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More fun than a water bottle flip!
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TheGamerZod d
TheGamerZod d 10 ore fa
Les Hardt
Les Hardt 21 ora fa
सुमतिलाल चोरड़िया
बार्बी बार्बी
Logan Abel
Logan Abel Giorno fa
Returning the favor that’s finep
Logan Abel
Logan Abel Giorno fa
2:01 when the ball hit gar it’s the noice that had me dieing
yorslbee Giorno fa
Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Cory's last words: iTS nOt hAPpEnnInG tODaY
miro JR bossku
miro JR bossku Giorno fa
I like you dude perfect
Andor Ferencz
Andor Ferencz 2 giorni fa
I like Comedy and Sports, but I dont know where you are.
Savannah Glenn
Savannah Glenn 2 giorni fa
yorslbee Giorno fa
They try a silly amount of times until it works :)
Savannah Glenn
Savannah Glenn 2 giorni fa
How do you do this 🤔
Benjamin Snelling
Benjamin Snelling 3 giorni fa
You said specifically this so: below by the way McGregor or Floyd let us know.
Tory Curtis
Tory Curtis 3 giorni fa
First trick shot was the best
ollianders1990 3 giorni fa
How are they allowed to call it Blitzball? That's been a FF thing for years 😂
Jaime Olvera Garcia
Jaja in 1:52
真SR真MAARI 4 giorni fa
In ITvid My favourite channel is Dude Perfect , 😘😍
Ahmed Elamin
Ahmed Elamin 4 giorni fa
2:13 R u ok?
Sweta Panigrahi
Sweta Panigrahi 6 giorni fa
Moon ball trick shot please
Arnel Alith Peluffo Madrid
i like video
Maricel Cueva
Maricel Cueva 7 giorni fa
Shout out
Cooldude2010 7 giorni fa
Why do they say bang after every shot
Bryton 6 giorni fa
Why do u question it???
LameDude 7 giorni fa
He wasnt on vacation hes in outro
Mana Awesomeness
Mana Awesomeness 7 giorni fa
2 0 1 9?
Gaudy_lunch 541
Gaudy_lunch 541 9 giorni fa
Dawan Tube
Dawan Tube 9 giorni fa
I love ❤️ dodeperfect and I. Subscribe them
GHEZA33_ p
GHEZA33_ p 10 giorni fa
Garrison Johnson
Garrison Johnson 10 giorni fa
Anyone care to explain the difference of the blitz ball to any other baseball? I mean it looks like it curves more is that just from how they throw? I can’t tell since I don’t play a throwing soort
hanan sayed
hanan sayed 10 giorni fa
Bagwaan ki aarti
Isania Alvarodo
Isania Alvarodo 11 giorni fa
I have a channel check it out
Jannik Lehzen
Jannik Lehzen 11 giorni fa
6:07 hahaha
Antony 303
Antony 303 12 giorni fa
3:08 me: *WHOOOOOOOOO*
Mazam Pandya
Mazam Pandya 13 giorni fa
The ringer
ALEX WILLEMAN 13 giorni fa
Zachary Kolaja
Zachary Kolaja 14 giorni fa
hey uh look at the first throw they hit different spots on the board just check to see if in dumb 0:15
aris prastyo
aris prastyo 14 giorni fa
I want your new ball on basketball
sandra cristina barbosa
ghostman 428
ghostman 428 14 giorni fa
I think that Cory was right and it didn’t get busted on him the day that he said it wouldn’t happen because he was in different clothes and everything
Holymoly! Kay!
Holymoly! Kay! 14 giorni fa
Boem in his head🤨
Chloeryn 14 giorni fa
1:50 is headshot
Vikash rathva vicky
Vikash rathva vicky 15 giorni fa
Fantastic brothers.... I.... Like... You
The Last Ones
The Last Ones 15 giorni fa
where is cody?
brawler #1
brawler #1 15 giorni fa
Keatyn Nichols
Keatyn Nichols 16 giorni fa
Yap so cool can we meet up with you please you awesome can I have a shout out please
Manpreet Kaur
Manpreet Kaur 16 giorni fa
Dude decent
Scarlett Ziqi Köhler Sonja Yi
Oh come on how did you do that?
omar omar
omar omar 16 giorni fa
انا مصري و متابعتكم من من مصر
mariam Shi
mariam Shi 16 giorni fa
Bryton 6 giorni fa
mariam Shi then what were u asking? :D
mariam Shi
mariam Shi 12 giorni fa
@Jim H. ahahahaha not exactly what i was asking but sure! now i know 100% its 2019 lol
Jim H.
Jim H. 12 giorni fa
Yes it is 2019- anything else you would like to know?
Beckett Sumner
Beckett Sumner 16 giorni fa
Chance Collins
Chance Collins 16 giorni fa
Is garret amadextreas
Xx Pastel Gaming xX
Xx Pastel Gaming xX 17 giorni fa
my favorite moment of all... 1:51
jake perillo
jake perillo 17 giorni fa
Dude perfect
Heitor Augusto F. A.
Quem foi o corno q fez essa edição?
Caleb Andrews
Caleb Andrews 17 giorni fa
I’m speechless.
Shawn Schimdt
Shawn Schimdt 17 giorni fa
You should try throwing a ball throw two Moving car and a Hula-Hoop Thrown in the air!!!(challenge your self)
Jean-Guillaume Clabaut
you gys are the best
Aril Gaming
Aril Gaming 17 giorni fa
2:06 hahaha
Aman Preet
Aman Preet 18 giorni fa
Please Make new video
Square wheel 1767
Square wheel 1767 18 giorni fa
I want to see someone head smash to 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈 for coby
New video please like and subscribe my video
Your all videos fake ..... fake piopul here like
CallistoPlayz Gaming
I love Dude Perfect 👌🏻
Flakes Power Manu
Flakes Power Manu 18 giorni fa
Flakes Power Manu
Flakes Power Manu 18 giorni fa
Monster Phone
Monster Phone 18 giorni fa
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