deep soul. Anyone else crying?
yikes Ora fa
god she looks so sad now... :(
IHitYouWith9Damage Omegalul
She is so happy and inspiring to be happy in 2017 now with fame she is depressed and doesn’t like light or other things But I’m a Christian and I think god will change that, great things will happen to her no matter through the darkest time and brightest days it will always have right or wrongs no matter what
Haruka Nagase
Billie Eilish sometimes pretends that she's fine but... She's totally not fine.
haley Ora fa
why am i crying in the club rn. im so happy for billie & how far she’s gone in just one year.
Kalem Babar
16. Six. Teen Amazing.
Holo the potato Holoangelhope10
José Rojas
José Rojas 2 ore fa
She is going through adolescence, i am too, ages between 14-17 are rough, even more if you have the pressure of a crowd following you everywhere you go, but after that, everything should and will get better, we love you Billie
sh00k •
sh00k • 2 ore fa
I'm starting to get emotional because she looks so broken in just a year. ;(
Thank god i got this recommended!
Kate 3 ore fa
I don't really know anything about this girl, I've only listened to one of her songs. But she does not look okay. I just want to hug her so bad
ccpMXV 3 ore fa
This actually has me in tears
Kronic J
Kronic J 3 ore fa
I just want to give you a hug right now
Vivian Lawrence
u can tell she is such a real, genuine, thankful person. she looks so broken, yes, but she is such a thankful and real and serious person. u can just tell.
mayra m
mayra m 4 ore fa
MH Filmz
MH Filmz 4 ore fa
Why is she famous again
BAD_VIBES_ 1 4 ore fa
I fell like I have Billie eilish feelings sometime
Squid neyyy
Squid neyyy 4 ore fa
i want her to live a happy life. not a sad one where drugs might possibly come into play. stay strong billie😢
Untypically 4 ore fa
Anyone notice the big change.. her eyes are darker. Teeth a bit dif
Got that tooth fixed at least
Angge Bugz
Angge Bugz 5 ore fa
"Don't tell anyone your feelings online or anything. Just dont" I wonder why she says this
Nyaika Khadka
Nyaika Khadka 5 ore fa
I also love black 😭 I’m not emo or a goth
John Cook
John Cook 5 ore fa
Listen to the first Billy,Got the best advise.
aesthetically Emma
She makes me so happy I love her
audrey anne
audrey anne 5 ore fa
im waiting for October to come around, so we can get the 2k19 interview
Moon Yoongi
Moon Yoongi 5 ore fa
My heart is just🖤
Kennedy Helton
Chin up baby bill 😩💕
Destiny 5 ore fa
Ughhh I love her 😍💕
Slicky Nicky is back
The advice she put ive never posted sadneds anymore bc she inspires me and i stan her❤️❤️
Typical Prescott vlogs
Notice how her skin compulses red and white, she is holding back tears 😭
Solan Phillips
This breaks my heart. I love her. But I breaks my heart,
Mel _Band
Mel _Band 6 ore fa
This makes me so mad
Julio Ackvon
Julio Ackvon 6 ore fa
This is so sad 😭
Bianca Torres
Bianca Torres 6 ore fa
Woah she doesn't look that young
Barny 6 ore fa
Who is this explain
Carys Fletcher
This hit me hard
Christina Guerrero
I’m crying because she’s so broken
Ella Kate
Ella Kate 6 ore fa
*this makes me so sad*
Tori and Leila
I just want to give her a hug and tell her how many lives she’s changed and how many peoples live she’s made better and tell she’s amazing and she’ll always be a part of me. Love you Billie.
Jesse Dickinson
They should do this with every young artist
Kermit Sewer Side
Jesus Christ this poor girl needs a break she looks so torn apart...
Chey Fox
Chey Fox 6 ore fa
It’s funny how people can change in just a year :( If I had this interview it would be 2018 vs 2017 I was sad in 2017, but I’m really happy now :)
RuaNN 7 ore fa
Caraca mané ela parece o cellbit versão mulher
James Neivandt
wow no wonder shes so broken, 4 days after x’s death
Sebastian Gonzalez
Se veia mas hermosa antes, ahora se ve decaida
Giselle Garrido
TRIPPIE RED!!!! i would DIE
Victoria Stepien
That hit me real hard
Ariana Benitez
I’m crying :(
she was so, bright, now she's like... dark, u know what i mean ....
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