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As luck would have it, I was in an all-male version of "The Mikado" at Oxford. People still ask to see my Yum-Yum!
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13 feb 2018

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Commenti 2 273
Eric Stoverink
Eric Stoverink Giorno fa
I was expecting you to do tossed salads and scrambled eggs.
Soul Intent
Soul Intent 4 giorni fa
I can tell you are a sucker for sale items at whole foods
Calhoun Shephard
Calhoun Shephard 6 giorni fa
kazy 1
kazy 1 8 giorni fa
Why didn't you say I shouldn't throw the lemon away >=/ I throwed it xD
XgamerPlayz 8 giorni fa
I am going to gut you like a cornish game hen.
Aisha 10 giorni fa
Does anyone else bop their head to the beat of the background music
Aisha 10 giorni fa
I feel like I just trust you when you say things taste good but as soon as you added those raisins to the rice I just.. felt so betrayed
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person 14 giorni fa
I’m Lebanese and hashwe is amazing
RP Crazyjackie457
RP Crazyjackie457 17 giorni fa
Don’t you need to cure the raw fish first??
verdatum 18 giorni fa
It's been nearly a year. We need Frasier Part II. Please.
Jaytheradical 19 giorni fa
Parsley, Rosemary, and Thyme? I think you forgot one.
Andrew Amende
Andrew Amende 28 giorni fa
I just found out the reason he changed his intro is because he got a cease and desist letter from the Frasier team
All Angelina YT
BWB: *Being calm* BWB inside: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA FRASIER SENPAI- (u know which video I'm taking about) Past BWB: All...over, Nile's-
let's get 1 mil subs without eny content
I have 100000 year old milk will that be good
Haylee Stop Trying To Find Me
Yoh look like kratos
Abigail Woodworth
I noticed you used R.W. Knudsen. I am one of his granddaughters. I good to see a family product on one of my favorite cooking shows
Steven Edwards
Yes, please do the pot brownies. You should visit California or Colorado and do a 'Baking with Babbish' episode. I don't really partake but would love to see how you suggest rendering CannaButter for use in edibles. I have found really good Velvet Cake, Rice Crispy and Cookies that were baked with the CannaButter and would love to see your take on how they turn out in flavor compared to with normal butter.
Eli Myers
Eli Myers Mese fa
Honestly, that stuffing by itself is a worthy meal.
danielle harbolt
Babish and Frasier in one??? Thank you 🙌🏼
Enrico Fermi
Enrico Fermi Mese fa
High Holidays! Hey where is the Mike Shaw painting in the background. Fridge pants...
Rey Pierce Studios
5:34 Foreshadowing Chilean Sea Bass
PizzaHa Mese fa
Next time do peachs cake at the beginning in the letter to mario in mario 64
Fareed Gulmahamad
Legend has it he made a Chilean Sea Bass episode
496brit 2 mesi fa
The valentine at the end is a sweet nod that only Frazier fans will understand. Beautifully done.
cadell johnson
cadell johnson 2 mesi fa
Been watching Andrew for a whole year and I wasn’t even subscribed D:
Adrian Ramirez
Adrian Ramirez 2 mesi fa
Do Rick and morty
Gloria Borger
Gloria Borger 2 mesi fa
Hashwa =x heshwaa=v
Chilean Sea Bass and zinfandel. Babish, you're so RANDOM.
BluKrystals 2 mesi fa
but i love bbq chips with chocolate pudding...
Toby Kins
Toby Kins 2 mesi fa
Babish should cook for Gordon Ramsey
Charles ROBIN
Charles ROBIN 2 mesi fa
Little TIP : to cut really thin slice of meat or fish first freeze it and then use a slicer to cut it
YaBoi Rokai
YaBoi Rokai 2 mesi fa
Frasire is my last name but it's spelt differently
D.DoT-Z 2 mesi fa
Where’s the illegal caviar
mckenna bray
mckenna bray 2 mesi fa
You should be on hell’s kitchen
Ryan Zimmerman
Ryan Zimmerman 2 mesi fa
if you wanna talk chips in chocolate pudding, go for cheetos (the non-spicy kind specifically). don't knock it til you try it but also don't @ me if it turns out horrible
Edison Wu
Edison Wu 3 mesi fa
Should do Daphnie's blood puddling pie and sheep's head strew
Kate O‘Mara
Kate O‘Mara 3 mesi fa
Can’t believe I haven’t seen this episode yet. Rest In Peace, John Mahoney.
Robert Stephenson
I want to see the drunk and disorderly original Frasier special.
Alexander Grace
Alexander Grace 3 mesi fa
Surprised the hens weren't in the cookbook.
Great video but I still don't know what to do with this tossed salad and scrambled eggs
untilwhen username
I'm so impressed you said that right.
Darth Revan
Darth Revan 3 mesi fa
Chilian Sea Bass from Jurassic Park
Jamie Lynn
Jamie Lynn 3 mesi fa
Ya gotta boil the rice with the allspice, and use more allspice! That’s the best way to get it super flavorful.
sora79531 3 mesi fa
I'm so happy that someone loves Frasier as much as me and my family do
Aerolgel 3 mesi fa
Frasier Special : Season Two. “This time, less drunk!” - Babish
Oldpizza inyourcar
Is blood orange slang for grape fruit?
MegaMGstudios 4 mesi fa
Now I want an episode on pot brownies
Trevor Elia
Trevor Elia 4 mesi fa
Copernicus called, and you are NOT the center of the universe!
lil fagget
lil fagget 4 mesi fa
What is cosher or kosher
HeyItsBobby 3 mesi fa
I’m not sure the actual difference, but it’s a very thick salt
Xanadu Area Games
Two years huh
Prossimi video