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Hey y'all, I have half a mind to fix up a mess of fried green tomatoes 'fore I get three sheets to the wind over there yonder! Or something. Fuel your Southern side with this week's deep-fried treat, featured prominently in the film of the same name.
Music: "Golden Hour" by Broke for Free
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24 lug 2018

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Commenti 4 102
Mr Snakes
Mr Snakes 2 ore fa
this episode made me very happy
Assassin Of Freedom
Eating With Ethan. that could sound good for making a blogging channel
Hazel Primrose
I seriously loved this movie
Ingeborg Mikkelsen
jammadamma 2 giorni fa
I thought they would be awful... :)
Geeky Girls' Night In
Babby Daddy
Joe Steigerwald
Joe Steigerwald 2 giorni fa
Bubba Babish!
Evan Williams
Evan Williams 4 giorni fa
I love fried green tomatoes (the food and the movie) and these look about 20x better than the ones I had at the actual Whistlestop Cafe in actual Juliette GA, where I grew up (not to mention you don't have to wait like an hour for a table)
Wickd Gamr
Wickd Gamr 5 giorni fa
You and your father should do a family recipe together!
ハムアニー 6 giorni fa
映画が好きで、この食べ物を知りました。 食べてみたいとずーと思ってます😋✨ 美味しそう🎵
Link. the Lucario
Link. the Lucario 7 giorni fa
Felt like eating my phone
Cole Assenmacher
Cole Assenmacher 7 giorni fa
ur dad seems so wholesome
Tasha Moore
Tasha Moore 7 giorni fa
I love how American gangster your dad looks!
A Carbon-Based Lifeform
Babish's daddy just ate his tomatoes
1987MartinT 11 giorni fa
I have a question concerning fried green tomatoes. They're not really a dish we eat where I live so I legitimately don't know this. Do you use tomatoes that haven't ripened enough to become red for this dish, or is there a type of tomato that is always green?
thesneakyninja 11 giorni fa
*Louisiana style*
Raji Gadge
Raji Gadge 12 giorni fa
Can you try the cereal sugar sandwich from the breakfast club?
Bite of the Bleeding Hollow
Did you see that pimp ring on his dads finger
Alex Rose
Alex Rose 13 giorni fa
I'm currently sick as hell watching a lotta your vids for comfort I guess. Those looked so good I swear I thought I could smell them through the screen. My Mom used to make these and damn, you did them well.
Can we just dispense with the movie reference and deal with the dish. You write the name of the dish and the first thing that pops up is the movie to begin with ...
Daladari XIII
Daladari XIII 14 giorni fa
For those that havent had any fried foods from cast iron pans or pots. I must inform you. You're missing out. I dont know what it is about fring something in cast iron but it just feels right.
Devin Stover
Devin Stover 17 giorni fa
This brings back fond memories of my grandma's cooking
Daniel Lundvall
Daniel Lundvall 18 giorni fa
BWB I made something unholy today I got tost and put cold meatballs with mustard and strawberry jam and I ate it all
Ashley Phillips
Ashley Phillips 18 giorni fa
Dadish sounds like Jeff Bridges.
Mami Devil
Mami Devil 18 giorni fa
Idk why this channel is so interesting
Mami Devil
Mami Devil 18 giorni fa
I have to admit I've been binge watching your videos day and night for the last week
Skintel N.Keychain
Skintel N.Keychain 18 giorni fa
This was adorable from the baby whisk to the dad and the Sawyer jig. Such a wholesome video; you made a thug cry
assassinpayday 18 giorni fa
your dad got all of us
Neo e
Neo e 18 giorni fa
what the fuck kinda title is fried green tomatoes
Erngle Croolnge
Erngle Croolnge 19 giorni fa
Those look outstanding. I wish I didn't suck at cooking
Stin Kee
Stin Kee 19 giorni fa
Genuinely heartwarming episode man 💛 much love. Also holy shit gonna make this one day, I'm craving these like none other.
Amanda Collier
Amanda Collier 20 giorni fa
No southerner uses any mayonnaise but Duke's.
Trilmonté 20 giorni fa
It's really funny when dads sound like dads. Like...his voice makes me want to go fishing with him.
jason soderholm
jason soderholm 20 giorni fa
adrian Jo
adrian Jo 21 giorno fa
i prefer fried yellow potatoes instead
One Brisky Boi
One Brisky Boi 22 giorni fa
His dad is so chill! You have a fantastic chef-son Dadish!
Ken Shaw
Ken Shaw 22 giorni fa
Growing up fried green tomatoes always told me that it was truly summer. My mom would take the first few really full size green tomatoes off the plants in our garden and fry them. In Georgia that happened in mid to late June most years just after school let out.
HamsterHamish 23 giorni fa
can we get more videos with your dad?
thot patrol
thot patrol 23 giorni fa
Amy Will
Amy Will 23 giorni fa
Hi dad! So nice to meet you.
Thagleif 24 giorni fa
so i have a bunch of green tomatoes that hadnt got ripe because summer was abruptly over, but they are smaller than these in the video. is there a special kind of tomatoe needed or can i use these too?
moneyman295 24 giorni fa
"Use a few glugs of hot sauce preferably Louisiana style" *uses tapatio*
Katie 24 giorni fa
Oh my god his dad was adorable
The Ninja Otaku
The Ninja Otaku 25 giorni fa
Soylent Green from... Soylent Green
ShowToddSomeLove 26 giorni fa
What's your favorite food book and movie
Matt 26 giorni fa
Your dad sounds like how tv dads sound
Origami Made Simple
Origami Made Simple 26 giorni fa
Now I can say Daddy Babish without sounding weird...
moneyman295 24 giorni fa
Being weird* cuz that still sounds weird either way haha
Bumblybeesknees 26 giorni fa
I hate tomatoes. But fried green tomatoes are so delicious.
John Mc Cuskey
John Mc Cuskey 27 giorni fa
Wonka bars
Griselda Iris
Griselda Iris 28 giorni fa
I just made them and were a hit, and the remolade fantástic. Thank you for share
Lima Romeo
Lima Romeo Mese fa
Have your dad do all the voiceovers please
typical panda
Its different hearing a conversation with that mike
Boogie Spadina
Okay so I am making Il Timpano, Beef Wellington, and fried tomatoes for christmas. No more.
Evelyn Roth
Evelyn Roth Mese fa
Please do the guacamole from The Office when Michael Scott says, "I don't know why I make it in such large quantities."
Adri Rizo
Adri Rizo Mese fa
I have to do this! My fav movie!
Patt Foad
Patt Foad Mese fa
Mr Babish sir, what do you do with the used up oil used when frying things? How long can it be reused before its no good? Thank you!!
nona a
nona a Mese fa
my god I have Feelings for you
There’s nothing more divinely perfect then a plate of fried green tomatoes
Robert Mills
Robert Mills Mese fa
I love pickled green tomatoes. So good
Marcus Moore
Marcus Moore Mese fa
Really enjoy your videos you have a great channel.
I'm from and have lived in the South the majority of my life and I have never seen anyone make fried green tomatoes like this. This is way too fussy for such a simple dish.
Jake Machado
Jake Machado Mese fa
Your dad “these are the best fried tomatoes I have ever had Your dad when the camera stops “ok please put the gun away I said my line!”
curtislee Mese fa
Babish Large bowl,small whisk Small bowl, large whisk
Ian McPherson
I like that you had your had your dad in the video, mine isn't here anymore
averagecho Mese fa
Tried these yesterday and they were amazing!! Thank you so much for the recipe!
charles giosano
I loved that movie.
ThorbenTK Mese fa
this is not Remoulade
Maddie Pilz
Maddie Pilz Mese fa
I really appreciate the effort even when you're sick! But you're a mad man, go back to bed and get well soon!
Am I the only one who wants to see babish do four whole fried chickens, som dry white toast and a coke from Blues Brothers?
Donna Waldron
Too complicated
Babish's secret ingredient is Kosher salt. Lol
3064 Gaming
3064 Gaming Mese fa
I have these every summer
WaywardHero 117
Jesus fuck, they all sound the same
Mason Spies
Mason Spies Mese fa
Lol sawyer
Echo Plays
Echo Plays Mese fa
Hey, could you please make jilebee things from the film lion :)
Crow Mese fa
That film gets darker and darker as u watch it lol
Wilfredo Quinones
The emperors new groove
Jesse Anderson
Julian Hayden
Julian Hayden 2 mesi fa
Can we just talk for a moment about how bananas the final act of this movie was? I mean we go from female empowerment type things to cannibalism, cannibalism that's supposed to be funny mind you.
Kyrell Pena
Kyrell Pena 2 mesi fa
would love to try making this soon! 😍
Diamond Ross
Diamond Ross 2 mesi fa
Please make Naruto Ramen!!!
Jannik Larsen
Jannik Larsen 2 mesi fa
Remoulade is Danish 😁
Emma Hudroge
Emma Hudroge 2 mesi fa
Y’all are heckin cute
LadyKay1818 2 mesi fa
I thought the tiny whisk was the cutest thing ever until your dad joined you! Adorbs.
Feki -Yu-Gi-Oh!
Feki -Yu-Gi-Oh! 2 mesi fa
3:19,*sigh* I know the pain
jzeus 2 mesi fa
beating a dead horseradish
Valerie Vedette
Valerie Vedette 2 mesi fa
wtf I didn’t know tomatoes could be green
Helena P.
Helena P. 2 mesi fa
One of the places I go to serves friend green tomatoes with an avocado ranch dressing. I find that I like that more than a remoulade. still I want to give this recipe a try soon :)
Erron Black
Erron Black 2 mesi fa
Is your dad actually talking? You guys sound very alike if so.
Turtles 634
Turtles 634 2 mesi fa
your dad sounds like a stereotypical dad figure (no offense he probably is a great father)
Rafyansyah Ardana
Your voice in this video is a lil bit less energetic
Gina Kardys
Gina Kardys 2 mesi fa
So like....... ive watched MANY a youtube Video/Channels. This is just so..... Perfect? The Quality, Editing, Humor... its just so.... Perfect? Also were all of your vocal chords crafted by angels? like damn! (Please Make a vegan cookbook as i am a vegan but i also like to cook all varieties of foods for my family. thanks!
Ana Elise
Ana Elise 2 mesi fa
Fried green tomatoes is my favourite movie! And this recipe looks so good, I gotta try it sometimes
Amaneux 2 mesi fa
For your 4 millionth subscribers video you should make a large quantity of something and look around for homeless people and give it to them.
Jd Brunette
Jd Brunette 2 mesi fa
dads a double dipper
Brian Jarema
Brian Jarema 2 mesi fa
Babish dad is so sweet!
al821 2 mesi fa
His knife skills are legit
Chelsea Fletcher
How cute that his dad was on the show!
James Campbell
James Campbell 2 mesi fa
I love the recipes but the voice over is pretty cringey
Adventure Steve
Adventure Steve 2 mesi fa
Wow i have some green tomatoes and had no idea what to do with them now I do!!
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