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Mad Men continued AMC's hot streak of well-acted, well-written, morally irreverent dramas with its sordid look at the lives of Madison Avenue's top advertisers. In an early episode, Roger Sterling attempts to woo America's favorite mistress with a light room service lunch: Oysters Rockefeller, Beef Wellington, and Napoleons. This week, blatantly disregard your cholesterol levels and fire up a Lucky Strike as we indulge in some hotel-room-hedonism with our silver fox boss.
Music: "A Beautiful Life" by Broke for Free
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26 set 2017

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Commenti 5 940
call me dee
call me dee 3 ore fa
I feel like in the next 10 years there will be a binging with babbish resterant, like if you want this
Christine Murray
I like mine well down how much longer will that be ? Thank you
Rick de boer
Rick de boer 4 ore fa
well down?
pliit Giorno fa
Seasoning my sosig instead wellington works? Cries
Ryan Lemmon
Ryan Lemmon Giorno fa
I love this show and idk if your gonna see this babish but watching your videos you should be a pastry chef
Rayden 2 giorni fa
Jeff Cockmann
Jeff Cockmann 2 giorni fa
why use unsalted butter?
Justin Kotlar
Justin Kotlar 2 giorni fa
U know whats funny. I watch this but never cook any of this XD
Keiry Tenorio
Keiry Tenorio 3 giorni fa
4:38 That is raw my dude 🐄
bennywallo Giorno fa
So youre one of those dumbasses that likes their steak well done
Sinan Sarikaya
Sinan Sarikaya 3 giorni fa
the puff pastry for the napolitans could've been a tad more flat but despite that... flawless execution and stunningly mouth watering results that even makes the fullest of stomachs growl.
1973Washu 3 giorni fa
My grandmother used strawberry essence and pink icing to make something similar to the napoleons you made.
Assassin 21
Assassin 21 3 giorni fa
Imagine being the dessert after that beef Wellington.
The CanadianMoose
The CanadianMoose 3 giorni fa
Am I the only on who doesn’t know how to cook
skrt skrt
skrt skrt 3 giorni fa
1:14 *No*
Dan Hyde
Dan Hyde 5 giorni fa
Damascus dough
Dávur Pálsson
Dávur Pálsson 5 giorni fa
this is definitely a video that makes me go ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Glxph Logan
Glxph Logan 5 giorni fa
6:08 that is only a cream cake
JJ Hill
JJ Hill 5 giorni fa
Babish sounds like he doesn’t want to wake his parents up in this video😂
Roodj1 5 giorni fa
Also keeping the butter cold is very important when making that puff.
einar90808 6 giorni fa
dang... gotta figure out how to gluten free that bitch
Xiaodong WANG
Xiaodong WANG 6 giorni fa
dats sausage roll is really big!
envie allen
envie allen 7 giorni fa
it was so good until.... mushroom >:( dun dun dunnnnn
Leehiro 7 giorni fa
French Pot
French Pot 7 giorni fa
This is the kind of meal you cook your unapproving in-laws when you want them to like you more
DB Cooper's MoneyBags
I would slap a kitten for some of this lol.
Neustrashimy 8 giorni fa
Damn I'm on a diet to lose 12 kilos and this thing is brutal ;ㅡ;
Cass Papa
Cass Papa 8 giorni fa
Babish is husband material to a t. I would Binge with Babish all night long.
H.J H.J 8 giorni fa
Sorry but raw meat is disgusting
DR. DORITOS 9 giorni fa
How the fuck do you spin a rolling pin
GetZapped 9 giorni fa
Idk why, but this is the only cooking channel I will ever watch
Alex Cespedes
Alex Cespedes 9 giorni fa
Oh myy
N I G H T M A R E 9 giorni fa
Who wins? Kosher salt or Lamb sauce?
hippiemama 10 giorni fa
I've always wanted to try beef Wellington
Makrell 10 giorni fa
Thats not a proper Napoleon?
Xayte 10 giorni fa
I swear I was cringing at this episode because it LOOKS SO DAMN GOOD
zEliteEpic Roblox
zEliteEpic Roblox 10 giorni fa
*N O O L I V E O I L*
Eddie Haskell
Eddie Haskell 10 giorni fa
It looks like a thiccqq burrito
I I 11 giorni fa
Nah that shit raw ya fuckin bum
well done steak
well done steak 9 giorni fa
I I no
William Goodwin
William Goodwin 11 giorni fa
Real question. What can be used to replace the duxelle for certain people I know with a mushroom allergy?
Saul Garcia
Saul Garcia 11 giorni fa
Butters healthy
Midnight Zirconia
Midnight Zirconia 11 giorni fa
I actually got to meet Ben Feldman from Madmen in DC after winning a lipton sweepstakes
The Emo Emu
The Emo Emu 11 giorni fa
Now do one where you cut a slit in it and stuff it with cheese in the middle.
The Emo Emu
The Emo Emu 8 giorni fa
... because we can?
Rupert Prawnworthy
Rupert Prawnworthy 8 giorni fa
Why would anyone do that?
Colonel Cowdung
Colonel Cowdung 11 giorni fa
mmmh, wienerbrød
C. Estrada
C. Estrada 11 giorni fa
I just had a food orgasm in my mouth. 😋🤤
minecraft isn't free
All I know about Beef Wellington is that Gordon Ramsay shouts that is either undercooked or overcooked
Killcard101 11 giorni fa
*W I P S Y F L I P S Y*
Caleb James
Caleb James 11 giorni fa
I just realized that he is "you suck at cooking"
Zeon Kitsune
Zeon Kitsune 12 giorni fa
That’s... a lot of butter
ThatDamnedYankee 12 giorni fa
Having screwed this recipe up...Twice...its nice to see an expert do it. btw, when's dinner? 😊
I'm Groot
I'm Groot 12 giorni fa
christina hendricks is so fucking thick and hot
Emma Arnold
Emma Arnold 12 giorni fa
I could listen to your voice all day bro... no homo
Mr_No_One 12 giorni fa
4:35 >Gordon Ramsay just appears in the middle of the room in a chefs outfit "There can be only one!"
player gameplay fan
Bethany Chatman
Bethany Chatman 12 giorni fa
Micro USB
Micro USB 13 giorni fa
Catherine Morgan
Catherine Morgan 13 giorni fa
So impressed that you made your own puff pastry. Not impressed enough to try it myself, but still... Also, best cross-section shot ever.
Native Engine
Native Engine 13 giorni fa
Oh, Christina Hendricks.
Jonathan Regener
Jonathan Regener 13 giorni fa
follow me on insta @j.k.regener
Mister Everything!!
Mister Everything!! 13 giorni fa
100s of miles away Gordon Ramsay sheds a single tear and nods “ good job boy good job”
Potatoly 14 giorni fa
Gordon Ramsey would be proud.
Addde 14 giorni fa
4:35 *Thatfuckingthingisrawthesalmonellaiscrawlingtoyoursoul*
donvoisko 14 giorni fa
Is the napo... “napoleon” the American equivalent of Europes’ cremshnit?
donvoisko 14 giorni fa
Damascus pastry
Dont Have An Idea Right Now
very very bad
Roberta B
Roberta B 15 giorni fa
*P H* U F F *P H* A S T R Y
Nonerdshere 16 giorni fa
When are you gonna go onto Master Chef!!!
Verran Fehlberg
Verran Fehlberg 17 giorni fa
Babbish > Gordon, enough said
Emily Moran
Emily Moran 17 giorni fa
Never made anything in this video. Really want to do it now.
Supergaming101 17 giorni fa
Gordon Ramsay: *_Huh_*
•møøn •
•møøn • 18 giorni fa
Kellyn Barnes
Kellyn Barnes 18 giorni fa
That is one gorgeous beef Wellington. Mine looked beautiful on the outside but was kind of a mess when I cut it open.
Menekem Halefom
Menekem Halefom 18 giorni fa
Listen to this in high volume and listen to his s’s. Whistles every time he pronounces s
Forouhar Farokhtabar
I don't like Christina Hendricks
MOMOSKYWALKER 10 19 giorni fa
You make th in s stuff look easy😄
Veronika Pintar
Veronika Pintar 19 giorni fa
Your knowladge impresses me every time 😮🤯
MagicTricx 19 giorni fa
FE showOFF
FE showOFF 19 giorni fa
Can you make energon cubes?
Vijdaan Siddiqui
Vijdaan Siddiqui 20 giorni fa
0:08 Napoleon: *happy invasion noises*
Brain4Zombie 20 giorni fa
"well, yeah, it's nice and okay, but where's the main dish?" Ron Swanson, maybe
StarryNight1313 19 giorni fa
He'd like this. It's meat.
Andre Jones
Andre Jones 20 giorni fa
Do I hear Master chef at the door
paulius cesar
paulius cesar 20 giorni fa
what can i use when i dont like muchroms sry for my bad english
this is so sad can we hit 12 subs
u don't need to use mushrooms, but it's a key part of the dish
this is so sad can we hit 12 subs
u don't need to use mushrooms, but it's a key part of the dish
25 subscribers with no videos
Who else here isn't gonna ever make this is their lifetime?
Elijah Willis
Elijah Willis 20 giorni fa
Gordon Ramsay would love this video!
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