Boris Brejcha @ Grand Palais for Cercle

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Boris Brejcha playing an exclusive DJ set at Grand Palais for Cercle
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This show was organized on the occasion of the Grand Palais's exhibition "The Moon".
This exhibition is the opportunity to study, present and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first human step on the Moon through the artworks and objects that embody the countless visions and emotions it has inspired.
☞ Boris Brejcha
Video credits:
Artists: Boris Brejcha
Venue: Grand Palais
Produced by Cercle
Executive producers: Philippe Tuchmann & Derek Barbolla
Film directed by: Pol Souchier & Derek Barbolla
Directors of photography: Jérémie Tridard & Mathieu Glissant & Mickaël Fidjili
Stage Manager: Vincent Mathieu & Pierre Jean Lorteau
Sound engineer: Timothée Renard & Charles Dumaire
Light engineer: Pierre Jean Lorteau & Romuald Michou
Sound mastering: Michel Avannier
Moon scenography: Cercle
Structure: ATC
Mapping: ETC, Cosmo AV, Whatsit
Special thanks to the Grand Palais's team for this collaboration and their trust.
And thanks to ETC, Cosmo AV and Whatsit for the mapping.
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13 giu 2019

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Cercle Mese fa
Thanks Boris Brejcha for the tracklist: 01 / Redemption (Intro Version) 02 / Butterflies 03 / On His Way 04 / Parallax 05 / A Piece Of Light 06 / Space Diver 07 / Gravity (feat. Laura Korinth) 08 / Take It Smart 09 / Happinezz (feat. Ginger) 10 / Pegasus 11 / To The Moon And Back (feat. Ginger) 12 / Lieblingsmensch 13 / Knocking Birds 14 / Blue Lake 15 / Thunderstorm 16 / EXIT 17 / Shake It Down 18 / Spicy (feat. Ginger) 19 / Purple Noise All tracks from Boris Brejcha.
Please release These new tracks om Spotify, this is top notch
Matt Fontana
Matt Fontana 21 ora fa
@Johnny Deep live set not dj set easy as that bro
Олег Меломан
Best DJ in planet
Rotmistrz Witold Pilecki
1:40:57 what is the title "travel, travel ..." ?
Надежда Сухецкая
Datenschultz 40 minuti fa
Der neue Boris ist echt cool. Ich würde gerne das neuen Album kaufen, wenn's möglich wäre.
Andres Villada
Nick Purdy
Nick Purdy 4 ore fa
They say Intelligence is found in people that listen to instrumental music...That's why we are all here.
Boris venite a Argentina, vamos a tomar unos mates y a bailar fuertee
Pero Santa Fe
Monika Litzinger
Boris 1st time I have ever heard of you. You are amazing!!!!!!!! Your energy is confident and positive. Peace
Maugel Maugel
Maugel Maugel 7 ore fa
music is shit but the show is very nice
ivan tristan
ivan tristan 7 ore fa
Hope to see you in Mexico soon.
Success 7 ore fa
Ich wilö ficken mit oris
Hakan Kaya
Hakan Kaya 9 ore fa
ı am big pusshy
generalPWNS 11 ore fa
well this looks like a smashing time.
Asaf Durur
Asaf Durur 11 ore fa
Very good! Greetings from Turkey in Antalya.. Thank's Boris..!
chirola666 11 ore fa
1:08:05 BOOOMM
Soyk 12 ore fa
this is just amazing
Leinonen 12 ore fa
This is pure awesomeness!
Raúl Gil
Raúl Gil 13 ore fa
Cercle is awesome choosing locations.... a Moon exhibition to play tracks like:To The Moon And Back, Gravity, Space Diver.... Coincidence?
dimitri astronauta
I'm the 9:12 kind of guy
Tobias Halbe
Tobias Halbe 14 ore fa
Wenn ich diese beschissenen Handys sehe..... Ihr sollt tanzen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
U_w 14 ore fa
Ive wondered...he is from Germany, i am from Austria. And i have never heard about Boris in the past. Read that he is well known in South America, but why? HIS MUSIC IS AMAZING, one of the best DJs ive ever heard!
Wacky Beard Man
Wacky Beard Man 14 ore fa
Awesome music, love it. But I'm just wondering what's the dude at 1:40:44 is sniffing on? :)
Iren Mali
Iren Mali 15 ore fa
Super track_____ SANYSUB Running of My Minds
mja music switzerland
Iren Mali Yes top 👍🇨🇭🎧🎶 greetings
3err0 17 ore fa
does someone know track at 9:10 from this video please? itvid.net/video/video-lAntOHRj2-k.html
my type of flow
my type of flow 17 ore fa
1:43:30 amazing track 🔥
Дмитрий пульс
творчество Бориса выше всех похвал)))
Monique Uyleman
Monique Uyleman 19 ore fa
I Love your F* music!!!
mja music switzerland
Monique Uyleman Not only you 😉👍🇨🇭🎧🎶
Dan9231 21 ora fa
@Cercle if u look for a special location in germany -> Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord www.landschaftspark.de/en/event-locations/overview-of-the-venues/
Gherkinsgrabber 21 ora fa
can't they just turn off their smartphones and enjoy the music? thank you Boris!
peiraias192 23 ore fa
απο κάτω βαριούνται και λίγο
Anthony Cebu
Anthony Cebu Giorno fa
thrilling, what a great performance ! N.1 for sure.
Martin Winter Alvarez
Song at 35:00??
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann Giorno fa
mja music switzerland
Max Mustermann 😄👍🇨🇭🎧🎶
ömer Bedir
ömer Bedir Giorno fa
ulan seviyorum bu adamı benim gibi manyak :)))
Dmytro Rashydov
Dmytro Rashydov Giorno fa
A Piece Of Light - awesome, love this track!
Hardstyle #1
Hardstyle #1 Giorno fa
Boring Brejcha
Junior Lima
Junior Lima Giorno fa
Mano que set foi esse ? Épico 👏
Ankit Mitawa
Ankit Mitawa Giorno fa
1:56:15 , 1:14:15
1up Giorno fa
butterflies is out of this world
Spavook Giorno fa
And always simply the best 😍😍😍
Max’s 420 Grow
Cosmic Rain
Cosmic Rain Giorno fa
How much bad acoustic may have this place??Just im wonder....
Gonza Ramirez
Gonza Ramirez Giorno fa
Damn good! Cercle I'd love to see your upcoming content in 4k! That'd be awesome!
Satan's Shorts
Satan's Shorts Giorno fa
Fookin Love this guy!Thank you Boris you de Man!
Anonymus Anonymes
Mamedik Gulamov
Mamedik Gulamov Giorno fa
XCreepaX Giorno fa
@1:40:44 watcha sniffin' on mate?
Kriszta Gal
Kriszta Gal Giorno fa
I love Boris! This compilation is very good!
villajash Giorno fa
Porrrr finnn algo bueno¡
Nolet Cyril
Nolet Cyril Giorno fa
Carlos Z
Carlos Z 2 giorni fa
30 something minute was awesome! Actually, it was all great! Keep doing what you do dude! Hope to see you live soon.
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