Binging with Babish: Pasta Puttanesca from Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

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Pasta puttanesca can mean many things - a bonding moment for a family enduring unspeakable tragedy. A peace offering to a conniving, distant relative and his wannabe-drama-nerd-cronies. A "prostitute pasta", its literal translation from Italian to English. Whatever pasta puttanesca means to you, it's basically a bunch of anchovies and olives mashed into spaghetti, and it tastes better than it sounds.
Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free
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12 giu 2018

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Commenti 4 864
Blake Tucker
Blake Tucker 14 ore fa
As a matter of fact babs...I am not playing fortnite..nor will I ever. Cheers on this recipe it’s not half bad actually!
Little Gumdrop
Little Gumdrop 2 giorni fa
Solo Sabbath
Solo Sabbath 3 giorni fa
Alexandria Sacci
Alexandria Sacci 3 giorni fa
"Be sanitary" *puts ACTUAL blood in Matilda cake*
Paul Hazel
Paul Hazel 4 giorni fa
I still prefer the Jim carry version of Lemony Snicket’s...
menosgod 4 giorni fa
I really enjoyed the video, enough to make me try and make it. I didn't have certain ingredients so I substituted and added a few things but it still came out great. I added a little ground sausage, roasted tomatoes & onions, and sardines instead of anchovies.
delcidkidv 4 giorni fa
"Be sanitary, don't be gross" says the guy who literally put blood and sweat in a chocolate cake.
Torikachi Rinkitori
2FaSt4U_MB_ 6 giorni fa
Camille Bautista
Camille Bautista 6 giorni fa
I wonder what's his knife
GokaikillerTobi 6 giorni fa
Whore's Pasta
Loispealz!!!HERE 7 giorni fa
Perfect episode. Untill you mentioned fortnite
Dakota Pullen
Dakota Pullen 8 giorni fa
*you guys playing fortnite?*
DrBrainzzz 9 giorni fa
Honestly, my family is Italian and we cook Italian all the time, and no bs, we probably put more sauce than pasta in our pasta. What else are you gonna scoop up with your bread afterwards?
Nicolas Hernandez
Nicolas Hernandez 9 giorni fa
When you said Fortnite I got type 4 lymphoma
weasle min
weasle min 10 giorni fa
Stankyass anchovies
ruuoxi 10 giorni fa
its hilarious how they made the pasta in the movie, scraping all shape of pasta from that filthy drawer and rinse them in a spitoon 🤣🤣
thejmeister 10 giorni fa
I could not hate those topics of conversation more, but I suspect you chose them particularly for that reason.
Notyourmamasnoodles 11 giorni fa
You sound like bob from bobs burgers
Michelangelo Kock
Michelangelo Kock 11 giorni fa
I play fortnite and cook
Jarrica Guzman
Jarrica Guzman 12 giorni fa
Ugh why can’t you produce videos at the same rate that I watch them 😑. Nothing is worse than being pulled out of distraction from productivity due to lack of unwatched videos. Just be a cyborg that never stops producing entertaining content!
allen justine ramos
allen justine ramos 12 giorni fa
Cook the Movie version of the pasta... ... In a spitoon. What's a spitoon? Look it up (wash it twice, too).
The Realest Riley G
The Realest Riley G 12 giorni fa
Please make Izzy’s cupcakes from greys anatomy
Lim Jun Leong
Lim Jun Leong 13 giorni fa
3:54 say the person who put tear in a sandwich blood and sweat in their cake
FreddieFrekerBoi 13 giorni fa
0:04 Patrick Warburton sounded so much like Kronk(yes I know that Patrick Warburton plays Kronk so don't say "BECAUSE HE IS KRONK")
Samantha p
Samantha p 13 giorni fa
it was going so well till u mentioned how the caps won ;((
Emerald Young
Emerald Young 13 giorni fa
You guys playing fortnite 😂😂
Jordan Schelte
Jordan Schelte 13 giorni fa
1.unsauced pasta 2.hitler 3. World hunger 4. 9/11
The Wolf of Fire
The Wolf of Fire 13 giorni fa
The only thing worst than undersauced pasta is over-salted lamb.
Sienna Matthews
Sienna Matthews 14 giorni fa
"Be sanitary, don't be gross" **makes cake with real blood and sweat** "This is good chocolate cake"
The Scientist
The Scientist 15 giorni fa
He has really nice arms.
Tiffany Spencer
Tiffany Spencer 15 giorni fa
Go Caps !!!
Caleb Robinson
Caleb Robinson 16 giorni fa
His whisking technique is perfect
Amnesia Night
Amnesia Night 17 giorni fa
Did not expect that ending, love this channel
YasGawdOkurrr 17 giorni fa
Bingin wit ituwilz ❤️
Jenn 18 giorni fa
i'd love to see you to the movie version of this and using a spittoon and window pane to drain the pasta 😂
Armando Vasquez
Armando Vasquez 18 giorni fa
Curry bun from Black Butler pleeeeeeeeaaassse
Emily Carpio
Emily Carpio 19 giorni fa
i get the feeling that oliver does not like series of unfortunate events
Haylee Haux
Haylee Haux 20 giorni fa
You're an angel thank you !!!
Orion Myers
Orion Myers 20 giorni fa
I actually died when he said "you guys playin fortnite?"
Arciss 20 giorni fa
I do play fortnite yes
Madison T.
Madison T. 21 giorno fa
This may literally be my favorite episode of Binging - snarky undertones and all.
luisperez8581 21 giorno fa
It would be nice to have the receipe in the comments area!!!!
Giovanni Munoz
Giovanni Munoz 21 giorno fa
Eww olives
X1 Remote9
X1 Remote9 22 giorni fa
Johnny Joseph
Johnny Joseph 22 giorni fa
Where’s the Roast beef
898792 22 giorni fa
C... A....P...S CAPS, CAPS, CAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Devin Cory
Devin Cory 23 giorni fa
r/totallynotrobots? Or is it just me?
RetroMarineX13 24 giorni fa
6:52 what 8 year olds are watching a cooking channel
buh ree
buh ree 24 giorni fa
Amazing. Do buffalo wings!
The Cooler Daniel
The Cooler Daniel 24 giorni fa
he doesnt seem to like them, maybe he is the new count olaf.
Abbey Pattison
Abbey Pattison 25 giorni fa
id marry you
Netheo 25 giorni fa
You Suck At Cooking Yeah You- wait, wrong show...
hodoupmer 26 giorni fa
i love this channel, but goddamn if this isn't the worst puttanesca i've seen in a long time
Jared Samples
Jared Samples 9 giorni fa
Maybe the spaghetti alla puttanesca from JJBA: DiU would be better?? Hell, the recipe is practically there.
GeneralMetrac 26 giorni fa
How did I miss a babish upload?
William Glass
William Glass 26 giorni fa
The movie was better than the Netflix series
Chocolate Potato
Chocolate Potato 27 giorni fa
your videos are a really nice background noise for reading :/ is that just me?
Jackson Holler
Jackson Holler 27 giorni fa
“You guys playing Fortnite”
AlbertRazer 28 giorni fa
just cause you said fortnite in the end i request that you make the durr burger from fortnite
itsthecolleenlife 28 giorni fa
Can we assume then that you dislike olives? Like a normal person?
Isabel 28 giorni fa
I love this show
sleepy Boi
sleepy Boi 29 giorni fa
Ah yes, there was this meme heavy episode that had my cringing around 2 times, I remember
Michael Gould
Sportsball, crypto and fortnight. The trifecta of unpleasantness.
mrereviews andrecipes
babish never have a civil conversation with us ever again only talk about food
aehr lynn
aehr lynn Mese fa
What did you call me!?
Black- _BoX_
Black- _BoX_ Mese fa
Nooooo PLZ No fortnight in this Channel
Undecisive Angel
I love that you're as awkward as some of us are when it comes to topics we arent actually interested in and idle chitchat xD
you neeeed to do more videos with Brad and Vinny
Frost Beam
Frost Beam Mese fa
hmm so i DID read this right. cool!
Hollie Mese fa
"stanky ass can of anchovies" Im actually crying lmfao
Alex Just Alex
No, Im more the WoW type of guy, thanks for asking. And Cryptos...most of them are not even serious.
Because Reasons
Can I make some pasta with sliced bread and ketchup
Anthony Herranenn
Please no more normal conversations how much do I have to pay for you not to do that XD
bustajointnflex p
Beth Bilous
Beth Bilous Mese fa
wondering if you can taste the fish? I made Sarah Carey's version from Martha Stewart, and all I could taste was anchovies. Yuck. So .... someone please say if this recipe is less fishy,
Fortnite sucks
Mese fa
"Do you guys play Fortnite?" Now, now you're just hurting us with a rolling pin, good sir.
Tenshi Chan
Tenshi Chan Mese fa
good, you glazed the pasta in the sauce! lol, when you just ladled the puttanesca sauce over the pasta without "the tossy toss", the first horrified thought that came to mind was "sweet baby jebus, Nonna will chase you with the wooden soon for that sacrilege! ruuunnn!"
Hakuna Matata
Ben Posner
Ben Posner Mese fa
My pasta dough, no matter how dry always sticks to itself. If I'd do the nest thing, I'd have a solid nest when it's time for cooking.
Brenjamin Poet
Holy fuck You are THE SHIT
Jinay Deliwala
The background music is as good as the pasta cooking.
Jethro Cook
Jethro Cook Mese fa
The moment I heard the word fortnite on this channel was the moment my last speck of faith in humanity dissipated into the cold, dark void of despair.
Russell Steans
The only thing worse than under sauced pasta is playing fornite
robert smith
robert smith Mese fa
Ewwww did he really just shout out dorknite? Download pubg then you're speakin my language! The pasta looked so good tho
Kos Mese fa
Why do yall have to add butter to everything? Is there a minimum calorie requirement that the American law requires you to meet? Now I do love myself some butter but, why add it to a perfectly good pasta sauce?
Kevin Gonyo
Kevin Gonyo Mese fa
looks hella rad, but I thought that a puttanesca needed some heat?
I'd love to see the jelly donuts from pokemon (which are actually rice balls or something)
Adam RJ
Adam RJ Mese fa
I actually liked the movie honestly
Justin Ramos
Justin Ramos Mese fa
You play on the PS4 right?
tancredi parisi
why you use so much garlic !!! you can't taste nothing but garlic
Ignacio Gallarati
Did you add a dab of pasta water to the sauce in the second version?
Omnywrench Mese fa
Did you hear about how the Washington Capitals bought cryptocurrency over Fortnite?
Matthew Wilbur
Courts Court
Courts Court Mese fa
I would just like to say that he says "be hygienic" when talking about chewing up parsley, but this is the man who will later put actual blood and sweat into a chocolate cake XD
Jesses Mese fa
Thank god it ended when u said fortnite
done dane
done dane Mese fa
Pretty sure you missed the Alla
EBFL Mese fa
0notgay 0
0notgay 0 Mese fa
*You guys playin' fortnite?*
beageler Mese fa
That seems way too much work for a putanesca. I chop everything roughly, start by cooking the pasta, then let roughly chopped onions sweat in a pan, toss in anchovis, capers and small tomatoes (I hate black olives), fry that a bit, then toss in the pasta. Stirfry a bit, then season with salt, pepper and herbs, and plate up. Takes about 15 minutes, maybe 20.
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