Binging with Babish: Quatro Quesos Dos Fritos from Psych

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You thought Dulé Hill couldn't steal the show once again after his residency on the West Wing - well, back by popular demand, he's reprising his role as Burton Guster in the tv-movie revival of Psych this weekend. Revel in the duo's stoner-like propensity for hilariously unhealthy snacks with this week's recreation of a fan favorite: potatoes, stuffed with four cheeses, deep-fried, breaded, and re-fried, nestled on a bed of ancho sour cream and crispy bacon.
Music: "Crumbs" by Broke for Free
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5 dic 2017




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Commenti 2 361
Payne Carlit
Payne Carlit 19 ore fa
Hungry again dammit...
BadTV 3 giorni fa
Thank GOD there was no american cheese....I fucking HATE American cheese. Fuck you american cheese u little bitch
Danker Pickle
Danker Pickle 5 giorni fa
am i the only one that got the “eggs will make you soft” joke
Kenneth Madison
Kenneth Madison 6 giorni fa
You made a beautiful masterpiece
JBC_81 6 giorni fa
C’mon son
Teddy Taw
Teddy Taw 8 giorni fa
Quattro Quesos da what?
Draw Durazno
Draw Durazno 10 giorni fa
Spanish Class 3:49 ...eeeeehh B+
BIGNICK87 BIGNICK87 14 giorni fa
I've been watching the show from the beginning I can honestly say can't get enough fantastic. Thanks for the video
Fez Mex
Fez Mex 15 giorni fa
this gave me lac toes in toddler ants
Jennifer Feddish
Jennifer Feddish 17 giorni fa
I tried making these about 8 years ago with small red potatoes, and they were a beautiful disaster. Parboiled first, then stuffed, deep fried, and fried again. Ooey gooey inside, but still mostly raw potatoes. Thanks for taking these on. Psych was was my favorite show, and Im so happy to watch you every week. ❤
Adrian Delgado
Adrian Delgado 20 giorni fa
destinystarify 20 giorni fa
The best part is that you could end the video with the first amazing presentation but your honest about the taste a strive to make it better for your audience.
howlwithlover 25 giorni fa
The first time quatro quesos dos fritos is mentioned in the show Shaun explains the only way it would be possible is if the potatoes were parboiled first. If I ever make this I'm gonna try parboiling them to see if that helps.
noah uzumaki
noah uzumaki 27 giorni fa
This literally made my night! I LOVE PSYCH!!!! One of my favorite shows ever and if you disagree, you can *ahem* suck iiiiiiit!
Martin Mese fa
yeah~ It looks extremely healthy
Sreelatha Polu
You should make jerk chicken apology nachos from psych
Elijah Bravo
Elijah Bravo Mese fa
Jayden Ranmirez
Elijah Bravo stfu bitch
Elijah Bravo
Elijah Bravo Mese fa
Who else keeps coming back here again and again?
Jeff Hughes
Jeff Hughes Mese fa
I find your lack of faith in the recipes disturbing in the force
Xeper-I-Set 17 giorni fa
I find your lack of knowledge of star wars quotes disturbing
blameless99 Mese fa
am I wrong or did you just basically make tiny baked potatoes. Bacon, Sour Cream, cheddar cheese... I'm on to you, babish.
Mike D
Mike D Mese fa
Oh ya, I'll just whip out my fucking 'potatoe ricer' because that is something people keep in the kitchen..
Yung Mj
Yung Mj Mese fa
Drake Zachman
i legit watched each episode of all 8 seasons of Psych over 9 times each... i broke my arm really bad then had a few surgeries so i had a bit of time on my hands 😂
Matthew Gage
Matthew Gage Mese fa
*Looks like a flavor seizure* - Burton Guster
Tammie Yeager
Kyra Clark
Kyra Clark 2 mesi fa
Anyone heard that there’s gonna be a second movie. I’m Psyched.............. sorry
VvultasS 2 mesi fa
3:02 Was that a dick joke?
When’s the next time your going to hit the gym bro
Toph Majora
Toph Majora 2 mesi fa
Food wishes John?
Mohit Patel
Mohit Patel 2 mesi fa
What about blue or red cheeses?
Sean Wilner
Sean Wilner 2 mesi fa
Healthy for us?!? How can you say they're healthy for us when you've neglected a full TWO THIRDS of the cheese groups?!
NuclearDisco 2 mesi fa
My favorite cooking channel doing a recipe from my favorite TV show. Of all time. Best day ever.
Mara Henao
Mara Henao 2 mesi fa
Chef John is the smartest man on earth
Mei Blaze
Mei Blaze 2 mesi fa
But that's not very healthy for us... because the four major cheeses are not represented. You skipped out on the multiple cheeses Babi.
Thot Police
Thot Police 2 mesi fa
Ok that looks amazing.
madisyn albanes
madisyn albanes 2 mesi fa
Pstone 2 mesi fa
Ok step one, buy a mini deep fryer, step two learn what a potato ricer is and purchase one. Step three give up because this takes too long.
Rachel 2 mesi fa
I've made these before, just like the first batch, but with red potatoes, we fried them on the stove, and moved then around alot so the cheese got all over the potato, but it did give it most of an empty hole. This was part of a Psych marathon, where we made a few of the meals that Shawn invented in the show. So much potato, so much cheese, so much regret.
SuperSiegeAnimations !
Is that chicken in the oven from his wet chicken episode
connor zastrow
connor zastrow 3 mesi fa
I LOVE psych
Zak D
Zak D 3 mesi fa
Isn't it Cuatro
Scarlet soltice
Scarlet soltice 3 mesi fa
As a aspiring chef this is amazing
BlazeBytes 3 mesi fa
soo.... cheese relleno de papas?
Manic Musician
Manic Musician 3 mesi fa
Bro psyche is actually my favorite show
Trevor Cook
Trevor Cook 3 mesi fa
i NEED that potato ricer. also, try coating the cheese cubes lightly in flour. It will stop the leakage.. mostly.
Adam Steele
Adam Steele 3 mesi fa
This is oddly relaxing after a long day
Authentically Amanda
Put your butter through your garlic press. It will melt instantly in the potatoes
Lunch 2 mesi fa
Authentically Amanda Chunks of butter is more about making sure the butter has time to slowly melt into the potatoes. I suspect that pressed butter like that would liquify too quickly for a quality potato
Fat Spirit
Fat Spirit 4 mesi fa
4jay8 4 mesi fa
have you made a flaming moe yet?
sadder daze
sadder daze 4 mesi fa
“Don’t be embarrassed, it happens to lots of guys” 😂😅
Oridan1 4 mesi fa
those are bombas de papa (the ones you made at the end)
ZEEK 4 mesi fa
Thank you, I’ve been stoned out of my mind tryna find this
Mel Hines
Mel Hines 4 mesi fa
Again, I love you 💕
Briana Gagnon
Briana Gagnon 4 mesi fa
‘Don’t worry it happens to lots of guys.’ 😂
Deimos Phob
Deimos Phob 5 mesi fa
I would have used red potatoes, that's what I use for fries and I honestly prefer them to russets, it's just really hard to find big enough potatoes for fries so this would have been the perfect recipe for them.
Lunch 2 mesi fa
Deimos Phob Any chef will tell you that a red bliss or yukon is the WRONG type for fries
Maggie Burton
Maggie Burton 5 mesi fa
Amazing as always. Psych is my favorite show!! Glad it was featured!
channyrose 5 mesi fa
Do they travel well, though?
86Drifter 5 mesi fa
please make egg tempura and the pork roast ep.1 from the anime called food wars and make the recepie as same as in the episode
Kojimeme 5 mesi fa
1:14 If you look closely you can see his brain working harder than usual
PopularRPG 5 mesi fa
PopularRPG 5 mesi fa
gamrage 5 mesi fa
Anyone else see a pineapple randomly appear at 3:48 of the video?
D Angus
D Angus 5 mesi fa
Some chives in the sour cream would make it that much better. Chives and sour cream go together like.... well.. chives and sour cream! Try it, you'll love it.
Ronan O'Reilly
Ronan O'Reilly 5 mesi fa
Yeah four cheeses grated and frozen for like half hour would get better results and chives with the sour creme be perfect dish
Darthane 5 mesi fa
Try Colby cheese. Melts better than cheddar, and comes up with a good flavor.
Fluffymiyster 5 mesi fa
Meanwhile, I eat a frozen "Jamaican" meatpie that would make any real Jamaican gasp in horror. One, because the beef quality is questionable and two, I actually dislike spiciness but this was purchased by my sibling roomie and it was a quick grab for lunch. It's less spicy though than the chicken varient, which doesn't even advertise as being spicy while the beef does. Sounds like the description might need to be swapped on them..
Bealikespeas102 5 mesi fa
My dad always says your cheese doesn't leak as bad if you freeze your whatever it may be before breading and frying, give it a go sometime babish
NG Slot
NG Slot 5 mesi fa
Babish would be great to watch new episode, like BABISH's Best !
Daniel Dunn
Daniel Dunn 5 mesi fa
Gotta do a cinnamon pie from the Dual Spires episode from season 5
Lydia Jacobs
Lydia Jacobs 5 mesi fa
Haha caught the pinapple!!
Lydia Jacobs
Lydia Jacobs 5 mesi fa
I love you channel!!
Lydia Jacobs
Lydia Jacobs 5 mesi fa
Cinnamon pie from Psych, jerk chicken (also Psych) or fried chicken from.Driving Miss Daisy
Andre Scarcia
Andre Scarcia 6 mesi fa
Is cuatro not quatro XD
Oni Marie
Oni Marie 6 mesi fa
C'mon son
Red Star Eclipse
Psych was a godsend of a show
Buggle Magnum
Buggle Magnum 6 mesi fa
I dont like the name
Lunch 2 mesi fa
Buggle Magnum porque
Doctor Gears
Doctor Gears 6 mesi fa
I've heard it said both ways.
Unsteriotypical Brits
Dame to coseta
Suvida Shetty
Suvida Shetty 6 mesi fa
I’m kinda confused here. Is Babish a white Latino or has he learnt Spanish via classes or shit?
Vika Blaire
Vika Blaire 6 mesi fa
Daniel Brett Burrows
Hey Babish have you done spaghetti and meatballs from the godfather?
ROLL WITH US !! 7 mesi fa
I would love to run a restaurant with you
Tom Haflinger
Tom Haflinger 7 mesi fa
For the cheese-melting problem: One ounce of beer + 3g trisodium citrate (find online, don't go with the most expensive option), low heat, add 100g of shredded cheese in stages, stirring each addition until it has completely melted. Scale as needed. Now you basically have hot cheese ganache. Chill in the fridge until firm, roll into balls, fill your croquettes, bread, fry. I don't think that's too sciency. It's about as much work and as many ingredients as the roux approach, but with a much smoother texture. It's only as "sciency" as adding lye/baking soda to pretzels or cream of tartar to stabilize a meringue.
Nervous 7 mesi fa
Finally something I watch that babish watches
Chrispi Chan
Chrispi Chan 7 mesi fa
Dands7 7 mesi fa
Haha 2:00 there’s the watermelon
Dands7 7 mesi fa
Pineapple* my bad
dawea bruddas
dawea bruddas 7 mesi fa
Its spelled "Cuatro"
Van Rosenthal
Van Rosenthal 7 mesi fa
Psych is such a great show
Blu342 l
Blu342 l 7 mesi fa
I made these using the Cheese Potato Balls from Portos
jlindholm2000 7 mesi fa
Who is this Chef John he refers to?
Post from Everywhere
Try some of the stuff they sell at the Minnesota State Fair, that shit gets unhealthy REAL fast
go cats
go cats 7 mesi fa
Be careful, these don't travel well.
Abbigale Shi
Abbigale Shi 7 mesi fa
Davis Tuck
Davis Tuck 7 mesi fa
Ive acually done this and it wolds bettet if you put them in the oven first for a few minutes
Karatejoe 7 mesi fa
Dúle hill was done with west wing before his stint on psych as guster so he didn't do anything with west wing between Psych and the movie.
Life of Loy
Life of Loy 7 mesi fa
Good look on the sneaky pineapple in the background
MrBaller Pants
MrBaller Pants 8 mesi fa
Why is the salt always kosher
L__VE To Worship
Babish, try and visit Papa Rellenas. It’s similar to this but with ground beef as the filling.
Nicholas Bucci
Nicholas Bucci 8 mesi fa
chef john is my hero
Hannah Ellis
Hannah Ellis 8 mesi fa
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