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Rodney Dangerfield made a career on thumbing his nose at social mores, making sexual advances toward older women, and eating a giant sandwich made out of hors d'oeuvres. Today we're honoring him, sandwiches, and the throngs of students returning to school with this towering example of 80s excess and flavorblindness. Recipe available in my book, coming out October 3rd!
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Commenti 3 784
Binging with Babish
Gonna keep plugging support for Hurricane Harvey victims - please donate at the link in the video description!
zim zum
zim zum Mese fa
Living in Houston I would like to thank you, even though I'm about two years too late 👍
Dre_god69 Mese fa
How about now
Unstable Cumulus
Binging with Babish i live in Houston and I’m thankful that i was super lucky during the hurricane, others I cannot speak for.
Jack Vance
Jack Vance 2 mesi fa
Thx bro
Evan Butler
Evan Butler 2 mesi fa
How about I keep my money instead and you can get fucked
Andovia212 Giorno fa
"Anyway, deviled eggs are a pretty straight-forward thing. It's hard to mess with perfection." You clearly haven't met my aunt.
Bakin It Right
Bakin It Right 2 giorni fa
What a cheap way to sell your cookbook :D
Brigitte Perez
Brigitte Perez 2 giorni fa
Sammich 😍😋
BackUp Acc1
BackUp Acc1 4 giorni fa
there's no way a middle school kid, going back to school, would be able to eat the whole thing.
Alyssa Stevens
Alyssa Stevens 9 giorni fa
"This meat coated in sugar tastes good for some reason" You dont say
Arjun S
Arjun S 47 minuti fa
I'd like to coat you in sugar and eat you
Silly Goose Paco
Silly Goose Paco 5 giorni fa
Lol why doesnt this have more likes?
Sown Intergral
Sown Intergral 7 giorni fa
pabloeli29 12 giorni fa
3:58 Problem: You don't fold an Argentinian National flag. You're supposed to grab it by the sun and gently lower it on your arm other hand, then store it just like that. I don't think that method is going to work for this...
Uranus 12 giorni fa
Back to hell.
Tizona Amanthia
Tizona Amanthia 12 giorni fa
If you use an entire loaf of bread, to serve up a dish like that; it is no longer a bread bowl, it is a BREAD TROUGH.
have a Good day
have a Good day 12 giorni fa
Hey man what’s the big Dill I am so feta up with you why do you lettuce get all kosher salty about it!
i friggin LUV milk but it makes my stomach hurt
4:36 Did he make a meatball dick-
Raafee Khan
Raafee Khan 13 giorni fa
Toast the bread!!!
Bob Gatewood
Bob Gatewood 13 giorni fa
I'd eat that. Meatballs & sauce remind me of those mom & I made for my grandma's funeral. We started with meatballs, drank wine, & she handed me countless sauces, pastes & ingredients. Folks raved about them; to this day, no idea what was in them bitches...
TravelClast 14 giorni fa
and thats how you make Rick and Morty Szechuan sauce.
RhinoTed 14 giorni fa
Lol he said my book is coming out on the 3rd of October and I watched it on the 3rd of October
Necro 18 giorni fa
"like an american flag or a greek flag, or wherever you're personally from" *>I'm from both :D*
john kit
john kit 7 giorni fa
Που σε ρε πατριωτη ?
We use grape jelly and bbq sauce...not ketchup ew😂
Man Man
Man Man 28 giorni fa
horse divorce sandwich
But awesomeness ensued...
No respect for that sandwich! 😉
Keith Patrick
I tried making this sandwich years ago as well, and I had difficulty figuring out ingredient #3. At first, I thought was chicken wings, but that wouldn't make much sense, so I went with crab cakes.
hwire hwhisk
d e a t h d r e a m
You unearthed a 35 year old long forgotten memory of wanting to try this
solaire of astora
Jesus that things huge I want it
Charlie Harper-Adams
3:56 *Screams in Nepal*
Apple Song
Apple Song Mese fa
My revinue should go to the Bahamas
Obedient Wife
There's something missing. The later episodes have a little something extra to his episodes. His mannerisms are different, not as funny or connecting with the audience
Getfall in
Getfall in Mese fa
Cat DuCette
Cat DuCette Mese fa
I wish I was your roommates so I could eat all the stuff you cook!
Egg Trolls
Egg Trolls Mese fa
The foods of Harry Potter
Χαρά Δρετουλάκη
Omg you're Greek
Shaquille Europe
WE MADE THOSE SPINACH TRIANGLES IN SCHOOL(Just with dried oregano and ricotta and feta and egg, so ok the only thing in common is the shell and shape and overall crunch but still)
TwEeK0 Mese fa
If u make meatballs U MAKE SWEDISH ONES
Mojo 449
Mojo 449 Mese fa
Damn your voice ! With 2 sub et 6 speaker, its amazing !
Jared Ma
Jared Ma Mese fa
Isaac Worley
Isaac Worley Mese fa
Happy anniversary
Shelby McMillan
Back exactly 2 years later and there’s yet another hurricane
Rocatex 19 giorni fa
Naw it was a tropical depression
David Kawai
David Kawai Mese fa
Zeal warrior Gaming
Yay 2 year anniversary of this video and it’s also my birthday today :D
0 Subs and 0 Videos
2 years later, here i am
samuel caldwell
Umm. Deviled eggs get relish in it.
Oceane Blu80
Oceane Blu80 Mese fa
Omg! I thought u were making a back to school sandwich and didn't realize you were actually making the sandwich from the actual movie!! Love that movie! (push those rice pickers back to the Great wall of china! Do ya! Do ya! - Sam kenison rip)
Elias Rogland
Not enough paprika
Justin Posillico
"Suicidal sandwich"
Liam1708 Mese fa
I wish i could cook that good, but i’m only 13 years old😭
Liam1708 Mese fa
Fried Chicken and a grilled cheese sandwich😂
Liam1708 Mese fa
Fried Chicken i can cook almost every way you can make an egg, but that’s it
Liam1708 Mese fa
Fried Chicken but that’s pretty easy to cook actually
lol Mese fa
I make pizza fried chicken and chocolate cake nothing more
lol Mese fa
I'm 13 and can cook good
Luckysniper 3
Lol I go back next week cuz I’m in ik XD
WRECK 215 Mese fa
Back to school is a TIMELESS CLASSIC 👍😉. REST IN PEACE Rodney Dangerfield 🙏
Momo Yoayayorzu
You should do the foods from Black butler
benepic Mese fa
Y’all ready for another hurricane? Hell yeah!
Firmus Mese fa
God damn it, America... why do you have to mix sugary desert stuff with your meat? Jam and ketchup should not be mixed. Isn't it bad enough how sugary ketchup is?
Osiris Garcia
That’s a big sandwich 🥪
Γιάννης Πουρσαλίδης
You said spanakopita right the first time :P Why you changed it lol ?
ashryver Mese fa
Jeez that's a crazy sandwich
Cooking for the missus
Great video, I was about to upload something similar till i saw this now you have covered it lol, back to the drawing board 😂
Amiga500 Mese fa
Here we go again
Porshala Strawn
I don't even watch your videos for the food anymore. Your voice is incredibly soothing.
hi we
hi we Mese fa
looks like shit
CHARLES 13X Mese fa
I actually started digging out the bread from my sandwhichs after watching this movie, lol, straight classic
John Arthur Samuel
Am I the only one that never took out a meatball, deviled eggs sandwich for school🤷‍♂️???
hi hightv
hi hightv Mese fa
fork lift
fork lift Mese fa
Glasses off: back to school. Glasses on: free inslavment.
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