Binging with Babish: Ratatouille (Confit Byaldi) from Ratatouille

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Remy is an especially-clean-looking rat that's been given the gift of Gusteau's gastronomy. Let's see if his signature dish is worth staking an entire restaurant's reputation upon for the sake of a pun.
Special thanks to my nephew Christopher for portraying young Babish!
Music: "I Like Van Halen Because My Sister Says They Are Cool" by El Ten Eleven

Link to Reddit AMA: bit.ly/2li91ry
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2 mar 2017

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Commenti 4 528
Michael Perez
Michael Perez 4 ore fa
It looked good in the movie..
Michael Perez
Michael Perez 4 ore fa
I could eat that in one bite
Alec Thai
Alec Thai Giorno fa
What, all vegetables!! Like if you get it
Guevara Guevara
Guevara Guevara Giorno fa
I loveeee your channel❤
one butch boi
one butch boi Giorno fa
what hapend whit the hamster
Ten eleven is awesome! So nice to hear their song over your video!
RedBaron_2192 Giorno fa
Love your videos and was happily surprised to hear el ten eleven
Sazid Anwar
Sazid Anwar 2 giorni fa
funny guy
Robocop Darknezz
Robocop Darknezz 3 giorni fa
Who's family did you kidnap that kid?
DurpyRainbow 004
DurpyRainbow 004 3 giorni fa
Binging with Baby Babish 👌
fares safi
fares safi 3 giorni fa
I am sorry Babish, me and your mom didn’t tell you this, but your hamster ...... is dead, we’re very sorry.
Necro Smasher Games
You should make the sandvich from tf2
Spencer Dixon
Spencer Dixon 4 giorni fa
Torsten Nicklasson
Torsten Nicklasson 4 giorni fa
does he mean fehrenheit or celsius?
Issac Arellano
Issac Arellano 4 giorni fa
How to make something fancy Oversized plate Spread weird colored sauce close to the edge Have a tiny ass portion Overpriced And done
ThisGuysName 5 giorni fa
I was thinking it was like pepperoni or something meaty with the dish in the movie, had no idea it was only vegetables
Indra Taylor
Indra Taylor 5 giorni fa
That looks so delicious,😍😛🤤🍆🥒🍅🌶🍋🥕🍄🍅🍆🥒🌶🍋🥕🍄😀👍🏿👏🏿😍😙😛🤤👍🏿👏🏿
Marah Lenox
Marah Lenox 5 giorni fa
Wow your show is really good
ianellA 401
ianellA 401 6 giorni fa
Ur a god
Johanna Olson
Johanna Olson 7 giorni fa
“I’m being stupid right now” MEEEEE
wolfgang tritremmel
why is your channel name so weird?
dragonblade101 7 giorni fa
The rat was the only one who could make that this. You took it from him.
Zayne Barros
Zayne Barros 7 giorni fa
For the people who think that the rat's name is ratatouille. It's not ratatouille it's ratatouille's monster
shu ramirez
shu ramirez 7 giorni fa
Gordon Ramsay would approve
A VERY horny Mr.Dinosaur
could you teach me to make a baby? or cook a baby? or spaghetti? ill settle for spaghetti i guess?
Welsh Corgi
Welsh Corgi 8 giorni fa
when i told my cousin want to watch binging with babish he heard banging with babies
light yagami
light yagami 8 giorni fa
Frasier is great
Herschell Berggren
Herschell Berggren 8 giorni fa
Please try to create the special order from ratatouille, my all time favorite movie
Brenda Garcia
Brenda Garcia 8 giorni fa
If that scene doesn’t make you hungry, you’re broken
Dash Costello
Dash Costello 8 giorni fa
I love the critics' mom because she raised her son in a beautiful place, uses copper cookware, and teaches him to appreciate food
caleb manning
caleb manning 8 giorni fa
Vegans wet dream
The Lonely X
The Lonely X 8 giorni fa
3:28 is cute :3
Dominic Snell
Dominic Snell 8 giorni fa
The secret ingredient is love And lsd lots of lsd
coolocac 8 giorni fa
Congclusion: sounds and look disqusting
DUCCI QUCCI 9 giorni fa
You put the hamster in the microwave
Chris S
Chris S 9 giorni fa
I take it the hamster memory didn't end well.....
Rob Bob
Rob Bob 9 giorni fa
Peeling tomatoes is very satisfying.
Jorge Marmolejo
Jorge Marmolejo 9 giorni fa
That's funny
sia sia
sia sia 9 giorni fa
'Lift it off slower than necessary for a dramatic effect' Looool
De Nes
De Nes 10 giorni fa
Hungarian ratatouille is the best
Kyle Johnson
Kyle Johnson 10 giorni fa
Steaming hot! I need to go to the bathroom
Kyle Johnson
Kyle Johnson 10 giorni fa
Your red pepper sauce is yellow btw
Yude Chiang
Yude Chiang 10 giorni fa
People kept wondering since he is bald how did Remy control him? The answer is he kept Remy inside his pants, he still got hairs in there.
Solitario 11 giorni fa
Hey baby I hear the blues are calling
Jonathan Pal
Jonathan Pal 11 giorni fa
The one at Disneyland Paris was incredible. Totally different look though! (I think I posted pics on my IG, MotorCityPal).
Otaku Berry
Otaku Berry 11 giorni fa
I dont know what I expected.
Roberto Ross
Roberto Ross 11 giorni fa
Ratatouille is one of my favorite movies and I think I know how to cook this better than you can I am bewildered the you would disrespect Remy in a way that would not only disrespect the creator of food >:( I liked and subscribed
Rahul Dhargalkar
Rahul Dhargalkar 11 giorni fa
His voice is everything✨
Milkbocks 11 giorni fa
2:11 that gave me fucking anxiety
Mark Vorobets
Mark Vorobets 12 giorni fa
The memories
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