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As luck would have it, I was in an all-male version of "The Mikado" at Oxford. People still ask to see my Yum-Yum!
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13 feb 2018

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Commenti 2 225
Chilean Sea Bass and zinfandel. Babish, you're so RANDOM.
BluKrystals 3 giorni fa
but i love bbq chips with chocolate pudding...
Joanna Terri
Joanna Terri 8 giorni fa
Babish should cook for Gordon Ramsey
Charles ROBIN
Charles ROBIN 9 giorni fa
Little TIP : to cut really thin slice of meat or fish first freeze it and then use a slicer to cut it
YaBoi Rokai
YaBoi Rokai 10 giorni fa
Frasire is my last name but it's spelt differently
D.DoT-Z 14 giorni fa
Where’s the illegal caviar
mckenna bray
mckenna bray 15 giorni fa
You should be on hell’s kitchen
Ryan Zimmerman
Ryan Zimmerman 18 giorni fa
if you wanna talk chips in chocolate pudding, go for cheetos (the non-spicy kind specifically). don't knock it til you try it but also don't @ me if it turns out horrible
Edison Wu
Edison Wu 29 giorni fa
Should do Daphnie's blood puddling pie and sheep's head strew
Kate O‘Mara
Can’t believe I haven’t seen this episode yet. Rest In Peace, John Mahoney.
Robert Stephenson
I want to see the drunk and disorderly original Frasier special.
Alexander Grace
Surprised the hens weren't in the cookbook.
Great video but I still don't know what to do with this tossed salad and scrambled eggs
untilwhen username
I'm so impressed you said that right.
Darth Revan
Darth Revan Mese fa
Chilian Sea Bass from Jurassic Park
Jamie Lynn
Jamie Lynn Mese fa
Ya gotta boil the rice with the allspice, and use more allspice! That’s the best way to get it super flavorful.
sora79531 Mese fa
I'm so happy that someone loves Frasier as much as me and my family do
Aerolgel Mese fa
Frasier Special : Season Two. “This time, less drunk!” - Babish
Oldpizza inyourcar
Is blood orange slang for grape fruit?
Now I want an episode on pot brownies
Trevor Elia
Trevor Elia Mese fa
Copernicus called, and you are NOT the center of the universe!
lil fagget
lil fagget Mese fa
What is cosher or kosher
HeyItsBobby Mese fa
I’m not sure the actual difference, but it’s a very thick salt
Xanadu Area Games
Two years huh
Grenade Lovers
Grenade Lovers 2 mesi fa
Why does it matter if u put in kosher salt if non of this is kosher
Headless Chicken
I really miss watching Frasier. His comparison of Lilith to the ice sculpture always sticks to me.
Robert Baldwin
Robert Baldwin 2 mesi fa
Nice touch with the Ballantine ale! 👌
Dhruva Sandeep
Dhruva Sandeep 2 mesi fa
*A FeW sPrInGs*
vanderdekenman 2 mesi fa
babish... please make pot brownies
No One
No One 2 mesi fa
Now i don't know what to do with these tossed salad and scrambled eggs :/
Kiwii 2 mesi fa
Binging with salt.
Bob Bigglebar
Bob Bigglebar 2 mesi fa
I love how appropriate it is that this is one of the most complicated recipes. I can see Frasier fussing in the kitchen for hours over his stock and his carpaccio slices
Dad, bring me my poi ramekins
TaikoTuesday 2 mesi fa
I remember when he said that he got so drunk he had to can the entire episode and remake another one
Dude McGee
Dude McGee 2 mesi fa
Make the Sandwiches they have Number 7 make in The Benchwarmers! Lmao
Hooker Steven
Hooker Steven 2 mesi fa
Kinda disappointed you didn't use the Fraser theme song :/
Gentleman. 2 mesi fa
How much do you spend on the food elements for all of these videos? I know the the spices, flour, grains, etc. are things you probably already have in your kitchen, but what about all the meat and special ingredients you use... Must cost you quite a bit to do this all the time. I will say it looks like it is worth it, I would eat almost anything you make (Minus anything with Treenuts being that I am allergic ;-;) But still all looks delicious. Love the content, keep it up!
iiishimmyiii 2 mesi fa
How did you miss duck a l'orange it’s in so many episodes and I still have yet to see it, that and whatever he was going to do with that “Hungarian Goose” lol
Crazyparty154 _
Crazyparty154 _ 2 mesi fa
I kept on hearing “ Cornish Gay Hens”
Manny M
Manny M 2 mesi fa
I thought you were gonna do Duck a là ronge
a really cool dog wearing goggles
remember the first one
MrAwsomeshot 3 mesi fa
bro you have 3 million subs, you should reach out through YT's PR maybe and see about doing something with Kelsey Grammer.
West Clox
West Clox 3 mesi fa
Still waiting on that Chilean sea bass
Amanda Congiolosi
homiefromfl 3 mesi fa
Matthew Hasslbauer
Please do a pot brownie video
Kat 3 mesi fa
Babish, I desperately want that lost drunk Frasier episode, or a pot brownies epsiode 🤣
I know that he’s said how to make pomegranate juice but I’m not sure if it’s in this video, but just in case you put the seeds in a food processor and blend until the pits(?) are broken up but not pulverized and strain it(preferably through a cheese cloth).
Kyle Marie
Kyle Marie 3 mesi fa
I started watching Frasier in honor of this show!!!
LeCat 3 mesi fa
Only stupid rats do drugs
Madi 3 mesi fa
HippieChild03 3 mesi fa
You should really do a pot brownie episode
Jacob Markow
Jacob Markow 3 mesi fa
Make pot brownies that taste real but are completely legal
Call In Sick
Call In Sick 3 mesi fa
Hey Babish! Could you do some vegetarian centric dishes for a video?! If you already have, what's the link to that one? Thanks
Pumpkin Spice
Pumpkin Spice 3 mesi fa
A Fraiser episode, finally! We love u, John Mahoney❤
Daneidge 3 mesi fa
Jurassic Park episode!!!
Jershey Gaddi
Jershey Gaddi 3 mesi fa
blood orange? bitch it's fucking red!
Vavavavavavava 3 mesi fa
My cat loves watching your videos, like no joke she comes running when she hears your voice
Isabela Gatewood
Digital Reel's
Digital Reel's 3 mesi fa
This guy is very underrated.
Graham D
Graham D 4 mesi fa
I commend you Babish for giving this video a second try. We know it was a sensitive topic for you but you picked yourself up, collected yourself and came back with a great video. We are all human and you showed how strong your resolve is. Much respect 🙏
John Bartholomew
I think he should make the fresh eel, the Niles Crane "Big Souflee" (Dont think I'm spelling that right) and explosive cherries jubilee from the "Innkeepers" episode
Spencer Dutra
Spencer Dutra 4 mesi fa
I have a question about the lemons, what do you do with the lemon seeds?
Ram Believer
Ram Believer 4 mesi fa
I am so going to try this!
babilabub 4 mesi fa
Thank you so much for this post, which obviously I had missed. We’ll drink this to Marty. 🍻
Das Grinch
Das Grinch 4 mesi fa
How do you keep your sheet pans so clean?
Youtubaholic 4 mesi fa
Best Burger in NY from HIMYM! - Marshall Eriksen: Just a Burger? Just a burger. Robin, it's so much more than "just a burger." I mean... that first bite-oh, what heaven that first bite is. The bun, like a sesame freckled breast of an angel, resting gently on the ketchup and mustard below, flavors mingling in a seductive pas de deux. And then... a pickle! The most playful little pickle! Then a slice of tomato, a leaf of lettuce and a... a patty of ground beef so exquisite, swirling in your mouth, breaking apart, and combining again in a fugue of sweets and savor so delightful. This is no mere sandwich of grilled meat and toasted bread, Robin. This is God, speaking to us through food.
Hessed3712 4 mesi fa
I didn’t know he passed 😞. Rest in peace John.
Crystal Karvonen
ugh this show is so good
Anne Miller
Anne Miller 4 mesi fa
How do you do an all male version of the Mikado? Are men playing women, or is it a gay version?
Marga Sayo
Marga Sayo 4 mesi fa
The chips at the end. Perfect tribute.
Ronit Shah
Ronit Shah 4 mesi fa
You lost me a raisins. I hate raisins
Kannan 4 mesi fa
next time intead of just adding in the raisins to the rice try sauteing (idk if thats how u spell it lol) thr raisins in butter. itll puff it up and make it sweeter.
Kristina Bissonette
I am so happy that you finally released this episode. I am however a little disappointed that there were no drunken bloopers from the original filming.
DatMidgetHobo 4 mesi fa
coulda probably made BBQ sauce with a bitter chocolate sauce/powder
ADIAS 4 mesi fa
C.J. O'Dell
C.J. O'Dell 5 mesi fa
Will you do one for Cheers? After all, Fraiser was a spin-off of Cheers.
SoleMan117 5 mesi fa
Hey! Hushwae! Good to see some Lebanese love! Though personally I wouldn't tarnish good rice with raisins...
Have you ever thought about going to Master Chef
Taylor Nichols
Taylor Nichols 5 mesi fa
“Little squeeze of lemon,” *fuckin destroys lemon*
tommygirl20247 5 mesi fa
I feel like the hen is raw
Austin Whipple
Austin Whipple 5 mesi fa
Make pot brownies!
Karisa Russell
Karisa Russell 5 mesi fa
What's the trick to keeping stainless steel pots and pans looking so nice??
Joseph Bleasdale
"Chilean sea bass paired with an aggressive Zinfandel" 😂😂😂 I love Frasier
Matt G
Matt G 5 mesi fa
I believe John Mahoney also had a recurring role on 'Burn Notice'. Great show, although I think John only appeared in a few episodes.
Ðani Lightbourne
instead of watching this episode, I'll just watch Frasier
equis 5 mesi fa
Crane brule?
Mrs. Channing Tatum
I have now officially binged with babish
LateNightPoetry 5 mesi fa
I see a bottle of Cutty Sark in the back
george foster
george foster 5 mesi fa
You could do foods from red dwarf
Cat in a box
Cat in a box 5 mesi fa
What is the difference between salt and kosher salt? And why do so many chefs use kosher salt?
Nae Lee
Nae Lee 5 mesi fa
"you didn't throw it away right?" I dont even buy it:')
Mariana Baca
Mariana Baca 5 mesi fa
Beautiful tribute. :')
annabelleshaus 6 mesi fa
PLEASE do pot brownies omg. Or just cannabis butter episode???
Robert Walpole
Robert Walpole 6 mesi fa
I still can't get over that americans say "erbs" when cutting the h out is usually a british thing.
Damienov 6 mesi fa
.pesawat tempur dago
Maggie Pimm
Maggie Pimm 6 mesi fa
your welcome to turning you to the best you will ever eat barrue pudding chips rip John
camelCase 6 mesi fa
You have every kind of kitchen appliance lol.
Dylan Workman
Dylan Workman 6 mesi fa
No "slaughterhouse five" smoked meat box?
Michael 6 mesi fa
Today I learned that blood oranges and golden raisins are both a thing. Also, a 22 oz. beer? Respect.
What about those pot brownies? We are waiting Dude
Prossimi video