Binging with Babish: Chateaubriand Steak from The Matrix

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Joe Pantoliano has portrayed a bevy of characters with questionable hairpieces, questionable facial hair, and a complete lack of morality or empathy. This week's villainous snack is no exception - Cypher is pure Pantoliano, and only he could make talking with your mouth full still seem appetizing. Scheme along with your favorite shady compatriot as we enjoy this week's less flavorful, but nevertheless indulgent steakhouse classic.
Music: "Golden Hour" by Broke for Free
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17 apr 2018

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Commenti 3 381
Venkata Girindra Ande
This is really coolest video. Wonderful video thanks for sharing with us and making our day more beautiful and amzing video. thanks
akira.y.h Giorno fa
Chie's favorite meat from persona 4
Troy Blackwell
Troy Blackwell Giorno fa
Troy is looking pretty good if I do say so myself. I hope someone notices this...
Marley Abd
Marley Abd Giorno fa
Mr Anderson
Natani Becerra
Natani Becerra 2 giorni fa
Oh mah God 😩this is the most amazing video🤤
thundercleese 2 giorni fa
@5:10 magic jumping garlic
Julio Palencia
Julio Palencia 4 giorni fa
Man my names Julio lol :^)
Jose Galindo
Jose Galindo 4 giorni fa
5:11 garlic clove bounced up lol
Final Hour
Final Hour 4 giorni fa
You and Gordon Ramsay should do a collab.
David Moore
David Moore 5 giorni fa
I always chuckle at you your videos, but, "insert our probe into Julio" just had me howling such that my Girlfriend came from another room to see what was happening.
tin nguyen
tin nguyen 5 giorni fa
Eat too much meats not healthy
Jacob Powers
Jacob Powers 5 giorni fa
120$ roast paired with microwaved potatoes, smh
Jacob Powers
Jacob Powers 5 giorni fa
Yeah but how much did that piece of meat (no offense ladies) cost?
tdawg719 5 giorni fa
Do you narrate another channel? Your voice sounds really familiar but I can’t place it
One Tricky boi
One Tricky boi 6 giorni fa
5:42 I’m getting red lmao
Alexander Boyke
Alexander Boyke 6 giorni fa
Clean-Plate-Club thats nice.
Badmicakaneo 6 giorni fa
Never thought about using chicken stock with beef.
Dusk Wolf
Dusk Wolf 6 giorni fa
I just realized you where emphasizing the H like in Family Guy this wHole time.
ragnoss darth
ragnoss darth 6 giorni fa
Like my steak really rare please
Charisma_XP 6 giorni fa
littleapeman 7 giorni fa
But was it fucking delicious?
Julio Ordonez
Julio Ordonez 8 giorni fa
2:51 I felt a bit uncomfortable
georgebaggy 8 giorni fa
You aren't funny. It's just awkward.
G Reyes
G Reyes 8 giorni fa
I feel like with all the clean plate club items this dude has to hit the gym a LOT
Dead Gorgon
Dead Gorgon 9 giorni fa
Can we pls get a Gordon and Babish episode???
Juan T
Juan T 10 giorni fa
Whisk? Say that again. Why are you putting so much emphasis on the H? Say whisk.
C E A S A R 10 giorni fa
I just ate out Julio and lemme tell you he was so juicy and he felt so good in my mouth.
TheGoldenHorncall 11 giorni fa
Can Gordon be a guest on this show?
Adrian Banhao
Adrian Banhao 11 giorni fa
Imo: this guy overcooks his meats.
E D I T 11 giorni fa
Wait does babish.... sleep in his apron?
Trash Compactor
Trash Compactor 11 giorni fa
When you say "desiccate" it reminds me of this desiccant litter we have at my job for cleaning up the spilled rotisserie chicken grease :/ The grease is always rancid
bs4e 11 giorni fa
When I was a kid and watched this scene, the steak looked so good. So good. But since we're muslim and I didnt know if it was beef, I kept asking my sister if it's pork, so I wouldnt feel guilty salivating. Lol
NefriCedre 12 giorni fa
Matrix is everywhere
Mini3005 12 giorni fa
I`ve got hungry now! :)
Haziq Doublecheese
Haziq Doublecheese 12 giorni fa
After watching gordon ramsay i have beef with this video but i still love t
Ernesto Rosas
Ernesto Rosas 12 giorni fa
My god... love this
Isaiah Rogers
Isaiah Rogers 12 giorni fa
He really needs to make the food from botw
Michael Gibson
Michael Gibson 13 giorni fa
That red wine pan sauce is almost the exact same sauce my great grandpa made for his steaks! I really prefer it with venison :)
xander 15 giorni fa
Ignorance is bliss
A Legend that eats lunch at 11:27 am
*Do we have a deal,Mr Babish*
Sakata Gintoki
Sakata Gintoki 18 giorni fa
man the clean plate club super exclusive unlike its unsuccessful cousin the dirty dish n-sink bar
Wim ten Brink
Wim ten Brink 19 giorni fa
I should not have watched this on an empty stomach! :D
Juan Esteban
Juan Esteban 20 giorni fa
So, from those 3 options, which steak was better?
Wakanda Child
Wakanda Child 21 giorno fa
*Julio* = Blowing a *25 point Super bowl lead*
SirKingHoff 21 giorno fa
Why do I come hrer at 2 am
Sam Cannon
Sam Cannon 24 giorni fa
Do another matrix episode, except make the gross oatmeal gloop that the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar eats in the 'real world'
Zombie 9899
Zombie 9899 25 giorni fa
I love your vids even tho I don’t cook professionally I still cook for my family and girlfriend who love it
Julio P
Julio P 25 giorni fa
Fuck my name is Julio
Stephen Kim
Stephen Kim 25 giorni fa
Ugh, too lean for me. Go ribeye or go home.
Tim Riches
Tim Riches 26 giorni fa
Bloody good.
Andy M
Andy M 26 giorni fa
What brand of stainless steel cookware do you use? And how in the world do you keep them so shiney?
Bmanritchie 26 giorni fa
Not even a steak guy, but those cuts looked mighty tasty.
Dereik Henschel
Dereik Henschel 27 giorni fa
Medium rare is a great way to riun a stake
need 2million subs support my poor fam
Who the fuck is julio??
Daniel Robu
Daniel Robu 28 giorni fa
Binging with Babish? More like cringing with Babish
srynamebroke yeet
srynamebroke yeet 29 giorni fa
Are you Gordon Ramsey's nicer brother or somethin?
Diego Macedo
Diego Macedo 29 giorni fa
I prefer my meat burned!
TwistedNerve Mese fa
Dave Hyler
Dave Hyler Mese fa
If you’re going to reverse sear one of the roasts, why bother to let the outer part dry? It would be equally as dry after being roasted, some time spent in the fridge or on the counter beforehand would be negligible after being fully cooked already. Makes sense for the one that will be seared beforehand
Matthew Lee
Matthew Lee Mese fa
When he said “easy as pie,? Or beef, easy as beef. In closed captions it labeled it as a trademark
O G Mese fa
Random yay
Random yay Mese fa
Never could get myself to eat raw meat but nice work tho
Klaidi Varfi
Klaidi Varfi Mese fa
Uncooked meat makes me super hungry.
Audition for cutthroat kitchen
Alex Alejandro
The matrix steak still looked better...
pursuedsubset 59
Guys.....hwhisking like stewie
Moe Sharif
Moe Sharif Mese fa
Nice try but no where near the matrix steak
Jamar Quvious
This channel is racist. Why not do one on fried chicken?
rhino T
rhino T Mese fa
Go on master chef
Adam Smith
Adam Smith Mese fa
yeah lmao i aint buying a whole ass tenderloin miss me with that $120 price tag
Fawkes4387 Mese fa
Holographic meatloaf... MY FAVORITE!
Death's Assistant
What would ramsey say about this
Matthew Cheung
Anyone else thing pronounce it like mig-non
Christian stinespring
Damn steak is still alive
Arthur 115
Arthur 115 Mese fa
Dammit I’m drooling 🤤
It was me FD28
its not a gordon ramsay recipe without tons of olive oils
Chawizard Mese fa
r a w
Michael Turner
This is absolutely amazing.
Martreca West
“Julio has been waiting for 10 minutes to be untied... now it’s time to slice him open and see if we did our job right” 🙃
BigBoyJeebs Mese fa
Make the breakfast of champions from The Matrix
Michael Douglas
Who else saw that clove of garlic pop at 5:11?
josh waring
josh waring Mese fa
Please pitch a tv show
chris bacha
chris bacha Mese fa
Was I the only person who thought when he said “we are going to cut this into 3 different pieces” that he was going to cut it with the scissors 😂😂
Latasha Ramsel
“Ignorance is bliss” lol
nikiforos patsas
Looks like the Hannibal episode changed something inside Andrew!
DarceyNE Mese fa
Nice *L* *Ö* *Ö* *P* *S*
Chef Gordon Ramsay
Of course I know what I'm doing donkey!
Ben Hislop
Ben Hislop Mese fa
He's using a roast, but does that mean he's cooking a steak? I'm confused.
Eric Teske
Eric Teske Mese fa
Rip julio
BLT Fireburst
Objective: *I N S E R T. T H E. P R O B E. I N T O. J U L I O*
UnseenHawk Mese fa
Should have said it was f*cking delicious
bassghoul Mese fa
name your steaks all you want as you eat them but it’s all fun and games until jeffrey dahmer gets you
YIIMM Mese fa
*Now do the cake*
What's my Name Again?
5:09 jumping onion lol
The Beard
The Beard Mese fa
Looks nice but I'm veggie
Barnes Multimedia
i want to work for babbish enterprise.
Andariel Drachen
Learn how to hold a fork...
Julio Juarez
Julio Juarez Mese fa
Lmao it’s my twin😂 why would you do that to Julio 😂
Sonar Six
Sonar Six Mese fa
Does it have a bottle opener?
Prossimi video