Binging with Babish: Peking Duck from A Christmas Story

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A Christmas Story, beyond its bunny suits and leg lamps, is fondly remembered by Generation X-ers for its unfortunate portrayal of Chinese-Americans, and their alluring turkey alternative: peking duck. Crisp skin, juicy meat, deep flavor, all wrapped up in a Mandarin-style pancake with thinly sliced cucumbers, scallions, and hoisin sauce? Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Music: "Juparo" by Broke for Free
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Commenti 2 758
Litty Or Shitty
Litty Or Shitty Giorno fa
Making this for my family for easter... wish me luck! Duck is sitting in the fridge
RetroMarineX13 2 giorni fa
“A dead eye Chinese man sold that to me, by golly!” Place the quote, win a like
Litty Or Shitty
Litty Or Shitty Giorno fa
Its actually "an emotionless chinese man sold this to me, by golly. I dont know if thats safe to eat!"
The short sword lobster cauqurer
The duck knows
Jimmy He
Jimmy He 5 giorni fa
for the first time that doesn’t look so good but he tried his best
Carter Lovelace
Carter Lovelace 5 giorni fa
You didn't braise the fucking duck in honey water so it didn't get sweet, glassy, and caramelized! You beast! For once, I did something better than you when I did it!
Kujo Jotaro
Kujo Jotaro 12 giorni fa
I feel bad for this duck
Kelvin Chu
Kelvin Chu 13 giorni fa
A take on asian food is nice but at least don’t spread the wrong information, as much as I like your videos this one’s a no
Jack Miehoff
Jack Miehoff 19 giorni fa
Did you fuck that thing or what
roxie doodle
roxie doodle 21 giorno fa
Anyone else think the cinnamon was a pile of blunts or am I just corrupted?
AucosticBagel 21
AucosticBagel 21 21 giorno fa
Dolan nooooo
SnIpEz Bowie
SnIpEz Bowie 22 giorni fa
We Did It! The Binggers hit 4 mil!
Giang Nguyen
Giang Nguyen 25 giorni fa
look nothing like the Perking Duck I had in Beijing. lol
The Fortune Fanboy
The Fortune Fanboy 26 giorni fa
PETA is gonna kill you bro.
Martin 28 giorni fa
I'm surprised by how you made the duck. It'a great tutorial. You can get a more fatty duck for better Peking duck. It's traditional to have the crispy skin with only a little bit of flesh to make a wrap and the rest is usually re-processed(either it's made into stir-fry dish or soup) And the reasons for the uneven browning is also because the stove for Peking duck is specially made to provide even heat
Notis Garcia
Notis Garcia Mese fa
Notis Garcia
Notis Garcia Mese fa
Notis Garcia
Notis Garcia Mese fa
Marianela Sanchez
Duck tacos!!! XD
General Kenobi
Decapitation and inflation ? Is this Deviantart ?
SubKing Mese fa
I bet some ducks were *peking* from your windows...
Chris Da Lemon
Do nana Boyle’s meetball sub from Brooklyn 99
Andrew Pfister
Peta would make a video game out of this
Sonicfan The Nightfury 5099
SixCubit Mese fa
I once received star anise floating on top of a fancy drink and thought it was chocolate garnish. I ate it. Fellas. Take my advice. Don't eat an entire star anise.
Zhuofan Zhang
It's a bit weird to see light-colored hoisen sauce being applied to the pancake in the end (I'm more accustomed to using the dark "sweet flour sauce" back home), but I bet it tasted just as spectacular...
Kaitlin Mui
Kaitlin Mui Mese fa
lmao any Asian knows the feeling of taking their friends who arent asian to dinner and watching them freak out about chicken feet and snails. 😂😂
whau Mese fa
Jevil The Clown -_-
It's smiling at me *CHOP*
Fruits punch samurai
A whole cooked bird(head and feet attached), It'd feel kinda gross to eat(for me at least).
UncomfortablyGay TM
That scene always made me feel bad lmao 😅
Nameless _ Nameless
Vegans are quaking.
RONICA Mese fa
“Chinese turkey” lmao
Kuz Ynot
Kuz Ynot Mese fa
i much prefer eating peking duck with more of a bao type bread. its more filling and idk tastes better. kind of like bbq pork steam buns but with duck
Jehan Tadios
Jehan Tadios Mese fa
That duck is smiling at me
Jackson Grainger
I have never had duck and this video makes me regret it
Sinalei Faulalo
I'm a vegetarian..... why why why did I think watching this was a good idea for me
Does it taste like chicken LOL
Σαββας Λυρασ
Try to make greek souvlaky 🍔
Tim O'melia
Tim O'melia 2 mesi fa
Love the vids! Would you ever Do the Vesper Cocktail from Casino Royale?
I’m paranoid
I’m paranoid 2 mesi fa
Chinese turkey = Peeking duck “Logic”
DeelIo 2 mesi fa
peking duck from china
TerraMerc 73
TerraMerc 73 2 mesi fa
The sauce is too thick :
Paigekins 2 mesi fa
Lol why was that mother in the beginning freaking out so much about the Peking duck?
Cat Hope
Cat Hope 2 mesi fa
Dear Babish; Thank you for all your hard work, and I wish I had a more original question to ask you (and the good folk of the internet), but could you use tahini as a substitute for the peanut butter if you are allergic?
Shaun Francis
Shaun Francis 2 mesi fa
Where can I illegally import szechuan peppers?
Liwiathan 2 mesi fa
tips for garlic free?
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki 2 mesi fa
Yuuuum finally I get that taste of China that no restaurant in America can recreate
Joe Boyle
Joe Boyle 3 mesi fa
Just imagine the triggered vegans
Aiden Tamayo
Aiden Tamayo 3 mesi fa
Imagine if peta watched this
Andrew Haase
Andrew Haase 3 mesi fa
Will you take a jab at the feast from Pirates of the Caribbean: TCOTBP?
Ironclad 3 mesi fa
Will a bike pump work?
DaGameGamer 3 mesi fa
i love peking duck
Thegamerbeaverj 3 mesi fa
3:18 and yeet it
雪ディアナ 3 mesi fa
That movie scene made me wonder why would someone freak out from a whole duck but is okay seeing whole turkey.
Erica 41903
Erica 41903 3 mesi fa
Isn't this a chefsteps recipe?
Pix 3 mesi fa
Wat that women laughing or crying out of terror
B R I C K.
B R I C K. 3 mesi fa
The duck from that one oddly racist scene
Martian _
Martian _ 3 mesi fa
"The meat is nice and juicy"
Martian _
Martian _ 3 mesi fa
Dont forget to roll it to a 2 inch log Lmao
Fluffy 3 mesi fa
Why does he own a hairdryer if he’s bald lol
David Vaughan
His beard
Annie Ton
Annie Ton 3 mesi fa
Can you pls make a Vietnamese pizza
hyDRA_ToXic 3 mesi fa
Sarah Setareh
Sarah Setareh 3 mesi fa
Oh hell no Donald duck has left the chat lol😂
The_ Hyruler
The_ Hyruler 10 giorni fa
Sarah Setareh Pissed off members of PETA have left the chat.
zach crenshaw
zach crenshaw 4 mesi fa
Making this for my family for Christmas. Wish me luck.
Quintus Aurelius Symmachus
Her zher zhyi pee king duck pyo rin bow wow prune candy.
RetroMarineX13 4 mesi fa
Never liked duck
雨宮錡 4 mesi fa
Maybe next time when you want to try Chinese Food you can try Taiwan's stinky tofu
Henry lam
Henry lam 4 mesi fa
Why peanut butter
Jason S
Jason S 4 mesi fa
he blew it. keep trying.
TheMooseZeus 4 mesi fa
Is there an alternative to the air compressor?
Kuba Czarek
Kuba Czarek 4 mesi fa
Here's the problem. I've been to China, and what you did isnt QUITE Peking duck, purely because, the meat isnt actually eaten, as the duck doesnt get roasted. Only the skin is eaten, and the rest is thrown away.
Joshua Gerald Butler
Im aorry, but this isn't Peking duck.
Simon Wu
Simon Wu 5 mesi fa
for a more traditional roast duck you need to force feed the duck and lock it in a small chamber to fatten it not very humane
Joshua Samms
Joshua Samms 5 mesi fa
Savage AF! Dudes would make that Duck take days!
Tough Titties
Tough Titties 5 mesi fa
I made a dish in my dream that I made a duck with in a chicken with in turkey.I have no idea why
!小浓神 5 mesi fa
Chinese Turkey_(:з」∠)_ I feel affended(╯°Д°)╯︵┴┴ PS:I've been living in Beijing my whole life and I know this is not accurate at all~ But the original method of making this dish is so complicated they can make a whole documentary just about how to roast this duck_(:з」∠)_This is already sooooooo amazing for cooking at home, I love this channel⊙ω⊙
Mr G Mesh
Mr G Mesh 5 mesi fa
Nice air dryer trick worked.
Handy Boy
Handy Boy 5 mesi fa
Did he say SZECHUAN?
mr. marshmallow
mr. marshmallow 5 mesi fa
That boys laugh makes me want to shoot up my local Wal-Mart
P 5 mesi fa
thank you for showing at home results.
Mary McAllister
Mary McAllister 5 mesi fa
I'm playing Skyrim while watching this and I've just stumbled upon a cookbook called "Uncommon Taste" and I'm thinking "that would make a great episode"
Chicken Noodle
Chicken Noodle 5 mesi fa
Do the feast from the opening scene of Eat Drink Man Women
TerraMerc 73
TerraMerc 73 5 mesi fa
Manhduy gaobac
Manhduy gaobac 5 mesi fa
Pls make meemaw's brisket from young sheldon
wang zifan
wang zifan 5 mesi fa
just a little opinion,my sight got blocked when the subs is on..maybe rise up the view to the desktop?good vid btw
Xi Chen
Xi Chen 5 mesi fa
hey binging, a good tip is to also add honey to the water when you tightening the skin. trust me itll be better. Thats how my dad does it
sam jones
sam jones 5 mesi fa
Idk I can't imagine being so hungry and then four hours later finally getting to eat what I have been cooking all day...
Lance #2451
Lance #2451 5 mesi fa
Looking like chef steps rn
raul castillo
raul castillo 5 mesi fa
The skin is thick but not crunchy or tastey like chicken. Its bland and EXTREAMLY greasy. The meat has a gamy taste and is also bland and not as juicy as you might think. The pancakes have a very doughy taste to them and dont taste good. It also smells deadly after 1 night in the fridge. Your welcome in case you wanted to go out and spend almost $100 on this food.👍
ljwalsh11 5 mesi fa
I remember when I lived in China there was a restaurant in Beijing run by Buddhist monks and they made THE BEST vegan version of this. I realize that vegan Peking duck makes no sense, but they made it make sense. When I saw the part at the end where everything came together, I totally remembered that restaurant and those thin strips of veggies! Oh man, good memories!! Thanks for the reminder!!!!!
hey wassup
hey wassup 5 mesi fa
If something is smiling creepily you, the best way to deal with it is to chop off its head DUH
bobspineable 6 mesi fa
I never understood why we were never served the meat of a Peking duck
This is my first time seeing anything of A Christmas Story. Could that family be any more white?
Gregory Stell
Gregory Stell 6 mesi fa
You owning a hair dryer is like buying my uncle a toothbrush. He has no teeth.
Jettanyia Gumbs
Jettanyia Gumbs 6 mesi fa
Honestly I would love to be Rasheed your Roommate or Significant Other so I can be sure to have Babish meals daily...Its honestly a dream of mine🤫
2:12 inflation
KatFive33 6 mesi fa
I think this was the grossest video i ever seen....
Tsumugi 6 mesi fa
Chinese here, I approve this video
Ka'pella Nuwavin
Probably a stupid question but do you have to inflate the duck?
That one Williamson Gamer
Ka'pella Nuwavin No but it makes the skin crisper
Nathan Lee
Nathan Lee 6 mesi fa
As a Chinese boi, Peking Duck is hella good, especially in chinese burrito form.
Silvey Swift heart
Hoisin... it’s pronounced hoisEEn sauce
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