Binging with Babish: Hors D'oeuvres Sandwich from Back to School

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Rodney Dangerfield made a career on thumbing his nose at social mores, making sexual advances toward older women, and eating a giant sandwich made out of hors d'oeuvres. Today we're honoring him, sandwiches, and the throngs of students returning to school with this towering example of 80s excess and flavorblindness. Recipe available in my book, coming out October 3rd!
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Commenti 3 566
Binging with Babish
Gonna keep plugging support for Hurricane Harvey victims - please donate at the link in the video description!
foivos antoniou
foivos antoniou 2 mesi fa
Spanakopita is a classic greek food and I loved the way you said it
Hardbody Harrison
White people dont put relish in deviled eggs?
Diswazzi 4 mesi fa
You have to do an episode on how to make that preserve sauce
robert 5 mesi fa
You're amazing babish
Blank Name
Blank Name 6 mesi fa
Binging with Babish You’re flippin amazing dude
RockinIan121 3 ore fa
Not trying to bash your cooking but, the Spanikopita you made is not traditional Spanikopita. Yours were cut into squares then folded into triangles, while traditional ones, are made into a large rectangular baking dish and then shared like a lasagna.
Micah Trotter
Micah Trotter Giorno fa
He gutted the bread! Eh. It’s all good though.
ashutosh kumar
ashutosh kumar Giorno fa
Literally binging the binging with babish
al ex
al ex 3 giorni fa
We out school make freinds not babies
Avirup Das
Avirup Das 3 giorni fa
I wouldn't wanna add mango chutney to meatballs
demon masterX
demon masterX 3 giorni fa
Lol pls donate to american
Cart00n 4 giorni fa
"I hate small food" Guy proceeds to make a meal 3-4 times larger than the average sized food :D
Alonely reesespuff
Alonely reesespuff 5 giorni fa
I'm going to make this when I go back to school
Zack Flamez
Zack Flamez 6 giorni fa
4:56, music boosts up as Babish reveals the cross-section. Great timing guys.
Carlminion 6 giorni fa
Hehe he put the meatballs in a penis shape at first
Captain Jack
Captain Jack 7 giorni fa
With a "hwire hwist"
linda parker
linda parker 8 giorni fa
Too much of a sandwich for me ! Will eat the hors d’oeuvres separately !
P S Y C H E 9 giorni fa
You could hear him smiling when he mixed the sauces at 2:36
Queen Owl
Queen Owl 10 giorni fa
Lol watching this my last day of school
Bridgett Tyarks
Bridgett Tyarks 12 giorni fa
400 gaming
400 gaming 13 giorni fa
Apple buttter
jake latimore
jake latimore 15 giorni fa
The fact this is showing up days before summer haunts me.
Jude Sloboda
Jude Sloboda 16 giorni fa
U are the best
kekenemation 16 giorni fa
School just ended boii
Airik Luna
Airik Luna 17 giorni fa
Food was not bad in the 80's the quality of food is crap now comparatively. Vegetables tasted better, they weren't all coming from China and Central America. The meat wasn't glued together from multiple cuts. Seaweed and saw dust were not used in nearly as many items nor was extract of duck feather for breads. Most towns had farmers markets that grew thier own crops. Taste a fresh picked Illinois white peach opposed to one grown in Mexico, there is no comparison. Don't get me started on GMO's.
Iraid Santander
Iraid Santander 17 giorni fa
Parece una torta mexicana
Dave 17 giorni fa
3:54 looks more like an unfolded (or equally folded) Nepal flag...
Nemo TheEight
Nemo TheEight 15 ore fa
Nepal flag is in shape of 2 triangles.
KRISTIAN GOMEZ 18 giorni fa
Stop making me hungry pls
The War Master
The War Master 18 giorni fa
HWire HWhisk. I heard it,did you?
Amanda Anderson
Amanda Anderson 19 giorni fa
Grape Jelly and Ketchup? Omg the nightmares of my childhood.
Jr4_ Leonides
Jr4_ Leonides 19 giorni fa
King_F m 261
King_F m 261 19 giorni fa
سوا سمبوسه😂
Warren Can
Warren Can 20 giorni fa
*gets demonetized*
lone loner
lone loner 20 giorni fa
Oh yeah, and also do some of best Shanghai food in the Philippines
lone loner
lone loner 20 giorni fa
This is great!!! I made and it really good.. mmmm mmmm. That's what I calked a sandwich
Padfoot Montgomery
Padfoot Montgomery 21 giorno fa
They say never trust a skinny cook
Ugly Breath
Ugly Breath 21 giorno fa
Me: See's intro Also me: Turns of AdBlock
Shadowhawk 17 giorni fa
Ugly Breath don’t suck up. Also, this was nearly 2 years ago, so Hurricane Harvey support doesn’t really exist any more.
Brian Rivera
Brian Rivera 22 giorni fa
Shocker, Rodney Dangerfield knew how to make a good sandwich.
Ashden Gibson
Ashden Gibson 22 giorni fa
holy shit
Dark Mask
Dark Mask 23 giorni fa
I wish I could order this sandwich off a menu ;.;
Quintin Smith
Quintin Smith 23 giorni fa
Back to School?! That's a deep cut my guy, dig it
Ryan Dean
Ryan Dean 23 giorni fa
Specifically placed meatballs at 4:36
Tacosqueeze 25 giorni fa
Why am I watching this, the day school ended?
Brian Askin
Brian Askin 25 giorni fa
Try putting homemade pickle juice (rine) in the deviled eggs mix
Maggie Sipple
Maggie Sipple 21 giorno fa
Brian Askin *brine
will shideler
will shideler 26 giorni fa
3:55 hooraw
One Card Short
One Card Short 26 giorni fa
Did you say, "whire whisk"?
Grace Subu
Grace Subu 26 giorni fa
Hay Maker
Hay Maker 10 giorni fa
He already did dude.
issiah rushing
issiah rushing 26 giorni fa
What is this abomination
Isaac Graf
Isaac Graf 27 giorni fa
That looks unbelievably tasty
Gigg's World
Gigg's World 27 giorni fa
18 months later, Back to School is on ITvid
Apple’s Overpriced Pro Stand
ITvid recommends me this In the first day of the summer
a w
a w Mese fa
not covered in sauce and cheese!? this is not American!
GEMINI Marrufo
hell no you never see scamer face you keeping $
If u see this good job Hi
For once I tried to purposely watch an ad
Cacophony Effects
Make the chili from the instantcart commercial that played Before your video
King Whyvern Dragoon
Now you say deviled eggs. I some how imagine a canoe made of egg whites and small people of egg yolk and a sea of egg told or a scrambled egg
n3ro greco
n3ro greco Mese fa
Οσοι ειμαστε ελληνες ειμαστε λιγο που εκανε σπανακοπιτακια (spanakopita) 🇬🇷🇬🇷
Super Apricot
Enjoyed how he pronounced spanakopita😂
Moe Jaime
Moe Jaime Mese fa
Hey the devil in deviled eggs means you put a Cayenne pepper not paprika on those bad boys !!
Mr. Bandity
Mr. Bandity Mese fa
I’m doing charity with my ad revenue, so may I have some? ITvid: Yes, but actually no.
Nguyen Hai Phong
4:36 I see what you did to those meat balls there
Mmjud Kidjdj
Mmjud Kidjdj Mese fa
Yea you got it right the third time it’s Span-ohhh-cohhhh-pee-ta
Justin Padilla
Cough, Irma
Y Cute pickachu
Appetizers sandwich
N O B O D Y Mese fa
3:50 who folds a joint into a triangle
bootes Mese fa
i love deviled eggs
Derek D
Derek D Mese fa
I want one
OMJAPlunja- Fortnite&More
Ad revenue will be donated to hurricane victims ITvid: *Puts only one ad so little money is given to charity* Ad revenue will be given away (100% fake) yt: *puts an ad every five seconds*
JerryKiller Mese fa
3:06 it was correct the first time you said it 😂😂😂
Low-Top. Mese fa
Look at the like to dislike ratio
StapleCactus Mese fa
But, but, my family has always made deviled eggs like egg salad. Clearly yours is the wrong one! (mix egg yolk with mayo, relish, and mustard to taste. Put mush back in egg white. That's it. The salad version is just mashing the whites in as well.)
Kairu Hakubi
Kairu Hakubi Mese fa
I always wonder why Babish makes twice as much as he needs, then I watch the videos where there are failures and go "oh right, backup"
Cyrus Wilson
Cyrus Wilson Mese fa
God level munchies.
Shane Harrison
“Since Everyone’s going back to school” I have to start school in JULY! Shoot me now
OutOfTheBox Mese fa
I really do be out here living in Houston lmao thanks brotha
Plat NRG
Plat NRG Mese fa
I love watching seeing what he adds and knowing what it is before he says it
Monferno Mese fa
1:32 what about a hint of curry powder that’s how I learned they wear made and I can’t stop eating them EDIT: I mean mixing rather than sprinkling
Wes Mese fa
Hot damn that looks good
Honk Honk
Honk Honk Mese fa
Eat this disgusting shit by yourself you money-hungry whore
Soul Intent
Soul Intent Mese fa
Nobody wants to mention how he said wired whisk...
Luke Tiu
Luke Tiu Mese fa
Back to school made in September
Cap'n HeeHee
Cap'n HeeHee Mese fa
planetusa1 Mese fa
This is an "inspired" recipe rather than what Rodney Dangerfield actually puts in his sandwich. Next scene while eatting he spits out an escargot. I didn't see any of the things you put in your version. Looks very tasty though.
Taco Ballz
Taco Ballz Mese fa
When I grow up, I’m gonna make a full pan of meatballs, and just eat them alone, without pasta
Mike Sinistar
Spanakopita? The Greek festival?
FerroSplice Mese fa
I find it weird and absurd that school starts in September. I remember reading the Harry Potter books when I was younger and being so confused as to why the book would skip from the start of the year to Halloween and then Christmas.
multiplesifl Mese fa
"May I speak to you privately? Please?" "*sighs* Watch my sandwich, will you?"
Nekrotics Mese fa
im so hungry i could devour a horse
777 tocoolforvool
Wee know what you did at 4:36 pause at it
LaElla Dickerson
Those looked like collard greens not spinach
MeTaLLiCa997 Mese fa
"All ad revenue will go to people in need" Doesnt think about just donating the food he wastes in every episode. Piece of shit.
Tom Kao
Tom Kao Mese fa
MeTaLLiCa997 he shares it with other people, or deconstruct it and eat it through several days after its made
Vincenzo Karol Flagiello
"Some kind of Preserve and Sauce nut" Best part of the video
Will Niles
Will Niles Mese fa
Would it be cool if Gordon Ramsey went hard af on this
Whire whisk 🤔
Master SUSHI
Master SUSHI 2 mesi fa
Of course ITvid recommends this delicious video at 1:00pm Where I'm hungry and has nothing to eat
FreddyFitX 2 mesi fa
Yoooooo I need this I’m cheating on my diet 😂😂😂 Give a follow on IG @freddyfitx
Bryan 2 mesi fa
daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa D
Scp_ 999
Scp_ 999 2 mesi fa
Hey I know this is about a year late but thank you for donating I’m down in Texas and I appreciate the help
Boe Dillard
Boe Dillard 2 mesi fa
Funny I just saw one of your other videos and it made me search for this.
Kweku Wilson
Kweku Wilson 2 mesi fa
I love that movie
Brian Quinn
Brian Quinn 2 mesi fa
do the scooby sandwich
SIMITZO 2 mesi fa
oliwrecker 2 mesi fa
I love this movie
Daniel Price
Daniel Price 2 mesi fa
Mixing the sauces reminded me of my days mixing every soft drink at the drinks dispenser, my parents saying that it would taste horrible but having it tasting heavenly
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