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Mad Men continued AMC's hot streak of well-acted, well-written, morally irreverent dramas with its sordid look at the lives of Madison Avenue's top advertisers. In an early episode, Roger Sterling attempts to woo America's favorite mistress with a light room service lunch: Oysters Rockefeller, Beef Wellington, and Napoleons. This week, blatantly disregard your cholesterol levels and fire up a Lucky Strike as we indulge in some hotel-room-hedonism with our silver fox boss.
Music: "A Beautiful Life" by Broke for Free
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Commenti 100
I wanna eat beef Wellington but I hate mushrooms. RIP
Connor Clemmons
Connor Clemmons Giorno fa
I was actually expecting the clip at the start be Gordon Ramsay asking for a Beef Wellington in Hell’s Kitchen.
Gordon will be proud
Jikook can step on my poor ass
*Gordon Ramsay Left The Chat*
Ominous_Shark Giorno fa
Take over Europe? Napoleon?! French toast..? Correction: *L O S T B R E A D*
Ominous_Shark 23 ore fa
Katrina Ubalde Ah, bien sûr, mon camarade. Mon erreur.
Katrina Ubalde
Katrina Ubalde 23 ore fa
Don't you mean *_PAIN PERDU_*
Ana Smith
Ana Smith Giorno fa
Im sad because this looks delicious. But im allergic to mushrooms so id have to remove that
Sandro Hernandez
Gordon Ramsey would approve
Everything Tactical
Crazy! Mind blown 🤯
One Card Short
One Card Short 2 giorni fa
Arthur Heidt
Arthur Heidt 2 giorni fa
omg it looked like raw meat, how can someone eat that.
Josheli 777
Josheli 777 2 giorni fa
I honestly thought it said beef watermelon
AbyanAbin Gaming
AbyanAbin Gaming 2 giorni fa
0:35 Babish: But there's no egg instead. Egg: *wHY* *yOU* *bULLY* *mE?*
Ch!n0 Giorno fa
Hahahaha so funny Jk shut the fuck up
FlutterSimZ _
FlutterSimZ _ 2 giorni fa
NOW you say pan :thinking: im onto you mr. babish -.-
Andrie Alinsangao
Andrie Alinsangao 2 giorni fa
Gerald Corvitz
Gerald Corvitz 2 giorni fa
Welp, in a few years, I'll try this. thank you far past man!
ShriKaav 2 giorni fa
Over 700 layers... Damascus Pastry
Matthew Kitamura
Matthew Kitamura 3 giorni fa
In other words if it dont make sense your iq must be below 50
Razy Decierdo
Razy Decierdo 3 giorni fa
I liked the vid because i heard GORDON RAMSAY'S metgod
Ngô Trần Khánh Hưng
He can make a katana blade from flour and butter with this method
MGVGAMING 3 giorni fa
Thats raw
Silver Lining
Silver Lining 2 giorni fa
It's pink, not raw
Kevin Brandon
Kevin Brandon 3 giorni fa
Why hack off a piece just eat the entire thing home alone watching frasure
Zachary Hellman
Zachary Hellman 3 giorni fa
Anthony Loder
Anthony Loder 3 giorni fa
*b u t t e r p a t t y*
Totally not Crying Chips ?
“That 12 inch long”
Nade Yeeter
Nade Yeeter 4 giorni fa
Me: hears prosciutto Brain: ..... Brain: PESCI PESCI PESCI
daniel 4 giorni fa
my pp hard
jonathan zamora
jonathan zamora 4 giorni fa
Hamida XD
Hamida XD 4 giorni fa
OMG The Beef Wellington In Gordon Ramsay
Saul Garcia
Saul Garcia 4 giorni fa
Uh “ Wellington”” more like failington yak yak yak
logan king
logan king 4 giorni fa
Rockyfrijolito 4 giorni fa
That beef is so raw it is still mooing...
Josh Q
Josh Q 4 giorni fa
When you just ate but you feel like eating more I know now to come here it makes me hungry
Moke Wed
Moke Wed 5 giorni fa
What about the Oysters?
Francis Moore
Francis Moore 5 giorni fa
i mean come on bro
Tariq K.
Tariq K. 5 giorni fa
I watch this episode 3 times every month
Dominic Blair
Dominic Blair 6 giorni fa
How long does it go in the oven, I don’t have your thermometer
Róbert Göndöcs
Róbert Göndöcs 5 giorni fa
It's a 2 year old video...
Dark Gamer
Dark Gamer 6 giorni fa
Can you make the steak from Tom&jerry ?
Tracy Eden
Tracy Eden 7 giorni fa
Sigh. I miss the 60's.
whYLiE09 7 giorni fa
this video made me subscribe to your channel ^_^ now im back watching it again
Brandein Guerrero
Brandein Guerrero 8 giorni fa
I want to eat that so badly.
Geremy Hayes
Geremy Hayes 8 giorni fa
The steam made that cross section that much better
ChoccyMilk 8 giorni fa
I don't know what's more excited, my salivary glands or my throbbing erection
Joshua Young
Joshua Young 8 giorni fa
Gordon Ramsay has left the chat
Brian Pham
Brian Pham 8 giorni fa
When this video has more views than Gordon Ramsey’s beef Wellington
Xeon 772
Xeon 772 8 giorni fa
Incomplete without that cheesy cross section
Drew Goldson
Drew Goldson 10 giorni fa
Before it’s baked it looks like a giant white turd.
Mason Williams
Mason Williams 10 giorni fa
Alexander Hamilton has requested you do kronks spinach puffs. Do it.
Andreas Quvang Jepsen
No wonder Roger had a heart attack...
Ben Tones
Ben Tones 12 giorni fa
Is there any substitutes for mushroom?
RamenDoodles yeet
RamenDoodles yeet 12 giorni fa
4:34 *please tell me im not the only one who thought of an arby's commercial-*
Brennan Smith
Brennan Smith 12 giorni fa
*Gordon Ramsay wants to know your location *
klebontwo wheels
klebontwo wheels 12 giorni fa
Luka Jurinovic
Luka Jurinovic 13 giorni fa
Luis Almeida
Luis Almeida 13 giorni fa
What the fuck is up with people eating fucking raw in middle steak, burgers, etc.. no rare, no medium rare thats some Neanderthals shit.
M3MB3RS 5 giorni fa
God i feel bad for your steaks
PER SO NA 14 giorni fa
p i n k. m e a t. i s. a. n o n o.
Benjamin Henker
Benjamin Henker 14 giorni fa
This is literally Gordon Ramsay’s recipe
GDwulp Y
GDwulp Y 14 giorni fa
Patrick Moschiano
Patrick Moschiano 14 giorni fa
Where’s the crepe diaper?
Daniel Webb
Daniel Webb 15 giorni fa
Those are called napoleon's?? In the UK we just call them custard slices lol. (also they are like my favourite dessert).
Daniel Webb
Daniel Webb 8 giorni fa
+Akamaholic good point 😂
Akamaholic 8 giorni fa
Considering Napoleon tried to ruin your country financially I'd imagine you guys would want a dessert after him.
AaronRides2Wheels 15 giorni fa
Babish, I'll put money on this- You get so much pussy, and all you have to do is serve her left overs 😂
Idries IE
Idries IE 15 giorni fa
It just like making a sword :v
Jess_ KillEmAll
Jess_ KillEmAll 15 giorni fa
So binging with babish is just a person that copies people’s food?
Dimple 15 giorni fa
He recreates food from movies and TV shows, kid.
Ash Singh
Ash Singh 15 giorni fa
When Batman decides to cook
Mr Depressed
Mr Depressed 16 giorni fa
Babish used: KosHaR SaLT!!!1 Its super effective
TheDudeReviews 16 giorni fa
I'm not the biggest fan of mushrooms, so when I made this myself, gotta say, I didn't like it much.
Dimple 15 giorni fa
So...so why did you make it then? Seems a bit daft to make something you wouldn't like 🤔
ONOMATOPOEIA 17 giorni fa
6:26 look in the back Magic
stupid 2 giorni fa
Magic wellington
ZenClone 17 giorni fa
4:17 Correction,you should say lighty season it
Fascist Dragon皇龍
Ahh this brings back memories... When i was in high school me and my friends went to a British resturant everyweek after finishing first aid training. I loved beef wellington there, didn't if it's made properly or not because in the place i lived, we have no other better referance. But i remember it tastes fantastic.
j4ck 18 giorni fa
slim jimi
slim jimi 18 giorni fa
Lol I love your videos but I was a bit disappointed when I clicked too fast and the vid was for beef Wellington and not watermelon beef but still good video😂😂
Panzer VI Tiger
Panzer VI Tiger 18 giorni fa
*Gordon Ramsey would like to know your location*
Panzer VI Tiger
Panzer VI Tiger 17 giorni fa
Ramsay* , I spelled it wrong
Axel Voss Is Gay
Axel Voss Is Gay 17 giorni fa
who tf is ramsEy
Adrionna Grace
Adrionna Grace 18 giorni fa
no this is from Gordon Ramsay
Simon Voss
Simon Voss 19 giorni fa
You are definitely NOT a donkey
cruzerman 19 giorni fa
Fucking raw.
Axel Voss Is Gay
Axel Voss Is Gay 17 giorni fa
ur fucking dumb
Sensitive Content
Sensitive Content 20 giorni fa
Um.... its fucking pink.
Axel Voss Is Gay
Axel Voss Is Gay 17 giorni fa
yes, thats how its supposed to be cooked
Robert Simon
Robert Simon 21 giorno fa
That beef wellington looks incredible!
Amen Choudhury
Amen Choudhury 21 giorno fa
The Horrible Life Decisions Podcast
this was uploaded on my birthday ...
spcolcord 22 giorni fa
Whenever Babish says “the thickest part of the roast” chills run down my neck and spine and I don’t know why
Vincent Jones
Vincent Jones 22 giorni fa
When I saw the thumbnail I thought the Beef Wellington was a cake
Jm firelord
Jm firelord 23 giorni fa
Ngl i got erect when i saw the cross section
Jm firelord
Jm firelord 23 giorni fa
No homo
Travis Hayes
Travis Hayes 23 giorni fa
Puff pastries the Damascus steel of food
jacob hargiss
jacob hargiss 22 giorni fa
That's strangely accurate.
Tim Moore
Tim Moore 23 giorni fa
WOW--very well done video..instructions, technique, etc.
Slashco 24 giorni fa
Nobody: Babish: KoSheR SaLt
James Mendoza
James Mendoza 25 giorni fa
Ive found my new favourite cooking channel
miker706 26 giorni fa
Axel Voss Is Gay
Axel Voss Is Gay 17 giorni fa
Eric Walker
Eric Walker 26 giorni fa
Looks better than Gordon Ramsay's
shane landers
shane landers 27 giorni fa
Was that a jojo reference
Yamlak Tamirat
Yamlak Tamirat 28 giorni fa
A 29 giorni fa
This is honestly a magnificent recipe but there’s a couple missing components that were either gone or skimmed over. There’s so many different methods for a Wellington and I’ve noticed other countries vary in a few ways that really make a difference. If you run a butter square over the very tip of you’re erect penis while you rub dough on your floury nipples you might be able to rest in the bathtub for 30 minutes. Pour saliva in your rectum and start singing nobody’s gonna break my stride
Travis Ore
Travis Ore 29 giorni fa
The fact you made your own puff pastry instead of buying it earns you a like and a subscribe.
paul Z
paul Z Mese fa
"If this doesn't make any sense I'm sorry just go out and buy some puff pastry because this worth the effort" i literally laughed out loud.. :-D
Kenneth Lee
Kenneth Lee Mese fa
Kudos to the perfect cross section
The Hunter
The Hunter Mese fa
I really want to try Beef Wellington because it's too expensive and most will go to waste since im single 😭
Bradley Giddens
Axel Voss Is Gay
Axel Voss Is Gay 17 giorni fa
you would be the type to destroy meat by cooking it to hell
The Pixel Panda Vlogs
I've had some bad experiences with pink meat, what temperature for well done?
Axel Voss Is Gay
Axel Voss Is Gay 17 giorni fa
9999999999999999 kelvin
lol Mese fa
Bro whoevers heart needed beef wellington cummed at the dessert making part
lol Mese fa
I hate this video
Jack Frost
Jack Frost Mese fa
Yo mate you should try to go on hells kitchen
adri casinills
"Medium Rare" is another word for raw.
Axel Voss Is Gay
Axel Voss Is Gay 17 giorni fa
adri casinills is another word for idiot
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