Binging with Babish: Adventure Time Special

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Makin' pancakes, makin' bacon pancakes. Take some bacon and I put it in a pancake. Bacon pancakes that's what it's gonna make; bacon pancaaaaaaaaaakes!
Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free
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11 set 2018

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Commenti 6 699
Generic Canadian
God fucking damnit I forgot it ended now I’m sad again
Rose Weldon
Rose Weldon 9 ore fa
I now accept as canon that Babish always carries slices of bacon in his pocket.
Dawsen Roadruck
Dawsen Roadruck 21 ora fa
Omggg u said nice jiss hahah I hope where on the same page of where U got that saying if we are I love u
Joe Pierce
Joe Pierce Giorno fa
Was that an MRE Steve reference at the end? “Nice hiss”
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Giorno fa
Stray-Cat- In-A-Straight-Jacket
"Freshly ground black pepper fart"
mrereviews andrecipes
What if you pickle a pickle???
Gio Ded
Gio Ded Giorno fa
But have you had sausage waffles
Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah Giorno fa
Oh yeah yeah
Nobr4in3r 2 giorni fa
This was such a great recipe until you doused it in maple syrup Holy shit, that made me vomit in my mouth
Just Live
Just Live 2 giorni fa
I love when you call eggs Humpty Dumpty’s
Chris3567 2 giorni fa
No where in the nursery rhyme did it say that humpy dumpy was a egg
Hybby z
Hybby z 2 giorni fa
"Well deserving of mouth love" Best compliment ever.
BassBoy 2 giorni fa
SAD the show had to go but next gordon ramsay??
Oliver Allen
Oliver Allen 2 giorni fa
If you add chives to the eggs and put some mayo on the sandwich, it’s pretty legit.
Judy Chen
Judy Chen 2 giorni fa
3:50 make potatoes and molasses from over the garden wall
Tyler Donaway
Tyler Donaway 3 giorni fa
No one said Humpty Dumpty was an egg
drowsybrandino .
drowsybrandino . 3 giorni fa
yep your getting a sub because i didn’t think you were gonna use the remix version of the song lmaooo 😂😂😂😂
J Mad
J Mad 3 giorni fa
Nice hisssss any one els here from Steve mre ???
Could You Stop?
Could You Stop? 3 giorni fa
B r a g g v i n e g a r
Conspiracy Podcast
Conspiracy Podcast 3 giorni fa
Rewatching all your videos gotta say there isn’t one I’d say is less than amazing
Om nom Fan
Om nom Fan 4 giorni fa
Does the bacon have to be sizzled, before putting it in the pancake, or having it raw
Larissa Gonzalez
Larissa Gonzalez 4 giorni fa
I need to marry a Chef. They love cooking and I love eating. So much in common.
DurpyRainbow 004
DurpyRainbow 004 5 giorni fa
Me: Zones out until 1:21 Me: wait wtf are we making rn.
Riley Renner
Riley Renner 5 giorni fa
Does anyone get a serious kick out of the way he rubs his hands together to get crumbs/flour and stuff off of them or am I weird
Little Lucy 28
Little Lucy 28 5 giorni fa
the hot tea
the hot tea 6 giorni fa
_Adventure Time_
Scorpionmk765 —
Scorpionmk765 — 6 giorni fa
badinfo 7878
badinfo 7878 6 giorni fa
As a man who doesn’t like bacon I would still add bacon to anything to make it better
Leif Olaf
Leif Olaf 6 giorni fa
nice hiss
Arianna Lanie
Arianna Lanie 7 giorni fa
Needed something wholesome and food. Was watching Steve Irwin stuff and there were tears.
huntakilla1234 7 giorni fa
When you crush the cell walls, it starts to produce the allicin, which is really good for you in garlic... I believe.
The Strug Bus
The Strug Bus 9 ore fa
huntakilla1234 this comment is going to go under appreciated, but I’m here for you, man.
You're making people FAT!!!!
Shadowchildx 8 giorni fa
You came for 6:10
Riku Iyana
Riku Iyana 9 giorni fa
I will pay you millons to cook or me every day
Loralei Lee
Loralei Lee 9 giorni fa
the intro makes me cry laughing every time
LC UNBOXING 9 giorni fa
I wish you were my dad so I could have great food for every meal.
Michelle Schultz
Michelle Schultz 9 giorni fa
Love the nod to brads obsession with garlic.
Ethan Rivera
Ethan Rivera 9 giorni fa
Here’s something weird My mom made this for me because I saw the episode
klaas muller
klaas muller 10 giorni fa
Why kosher salt?
Max B
Max B 10 giorni fa
Russians love to pickle everything. Things to tomatoes to frickin' watermelon. It's true, I asked my aunt & she happily said it's true
Boggeth 10 giorni fa
Nice hiss
Leeroy Jenkins
Leeroy Jenkins 10 giorni fa
I cant believe I just made these.. these are like.. pickles! *crunch*
Those21Phandoms 10 giorni fa
i was confused at the beginning lmao
SS Man
SS Man 10 giorni fa
It’s been 4 months 4 months since Adventure Time ended I’m legit just sad
Alfie Gidney
Alfie Gidney 11 giorni fa
U should do Mrs wolowitzs brisket from big bang theory
im on anesthesia right now
This brings back memeories
Ajene Chan
Ajene Chan 11 giorni fa
bad apple gaming
bad apple gaming 11 giorni fa
Rip Finn and Jake
Mr. Jazz moose
Mr. Jazz moose 11 giorni fa
4:30 rip tomato piece that fell out of the blender
GeorgeClayWalton 11 giorni fa
Papa Franku
Papa Franku 11 giorni fa
You said prismos sentient sandwich, it was BMOS sentient sandwiches
Razorgames 11 giorni fa
thomas McIntyre
thomas McIntyre 11 giorni fa
Prizmo didn't make the sentence sandwich it was bmo
SAMUEL SHEEHAN 11 giorni fa
"Weschesschirtfurshur sauce"
Noah Morrison
Noah Morrison 11 giorni fa
Adventure time fans:😫😫😫😩😩😩😩🙁☹️😞😟😔😣😣😖😖😢😢😭😭😭😢😢😭😰😨😥😓😭😢😖😣
T Grady
T Grady 12 giorni fa
I think it's BMO's sandwich, not Prismo
Martin Boone
Martin Boone 12 giorni fa
Put me out of my misery
Wong Flora
Wong Flora 12 giorni fa
Dude, BMO made the sentient sandwich.
sirten maniac
sirten maniac 12 giorni fa
Do you have diabetes?
Olive 12 giorni fa
He should make jakes giant sandwich
Simon Hope
Simon Hope 12 giorni fa
5:54 but what if you can't eat pork?
Jordan 12 giorni fa
You should have done jakes sandwich
Mods_o_joy 13 giorni fa
>nice hiss Oi you cheeky fuck i caught that reference.
Nancy Bolivar
Nancy Bolivar 14 giorni fa
hey stop make your on resturant
Isaac Deaver
Isaac Deaver 14 giorni fa
Why is you skillet a square?
syviethorne 15 giorni fa
I spy Brad 😍😂
Super Fluffers
Super Fluffers 15 giorni fa
There's a licensed Adventure Time cookbook that features Prismo's pickles and the Bacon Pancakes
mouse 15 giorni fa
I.... I have a tiny whisk oh my god my entire life has led up to this
Lagspresso 15 giorni fa
I don't know if that was a reference to Steve1989 with the "nice hiss".
Raoul D'Mello
Raoul D'Mello 15 giorni fa
Scrambled eggs from brooklyn nine nine
Tom Bate
Tom Bate 16 giorni fa
Im in my mid teens so this show was literaly my child hood
Mix3d 3m0ti0ns
Mix3d 3m0ti0ns 17 giorni fa
"until glistening...until sweating...until fragrant..." Man....
Luis Romero
Luis Romero 17 giorni fa
Starting everything from scratch is just perfect
Cheryl 17 giorni fa
Love the brad “cameo” when you crushed the garlic 😂
capt crrrunch
capt crrrunch 18 giorni fa
>nice hiss Thank you for that reference
I hate Myself Just a Bit
What was with the entire video being about pickles..?
Moni Cuervo
Moni Cuervo 18 giorni fa
Malicious XYZ
Malicious XYZ 18 giorni fa
OMG I made bacon pancakes years ago! I love that you did this.
Brent G
Brent G 18 giorni fa
I feel like the ‘clean plate club’ isn’t as prestigious as it once was
Andrei Lascu
Andrei Lascu 18 giorni fa
on 9/11... Epic
Ying the Eevee
Ying the Eevee 18 giorni fa
He’s so excited for his pickles eue
Nathan Brink
Nathan Brink 18 giorni fa
How did the lacto pickles come out? That's... A lot more salt than I've ever seen in a lacto pickle.
Kevin Walter
Kevin Walter 19 giorni fa
"Nice hiss..." Wait, does Babish watch Steve1989!?
Clint Rapisora
Clint Rapisora 19 giorni fa
If it's something about garlic. Of course, there's gotta be a brad appearance. Hahahah
RageBull Animations
RageBull Animations 19 giorni fa
Who is prizmo
Justin Martinez
Justin Martinez 19 giorni fa
RIP Adventure Time 😞😢
Alex Fialon
Alex Fialon 19 giorni fa
What about the epic sandwich
Jelli phish
Jelli phish 19 giorni fa
RIP Brad
Carter Jacobs
Carter Jacobs 20 giorni fa
What about sage prismo said there was a hint of sage but I would still eat those pickles everyday
Drew Nac
Drew Nac 20 giorni fa
Ive been going back and watching a lot of episodes lately and you make some many references to SteveMRE. it would be so awesome if you got him for a collab and you did a sort of homemade MRE
Lysandre Tremblay
Lysandre Tremblay 20 giorni fa
You're the bob ross of food
Test Hobo
Test Hobo 21 giorno fa
Why have butter on pancakes?
Gayron Reacts
Gayron Reacts 9 giorni fa
fuck you
Bob Gey
Bob Gey 9 giorni fa
fuck you
Swhimbo 9 giorni fa
fuck you
Everett Eganhouse
Everett Eganhouse 9 giorni fa
fuck you
Xenoz Da Fortnutter
Xenoz Da Fortnutter 21 giorno fa
I remember me singing “Making Bacon Pancakes” when I was younger.
Thư Ngô
Thư Ngô 21 giorno fa
Babi!!! ❤ make more videos w/brad from bon appetit plz🙏
James Wolf
James Wolf 21 giorno fa
You and Feast of Fiction should collab
death to septiplier
death to septiplier 21 giorno fa
When he popped up brad from bon apetit test kitchen, i quietly exclaimed "braad!" And then was rly happy that the two of them probably know each other based on the other sentence about somebody constantly bringing you pickles
Awesomecaleb 7
Awesomecaleb 7 21 giorno fa
I made the pickles and it was amazing 10/10 recipe recommended to anyone
Shinobu Morita
Shinobu Morita 21 giorno fa
"nice hiss" Is that a Steve MRE reference?
ghost 0
ghost 0 21 giorno fa
bacon pancake is perfit
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