Binging with Babish: Peking Duck from A Christmas Story

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A Christmas Story, beyond its bunny suits and leg lamps, is fondly remembered by Generation X-ers for its unfortunate portrayal of Chinese-Americans, and their alluring turkey alternative: peking duck. Crisp skin, juicy meat, deep flavor, all wrapped up in a Mandarin-style pancake with thinly sliced cucumbers, scallions, and hoisin sauce? Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Music: "Juparo" by Broke for Free
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19 dic 2017

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Commenti 2 615
Chicken Noodle
Chicken Noodle 4 giorni fa
Do the feast from the opening scene of Eat Drink Man Women
TerraMerc 73
TerraMerc 73 5 giorni fa
Manhduy gaobac
Manhduy gaobac 6 giorni fa
Pls make meemaw's brisket from young sheldon
wang zifan
wang zifan 6 giorni fa
just a little opinion,my sight got blocked when the subs is on..maybe rise up the view to the desktop?good vid btw
Xi Chen
Xi Chen 7 giorni fa
hey binging, a good tip is to also add honey to the water when you tightening the skin. trust me itll be better. Thats how my dad does it
sam jones
sam jones 7 giorni fa
Idk I can't imagine being so hungry and then four hours later finally getting to eat what I have been cooking all day...
Rodney Noel
Rodney Noel 8 giorni fa
Looking like chef steps rn
raul castillo
raul castillo 13 giorni fa
The skin is thick but not crunchy or tastey like chicken. Its bland and EXTREAMLY greasy. The meat has a gamy taste and is also bland and not as juicy as you might think. The pancakes have a very doughy taste to them and dont taste good. It also smells deadly after 1 night in the fridge. Your welcome in case you wanted to go out and spend almost $100 on this food.👍
ljwalsh11 15 giorni fa
I remember when I lived in China there was a restaurant in Beijing run by Buddhist monks and they made THE BEST vegan version of this. I realize that vegan Peking duck makes no sense, but they made it make sense. When I saw the part at the end where everything came together, I totally remembered that restaurant and those thin strips of veggies! Oh man, good memories!! Thanks for the reminder!!!!!
Dene skys
Dene skys 16 giorni fa
If something is smiling creepily you, the best way to deal with it is to chop off its head DUH
bobspineable 19 giorni fa
I never understood why we were never served the meat of a Peking duck
mahatmagandhiful 21 giorno fa
This is my first time seeing anything of A Christmas Story. Could that family be any more white?
Gregory Stell
Gregory Stell 23 giorni fa
You owning a hair dryer is like buying my uncle a toothbrush. He has no teeth.
Jettanyia Gumbs
Jettanyia Gumbs 23 giorni fa
Honestly I would love to be Rasheed your Roommate or Significant Other so I can be sure to have Babish meals daily...Its honestly a dream of mine🤫
2:12 inflation
KatFive33 Mese fa
I think this was the grossest video i ever seen....
Tsumugi Mese fa
Chinese here, I approve this video
Ka'pella Nuwavin
Probably a stupid question but do you have to inflate the duck?
Nathan Lee
Nathan Lee Mese fa
As a Chinese boi, Peking Duck is hella good, especially in chinese burrito form.
Silvey Swift heart
Hoisin... it’s pronounced hoisEEn sauce
Martin Mitchii
What about the Krusty the Clown burger ribwich?
tkm007 Mese fa
Fucking most racist movie ever. Asian Americans on the rise in Hollywood. Can't wait until we start making fun of ignorant white Americans. Remember you all voted for trump. Smh. Just call you video Peking duck recipe, why reference Christmas story. You're racist also.
Drewnax Mese fa
I hope you ate the duck head! Best part!
Mason Qiu
Mason Qiu Mese fa
thanks for 'blowing the skin'. That's exactly how we do our duck traditionally.
Joe Food 2017
khali dibba
khali dibba Mese fa
Not even close bro....not even close....sorry to say....
i have had this in china. it was good. we ate the skin in mini taco like things
cpez Mese fa
This looks super good but here are a couple of things to make it more authentic (based on my Beijing roast duck experiences lol)-- 1. Most places in Beijing actually serve the duck with tian mian jiang (甜面酱) instead of hoisin. 2. I'm pretty sure the pancakes are steamed. 3. I think a lot of places use red vinegar and maltose syrup to glaze the outside. I'd still definitely eat that duck you made though
Simeon Jones
Simeon Jones Mese fa
Can we get a wonton video please 😂
Wobbles and Bean
The AoC Gamer
Did I chuckle at the word 'knob'? Yes. Do I regret it? No.
do Japanese food pills
Sword Master
Sword Master 2 mesi fa
Is there something else I can use instead of the peanut butter? I'm allergic to peanuts.
Area51Gregos 2 mesi fa
Alton Brown called, he wants his show back! But with 3.1 million subscribers you must be doing something right! Or AB did. Anyway, good for you! The best ideas are often stolen I always say...
TheLegDay27 2 mesi fa
Oliver Prendergast
is there a difference bettween this and 'crispy duck' or is this just a language difference in england?
jordon sprauve
jordon sprauve 2 mesi fa
i have that same hairdryer
Im Vozza
Im Vozza 2 mesi fa
I love duck!
Pearl the rebel
Pearl the rebel 2 mesi fa
Omg the feet...
odi the homeslice
Is it just me or does the thumbnail look like ves about to shove a big steel ball in that ducks ass?
Leon Chui
Leon Chui 2 mesi fa
It doesn’t have peanut in the original recipe🤔🤔🤔
Su Rui
Su Rui 2 mesi fa
This is not peking duck,more like Hongkong style!
please turn down the music I can not understand your voice.
Dirty mcPain
Dirty mcPain 2 mesi fa
Turn on subtitles 0:10 - 0:20
El Bottoo
El Bottoo 2 mesi fa
@3:55 holy shit, now thats what i call FAIL.
El Bottoo
El Bottoo 2 mesi fa
haha that fragment from that tv series, is hilarious and shows just how retarded people have been in the past. peking duck is an emperors dish and those snowflakes had no idea.
Μιχαλης Ττακκας
Make koupepia plssss
Kevin Lee
Kevin Lee 2 mesi fa
Jonjo Pymm
Jonjo Pymm 2 mesi fa
I really must stop watching your videos late at night babish
Happy Life WISH
Happy Life WISH 2 mesi fa
nice vid but you can call this chinese style roast duck this is not peking duck
Zamboni Josiah
Zamboni Josiah 2 mesi fa
That'd be joining the clean plate club in my house, and now this is something I have to make.
Thomas Cremens
Thomas Cremens 2 mesi fa
2:16 look in his eyes, he is saying “this is torture for both him and me
Tim Turbo
Tim Turbo 2 mesi fa
Bird meat and pancakes? This is chinese chicken N waffles
The Big Butt Sucker
Use sambal instead of chili garlic sauce, gives it slightly more spice and more flavor
Case Clevenger
Case Clevenger 2 mesi fa
Deck the halls with bells of frolly. Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra! Ra Ra Ra Ra!
Kermit Sweet Tea
I wonder if the duck's last words were, "got any grapes?"
Louis Walker
Louis Walker 2 mesi fa
Yo for this year you could totally do the m&m syrup spaghetti from the movie Elf 👀👀🤷🏼‍♂️
劉品宏 2 mesi fa
Your sauce is wrong
This username is not unnecessarily long
What do you call a duck who's a drug addict? A quack head
Kris Kat
Kris Kat 2 mesi fa
Plum sauce pls.
Shiru Miso
Shiru Miso 2 mesi fa
This isn't chinese....
Sam Venters
Sam Venters 3 mesi fa
Dolan darks not gonna be happy about this one
Aiden Tai
Aiden Tai 3 mesi fa
In the sauce you put peanut butter. Listen I don't know how to cook peking duck but I am pretty sure that there is no peanut butter unless you read a recipe from some one that does not know how to cook authentic peking duck
Thomas Gallman
Thomas Gallman 3 mesi fa
Techy 3 mesi fa
B-But those arent Tablespoons! Tablespoons are the Size of Tables (So i heard, i only use Soup Spoons so i dunno).
X Boss of Worlds
1:10 we have a friend who we call hoisen sauce
oshawott osha
oshawott osha 3 mesi fa
Did an emotionless Chinese man from Chinatown sell it to you? (Yes, this is a JonTron reference.)
oshawott osha
oshawott osha 2 mesi fa
+Brainhorn But why? Why would you do that? Why would you do any of that?
Brainhorn 2 mesi fa
By golly, I don't know if that's safe to eat
Alijah Murphy
Alijah Murphy 3 mesi fa
Did you not take off that monster corkscrew duck di*k?!
ya436 3 mesi fa
This video follows a Chinese cooking ideology that i really loved. "Fuck it, put it in. And add some more." I really have grown fond of that.
land2d vang
land2d vang 3 mesi fa
Duck is my favorite meat😍
Dakoya 3 mesi fa
I wish he would have a list of everything we needed at the beginning or in the description
Sock Old
Sock Old 3 mesi fa
where is the cross-section?
Eric Dwyer
Eric Dwyer 3 mesi fa
quack >:(
Mikey Lawrence
Mikey Lawrence 3 mesi fa
Let me just shove some diarrhea up this ducks butt...
inue windwalker
inue windwalker 3 mesi fa
could ytou PLEASE make the chocllate moose from rosemary's baby?!
Jessie Jay
Jessie Jay 3 mesi fa
Sina Borghei
Sina Borghei 3 mesi fa
Kaliph 3 mesi fa
Most disgusting thing I've ever seen
AlexAnimation 3 mesi fa
My mom spoils our peeking ducks there fat and happy unfortunately there egg ducks we don't plan on butchering them
AlexAnimation 3 mesi fa
My mom spoils our peeking ducks there fat and happy unfortunately there egg ducks we don't plan on butchering them
Thomas Cheng
Thomas Cheng 3 mesi fa
Next time add less peanut butter to the hoisin sauce. The traditional version is much darker
ItsMe Jeremy
ItsMe Jeremy 3 mesi fa
Make something spicey af... Im saying like Carolina Reaper hot
HighTecMoonas Games
His junk is still there omg eww
A sad hoovy
A sad hoovy 3 mesi fa
Can you make a frozen yogurt from the good place?
checkboard 3 mesi fa
Use rice water (the water you have cooked the rice in) in your scald mixture. The added starch makes for a drier, crispier skin.
Richard Walter
Richard Walter 3 mesi fa
I can’t tell if that family in the beginning, especially the woman and their children are crying or laughing
Damien Lau
Damien Lau 3 mesi fa
You should see a professional cut the duck Its satisfying
SyL Ch
SyL Ch 3 mesi fa
We've got ready made 5-spices powder here😁
Adarsh Mohanty
Adarsh Mohanty 3 mesi fa
RIP 🦆. You'll be remembered
Turkish Mapper
Turkish Mapper 3 mesi fa
deck the harrs with boughs of horry, fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra
beautywithabeat 3 mesi fa
The spice toasting scene is so relaxing to watch
Some Random Guy
Some Random Guy 3 mesi fa
Now you can say you blew a duck
DibDab ThroughTheWindow
I've always been confused as to what 'scallions' are, but given their presence within those pancakes, which i know and have had, i'm assuming it's spring onion.
Intentum _
Intentum _ 3 mesi fa
Sleep tight, duck.
411supernova 3 mesi fa
Rtgd it gsmhnsl
Rainbow Rabbit Ronin
Rooti and duck roast mmmmm... Man brings back some memories :
Taquito Bomb
Taquito Bomb 3 mesi fa
I'd like to meet the guy who created peking duck, he must've been on something
Shu Zhang
Shu Zhang 3 mesi fa
Hey Babish, did it join the clean hand club?
Riverino 4 mesi fa
Imagine being able to sort by controversial on ITvid
Gibby Liang
Gibby Liang 4 mesi fa
Thats roast duck not Peking duck
Prossimi video