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Makin' pancakes, makin' bacon pancakes. Take some bacon and I put it in a pancake. Bacon pancakes that's what it's gonna make; bacon pancaaaaaaaaaakes!
Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free
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11 set 2018

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Commenti 6 352
Bryce Bailey
Bryce Bailey 2 ore fa
Press F to pay your respects to Adventure Time
Becky T
Becky T 9 ore fa
Aren’t those technically Persian/Israeli cukes.... not kirby ? 🥒 Sorry,,, just confirming since they both carry very different flavors and textures. Love your channel and have been binging for days now! 👍🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼💕🥒🥒🥒
Zeleros71324 12 ore fa
"Y'know, we gotta get that allicin goin' Vin" -Brad
FireReaper 1381
FireReaper 1381 15 ore fa
He never did the follow-up video for the dill pickles
Gian carlos
Gian carlos 17 ore fa
Rip Adventure time we will miss you
Stock Brazen
Stock Brazen 18 ore fa
Next make wine
Mark Mark
Mark Mark 22 ore fa
Why didn't you make the sand which that magic man snatched Jake goes over the whole recipe precisely
Blitz Storm
Blitz Storm 23 ore fa
Sugar never comes anywhere near my pickles, personally.
matt kempter
matt kempter Giorno fa
de bay leaf
O G 2 giorni fa
“Nice hiss” all I can see in my mind is steve1989mreinfo opening a pack of mre crackers. 😂😂😂
Shawn Bowser
Shawn Bowser 2 giorni fa
Babish:Let the ingredients get to know each other. (Places ingredients in bowl) Me:Know each other damn it. (Places in bowl to small to throw it away because it sucks)
Tom Williams
Tom Williams 3 giorni fa
Nearing two months on and I still don't understand why he doesn't have more than one set of measuring spoons
fender katana
fender katana 3 giorni fa
WAIT whats that device the chef puts into the container with water with the numbers on the display
ACooler 1
ACooler 1 3 giorni fa
So does he like it or hate it??
coolio5640 3 giorni fa
Oh I love the "nice hiss" shoutout to Steve
Cheap Eats
Cheap Eats 3 giorni fa
Basics with babish: leftovers?
GalacticVoid 3 giorni fa
Bob Thenob
Bob Thenob 3 giorni fa
not sure if these are deliberate, but... 4:40 so you're saying that the store bough stuff is better because otherwise your statement seems contradictory 5:17 I'm sorry, you're going to hit it with a WHAT?
Gatinator 1784
Gatinator 1784 4 giorni fa
Is it bacon pancakes or baking pancakes
captainrobots 4 giorni fa
Adventure time is a good show no matter how old you are.
Kagiso Dinne
Kagiso Dinne 5 giorni fa
Babish... The spirit of Sterling Malory Archer lives in you!!!
skelzor45 5 giorni fa
Westfesterchesterblestercrester is my favourite
reeco1 5 giorni fa
i love the steve1989 "nice hiss"
drako meteor
drako meteor 5 giorni fa
Too little too late
Evan Riley
Evan Riley 5 giorni fa
Dude you have the best job
h. mark33
h. mark33 5 giorni fa
I don't think adding bacon to a pb&j would make it better, necessarily
Phoebe Murray
Phoebe Murray 5 giorni fa
umm you mentioned cinnamon twice in you ketchup recipe (at 4:00 & at 4:06)
Nick Margulis
Nick Margulis 5 giorni fa
We need more video game dishes. Like the malasadas form Pokémon, the chili dogs from sonic, or anything from Minecraft
Jonathan Andersson
Jonathan Andersson 6 giorni fa
"Prismo's sentient sanvich"
Topher Nunziata
Topher Nunziata 6 giorni fa
Why did he do cinnamon twice
Judy Chen
Judy Chen 7 giorni fa
3:50 make potatoes and molasses from over the garden wall
DecKy_D 8 giorni fa
when making home made ketchup " It only takes a few hours to make and it will NEVER be as good as the stuff in the jar you get from the supermarket for $4" Just saved myself a few hours and spent $4 4:40
Dom Gagliano
Dom Gagliano 8 giorni fa
Nice hiss?! Was that a shoutout to MRE Steve by chance? Lol
RC Loy
RC Loy 8 giorni fa
Your voice is very soothing 😍
wxtchblades 8 giorni fa
i miss it already
t64169 8 giorni fa
NICE HISS!!!! please tell me that was an intentional reference.
Idiot Plays
Idiot Plays 9 giorni fa
Normal whisk=Cool Small whisk=Cute TINY WHISK=F**KING ADORABLE
TheDiamondTea [Otaku with a Aspen Wand]
how do you upgrade a sandwich with bacon.
Brian Hope
Brian Hope 9 giorni fa
I still can't get over how great the Bacon Pancakes/New York mashup is, lol.
kylerm18 10 giorni fa
Hey aren't Prismo's sandwiches, they're BMO's sandwiches.
Kino Makoto
Kino Makoto 10 giorni fa
7:43 Holy shit, boi, was that a Steve1989 reference? If I could subscribe twice, I would. F*cking love me some MRE reviews.
nick arnott
nick arnott 10 giorni fa
Brian Wylie
Brian Wylie 10 giorni fa
Who else caught the "Nice Hiss!" From that MRE review guy at the end
ManyStandAlone 10 giorni fa
Tried your ketchup recipe, mine ended up tasting more like a marinara sauce then ketchup. Did yours taste like this or did I make a booboo?
Potion-Pult Animations
what do you mean “Prismos” Sentient Sandwich? It’s BMO’s
BELITEGA 11 giorni fa
"How you increase a sandwich, you add bacon". Bacon pancakes are the trade mark for adventure time.....🥞🥓🥞🥓
ShakedownDreams 11 giorni fa
Didnt BMO make the sentient sandwich??
Final Hour
Final Hour 11 giorni fa
Bacon pancakes!
Essence Carlisle
Essence Carlisle 11 giorni fa
I knew the bacon pancake New York song was gonna come on yassss
Chef Fat Stacks
Chef Fat Stacks 12 giorni fa
“Nice hiss” BWB and Steve need to collab sometime.
kgino1045 12 giorni fa
It's Bmo's geesh
CatSaucEe 12 giorni fa
Please make an ultimate cookbook
Major Degurechaff
Major Degurechaff 12 giorni fa
Your pronouns give me life
Pup Wolf
Pup Wolf 12 giorni fa
Wonder what else is deserving of mouth love 😏😉
Idaneli Castro
Idaneli Castro 12 giorni fa
I’m so happy you showed the remix lmaooo
Fer Drag
Fer Drag 13 giorni fa
Chris111Hd TM
Chris111Hd TM 13 giorni fa
Yo if you enjoy adventure Time then watch bravest warriors season 1 episode 9 cereal master and make the seahorse dreams dish
That1AsianGuy 13 giorni fa
I REFUSE! Adventure Time will live on ;-; at least to me T_T
Kuan Telman
Kuan Telman 14 giorni fa
TeamDivine 14 giorni fa
4:43 you said “never be as good as the stuff you get at the supermarket” Did you say that on purpose? Is store bought ketchup really better than homemade? Or was that a vocal typo
Alex Talluto
Alex Talluto 14 giorni fa
Who else kinda laughed after he said a black pepper fart?
Kenneth Araiza
Kenneth Araiza 15 giorni fa
Pickles are gross kys
Fetta Cheeze
Fetta Cheeze 15 giorni fa
What about...... everything burrito?
Cringe Department
Cringe Department 15 giorni fa
"west Chesters vershder sauce"
The graviton Azzazzin
Would anyone else be interested in seeing what he can do if he were to make a dark souls themed episode. Mmmmm Estuc soup with a nice Estuc flask to the side and any other foods described in the universe
ZOMBIELORD12348 16 giorni fa
I just want to break into your house and eat all your leftovers
YourNotDrew 17 giorni fa
When did he start calling eggs humpty dumpties?
Spooxxy Pastel
Spooxxy Pastel 17 giorni fa
clexa the 100 fan
clexa the 100 fan 17 giorni fa
iCarlys coconut cream pie it seems so good in the show
Rachel Fox
Rachel Fox 18 giorni fa
Make Chidi's Peeps Chilli from The Good Place.
Shaun nuahs
Shaun nuahs 18 giorni fa
Wait so the ketchup will never be as good as the 4 dollar store bought
Kamden Noe
Kamden Noe 18 giorni fa
“Westchesterdfersure sauce” 😂😂😂
Tydin 18 giorni fa
haha love the Allison shout out
The Asianstation
The Asianstation 19 giorni fa
It’s over? Wow my day is ruined, I’ve been in blind bliss for like a month
Don_Skeezi 19 giorni fa
Adding bacon to everything is simple physics 😌
Chance Barker
Chance Barker 19 giorni fa
So long Adventure Time
CatBug 19 giorni fa
Chowder’s purple nurples please!
Mynameisnt Yourbuisnessgovernment
Ahhhhhh I remember years ago when the good episodes of adventure Time was on, the original ones are so good. I remember this episode and thinking "Ohh bacon pancakes sound good.
Charles Dizon
Charles Dizon 20 giorni fa
Diego Tavares
Diego Tavares 20 giorni fa
now thats some sad bread
Mr. Raccoon
Mr. Raccoon 20 giorni fa
თქვენ ხართ თარგმნაში, არა ხარ?
Dominic Fiorenza
Dominic Fiorenza 20 giorni fa
It would be cool if you could make the world's most calorie filled sandwich. It would have to have Hudson Bay bread for the ends
Janbutan 20 giorni fa
i thought there was a green hot dog at the start of the video
Harmony Kendall Adams
Don't remind me about adventure time 😢😢😢😢😢
DC's Fishing
DC's Fishing 21 giorno fa
Nice bread cameo
Bamigboye Elizabeth Olabisi
Will happened, happening, happen Will happened, happening, happen Will happened, happening, happen Cause you and I will be back then And so, you and I will be best friends.
Garion Prak
Garion Prak 21 giorno fa
Isn't it bmo's sentient sandwich
Jacob Posadas
Jacob Posadas 21 giorno fa
Undecisive Angel
Undecisive Angel 21 giorno fa
3:55 best
InverseOblivion 22 giorni fa
No Finncakes?
Alexander Bridges
Alexander Bridges 22 giorni fa
Adventure Time and Steve1989 references in one video?
lifeofbryon 22 giorni fa
Nice hiss! Sneaking in yet another Steve1989 reference. Nice!
Iceberg 22 giorni fa
Adventure Time. one hell of an Adventure and Time simultaneously.
woopity scoop poopitiscoop
Yeah, that's the stuff i want.
Bamigboye Elizabeth Olabisi
All of my collections I'll share them all with you Maybe by next summer We won't have changed our tune. Come along with me And the butterflies and bees We can wander through the forest And do so as we please Living so merrily I miss Adventure Time, but when One door closes, another one opens
Dami James
Dami James 23 giorni fa
Come along with me And the butterflies and bees We can wander through the forest And do so as we please Come along with me To a cliff under a tree.
Jettanyia Gumbs
Jettanyia Gumbs 23 giorni fa
Babish can I be your roomate/forever food taster and finisher pleeeaaasseee!?!?
Bryce Bailey
Bryce Bailey 23 giorni fa
Press F to pay respects to Adventure Time
nolyn 23 giorni fa
chat is cancer
Phoenix M
Phoenix M 23 giorni fa
Can someone explain to me what soo veed is?
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