Black Panther: Wakanda Forever | Official Trailer Reaction

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30 nov 2022




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editsbyBRYCE T
Ryan Coogler is a MASTER of detail. The fact that Namor’s flight patterns and abilities are that of a hummingbird, one of the iconic animals of Mexican/Central American religion/ ideology, is just phenomenal. It explains why he can just joystick through the air like that
Andre Newell
Andre Newell 25 giorni fa
This is very very interesting. Such details will make a movie rewatchable.
Ryan Rebolledo
Idk if y'all noticed but when they should Namor in front of the colorful mural on the right there was like a deep Cenote which is like a cave waterfall that are very common in Mexico and Central America.
groovyp acosta
@Kace the Great because it isn't ... he's thinking of a quetzal
that's actually some next level shit, the themes are ALL over this movie good lord
Kodesh Mese fa
6:46 the fact M’baku said they don’t want that war tells me Atlanteans are strong
Arkytior Collective
I know they're coming in as adversaries in this movie, but as a Hispanic, to hear Kulkulkan out loud in a Marvel film and to see the characters walk out into the MCU. Thank you Black Panther and the fandom for bringing us with you. It's stunning. And when I heard M'Baku say his name, I clutched my chest. Thanks for your reactions!
K S Mese fa
she landed perfectly quiet, it’s shuri because she invented the “sneakers”, it’s for shuri her
Mary Cox
Mary Cox Mese fa
That would make me happy if its her
Jms Mese fa
It better be Shuri.
also, look at her mask marking, thats what shuri uses when she goes to battle. look at her face marking in the previous movie and compare it to the mask. that's def her.
or they could've just done that for the dramatic reaction
Vydiastar Mese fa
@Samuel Mutia to store it for redistribution. YASSSS i mean i took the chance on the line!!!
sh0cktim3 Mese fa
I'm loving the Mayan background they giving Namor. The culture in this looks amazing.
50 years ago it was cool in print to copy each others hero’s and strengths but today they have to distinguish Namor from Aquaman… soooo yea i am excited to see what they do… But of course idiots are going to say the change was just PC gone a muck 🤦🏽‍♀️
F Guzman
F Guzman Mese fa
@Anthony de hijar Guatemalan? How? In what way was anything in the trailer Guatemalan? Btw the mayan empire spanned southern mexico and into central america.
Ares W.
Ares W. Mese fa
@Neko Altman you should known they would change alot of stuff. I mean they literally changed his background to fir today socie
Ares W.
Ares W. Mese fa
@Ramstein lmao what he did for black folks?
Neko Altman
Neko Altman Mese fa
@Moniaco they aren’t shoes. They’re his mutation. I always find it funny that all his abilities and strength comes from being Atlantean but his mutant power is tiny little ankle wings lol
Mr Salty
Mr Salty Mese fa
Y’all are the best reactors ever. Been here since day one and continue to see you guys grow more and more 💪😤👊
Jack Elliot
Jack Elliot Mese fa
Yup, I've been here since they were in Philly
Shaun A.A
Shaun A.A Mese fa
And the guy with the grey t-shirt would definitely be a great actor.
Jay Mwansa
Jay Mwansa Mese fa
Incase anyone wants to know 4:17 of the song translates to "your skin is great, never forget that you're royalty" loved how it leads up to show them who we are. Who ever was in charge of the trailer definitely knew what they were doing. Name of the track is Never Forget by Sampa the great ft Chef187 and Tio
Animex-media Mese fa
that was such a great call to I just listened to it mmmmmaaaaannnnnn what a tribute
Lushomo Manganya
I am so proud seeing these guys doing bits in other places...this is for my homie Jay. Ati Shani boi
ISavant Mese fa
@Jay Mwansa I feel obliged to share some of my culture back. Check out "Kai tangata" by alien weaponry. Unless you don't like metal.
bill-chk Mese fa
🇿🇲 representing.
Jay Mwansa
Jay Mwansa Mese fa
@ISavant you're welcome fam
Solidus Strife
" ' CAPTIVATING!' DIDN'T YOU JUST SAY YOU WERE TRYING TO ACT?" You both never cease to make me laugh. Comedy gold lol!
Karla Johnson
Definitely agree!😂🤣😂🤣
Jaden _X1
Jaden _X1 Mese fa
bosshova23 Mese fa
Bro your convo in the video is what I appreciate from you guys in this video, regardless of wanting T’Challa story to continue like we all do, you understand they are paying homage to the man on and off camera understanding what he meant to the culture. Some of these other brothers with youtube channels, won’t mention any names,totally bypass that and only care about the comics. Chadwick embodied the character on screen and off and it meant a lot of our youth.
DreTheWriter Mese fa
ocho8686 Mese fa
Karla Johnson
They got the most likes since watching other creators reaction. You guys nailed this commentary 🎤
Jamaican BSN, RN
@Alaina Diamond I blocked his channel so his content doesn’t pop up
This is why I keep coming back to Struggle nation.
I'm in tears right now bc how beautiful this trailer was.
Votethepower Mese fa
The trailer alone deserves an award!!
SeltrixBL Mese fa
the music...
Brett Stalling
@Lazarus That’s okay, you don’t have to understand, but try to be respectful. I’m sure there are some things you get emotional about that others don’t understand too.
Lazarus Mese fa
@Brett Stalling people who Cry to these films it.s a Film nothing more Nothing Special..carm down...Americans I've Never understood..crying at trailers shouting in theatre's
Brett Stalling
@Lazarus what are you face palming for ?
Mamba Mese fa
" tickets are now available we have to use your debit card my shit is expired" bro idk if you guys plan your conversations before or something , but regardless you guys are actually so funny holy shit lmaoooo
That part took me out 😂😂
Cpt Patrick
Cpt Patrick Mese fa
Both Wakanda Forever trailers look so fucking dope. The movie is gonna be fucking awesome!!
Rmonie Burney
@Moniaco who gives a fuck. Make something better then or 🤫
Rari Mese fa
@Moniaco as he should….
Serenity 472
Serenity 472 Mese fa
​@Moniaco what?
Connor Davis
Connor Davis Mese fa
Damn right
Ronin 90
Ronin 90 Mese fa
Hell yeah!!
anonymous anonymous
" We have to use your debit card. My shit expired." 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂
Ronin 90
Ronin 90 Mese fa
It’s Shuri because she had the ceremonial dots on her mask like she did on her face when in battle in first movie
Delmar Frazier
Jason DeLong
Jason DeLong Mese fa
I agree. It seems to be her skinny build inside that suit too.
Juan Dominguez
bro im mexican so happy we are finally getting a hero from our roots. this is level of infinity war and endgame for me personally.
paresh mevada
Nowadays... every country AND every religion getting proper shine through MCU
katyas mom
katyas mom Mese fa
Really happy to see Mexico get proper shine.
Amandi_ ella
Amandi_ ella Mese fa
The trailer was phenomenal plus I was shocked they used a song from my country Zambia..wow...🥰🔥🥰🔥..
jimjimjimmy Mese fa
I can’t wait for this movies playlist
That guitar my guy 🔥🔥🔥, and was that marimba or setinkane? It took me somewhere else. I feel it here in 🇧🇼🇧🇼
🇿🇲 ku chalo
Amandi_ ella
Amandi_ ella Mese fa
@Mohit Kumar never forget by Sampa the Great ft chef 187,tio..
Mohit Kumar
Mohit Kumar Mese fa
What's the name of the song.. May I know l plZ
aaron barr
aaron barr Mese fa
They had me at M’baku pounding on his own chest. Holy smokes, this is going to change EVERYTHING! 💕
aaron barr
aaron barr Mese fa
@richiexp2 YESSSS!! THIS!!
richiexp2 Mese fa
King Kong power...
joe clark
joe clark Mese fa
So much to take in but him beating his chest is a moment.
Chris Giles
Chris Giles Mese fa
This trailer definitely steps up from the last trailer but still keeps the emotional fallout and the hype level of excitement for the movie! I can't wait for this movie, and you said it best: Marvel Studios knows how to deliver on building up hype in their trailers recently. I still like to rewatch the trailers for Shang-Chi and Spider-Man: No Way Home even after the movies have been out! And the music, it knows how to get you both excited and emotional at the same time!!
I'll admit I was skeptical about this movie because of the loss of Chadwick (RIP, really a fine man and actor gone far too soon) and the way that Phase 4 has been going. But after this trailer, I'm fully onboard. This is the first movie from Phase 4 that has really gotten my attention and is getting me hype, including Multiverse of Madness. Can't wait to see what they've got in store for us
Kaden Castro
Kaden Castro Mese fa
@Vaticsm I’m saying that he is missing No way home. No way home is like the top 3 best marvel phase 4 film
joanna almazan
I just hope the new episodes of daredevil are handled well tho
Vaticsm Mese fa
@Kaden Castro What you mean No Way Home? Some people are mature enough to overlook nostalgia
Kaden Castro
Kaden Castro Mese fa
Spider-Man no way home?????
lil rob
lil rob Mese fa
Glad you saw this trailer can't wait for the movie. You both keep it real
Rush Storm
Rush Storm Mese fa
Ryan Coogler just doesn’t miss and I think it’s because of his attention to detail. He’s one of the best in the business 👏👏
Mr Nozchalazt
I love how M'Baku talks about how Namor's people don't call him general or king, and that killing him would mean eternal war. These are just titles, really shows not only the respect but also the power that Names carry. I'm really feeling Namor's energy and he hasn't even spoken a word yet, so you know the vibes and what type time he's on 😂
Morris Guinn
Morris Guinn Mese fa
The comedy,chemistry,well-rounded perspectives and authenticity in y’all videos make quality content
The dude who edits the trailer is named Andrew Hegele and yes, he did a fantastic job setting the mood for this.
Jordan Trumbull
" show them who we are " 😥😭 I lost it after that line X Wakanda Forever
Chad Gillman
Chad Gillman Mese fa
This flick is going to be nuts. Makes me feel like there might be an outside force playing here. Wondering if there might be other introduction surprises coming, too...
Kizer Soze
Kizer Soze Mese fa
@Deandre Ace People have been expecting him to be in this movie and probably the one causing the war between Wakanda & Namor.
Chad Gillman
Chad Gillman Mese fa
Oh yah
Deandre Ace
Deandre Ace Mese fa
Dr Fucking Doom
Finn Dexter
Finn Dexter Mese fa
Those who know... know.
Jezzybella Mese fa
So, what if the voice over from Naymor is him talking to Shuri. The whole first battle is Wakanda V Atlantis, then they have to team up against a bigger bad, and it’s him giving her THE Pep talk for her to take on the Black Panther mantle. I think that’s the only way the 2 societies can co-exist, going forward. We can’t have one either dominating or destroying the other. They have to come together in a truce.
Jazzmen Gardley
Jazzmen Gardley 24 giorni fa
True words spoken 👏
Brooks Williams
Don Dada Official
Definitely going to be the best movie of the MCU 🔥 it was definitely worth the wait fasho. I’m excited that marvel has confirmed a Black panther 3 and in the works 🤞🏾
Spend Dollarz ENT
@LupitaSin21 who arguing go argue with yourself in the mirror
LupitaSin21 Mese fa
@Spend Dollarz ENT thus far, yes. Stop trying to argue with him lol
@J Hodges Because all of us black people think the same right?
Don Dada Official
@J Hodges big facts 💪🏾🫡 that’s it no avengers just us in it
Spend Dollarz ENT
@Don Dada Official the best movie ever without the Avengers was Winter Soldier 😂
VISION Mese fa
When RiRi says, "Let's goooo!", I get goosebumps every time.
Kaya Le'Andrea Spencer
I just don't want anyone to forget, The Queen is also a General! Those who have watched "What If" got to see a little bit of her skills. Just wanted to put that out there. I can't wait!!
Voodeux Mese fa
Angela Bassett is the right choice. Nobody would be mad about that.
Kaya Le'Andrea Spencer
@Kris B. EXACTLY where I was going!! Thanks Sis, I don't feel alone in my thought process 🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️
William Dean
William Dean Mese fa
​@Kris B. à
Kris B.
Kris B. Mese fa
Imagine if she is the new BP! Or if there are three or four BP suits - one for Shuri, one for the Qween, one for the Lover, and one for the epic Wakandan Warrior Goddess 👏🏻🙌🏻
Asberry Robinson
Thank you both for a genuine, on point review. When you acknowledge how the emotions kicks in, spot on! Salute to you both!
Twotta Nation
One of the reason I like y’all reaction channel is bc y’all aren’t afraid to show y’all emotions makes me feel like I’m sitting watching it together
Dj Genius
Dj Genius Mese fa
@Twotta Nation I don't blame u, brother
Twotta Nation
@Dj Genius fr the visuals they were showing and seeing there emotions I couldn’t hold any longer a couple tears dropped
Dj Genius
Dj Genius Mese fa
Seriously! I was going nuts when I saw this! Me and my wife watched it together and I was acting like a fucking KID! 😂
ketchup016 Mese fa
One of the best things about BP was how they used real world African cultures and languages, so of course doing the same for Namor and his people is so smart. Also differentiating from DC since they went a little Pacific Islander with Momoa.
Enochians Mese fa
Always eager to see y’all’s reactions! I’m so excited to see this movie.
Lushomo Manganya
I am just at my happiest because marvel literally put a song from our local artist in Zambia.......and the guy that raps said he wants to win a Grammy with our local language Bemba
Tenisha Wilson
Brruuuhhh I damn near choked on my food when you asked M-Dogg for his debit card! I haven't seen you guys in a moment and you still struggling! 🤣🤣🤣
You are loved Self awareness
It’s the “what suit you got” question? And I’m here like ‘birth suit’ 🤣🤣
Carmel French
Every time I hear the “show them who we are” I cry. When I saw the mural of Chadwick Boseman I cried.
nintenmetro Mese fa
Somehow the track for this trailer is more emotional.
Heri Contreras
@Jay Mwansa thank you! Awesome music
Robert Wilson
@Jay Mwansa awesome
Warren Ferguson
I totally agree and loved this epic movie trailer! WF-😎🤩😍😉✌️👌
Jay Mwansa
Jay Mwansa Mese fa
Name of the song is called Never Forget by Sampa the great ft Chef187
space Mese fa
I prefer the first.
arafat chito
arafat chito Mese fa
The song used is done by zambian artists - "Sampa the great ft Chef 187 and Tio Nason - Never Forget " Powerful meaning the song has.
Edhy H
Edhy H Mese fa
The two trailers are the best trailers ever The hype is real I know King Chadwick is proud of this team and what they have created In the other hand Namor and the respect the cast and crew are handling Mayan, Aztec and mesoamerican cultures man Ryan did an astonishing work here ! I'm so ready for this movie ! Like Riri said Let's gooooooo !!
Thiago Pires
Thiago Pires Mese fa
This trailer is freaking awesome, beautiful and emotional !!! The hype is real !!!
Jarrett Wolfe
Such strong emotion in a trailer never felt as moved as this trailer has done. Beyond hyped!
Desma Walker
Desma Walker Mese fa
Just an idea.... But do you think Bucky a.k.a 'White Wolf' might pop up in this movie, knowing how much he loved being in Wakanda and all that they did for him; to come stand and fight with them in their time of need ???? I never heard any mention, but it was just a question that popped in my head. 🤔🤷
Jacob Harris
Jacob Harris Mese fa
Wakandadans only need Wakandans
Pablo Perez
Pablo Perez Mese fa
Good idea, but i prefer if Shuri can handle this on her own
Toni Odejimi
Toni Odejimi Mese fa
I was thinking this! Shuri should call in her debt and Bucky should help his friend in need.
Robert Wilson
It would be cool if he did
The Starseeker
For me I'd prefer if he existed more in the Wakanda world at this point, just as you said, but we know now he's going to be part of the Thunderbolts instead...... maybe he'll pop up, but if he did I'd hope it had relevance to the future, and if he's a Thunderbolt I don't see that.
Chichi Ibegbu
Can't wait to see this movie!!!!!!!! The music is beautiful in the trailer ❤️😢 This will probably go down as the greatest MCU movie... Yeah, I said it proudly 😁
Brian Taulbee
The trailer shows that M'Baku is actually a great leader. I love it. He's not a joke character. He's got the skill.
Xavier Robinson
Namor's shadow in the glass is so visually stunning to me. Like that is attention to detail
Bandzw1991 Mese fa
They should give award to the best trailers cause damn this trailer it’s better than a lot of movie like just the trailer give you this crazy vibes that you can’t even explain it perfecto
I like when you guys keep addressing the negative people who constantly talk bad about Marvel. It got to the point where I didn't want to watch anymore of the movies but I'm ignoring it now and starting to feel the excitement again
GalaxyNexus1 Mese fa
5 1/2 minutes in and you guys already have the best reaction to this trailer I've seen all day. Thank you for getting into it, but actually paying attention to what is being said, and what is being shown and done. This film is going to be epic. Just like you watched the 1st film 10 times, I watched this trailer this morning multiple times back to back. And was emotional every single time. Thank you guys for always being on point.
Biff Barely
Biff Barely Mese fa
Kevin Smith had an interview with the trailer's editor. He seemed like a really cool dude. He did all the BP trailers.
James Mese fa
He don't miss
Patrick Mese fa
That sounds cool, where can I find that interview
We are so blessed to watch this amazing work. I am so excited for the movie and seeing what Ryan Coogler comes up with. Andrew Hegele edits the trailers. He is amazing.
Harriett Holmes
They said the second movie would be emotional and dedicated to Chadwick. The actors an actress were going to pour their all into this movie to honor Chadwick. So we the people will experience emotions and excitement right along with them.
Silentknight Mese fa
Ryan Coogler is on his way to becoming a Hollywood badass.
Leo Mese fa
He flies with his feet. That's some different level type ish...like stepping on air...AMAZING
The soundtrack to this movie is gonna be fire. This is also going to be one of the most visually stunning of all the mcu movies. I still feel like they are going to surprise us with who is in the suit or Shuri leads a group of panthers into battle. I still want a new male Black Panther by the end of the movie.
I truly enjoy you guys reactions because of your genuine appreciation and positivity. Continue to make great content!!
Hunter Mese fa
I can't wait to see this movie and it comes out on my parents' wedding anniversary.
Robert Wilson
Awesome thats beautiful
Joseph Robinson
You know it's a good trailer when the 3 minutes it shows is better than some full-length movies in their entirety!
Nas G
Nas G Mese fa
The church was waiting soldiers. We didn’t cry this trailer it was all INTENSITY. Get your tickets asap church of marvel family. I wasn’t yet a struggle nation member for the Black Panther movie but I’m so happy to experience this with all of y’all now for Wakanda forever ❤ 🪖🐾
The DarkLennial SZ
This movie … THIS MOVIE ❤ RIGHT HERE!!!! Come on family. #blackpantherwakandaforever 🖤
D1 Plug
D1 Plug Mese fa
you two never fail to make me laugh
Ethantonio Lopez
The only reactions I was waiting for … the struggle nation! Can’t wait to see NAMOR
AstroKg Mese fa
“We have to use your debt card mine expired the moment it came out”😂😂😂
Ronin 90
Ronin 90 Mese fa
Hahaha 🤣🤣🤣
MrReddington 77
You guys need to show other reactors on how to react. This was fire. Show up my brothers and sisters for this movie.
Bright Vue
Bright Vue Mese fa
Agreed. This one is going to be better than part 1. CGI will have greatly improved too.
J Peart
J Peart Mese fa
I was in line at Chick-fil-A 🤣
Cordel S.
Cordel S. Mese fa
Bruh that Shuri anime/superhero landing was one of THE COLDEST in all of cinema!! Whoever edited this trailer needs a damn raise!!
Kiyahniredd1 Mese fa
This movie is gonna be a fucking masterpiece, WAKANDA FOREVER 👑🔥🔥🔥
Ronin 90
Ronin 90 Mese fa
Hell yeah
BranDaGenius Mese fa
Ryan is a freaking genius. Great director. Wakanda Forever💯
Densha Otoko 42
The paint marks on the Black Panther head match the paint marks Shuri wore, so it's definitely her, plus in the teaser, you could see the arms also had those panther heads that were her gauntlet weapons. It could also be Nakia, but less likely.
Kert Veira
Kert Veira Mese fa
The interaction between the two of you got me rolling HAHAHAHAHA
BlueSkullX Mese fa
This will be the best movie in Phase 4. I'm calling it.
E Hawk
E Hawk Mese fa
Thank y’all for the comedic break with the debit card thing bcuz just like the first one ninja teared up…..
Kevin Matthew
Absolute fire trailer. Can't wait for this. Already got my tickets! And it's 100% Shuri as Black Panther.
Crown Xioldier
The song in the background is from our land Zambia and the moment it came out I knew that it's going to be a bigger achievement for the Zambian music industry. big thanks to marvel studios they did justice, the trailer is 🔥 and the lyrics matches everything in the movie.
jahleel breland
My expectations are high but man this looks insane
Bigsteelguy4 Mese fa
I really believe Shuri is our new Black Panther, it has to be her. From the poster as well.
These two never fail to make me laugh 😭😭😭
Cristian Aragon
About time mexico gets a good comic character 💯🙏💪
glopesci Mese fa
The actor that Portrayed Ghost Rider on Shield was awesome too!
Bill Setiu
Bill Setiu Mese fa
Like how they connected the mythology of Kukulcán to Namor… Hoping to see a vengeful Angela Basset as the Queen and Black Panther
Captain Snake
My 9 year old daughter after coming out the first Black Panther said "that was exhausting". Have a feeling that's how we will all feel coming out Wakanda Forever.
Chichi Ibegbu
Going to be crying during this movie cause I already know how beautiful this movie is going to be 😭😭😭 the trailer alone got me tearing up
VyporX Mese fa
This movie looks phenomenal! So excited to see this!!!
Freelance Auntie
I think it's Shuri. But a nice switch up would be Nakia. So instead of her becoming the villain Malice, she picks up the BP mantel out of the grief for T'Challa. At least until Shuri is ready.
J Cruz
J Cruz Mese fa
Kind just stumbled on your page but I loved this take. The trailers just showed so much care and detail. When the new Black Panther did her hero landing.... man, GOOSEBUMPS.
Todd Rollins
Todd Rollins Mese fa
Yalls reaction is iconic ....love it when yall do reaction videos
Seth’s Entertainment Talks
Dudes! This look Fire and the music gets you hyped even though it’s definitely gonna be an emotional/action packed journey… so excited for November to get here! This is the end of phase 4, so marvel is finishing with a powerful ending!
Francisco Mese fa
My dude Struggle soldier getting emotional 😭 this film will be one to remember! Can’t wait!
darren bell
darren bell Mese fa
You guys had me laughing my ass off. Keep up the good work. Just got my tickets. Wakanda forever.
Blevins15 Mese fa
This movie is gonna be great🔥 - hope we get to see her in the suit with the white fur collar too.
diego luna
diego luna Mese fa
One of the things that Marvel has done for the movie is that if the story and the contribution of the new Black panther that is shuri were taken very seriously. And that makes us feel very happy.
JC Mac
JC Mac 15 giorni fa
Your duo reaction is really good, authentic and deep. Great job. I'm subscribing
Dapper Black
Dapper Black Mese fa
It's official....Ryan Coogler has the Soul stone ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿
Chad Rose
Chad Rose Mese fa
i knew yall were going to watch it twice. SO GOOD!! That music and that landing at the end gave me chills
Chad Rose
Chad Rose Mese fa
@huizi fsi oh thank you so much. About to look that up right now. Thank you!
Dayotsmosh 10 🦆🦢
*Keep up the amazingly great work!* 🐆
YoungTY Mese fa
The trailer's song is Never Forget by Sampa the Great and Chef 187
Slime Roy
Slime Roy Mese fa
i already put that song in my spotify playlist 😁 THIS SONG IS FIYAH!! 🙅🏾‍♂️ Wakanda Forever!
Hopefully Doctor Doom is introduced in this film as it's the last film in phase 4, if Doom gets the Vibranium he'll be the most unstoppable being in the universe.
Hokagevigo Mese fa
This movie is going to kill it. We all probably have that thought of "I wish he was still here to do this" but I feel they have it covered. Kevin Feige said this movie is huge so imagine what we haven't seen. I've been anticipating this since it was announced in 2019 at D23. This will be one of the best movies of 2022. As far as y'all, I haven't laughed this hard in a minute, y'all killing me man lol one of those my cheeks hurt laughs. Y'all need a TV show
proud they used a Zambian song kudos to sampa the great and chef🎤❤❤
King Moe
King Moe Mese fa
Yea I’m definitely catching this in cinema this time 😂 good reaction fellas. Keep it up!
michael malosky jr
Btw thank you guise for promoting this as a cinema experience. It's gonna happen on stupid little cell screens, ofc -- but please, this is art, the intended "frame" is a theater screen. Everything Coogler chose, all cinematographer decisions are completely geared to a big screen.
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