Boris Brejcha @ Grand Palais for Cercle

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Boris Brejcha playing an exclusive DJ set at Grand Palais for Cercle
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This show was organized on the occasion of the Grand Palais's exhibition "The Moon".
This exhibition is the opportunity to study, present and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first human step on the Moon through the artworks and objects that embody the countless visions and emotions it has inspired.
☞ Boris Brejcha
Video credits:
Artists: Boris Brejcha
Venue: Grand Palais
Produced by Cercle
Executive producers: Philippe Tuchmann & Derek Barbolla
Film directed by: Pol Souchier & Derek Barbolla
Directors of photography: Jérémie Tridard & Mathieu Glissant & Mickaël Fidjili
Stage Manager: Vincent Mathieu & Pierre Jean Lorteau
Sound engineer: Timothée Renard & Charles Dumaire
Light engineer: Pierre Jean Lorteau & Romuald Michou
Sound mastering: Michel Avannier
Moon scenography: Cercle
Structure: ATC
Mapping: ETC, Cosmo AV, Whatsit
Special thanks to the Grand Palais's team for this collaboration and their trust.
And thanks to ETC, Cosmo AV and Whatsit for the mapping.
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13 giu 2019




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Commenti 5 437
Cercle 4 mesi fa
Thanks Boris Brejcha for the tracklist: 01 / Redemption (Intro Version) 02 / Butterflies 03 / On His Way 04 / Parallax 05 / A Piece Of Light 06 / Space Diver 07 / Gravity (feat. Laura Korinth) 08 / Take It Smart 09 / Happinezz (feat. Ginger) 10 / Pegasus 11 / To The Moon And Back (feat. Ginger) 12 / Lieblingsmensch 13 / Knocking Birds 14 / Blue Lake 15 / Thunderstorm 16 / EXIT 17 / Shake It Down 18 / Spicy (feat. Ginger) 19 / Purple Noise All tracks from Boris Brejcha.
ปฐมพร อินทรสูต
Time for these music?
iceman 5 giorni fa
CallemanYO 5 giorni fa
May you add time stamps? <3
Zsanett Juhász
Zsanett Juhász 7 giorni fa
Xenomorph 7 giorni fa
1:46.05 track name pleeasseeee!!!
Geo Dude
Geo Dude 5 ore fa
My god, the drop at 1:43:12, this guy slaps
Dj Bosk
Dj Bosk 8 ore fa
Nuno Sousa Costa
Best set of all time by a fucking mile, let's go Boris
Helena Gnatowska g
Nice borish
Амантур Жолбунов
Coco no love, coco my live )) Miami 2021 Eahyy
Nazgul 16 ore fa
Boris Brejcha Manijak bolesni 🖤
руби роид
Величайший техно диджей сегодняшнего времени, его творчество просто уникально, музыка не повторима, её смысл понимают только ценители такого жанра, Борис лучший!!!
Munhzaya Suhbaatar
I love u Boris 🖤🔥
snapsorfly Giorno fa
Does anyone know roughly how many people are attending there?
Benjamin Pannier
I Love it for the Style. REAL DJ @work. Nobody could even touch this. BoomboomBoomarang!
Maya Ana Karen
Maya Ana Karen Giorno fa
oh Rayos, me lo estaba perdiendo
Brian R
Brian R Giorno fa
7 million views not a single advert
Juanse Lemma
Juanse Lemma 2 giorni fa
Nikola Milic
Nikola Milic 2 giorni fa
Tako je Borise brate moj voziiii meee
Luiz Neto
Luiz Neto 2 giorni fa
Top de mais que vibe loka 👽☢☣🕉🌐💊🍺😎
epic videos
epic videos 2 giorni fa
With your music I'm invincible! 😎
epic videos
epic videos 2 giorni fa
You are the one and only !
Phat Tran
Phat Tran 2 giorni fa
1. Redemption 00:03 2. Butterflies 08:41 3. On His Way 16:51 4. Parallax 21:37 5. A Peace Of Light 27:58 6. Space Diver 35:03 7. Gravity 40:02 8. I Take It Smart 47:59 9. Happyness 53:59 10. Pegazus 59:03 11. To The Moon And Back 1:04:59 12. Lieblingsmensch 1:12:02 13. Panic Room 1:19:03 14. Blue Lake 1:24:58 15. Thunderstorm 1:31:01 16. Exit 1:36:57 17. Shake It Down 1:43:59 18. Spicy 1:49:01 19. Purple Noise 1:56:00
va cha
va cha 2 giorni fa
just awesome, amazing
Rogerio Oliveira
Rogerio Oliveira 2 giorni fa
Muito tá hora as músicas mais top que já escutei . Parabéns DJ Boris
Ferociraptor *
Ferociraptor * 2 giorni fa
this sesion is amazing, i dident know the artist before listen this. GRANDE BORIS
Francesco Dhillon
Ferociraptor * io non capisco un cazzo di techno ma ho una consolle e vorrei mixarla
Warden Jericho
Warden Jericho 2 giorni fa
B.B. "Techno" King
CSENSEI 2 giorni fa
in my opinion, the untold set was greater than that and it wasn t recorded..
John Coutsoudis
John Coutsoudis 2 giorni fa
man such an amazing dj i love him. His 2 hours dj sets is probably in one of the best dj sets you can have in the world right now.
Jimmy Cartes
Jimmy Cartes 2 giorni fa
indeed mate! Cercle 2017 and Tomorrowland 2018 too!
cody minecrack
cody minecrack 3 giorni fa
I feel like someone told their life story without saying anything. Boris!
cody minecrack
cody minecrack 11 ore fa
Not sure. I just saw your comment now, who knows. ITvid y’know.
Christ Jesus
Christ Jesus 17 ore fa
cody minecrack hey quick question. When it says “highlighted comment” is that the same as getting a “thumbs up”? Random i know. Sorry
John Smith
John Smith 3 giorni fa
Dobar !
Espe Fick
Espe Fick 3 giorni fa
mixes all on feeling and how he knows his songs, no headphones needed
Jimmy Cartes
Jimmy Cartes 3 giorni fa
Good point, right observation. Boris Brejcha is another level! 🙌🏻 🃏 🙌🏻
Espe Fick
Espe Fick 3 giorni fa
Okay i never comment on any video, this is worthy though, 2 weeks every night now i been listening this full set, been into electronic music since I can remember and never have I heard perfection like this before, King Brejcha, all your music is just so amzing, you make me feel great.
Jimmy Cartes
Jimmy Cartes 5 ore fa
@Rafel Sancho hahahaha indeed my friend. Boris Brejcha joins us! 🙋🏻‍♂️
Rafel Sancho
Rafel Sancho 5 ore fa
@Jimmy Cartes me too, I think we chatted few time ago haha
Rafel Sancho
Rafel Sancho 5 ore fa
This is amazing, welcome to this paradise
Jimmy Cartes
Jimmy Cartes 3 giorni fa
Exactly two years ago I met the music of Boris Brejcha and believe me, there is no single day that does not listen to his music, not a single day. His music changed my life, his music is part of my life! You'll always see me around here, or in his Tomorrowland 2018 video, or his Cercle 2017 video responding comments. 😉 🙌🏻🃏🙌🏻
berzerker 123
berzerker 123 3 giorni fa
Desde Colombia🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴 this is Boris brejcha 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶
147jarvis 3 giorni fa
09:12 the guy dancing ... I can feel his energy
Dick K
Dick K 3 giorni fa
28:00....TUUUUUUUUUUNE 👌!!!!!
NAGAbaba2288 3 giorni fa
more music, less drama 🕺
Oksana Leshchenko
Oksana Leshchenko 3 giorni fa
Те кто поставили дизлайки д""""ы , и не бритва брейха или брейча
Kenneth 3 giorni fa
cute @13:24
Tw1ck 3 giorni fa
я бы многое отдал, чтобы быть там, качаться на одной волне с топлой под Бориску! (с) Бориску на царство!
Mar Díaz
Mar Díaz 3 giorni fa
Eres el Dios del sonido a día de hoy!
Jimmy Cartes
Jimmy Cartes 3 giorni fa
Siiiiii ... Dios del sonido! 🔊 🎶 🔊
Mikhael Mendes
Mikhael Mendes 3 giorni fa
1:46:07 camera man shaking it downn sheeeeit. just perfect
was wondering if anyone else caught that! he got TOO hype! HAHA
teg no
teg no 4 giorni fa
Boredom lives...
Vero Delgado
Vero Delgado 4 giorni fa
Que fluydo es de la electro chida
Sam Venker
Sam Venker 4 giorni fa
I really fail to see why techno is so popular in europe
Łukasz Malinowski
Łukasz Malinowski 4 giorni fa
wareling 4 giorni fa
I had to wait 1/2 Century to listen to Boris😎... but worth waiting every second ...👌 Boris ... EXCELLENT ... especially Purple Noise... Thanx Clement for introducing me...
Vlad Blaha
Vlad Blaha 4 giorni fa
So damn good!!!
vineet dhawan
vineet dhawan 4 giorni fa
Анатолий Валерьевич
Борис, ты лучший! Спасибо тебе за эти треки! И да кто эти 3,8к обиженок что поставили дизлайки , это ж шедевр!
Amedeo Barbarino
Amedeo Barbarino 4 giorni fa
posso sapere esattamente che genere di musica è? can I know exactly what kind of music it is?
Espe Fick
Espe Fick 3 giorni fa
minimal techno
gemo xx
gemo xx 4 giorni fa
Que barbaridad!!!! Yo tengo que ver a este dios antes de morir! El p. Amo!
Добрыня Никитич
N3 после Бодзина и Хантеманна
Commander Beinander
Congratulations to over 1 million subscribers @Cercle :)
Piotr Nowara
Piotr Nowara 4 giorni fa
Coca Cola
Coca Cola 5 giorni fa
DarkenPalms 5 giorni fa
How could I never have heard a set before. Every track sounds just magical and the set at all is sooo damn clean. I instantly fell in love with this music😍🙏
DarkenPalms 4 giorni fa
@Jimmy Cartes haha okay😂
Jimmy Cartes
Jimmy Cartes 4 giorni fa
@DarkenPalms hahahahahaha, no mate, i just huge fan, that's all! ;)
DarkenPalms 4 giorni fa
@Jimmy Cartes Holy sh*t are you like the manager from Boris? Your effort to tell me something about Boris is crazy🤯
Jimmy Cartes
Jimmy Cartes 5 giorni fa
@DarkenPalms Don't worry mate, it's amazing, but believe it or not, the same thing happened to many other people. 🙂 Boris Brejcha began his career in 2006 (mainly focused on production). His career had a turning point thanks to his first presentation for Cercle in 2017. From there, ascending race, like a rocket into space. His passion is to make music, and he only plays his own productions. He tries not to tie himself to a specific genre, and he builds his music based on Techno, Minimal, Trance and Progressive. You are welcome!!!🙌🏻🃏🙌🏻
DarkenPalms 5 giorni fa
@Jimmy Cartes Shame on me I found out that Boris is even german like me. I noticed him for longer time but didn't heard a set but however just shame on me😅
Peto Peto
Peto Peto 5 giorni fa
1:08:05 and 1:31:00 Top
Jan Mokrý
Jan Mokrý 5 giorni fa
Monkey Mouzo
Monkey Mouzo 5 giorni fa
🙏🏻 BoOoOOMM!!!!!
Елена Нохрина
Эт1 бы21 1чен0 крут1
Alex B
Alex B 5 giorni fa
Boris, thanks so many good times listening your set. You are the best, no one can express trouhght his music the present like you.
mikaela kihlman
mikaela kihlman 5 giorni fa
Hey you guy dancing at 9.15, pleace come to sweden and dance with me!! Your energy is awesome!!
Jimmy Cartes
Jimmy Cartes 5 giorni fa
7 million views and counting! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 3 thousand unlikes and 104 thousand likes ... 3% versus 97% Boris Brejcha ... the master of the universe!!! 🙌🏻🃏🙌🏻
Espe Fick
Espe Fick 3 giorni fa
Jimmy Cartes people that don't know quality music that did the dissing, idiots, best dj ever
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