Blue Origin Launches Jeff Bezos to Space on First Crewed New Shepard Mission

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David Giorno fa
Lets face it Jeff did a good thing with the old woman taking her ti the EDGE of space and it was a PR thing But Really no cares what Blue Origin does they are so far behind SpaceX its a joke and at $28M a seat Virgin Galactic is far better value
William Wilde
William Wilde Giorno fa
80 km isnt space.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Giorno fa
Oh, they're holding at t minus 15 minutes. Did someone shit their pants?
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Giorno fa
it was a bigger story that Wally Funk was on the flight not caring about Jeff Bezos who just wants to spend our tax money but congrats on good flight we like more great launch
Michael Pezzullo
Michael Pezzullo 2 giorni fa
Congratulations on a successful mission.
Manini Farmer
Manini Farmer 3 giorni fa
Should rename New Shepard to “Blue Organ, the Phallic from earth!”
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Giorno fa
Oh, they're holding at t minus 15 minutes. Did someone shit their pants?
James Blackstar
James Blackstar 3 giorni fa
It's like Bezos is saying: Now Elon it's your turn. LoL
Danny 4 giorni fa
Yankee ingenuity, intestinal fortitude and pride. Open for all to see live. Not shrouded in secrecy like Socialist/Communist endeavors! Great ride!
M.L. Gupta
M.L. Gupta 4 giorni fa
Exciting trip. Watched on TV. But, I must put it on record that even the space is not enough for human greed!
Kachueshvar 4 giorni fa
2:21:05 Everybody gangsta till altitude goes negative
Gierdziu Gaming
Gierdziu Gaming 4 giorni fa
i feel good
GoCoyote 4 giorni fa
After touch down, you want the shroud lines to disconnect under tension so that the capsule does not get dragged and tumbled if a gust of wind picks up the chutes.
MrLes Berg
MrLes Berg 4 giorni fa
I suspect the person that backed out was none other than Elon Musk.
The Harry Channel
The Harry Channel 4 giorni fa
Congratulations to #BlueOrigin
sdv73168 aka Jigabyte
They are really killing the word Astronaut... When I buy a ticket to a flight to Los Angeles am I officially a pilot? No! I'm a damn passenger! Please stop calling these people astronauts, they are passengers who purchased a ticket for a short ride to the edge of space!
FR Rapp
FR Rapp 4 giorni fa
the first cars were only for the rich too now nearly every household has one or several
sdv73168 aka Jigabyte
Oh, they're holding at t minus 15 minutes. Did someone shit their pants?
Canadian Entrepreneur
well, we could say volumes about this but if one must resume to only 2 words the whole day I must do it this way : Congratulations Jeff!
Ck digital The Q of 6th
Even NASA can start profiting from this Space Experience Civilianautic theme rides, imagine this... A passenger airline craft, being a merly 1st stage launch by run way, then a classic Space Shuttle, with a rear cover for airo dynamic cover of the boosters on the shuttle, is a now a fuel chamber and a smaller booster at end tip, second stages launch the ticket riders more beyond the Kamen thin atmosphere, beyond even the Strat, Meso & lower Ion layer. Then classic dive & glide to runway back.
Lensflare Deviant
Lensflare Deviant 4 giorni fa
A fanciful notion.
yz4901983 4 giorni fa
Congat to you astronaut Wally. The biggest effort of any human to get to space. Well done you.
Szymek Wasiak
Szymek Wasiak 4 giorni fa
Definite bonus points for the Kerbal replay at the end.
lawngaiyi 4 giorni fa
Flying with girlfriend! ~ ~ ~
AlohaMilton 4 giorni fa
I thought this would be a lot cooler, I thought they were going to go up and land as a single stage vehicle. honestly Virgin Galactic seems like a way cooler experience, taking off and landing like a plane to do the same thing. I thought I would feel the exact opposite about it, but now having viewed them both I like the Virgin Galactic sub orbital ride way more with the space shuttle style landing.
Lensflare Deviant
Lensflare Deviant 4 giorni fa
I dunno.. For myself I like the idea of an escape system. On Virgin they wore parachutes and I don't like parachutes.
Rennrogue 4 giorni fa
Fantastic! But, I gotta say, after watching so much coverage of Starship, I can't get over how dinky this ship is. Oh well, ONWARD AND UPWARD!!
Jesse Jamez
Jesse Jamez 4 giorni fa
Imagine if a normal person could afford it.
E. M. Buck
E. M. Buck 4 giorni fa
It's a great time to be a millionaire I guess.
TruckerExile E
TruckerExile E 4 giorni fa
So much negativity about this, who cares if they aren't in orbit, they earned their wings and title and that's all that matters and all returned safely
Lensflare Deviant
Lensflare Deviant 4 giorni fa
Most of the grief comes from the title and it's meaning. Many people worked long and hard to be called astronaut as a vocation. A career. Now people get to buy the title and are qualified to do nothing that a train astronaut can do. Some feel that's an injustice. I just think we need some new terminology.
Andrew Eddie
Andrew Eddie 4 giorni fa
Interesting. Hatch opens inwards ...
Michael J. Caboose
Michael J. Caboose 4 giorni fa
You're here for 2:09:11 ish
John 44070
John 44070 4 giorni fa
Space x has nothing to fear unless it is entering the billionaire amusement ride market.
Szabó Bence
Szabó Bence 4 giorni fa
I would want to stay at least half an hour in space. Couldn't they make the booster longer so that they go 200km which would mean a much longer freefall. You need time to comprehend what you experience...
Szabó Bence
Szabó Bence 4 giorni fa
@Lensflare Deviant Are you sure? Could test it with KSP, but I thought the further up we go the time would go exponentially up.
Lensflare Deviant
Lensflare Deviant 4 giorni fa
Not without going much faster and much further. They'd probably have to land in the EU somewhere.
Lou Sassoul
Lou Sassoul 4 giorni fa
like whatever
beaker2000 4 giorni fa
It is a carnival ride because it serves no purpose other than to satisfy your jollies. Nobody is saying it is a bad thing, but Bezos acts like this is actually important for getting into space, it isn't.
biolotoxin459 3 giorni fa
there were research payloads onboard, so its not pointless
rushbuzzy 4 giorni fa
Hard to imagine going 2200 mph straight up
Ck digital The Q of 6th
Hey at least, you didnt get into any dog fights up there
P Nield
P Nield 4 giorni fa
So happy for Wally. She got screwed by NASA in the very sexist early days.
Wayne 4 giorni fa
Thumbs up as always guys. Not fussed with bezos, but glad to see wally get her space wings.
Rémy Jacobi
Rémy Jacobi 4 giorni fa
feels like Jeff Bezos is trying too hard , idk tha'ts just my opinion
sdjsdvgolhsdfsdf 4 giorni fa
To space? You mean to orbit...
Lensflare Deviant
Lensflare Deviant 4 giorni fa
No where near orbit.
Altin Plaku
Altin Plaku 4 giorni fa
Well done Blue Origin team! This rocket lifts off and land so easily. It looks like they been doing this thing for years.
Amelio Leanza
Amelio Leanza 4 giorni fa
Its great they had a safe and successful fight.....Congratulations BLUE ORIGIN AND VIRGIN GALACTIC are nothing more than a ultra expensive Cedar Point ride.....cant wait to see STARSHIP Flight with Humans..
TimTimTim786 4 giorni fa
Very cool, just hope the next youngest to go and set a record doesn't have to buy a seat.
Thomas Boomer
Thomas Boomer 4 giorni fa
Not a good image of the separation. I don't know why that is so given that previous launches had a very good view of separation.
Maxim Nicola
Maxim Nicola 4 giorni fa
If you work hard enough your boss can fly to space too eventually
B. Wells
B. Wells Giorno fa
Jorge Picabea
Jorge Picabea 4 giorni fa
Hello... I think you're missing a little detail... To go into space one needs a heat shield. No heat shield, no space, no Buck Rogers... the heat shield separates the men from the boys..
Lensflare Deviant
Lensflare Deviant 4 giorni fa
@Jorge Picabea Orbit is a state, space is a place.
Jorge Picabea
Jorge Picabea 4 giorni fa
@Lensflare Deviant no orbit no space, just an amusement park ride...
Lensflare Deviant
Lensflare Deviant 4 giorni fa
You're thinking orbit.
Frank Huntley
Frank Huntley 4 giorni fa
Pulsar Echo
Pulsar Echo 4 giorni fa
Strange times.
Terry Smith
Terry Smith 4 giorni fa
MPH and FT - how quaint!
Luis Giordano
Luis Giordano 4 giorni fa
Jared Isaacman wil beat both Bezos and Branson as the first billionaire orbiting Earth on Inspiration4, taking pics of our planet while taking a dump on Crew Dragon's toilet
Bob Stephens
Bob Stephens 4 giorni fa
I have the impression the Dennis Tito was a billionaire at the time of his flight (but didn’t actually know).
vaibhav patel
vaibhav patel 4 giorni fa
Some of people arguing that they (Bezos bros) are just space tourist not astronaut.. According this stream's commentary he(commentator) said "according to NASA definition whoever fly /go over 80kms -50 mile or above considered as astronaut " & Bezos went approx 107.04 kms (351210 fts)..!
Lensflare Deviant
Lensflare Deviant 4 giorni fa
They will probably need to redefine some terms at some point.
Diane Fleming
Diane Fleming 4 giorni fa
Great coverage as always!
Chuck Bauer
Chuck Bauer 4 giorni fa
Bezos had a more interesting appearance on Southpark
Jay J
Jay J 4 giorni fa
Too bad he didn't take the time to dock with the ISS and stop in to say hello. Maybe next year.
Lensflare Deviant
Lensflare Deviant 4 giorni fa
Maybe the next rocket they build.. if they build it.
Cristian Rusu
Cristian Rusu 4 giorni fa
did he say Guss Grissom in 1886?!
Flush The toilet.(SyD6_7)
when does this ride open at the rollercoaster park?
Jay J
Jay J 4 giorni fa
Come up with $25,000,000 and you can go now. Why wait for an amusement park?
Dave Allen
Dave Allen 4 giorni fa
Big boy toy, that's about it.
Avoiding Trees
Avoiding Trees 4 giorni fa
He is being driven to his vessel in a rivian…….so the carbon footprint will be ok.
U R 4 giorni fa
1:16:29 "the engine only buns H2 and O2, it is an icredible enviromently friedly rocket...ha ha what a joke. Where does the H2 come from?
Onefreeway75 3 giorni fa
@Ck digital The Q of 6th but less dense than methane
Ck digital The Q of 6th
The thrust is also more mighty then in strenght if not speed vs other fuels.
Onefreeway75 4 giorni fa
@Max Klein yeah pretty much
Max Klein
Max Klein 4 giorni fa
@Onefreeway75 FYI: Making the required amount of hydrogen by electrolysis using Texas' electricity mix generates more CO2 than a kerosene rocket would. It's just generated at the location of the power plant instead of in the rocket engine
Lensflare Deviant
Lensflare Deviant 4 giorni fa
@Onefreeway75 IF that's how they're making it. Most commercial hydrogen comes from the oil industry.
Martin Hague
Martin Hague 4 giorni fa
im waiting for the flat earthers to debunk the launch for a giggle
Ken Helmers
Ken Helmers 4 giorni fa
Congrats to BO and their first manned flight! Wally, I'm so glad you got to go :)
Chuck Learn
Chuck Learn 4 giorni fa
Scary that they were able to open the capsule door from the inside. :)
benshivd 4 giorni fa
So many jealous triggered nimrods. How sad is that ?
Carlos López
Carlos López 4 giorni fa
For whatever reason today's flight didn't feel like much, maybe it was too quick of a hop or some how it didn't feel (to me) as genuine as Richard's enthusiasm. For the price tag this flight should last at least one full orbit around the planet and then it would be much more attractive as people get enough time to enjoy the view and micro gravity.
Carlos López
Carlos López 4 giorni fa
@biolotoxin459 I'm aware, but even if it was $ 100,000 per customer (x6) they could make it fly high enough that it does one orbit. But I guess for now they'll just milk the clients that can pay the higher price and then offer this extended ride for 250k and 100k for the hop.
Allan Skogsholm
Allan Skogsholm 4 giorni fa
t looked like the rocket was jumping because of teh camera tracking, and why do they use imperial measurements and not metric as the space world use? 😂😂
dgsindelar 4 giorni fa
Great coverage as always! Thanks Jack for getting these killer views. Love your dedication. Thanks Michael for the clickity clack behind the scenes. Great job as always. And thanks to for the commentary. This space stuff wouldn't be the same without it.
Curt 4 giorni fa
Any notice the guy that looked like Tony Gonzalez? Is it him?
the Rabbit Whisper
the Rabbit Whisper 4 giorni fa
its an Awesome time to be alive...
Steven Tullius
Steven Tullius 4 giorni fa
Wow just like a 1960s launch, nothing new ...what's the vision? Advanced mankind or hey its the new 6 adventure ride.
Master Yoda
Master Yoda 4 giorni fa
great coverage guys
MaxKito2 4 giorni fa
Jeff wearing 🤠 cowboy boots 👢 though.😅. This was really amazing to see.👍
Ck digital The Q of 6th
He has no hair on the head... he's a blue origin Lego man... you pick the hat
joshua43214 4 giorni fa
Hate all you want. I'm still happy about this.
Barney Miller
Barney Miller 4 giorni fa
After growing up seeing the progression of the US space program to the moon, this is pretty meh.
BeardyDave 3 giorni fa
Yep - go to orbit, or go home.
MelioraCogito 4 giorni fa
Couldn't agree with you more. Blue Horizon and Virgin Galactic are just gimmicks for obscenely wealthy - no real purpose except who has the bigger dick. The phallic shape of Blue Horizon is not lost on the more astute observer.
Srini rao Paleti
Srini rao Paleti 4 giorni fa
B O success
Karl Bjerke
Karl Bjerke 4 giorni fa
They still have a LOOOONG way to go to get into orbit.
psycho42069 4 giorni fa
@Lensflare Deviant To be fair I wasn't thinking about BO as a whole when I read the original comment, and was just referring to New Shepard. I honestly forgot about New Glenn.
Lensflare Deviant
Lensflare Deviant 4 giorni fa
@psycho42069 True. The goal of orbit is for the other rocket.. the one unseen and as of yet untested.
psycho42069 4 giorni fa
I don't think they ever plan to. Not the point of this vehicle at all.
Crypto Mining Noob
Crypto Mining Noob 4 giorni fa
@2:10:40 I thought I was hearing my mining rigs downstairs lol😂😂😂
TechTog 4 giorni fa
To paraphrase Pierre Bosquet, it is magnificent but it is not space flight. The best thing about the event was giving Wally the ride she so richly deserved.
Robert Sisk
Robert Sisk 4 giorni fa
It was like sticking your toe in the ocean and saying see I went in.
Evan Guthrie
Evan Guthrie 3 giorni fa
@Proto Rhinocerator They passed the karman line
Proto Rhinocerator
Proto Rhinocerator 4 giorni fa
@Evan Guthrie I can say that now. "I've been to space." And it's about as honest as these guys saying it.
Ck digital The Q of 6th
Ah, but your feet got wet, experiencing... water.
Cheap Grey Plastic
Cheap Grey Plastic 4 giorni fa
Hahaha :)
Evan Guthrie
Evan Guthrie 4 giorni fa
Wouldn't you like to say you've been to space though?
ToMuch Info
ToMuch Info 4 giorni fa
Quit hating, This is an wonderful accomplishment. Way to go Wally.
Cory Crandell
Cory Crandell 4 giorni fa
We're not hating. And its not a wonderful achievement. The falcon 9 lands vertical and it does actual work. As for the accomplishment? What? They went up, and came down... they went nowhere, they learned nothing. At least virgin galactic's little space plane looks cool and actually flies. This is kinda pointless.
Ian Swartz
Ian Swartz 4 giorni fa
that was pretty cool
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson 4 giorni fa
I went to Kings Island yesterday and rode roller coasters all day. Pretty sure I got more collective zero G time than they did. Cost me $49. Included parking and drinks..
Bob Stephens
Bob Stephens 4 giorni fa
@matthew david jarvis or hop out of the seat and float around for a while.
matthew david jarvis
But did you get to see the Earth from an altitude of 100km?
Crypto Cow
Crypto Cow 4 giorni fa
Orthodox Crusader
Orthodox Crusader 4 giorni fa
If people get excited about this, imagine the first manned flight of Starship and Superheavy.
100perdido 3 giorni fa
I got excited by seeing the Russians do this back in 1962. Same thing but the paint job was not as cool.
Proto Rhinocerator
Proto Rhinocerator 4 giorni fa
@Js Hooper Absolutely. Bezos has a toy that gets him to space. Musk has a workhorse that will get us to orbit, the Moon, Mars, etc., etc.
Russell S
Russell S 4 giorni fa
@100Moral No problem. We all contribute up here -- and learn too!
Js Hooper
Js Hooper 4 giorni fa
@Rennrogue True, I can appreciate that. But still, these other projects feel amateurish and elitist by comparison. Toys for Billionaires. Starship is a vehicle for all of humanity.
Rineesh Parai
Rineesh Parai 4 giorni fa
@Derby Rabbit What does this have to do with NASA? This is private company with private funding. Not the same.
Stephanie Britt
Stephanie Britt 4 giorni fa
You guys are so fun to watch!
nintandrew13 5 giorni fa
Despite the debates, it’s still cool seeing people launched on a rocket. Anyone know when the next New Shepard will be?
Russell S
Russell S 3 giorni fa
Two more launches this year, they said. Don't think they said exact dates.
Neil A Bliss
Neil A Bliss 5 giorni fa
One of Henry Fords mandates was to never sell a product that could not be afforded by his average employee....just saying
rushbuzzy 4 giorni fa
and, you can have any color as long as it is black.
arnold smith
arnold smith 5 giorni fa
it was a bigger story that Wally Funk was on the flight not caring about Jeff Bezos who just wants to spend our tax money but congrats on good flight we like more great launches
Jurgen Traude
Jurgen Traude 5 giorni fa
Mike Carbone
Mike Carbone 5 giorni fa
Congratulations! 🎉 You all managed to stick the landing just like the cosmonauts have been doing, and the booster landed upright just like a Space X booster. All maneuvers were successful and the capsule has safely returned the crew without a single injury. Overall it was a safe mission! Thank you for posting this video! Please have an excellent and awesome day! ☀️
Larry Southern
Larry Southern 5 giorni fa
Congratulations to the BLUE ORIGINS CREW!!! GREAT LIFTOFF AND BOOSTER LANDING.....Now back to the Moon and Mars!!! Lets Go!!!!🇺🇸
Brenda Visconti
Brenda Visconti 5 giorni fa
Congrats!!! May You Always Fly High an Far an Come Home To MaMa 😘
TheSunExpress 5 giorni fa
Technically speaking, the "underage drinking" was happening under "adult supervision", though that perhaps depends whether it occurred on privately owned land or gov't property. But who the heck could care about that?!
Zack Kayuryuk
Zack Kayuryuk 5 giorni fa
For those who dont have time today launch is at 2:10:50
Rui Rodrigues
Rui Rodrigues 5 giorni fa
MPH and FT? what the heck...
Matty D Devine
Matty D Devine 5 giorni fa
Ha food. Ah drink. Be merry.🌐
D J 5 giorni fa
I'll be far more impressed when SpaceX gets a crew up on starship.... A real orbital flight. At least Wally got her astronaut wings finally... Almost the same ride she'd have gotten with Mercury...
GG AriZøna
GG AriZøna 20 ore fa
Nobody got their true astronaut wings from this, FAA changed their policy on who gets commercial astronaut wings the same day as the launch, and they don't qualify.
Ace King
Ace King 3 giorni fa
Could you not compare the largest orbital rocket ever to a on purpose small and easy ride to space for people
liberge alexandre
liberge alexandre 5 giorni fa
Congratulation to your flight
Nolan Test
Nolan Test 5 giorni fa
this whole thing feels like Bezo's trying to be relevant in the space game.
Garreth Whyte
Garreth Whyte 5 giorni fa
Your Amazon money hard at work
Cliff 5 giorni fa
If they want to advertise it as the metric rounding of the Karman line and not the English rounding of the Karman line than ok. It is like rounding a geostationary orbit to 50,000 Km and calling it the clark belt. Rounding up to the next even value does not change the meaning of what the person, who's name is used for the measurement, wanted it to mean! If you want the value to mean something else you should give it a different name or at least add some qualifiers to explain how you are modifying the actual value.
Flexia Aelius
Flexia Aelius 5 giorni fa
Is that a methane flare stack?
Lensflare Deviant
Lensflare Deviant 5 giorni fa
I would think hydrogen.
TheSunExpress 5 giorni fa
We have a new kind of Flying Dutchman now....
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