Binging with Babish: Pasta Puttanesca from Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

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Pasta puttanesca can mean many things - a bonding moment for a family enduring unspeakable tragedy. A peace offering to a conniving, distant relative and his wannabe-drama-nerd-cronies. A "prostitute pasta", its literal translation from Italian to English. Whatever pasta puttanesca means to you, it's basically a bunch of anchovies and olives mashed into spaghetti, and it tastes better than it sounds.
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Commenti 5 183
C Butler
C Butler 12 ore fa
5:30 S'ghetti and butter.
Shay Dawes
Shay Dawes Giorno fa
You guys play fortnite? Babish is actually pretty hilarious lmao
Jolie - Jo
Jolie - Jo Giorno fa
where we droppin boys
GlaucusBlue 2 giorni fa
how did I miss this video, love this pasta, but always made it more frying with chopped fresh tomato and plenty of olive oil than canned liquid ones, and always with a bit of chilli in it.
This was a great video so I shall forgive you for using the dirty Netflix version instead of the movie version.
Matt Mathias
Matt Mathias 2 giorni fa
The Fortnite jab was *MWAH* magnifique!
I Knew it
I Knew it 3 giorni fa
Matías Vásquez
Matías Vásquez 4 giorni fa
Watching this while high is not a good idea.
goldsoul89 4 giorni fa
I'll tell you a secret: i'm italian and there's no semolina in pasta, it's just flour and yolks, it's the water that must be salted and usually we end the cooking by putting the pasta into the sauce while mixing it so that it gets more flavour
Brent Vogt
Brent Vogt 4 giorni fa
I've watched more videos from this channel than any other shows and it's not even close.
T SexyRexy
T SexyRexy 5 giorni fa
"Do you play fortnight"..... No I'm not autistic.
Boi Bruh
Boi Bruh 6 giorni fa
6:53 You guys playing fortnut?😂👌
Philosoraptor 9 giorni fa
"since this is the first time we have made fresh pasta on this show" Guess the lasagna episode never happened
Admiral_78 9 giorni fa
+Philosoraptor eh everyone makes mistakes
Philosoraptor 9 giorni fa
+Admiral_78 ah I missheard it my bad
Admiral_78 9 giorni fa
Philosoraptor He said Isn't, It wasn't his first time making fresh pasta in this show
?Addison? 10 giorni fa
Where we dropping boys-
Vriska Serket
Vriska Serket 10 giorni fa
Finally someone else understands that too little sauce on pasta is the WORST
Randall Moyes
Randall Moyes 13 giorni fa
Hey Babish love all of your videos, but a quick question. What type of past roller are you using? I am looking for a good one. Thanks!
Justine Claire Daet
Justine Claire Daet 14 giorni fa
That looks like a Very Fine Dish.
Yusonera 0000001
Yusonera 0000001 14 giorni fa
I play fortnite
Max Moran
Max Moran 15 giorni fa
I like how aggressively you say "my other friend, Jon Favreau."
monica montes
monica montes 15 giorni fa
Puttanesca is a very hot sauce, you forgot the chilies
sebeckley 15 giorni fa
I may be a heretic but I only like olive oil and lemon (with a few herbs), alfredo, or bolognese sauce. Light. medium, and heavy.
Elijah Wilensky
Elijah Wilensky 15 giorni fa
the blocking in this show was awful
andymac4883 16 giorni fa
"You guys playin' Fortnite?" Babish, I thought you said _pleasant_ conversation?
Sarengo 17 giorni fa
Nooooooo parmesan with anchovies noooo
Hector Preston
Hector Preston 18 giorni fa
How dare you say that games name
Chrollo 18 giorni fa
“Y’all know how i like to do it”
Trunks Vegeta Briefs
“There’s nothing worse than an undersauced pasta” I agree *finishes cooking pasta in sauce then puts that in a bowl and ladles more sauce on top of it* Why in the good name of fuck does no one ever do this it’s obvious off the ass It’s a no-fucking-brainer
ECL28E 18 giorni fa
Not gonna lie, that recipe sounds delicious because I don't mind anchovies.
thepuffyshow 19 giorni fa
I busted out laughing at the end hahahaha
David Dutrow
David Dutrow 19 giorni fa
Not "dowel;" "tiny rolling pin," "tiny whisk's" second cousin.
zoran zoki
zoran zoki 19 giorni fa
The name of this dish sound to me somehow like an insult. I don't know why.
Giordano Dragneel
Giordano Dragneel 20 giorni fa
You dont put parmesan on pasta dishes with fish or parsley in them ffs
King Santos
King Santos 21 giorno fa
Im binge watching binging with babish Bing-ception
Anomander Rake
Anomander Rake 22 giorni fa
no shellfish?
Anomander Rake
Anomander Rake 22 giorni fa
whores used to make this for their "johns" in New Orleans brothels because it was cheap, easy, and delicious.
PinkCircleO8 22 giorni fa
3:10 yas!!!!!!
Jesus Campos
Jesus Campos 23 giorni fa
My best boyfriend is Jon Favreau, who's yours?(said in a snarky attitude)Fucking loser
Miles Emad
Miles Emad 23 giorni fa
Just stick to talking about cooking pease
Grimm Wald
Grimm Wald 24 giorni fa
undersauced... abbondanza.
Trigger Namus
Trigger Namus 24 giorni fa
Really fortnite? I got one for you babish, you playing Apex? Well if you are stop you need to be playing Titanfall 2
painhellemental 9000
Ahh some *W H O R E S P A S T A*
Connor Layman
Connor Layman 26 giorni fa
Where's the roast beef? It's the Swedish term for beef that's *roasted!*
giovio _
giovio _ 27 giorni fa
Nothing better than some orphans making pasta brings out babish's houmour
NineTailsGaming 28 giorni fa
Hah no. Phfft fortnite
aaron themajaya
aaron themajaya 29 giorni fa
When you ask do you play fortnight YES but my question is do you play fortnight
Jessica Wood
Jessica Wood Mese fa
Nevermind, I get it now
Jessica Wood
Jessica Wood Mese fa
Why is it called "puttanesca"?
Lord of the Isles
Jessica Wood puttanesca is Italian for whore and the dish literally translates to spaghetti the way a whore would make it. It’s a dish that emerged from among sex workers in Italy
Coda Mese fa
bosscarnage4 12 giorni fa
Shut up 🅱️osuke
Morgan Lambert
So petty!! Don’t like the name or the pasta??? So many jabs hahah
Jhax Aldana
Jhax Aldana Mese fa
Razak Idris
Razak Idris Mese fa
Hancock Meatball pasta
Peter Mese fa
Can we talk about the part where he says "my other best friend Jon Favreau" and he uses the *actual carving fork used on the set of Chef*
I have been Binging Babish for the last few days
Love your reference to a Kelsey Grammer AND David Hyde-Pierce. Niles is just as essential to the show as Frasier.
If "toothsome noodle" isnt a band name, idk what is.
Heavy Critic
Heavy Critic Mese fa
5:41 Yup. Fresh pasta, a little butter and a pinch of salt is quite simply awesome.
Aidan Standard
"sO Do YOu GUys PlAy FoRTniTe?"
JEM 1218
JEM 1218 Mese fa
Every time my grandmother made this when I was a kid It was so awkward 😂 i was ten and she would try to tell me about Italian whores and how they used this sauce to attract customers😂 nasty
Lenny Summers
I remember this book
Alexandria Michelle
"be sanitary, dont be gross" literally put his blood sweat and tears into the Matilda Cake 😂😂
Gabriel Carvalho
You should've used the scene from Estômago, when the prostitute talks with the cook about this pasta dish.
Darien Tomlinson
Just eat my ass
Lasdudas Mese fa
I don't play Fortnite >:(
Lucia Bellanger
"Pasta....Puttanesca?" "WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?"
This may sound borderline heretical, but is there anything wrong with using a mixer with a dough hook/food processor to knead the dough?
The Real RockJule
No I'm not playing fortnite and never will in a million years.
Jacob Reyes
Jacob Reyes Mese fa
Do you mean “clean bowl” club? because it’s a bowl and not a plate
Mateo de la Piedra
thanks for not actually talking about fortnite, almost had an aneurysm there
What are you fucking gay?
Anonymous User123456789
Isn’t it possible to also purée the tomato sauce before hand so you don’t need to break it it apart when you are cooking it just a thought
Kayla Reilly
Kayla Reilly Mese fa
Sexiest voice ever
Richard Jara
Richard Jara Mese fa
"My OTHER best friend John Favreau" LMAO
Yaseen :3
Yaseen :3 Mese fa
No babish , we are not playing fortnite
I'd like to point out that pasta alla puttanesca translates to "pasta, whore style". Close enough to bitch lasagna for me.
miles Mese fa
he almost vilol8d lmaoo
Andrea Sker
Andrea Sker Mese fa
I hate olives and anchovies and I've never had capers don't even know what they are
Joy B
Joy B Mese fa
HAAAAA same I don’t like a lot of stuff in muffulettas 😂😂 but they’re actually good
Sirinterweb Mese fa
Wonder Games
Wonder Games Mese fa
why u hatin on the show...
Macro Lucius
Macro Lucius Mese fa
FUCKING I opened fortnite for the first time in months and decided to try out the new playground just to see how the game has improved and I watched this video in the background and It just so happened THIS of all videos is the one where he says something about it
Eli Agawu
Eli Agawu Mese fa
This isn’t tv or movie-related, but can you make something from Trump Towers?
chen Mese fa
when you said "you guys playing fortnite?" i just lost it
Over the Line
Trunks Vegeta Briefs
I personally do your method of cooking the noodles in the sauce then when serving I put more sauce on top of it
As a finance person who’s dated pro athletes I really appreciate your talking points 😂
P F / Dad Reacts
2:34 Binging with Blueface
grund aadrain
I have this all the time, it can really use any ingreadiants. It's pretty good I think
Isr tv vl
Isr tv vl Mese fa
Babish has my level of small talk skills
은규이 Mese fa
Emma Weeb
Emma Weeb Mese fa
This was a good video....... Then he said fortnight
Brynne Miller
This is my favorite episode. The sass is sooooo strong.
Kristin Piña
Miley's loco hot coco
potato man 24
fortnite is gay sir
Taji Pershard
I love Frasier too Babish
kitten chan studios
I don't like tomatoes
Kike y nadia Studios
New sub.
Emma Eccles
Emma Eccles Mese fa
I like mine with crushed red pepper and halved grape tomatoes
Layton Lytle
Layton Lytle Mese fa
Undecisive Angel
3:10 is when I needed to like
John Smith
John Smith Mese fa
You need to work on how you pronounce parmesan. It's not parmezhan. There's an s there, okay? 🍄
John Smith
John Smith Mese fa
Needs more anchovis and garlic! 🍄
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