Binging with Babish: Ratatouille (Confit Byaldi) from Ratatouille

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Remy is an especially-clean-looking rat that's been given the gift of Gusteau's gastronomy. Let's see if his signature dish is worth staking an entire restaurant's reputation upon for the sake of a pun.
Special thanks to my nephew Christopher for portraying young Babish!
Music: "I Like Van Halen Because My Sister Says They Are Cool" by El Ten Eleven

Link to Reddit AMA: bit.ly/2li91ry
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2 mar 2017

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Commenti 4 230
Nick 15 ore fa
But how did it taste tho?
Uriel Ramirez
Uriel Ramirez 16 ore fa
Did you figure out what happened to your hamster😂😂
VEMOS YuGi Giorno fa
Who Watch In 2018?
Grastermane Forte
Grastermane Forte 2 giorni fa
Fun Fact: Many hardware stores will sharpen knives for you if you are not sharpening your knives regularly yourself I can not recommend this highly enough if you have never sharpened your knives this is almost life-changing.
Ricardo Dank
Ricardo Dank 2 giorni fa
When i saw the dish from ratatoullie i thought it was different colored pepperonis like if u agree
Jeff the Derp
Jeff the Derp 3 giorni fa
Thought that it was made if slice meat and vegetables
_Esmeralda_ 3 giorni fa
Ok guys I’m making this next week, I’ll update my results
Paul Morales
Paul Morales 3 giorni fa
I want some
May Gilly
May Gilly 4 giorni fa
Do you use the peeled blanched tomatoes to slice or to blend? Sorry im a lil confused on that part.
frozenikes859 4 giorni fa
Can you make the rice and gravy meal from hello kitty?
ChickenPower 5 giorni fa
I ate your hamster.
Zombie Guy
Zombie Guy 5 giorni fa
How about the food from the beginning of Ratatouille? That’s a mushroom, cheese, rosemary, dew, and saffron; all struck by lightning while being smoked over a chimney
Karolina Ortiz
Karolina Ortiz 5 giorni fa
that looks good and delicious
Rosa Magana
Rosa Magana 5 giorni fa
😂😂💗💗 I died when the kid popped up
Alyssa Yeo
Alyssa Yeo 6 giorni fa
Sweetbread a la Gusteau! Please do it omg.
User Name
User Name 6 giorni fa
Banish used to be a girl?
Jaxel Scythe
Jaxel Scythe 6 giorni fa
Omg he is cooking the dish like how Remy cooks it. My wig just fell from being SHOOKETHED.
Pepper3961 6 giorni fa
PLEASE don't forget to actually tell us how it tasted at the end. I seriously wanna know if it was great or not...
William Lim
William Lim 7 giorni fa
i dunno why people disliked this, they think they can do it better huh?
Manjot Brar
Manjot Brar 7 giorni fa
Sprinkle some rosemary andddd just a little lsd
3zk1I_ 8 giorni fa
But what happened to your hamster when you were five?
Food is my bae
Food is my bae 8 giorni fa
I miss the old intro tbh
BubbleFishie 9 giorni fa
Tyler's Milk
Tyler's Milk 9 giorni fa
I read "confit byaldi" as in "confetti bald boi" 😂
Oded Zimron
Oded Zimron 11 giorni fa
Thomas Keller came up with the dish for the movie. You could have had the exact recipe for this one (it is different than what you did here). It's in The French Laundry Cookbook
Owain Davies
Owain Davies 11 giorni fa
is that the frasier opening I hear.....
Crappy HR
Crappy HR 12 giorni fa
This is too damn complicated
ZiMRA 12 giorni fa
thats not thin... disapointed
Ruben Haak
Ruben Haak 13 giorni fa
You forgot to put the drugs in
*rawr* XD
*rawr* XD 13 giorni fa
I made this, its easy simple and very good
fai 1926vlogs
fai 1926vlogs 13 giorni fa
thatguy ethan
thatguy ethan 15 giorni fa
Sajid 16 giorni fa
Ratatouille is my favorute movie
Rachel Martinez
Rachel Martinez 16 giorni fa
I binge binging with Babby love your videos dude!! Your voice is so calming!! ANd your skill is killer (im even more impressed that you didn't go to school for this).
Pão bão
Pão bão 17 giorni fa
mriddley 18 giorni fa
3:51 wait babish don't some memories need to stay repressed
Hannah Kim
Hannah Kim 18 giorni fa
I love your videos!!! Can you make the soup from ratatouille?
eduardo arantes
eduardo arantes 19 giorni fa
Babish reminds of his old days
DakotaGrapesoda 20 giorni fa
I thought it was hippo pussy and pepto bismol
Nikki Carrion
Nikki Carrion 21 giorno fa
oh my gawd.
Stright blazin
Stright blazin 21 giorno fa
Interesting fact Andrew basically made tomato concasse
Videos by Shan
Videos by Shan 21 giorno fa
Ik this is so random has NOTHING to do w this vid at all but I came from sssniper bc i got scared for the dear David..... anyone else?
Subscribe to Die Instantly
Damn. Who knew stacked Pringles would br that hard to make.
pigsgooinkoink1 22 giorni fa
What how could you not play le festin for your intro song😓😭
Cardboard Mehmehmo
Cardboard Mehmehmo 22 giorni fa
Could one maybe add pepperoni or some other meat?
Seyyahûn 23 giorni fa
Hey how about making back to the future pizza?
can we hit 90000 subs with no videos
he is making the pepperoni thing!
Alainpbat 23 giorni fa
I always thought it was pepperoni slices
Christina Chavez
Christina Chavez 23 giorni fa
That was adorable
Christina Chavez
Christina Chavez 23 giorni fa
That was adorable
Flying Shep
Flying Shep 23 giorni fa
nice 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
10000 subs 10 videos challenge
Doing a challenge 10 subs 50 so far I uploaded random video game videos subs see if we can break it
Blissful 1
Blissful 1 24 giorni fa
My favorite movie 🍿
TM777 24 giorni fa
I bet he would make a great guest for Feast of Fiction.
crazy gaming
crazy gaming 24 giorni fa
omg are you frikking kidding me right now i now that not him
Zexonite 24 giorni fa
Fun fact the dish that ego eats in his childhood is original ratatouille while Remy makes a more modern day one
I thought ratatouille was a mouse from Disney lol.
Isn't this just pasta with no noodled and no meat ?
Ninja Ninja
Ninja Ninja 25 giorni fa
I have watched this so many times it’s ridiculous. There are many other videos on ratatouille but it’s look so much better and true to the movie.
V1 Gibby
V1 Gibby 26 giorni fa
Ratatouille is such a beautiful movie
Kyle Hunter
Kyle Hunter 26 giorni fa
Flashback was a nice touch
Tashina 26 giorni fa
This is my favorite movie, and now my favorite episode LOL yae!
Peppa The Cat
Peppa The Cat 27 giorni fa
What happened to YOUR hamster when u wer little???,
Ryan Pearce
Ryan Pearce 27 giorni fa
I always thought it was squash
Luke De Young
Luke De Young 27 giorni fa
I love the Frazier music, so gooood!
Alahdin 27 giorni fa
I thought it was a dessert...
Sebkun 28 giorni fa
I hate you. Im hungry as hell right now
Tyler th Shelton
Tyler th Shelton 28 giorni fa
So just an idea. Leave a list of ingredients somewhere, or if I’m missing it point out please
leloopwoMemes 28 giorni fa
J- HOPE 28 giorni fa
*I have to go to the bathroom*
Justine Punla
Justine Punla 28 giorni fa
Nailed it! Really coming back to the past.
OmegaFire Mese fa
I first thought it was just meat piled up together. And I thought it would taste good, until I found it’s just vegetables.
DorK_Knight Mese fa
Thought that it was a pasta dish🤯
Other versions of this dish around the world: Italy - verdure arrosto or verdure gratinata France - provençal gratin or provencal tian Spain - escalivada Turkey - Tepsi Algeria - Tagine Japan - Yakiyasai (this is grilled however) Korean - dolsot bibimbap These dishes (and many other similar dishes) blend the inherent flavours of the vegetables, use minimal seasoning and herbs, and often involve prolonged hands-off cooking for rich flavour. The inclusion of meat depends on the wealth of the cook, but lack of it does not lessen flavour. Comment to add your cultural stone-pot baked vegetable dish!
Jakathera Mese fa
That kid was freakin adorable! OMG... and you never saw his face too... bwa ha ah ah a... Thanks for making my life happy today!
Codi Serville
I hear El Ten Eleven
John Koch
John Koch Mese fa
The old lady where the rats learns cooking is the mom from the restaurant criticer thats why he got the flashback. Its the same house in the beginning and in the flashback. Some people may have noticed that, for me it was new.
Kt Smith
Kt Smith Mese fa
So what did happen to his hamster?
Zombie Guy
Zombie Guy Mese fa
How about the cake from Minecraft?
fellow biodegradable homosapien
Who feels that the ratatouille the movie was really underrated...
Allie D
Allie D Mese fa
I wish you could do the soup from the beginning. 😭😭
Nayeli Calles
he's the human Remy
Randy Vang
Randy Vang Mese fa
Takes one bite, gets a flashback to childhood.
BigDank 166
BigDank 166 Mese fa
3:27 Very cute flashback :3
I thought it was Confit Baldi. But it's Confit Byaldi.
Khristine Alvarado
Can you try the “Cuppa Cuppa Cuppa” recipe from the movie Steel Magnolias?
WyattDraws Decently
But what happened to the hamster?
SaiMong Oo
SaiMong Oo Mese fa
“THE SOUP. Where is the soup!” -Chef Skinner
Joe Food 2017
awesome video
Lexx Aranda
Lexx Aranda Mese fa
Oh yeah the blender cooks the sauce with the hot water
Timberwolf_ Mese fa
What... are you eating I don’t really know
Timberwolf_ 9 giorni fa
Joel McCabe I dont have to at all thats just my own choice not yours
Joel McCabe
Joel McCabe 9 giorni fa
+Timberwolf_ Then you should've put in the names of the characters.
Timberwolf_ 9 giorni fa
Joel McCabe yea I know its a line from the movie
Joel McCabe
Joel McCabe 9 giorni fa
it's called Confit Byaldi, (kon-fee bee-al-dy) and it's French. That is the cooking term for the method of cooking, confit, and the other word refers to the eggplant added into the veggie mix. It's sliced and roasted vegetables, including tomatoes, squashes (sometimes zucchini) and the mentioned eggplant, that as Babish mentioned, is cooked in a pepper-based sauce, which gives the Confit. Now, go make it! Delicious dish!
Gabriel C
Gabriel C Mese fa
I always thought ratatouille had meat in it. I am disappointed
Cadje Bushey
Cadje Bushey Mese fa
As a kid, I always thought those were pepperoni slices stacked on the plate in the movie.
Cadje Bushey
Cadje Bushey Mese fa
As a kid, I always thought those were pepperoni slices stacked on the plate in the movie.
Naela Pretty Weasel
To me In the cartoon it looks like pepperoni
Justin Mese fa
So what happened to the hamster when you were five?
The Raptor Pack
Haha that description “Staking the reputation of your entire restaurant on a pub”
That's four tomatoes
D0n't @ Me
D0n't @ Me Mese fa
Remy labou.
Prossimi video