Binging with Babish: Pasta Puttanesca from Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

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Pasta puttanesca can mean many things - a bonding moment for a family enduring unspeakable tragedy. A peace offering to a conniving, distant relative and his wannabe-drama-nerd-cronies. A "prostitute pasta", its literal translation from Italian to English. Whatever pasta puttanesca means to you, it's basically a bunch of anchovies and olives mashed into spaghetti, and it tastes better than it sounds.
Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free
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12 giu 2018

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Commenti 4 949
I would invite banish to my dinner party just for the pleasant conversation he will have to make with all my other guests, who all just happens to be my pets and the parrot I caught eating my grapes in my garden
Wesley sipe
Fortnite duos?
Eleana rojas
Eleana rojas 7 ore fa
Excelente video , quede anonadada
Teina Kore
Teina Kore 3 giorni fa
Looks yummy
pineapple 3 giorni fa
So can you make medusoid mycelium and release it inside of your house?
Jean-Simon Fabien
Jean-Simon Fabien 3 giorni fa
YVO Draconic
YVO Draconic 3 giorni fa
*Published on 12 Jun 2018*
Jiro Saraza
Jiro Saraza 4 giorni fa
If you watched season 3 go down Rip olaf
Tuffsmoygles 5 giorni fa
Why would you change a dirty apron? That's the whole point of aprons!
Wes Plays
Wes Plays 5 giorni fa
W h i t e
Lj O'Rourke
Lj O'Rourke 6 giorni fa
when you went to changing aprons i thought you had like 14 aprons two for everyday of the week
Aaron Lang
Aaron Lang 6 giorni fa
Brad shout-out!!
A Lime
A Lime 7 giorni fa
Babish... No. Never Fortnite.
Colleen Schmidt
Colleen Schmidt 7 giorni fa
anyone else sad to see the clip used is from the tv show rather than the movie with jim carey? i know theres more description about the dish in the tv show but cmonn the movie version was great
Mr. DiZzY
Mr. DiZzY 8 giorni fa
what about the actual movie
Johnathan Hartley
Johnathan Hartley 8 giorni fa
I love that show I knew you would make something from it
Ironclad 8 giorni fa
Rinsing and cleaning the anchovies seems like a giant waste.
Bilbo Swaggins
Bilbo Swaggins 8 giorni fa
Funny how life happens, ITvid recommended this to me out of the blue, I took one look and said “the hell is this?” I thought it was gonna be stupid. But I decided to give it a chance, so I watched one episode, then two, then three, and four, five, six and now this is my favorite channel I can’t stop watching someone please help me.
Hannah Baker
Hannah Baker 9 giorni fa
lmaoooo you called them annoyingly named
Sean Smithy
Sean Smithy 9 giorni fa
Should’ve waited for season 3, the baby makes a lotta food.
vaggelis dogas
vaggelis dogas 9 giorni fa
Ξέρουμε όλοι τι σου ήρθε στο μυαλό,εισαι δικαιολογημένος😂
Uriel Gaspar
Uriel Gaspar 10 giorni fa
While you were eating the pasta, did you have lipstick on?😂
Dylan H
Dylan H 10 giorni fa
Looks great, makes me want to make pasta...but not the putanesca, I wanna make my familys meat sauce spaghetti...even reheated leftovers end up as clean plates.
pinwheel87 11 giorni fa
wtf is this version of a series of unfortunate events ??
Rebecca Ripley
Rebecca Ripley 12 giorni fa
A little disappointed that you didn't use the movie as to explain where you got the idea to do Pasta Puttenesca
Kalen May
Kalen May 13 giorni fa
I wonder what puttanesca means
X0rs1zt - Gaming
X0rs1zt - Gaming 13 giorni fa
Clean bowl club
Grimm Wald
Grimm Wald 15 giorni fa
So many friends.
Ultra 15 giorni fa
"So you guys playing fortnite?" Me: "WHY!!!!"
Dane Rushing
Dane Rushing 15 giorni fa
Please make a muffaletta sandwich😂
Stereofidelicc 16 giorni fa
Wow a show that I actually now
yee 16 giorni fa
The Netflix series is garbage compared to the movie (not to mention the books), but a wonderful video nonetheless
Max Cameron
Max Cameron 17 giorni fa
i’m sorry but my brain just “salmonella pasta”
Regina Wong
Regina Wong 18 giorni fa
I died when he mentioned fortnight hahahaha
James Then
James Then 18 giorni fa
Odd question, but does anybody know what black and white dinnerware set Babish has?
Julia_aaa 19 giorni fa
Olives and anchovies?? Just because you can do do something, doesn't mean you should.
Rickle Pick2003
Rickle Pick2003 19 giorni fa
I prefer the Jim Carey version
Gabrielle Pendawa
Gabrielle Pendawa 19 giorni fa
Oooohhh yes asoue!!!
Amanda Welsh
Amanda Welsh 21 giorno fa
Do the movie version of this please!
LIL AUZZIE 23 giorni fa
5:57 what about hitler?
Tom Jenkins
Tom Jenkins 24 giorni fa
"Like my OTHER best friend, JON FAVREAU
nithin nagaraj
nithin nagaraj 24 giorni fa
Blake Morrison
Blake Morrison 25 giorni fa
Like my OTHER friend John Favreau
Rohan Shetty
Rohan Shetty 25 giorni fa
5:03 Andrew when you do any dip from now on you have to call it a big ole dip
Tom Borntraeger
Tom Borntraeger 26 giorni fa
This guy's humor is excellent, I just love it.
Miles Lewis
Miles Lewis 26 giorni fa
If pastadough is adult playdough, is placenta newborn playdough? Ew sorry
Duckstand 29 giorni fa
You forgot to add a manifestation of your mental strength on the dish to make the consumer loose a few cavities and grow new ones
Duckstand 11 giorni fa
And then your mental spirit that can only be seen by fabulous people will come out and give it that extra texture.
casey wheelwright
casey wheelwright 11 giorni fa
And then the customer's friend beats up the leftovers
JCProfit Mese fa
But where’s the BEEF!?!?!
jasmine gonzales
ConnieP Mese fa
Nonono you had anchovies in there you can't put cheese!!!
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