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Boston Celtics Last 1:30 of Game 6 vs Miami Heat UNCUT (05/27/2023)
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Abby Daguplo
Abby Daguplo 4 mesi fa
Game 7
afundardennis 4 mesi fa
Game 6: Boston: 104 Heat: 103 (I Think)
TXTroll 4 mesi fa
I'm not a Celtics fan. But you got to give em credit for coming back from 0-3, winning 2 straight in Miami. May the best team win in Boston.
Nelson a Moreno
Nelson a Moreno 4 mesi fa
Correct the Celtics do better job they need pass to the final
steve654577 4 mesi fa
The most stressful game ive ever watched but man when DW put it in ive never screamed so loud in my life. Please close this out at home
John Boucher
John Boucher 4 mesi fa
Game reminded me of when the seahawks played the niners to go to the super bowl and I almost fainted at the end of that one
Practical Deen
Practical Deen 4 mesi fa
Some of the worse officiating I have ever seen at the end just help Miami. Butler double dribbled... Unbelievable......C's just gotta end this Monday.
Courtney Smith
Courtney Smith 4 mesi fa
We will.🙏
codecaine 4 mesi fa
Music Every Time
Don't celebrate too early 😂🎉😂
Jonah Woolley
Jonah Woolley 4 mesi fa
I damn near had a heart attack watching that last minute, Celtics can we have some less stressful wins in the future please and thank you? :)
Justin Ledvina
Justin Ledvina 4 mesi fa
dude my chest still feels funny!
TeleGuy 4 mesi fa
Like the Patriots Super Bowls. All I asked for was one blowout. Just one.
malikah grier
malikah grier 4 mesi fa
I’m still recovering 😅
Will S
Will S 4 mesi fa
It really sucks to be so invested in a team that never wants to give you a blowout win
MrFifiFTW 4 mesi fa
My heart can’t handle this series, Thank you Derrick White you saved our season. ☘️
Nickstah 4 mesi fa
This ending has gotta be one of the best endings I’ve seen my entire life and I’m glad we’re finally on the good end of endings cause after all these heart breaking late game losses we finally get one on our side
Jonathan 4 mesi fa
I've watched a lot of hoops and never seen an ending like this one, especially with everything at stake... In real time I thought the shot was late and the series was over Simply amazing finish
Sharon Lycorish
Sharon Lycorish 4 mesi fa
That game had everything in it. I feel for Miami but I also feel for Boston. It's fitting that they get to play a Game 7 to obtain the all the marbles. If the fans are going through all those emotions think about the players. What a thing!!!
J H 4 mesi fa
We basically lost this game like 5 different ways before that Derrick White miracle put back. Absolutely wild ending! Hyped for tonight. Let's make history!
Courtney Smith
Courtney Smith 4 mesi fa
We missed a lot of Free Threws and we got to make them.Facts💯Let's Go Celtic's🍾
Cprisco33 4 mesi fa
Don’t put the missed ft’s on Tatum cuz in hindsight if Tatum misses just one n doesn’t go a perfect 15-15 from the free throw line that game is going into OT, if he goes 13-15 our season is over.. crazy game in a crazy series..
Upstate films
Upstate films 4 mesi fa
Don’t matter if the Celtics win or not Denver will win the finals no question far better team over Boston
Diosdado Baniaga
​@Upstate filmsdon't be so hype on nuggets..Celtics know how to handle joker and Jamal..but Denver has no answer to contain jt and jb.
Adimark Gamer
Adimark Gamer 4 mesi fa
@Diosdado Baniaga Let's Go Celtic's
lito Platino
lito Platino 4 mesi fa
I kept on watching Derrick White miracle buzzer beater winning shot and it never fails to give me goose bumps. Then, I realized that what was written in Miami Heat players sweat shirt (see 5:36 - 5:39) seemed to have affirmed White being hot in this series, thus, winning the game for the CELTICS. It seems the CELTICS are destined to make history.
GMZTeam 4 mesi fa
Nope, they're destined to lost! They do not fit in the finals! Jokic will crush Tatum and tackle brown like a poop 💩, Boston is weak! They're only lucky they made it to 3-3! No one comes back from 3-0 and wins lol!
LaggyFTW 2 mesi fa
@GMZTeamMiami didn’t belong in the finals
Zach Shannon
Zach Shannon 4 mesi fa
He bailed us out HARD!! We nearly choked that. Bless you white, you gorgeous man, hair line and all!
Practical Deen
Practical Deen 4 mesi fa
Yea he did bail us out. We were about to fold. C's gotta get over this mental block of doubt. We are up by 10 then start jacking 3's ...why? Keep going to the basket. Stick with what got you the lead.
Grandpa Reacts
Grandpa Reacts 4 mesi fa
Hair line and all😂😂 love this!!
Tyler Gary
Tyler Gary 4 mesi fa
@Practical Deen I didn’t pay attention enough in the 4th quarter to see that you’re talking about, I was locked in for those final few minutes tho. But the heats defense had to be locking down the cs from going to the basket. But you’re right either way, the jacking threes will cost them a Chip if they’re not careful.
Caiden Daniel
Caiden Daniel 4 mesi fa
Jesus saves
Pj Mendoza
Pj Mendoza 4 mesi fa
Danny Danix
Danny Danix 4 mesi fa
JAW DROPPING! Probably the best nail biting NBA game I've seen in a looooong time. Feels like a NBA videogame.
PJL 4 mesi fa
Derick White what a buzzer beater !!!!!! Lets go Celtics! We are going home for game 7.
Ironfangzu 4 mesi fa
Most important and clearly successful buzzer beater I've ever seen. I saw his tip in but the announcers said that they thought he was too late. Then the replayed showed the ball leaving his hand and already in the air with exactly 0.1 seconds left. The clock hit 0.0 when the ball hit the backboard, and then it dropped through. At that moment I knew we had won. Most wonderful replay I've ever seen, on a par with that Edleman catch in the 28-3 SuperBowl. In that game the announcers were like, nah, no catch..and then they saw the replay and screamed, "OMG it's a CATCH!!". Just like this game, they saw the replay and yelled, "Wow! It's good! The Celtics have won!!"
GMZTeam 4 mesi fa
Yep you did really go home, your Boston have lost lol! Nothing comes back and wins from 3-0, it's cursed!!!
Vaden Bovell
Vaden Bovell 4 mesi fa
Yep and the Celtics lost on their homecourt in game 7
LaggyFTW 3 mesi fa
I remember not believing what I was hearing, “THERE WILL BE A GAME 7 IN BOSTON!”. I wish we played with intensity and closed out the greatest comeback in history.
MrPogz Zamora
MrPogz Zamora 4 mesi fa
Just like the Kawhi Leonard four-bouncers but cooler...
Owen 4 mesi fa
alr bro not that cool lmao
Chris 4 mesi fa
what u smoking on? kawhi shot was cooler and way more difficult,especially with all th bounces over a 7ft embiid
Cprisco33 4 mesi fa
Lol ya’ll are nuts, Kawai took the shot while the game was tied, worst case if he misses then they go to OT, if White is 0.1 slower releasing that ball that’s ending Bostons season and gives Miami a finals berth, Kawais shot isn’t even remotely close to that play by White
S.S. 4 mesi fa
​@Cprisco33 but white just had to do a simple putback that literally any player on the floor couldve finished. Kawhis degree of difficulty was through the roof
k b
k b 4 mesi fa
​@Cprisco33 lil kids don't understand that concept bro
Renjie Santos
Renjie Santos 4 mesi fa
That Miami one-point lead turned out to be a blessing in disguise. If it were tied the Celtics would’ve just ran a shot at the buzzer and missed with no second-chance opportunity. And no way are we winning in OT with momentum on Miami’s side.
Kevin C
Kevin C 4 mesi fa
Butler double dribbled on that last attempt with the ref staring right at it. Literally the easiest and most obvious of all basketball infractions to see and call. Great job NBA officials. Bang up job as per usual.
Kyle Connor
Kyle Connor 4 mesi fa
It’s so funny you guys still think the nba isn’t scripted. You still think the refs are just ‘incompetent’ 😂
uzi978 4 mesi fa
At 2:34, right?
Potza 4 mesi fa
Wow I didn't notice it, clearly a double dribble
S.S. 4 mesi fa
On top of the fact that horford smacked the ball clean with his elbow (altho he tapped Butlers head before lightly)
The Mojo Motivation
Game 7 is about to set the world on fire! Grab your snacks and strap in because this is the kind of epic showdown that legends are made of. Let's cheer on both teams as they defy the odds and leave us all in awe. This is the stuff dreams are made of, and I can't wait to witness the magic unfold!
Lucas Rodriguez
Lucas Rodriguez 4 mesi fa
Jimmy got a foul call for 3 shots wow at the end it was so fix for the heat and the Celtics still came out with the victory..let's go Celtics!☘️
neo junio
neo junio 4 mesi fa
x x
x x 4 mesi fa
That 3 attempt by Duncan Robinson @ 1:08 was crucial for the celtics. Game clock was about 25 seconds, shot clock 19. Go Celtics 🍀!!
Florian Geier
Florian Geier 4 mesi fa
Think I aged 30 years tonight 😂😂 Thanks for the upload 🙏🙏🙏 One more and we back to finish the job 💯☘️☘️☘️
Rock Entertainment
what a game this was. watched it 100 times
RAYZOR 4 mesi fa
KUDOS to both teams … these young men for facing their fears and keeping their nerves 👏🏼
Jimmy Simpson
Jimmy Simpson 4 mesi fa
I didn't realize at first, that just as the ball cleared White's hand on the tip in, Strus' hand was virtually in the same position as White's hand. Their hands almost become "one", Strus missed at least slightly grazing the ball by the barest of margins. Strus came as close as you can come to possibly altering the tip in. It could have resulted in a foul, but I'm sure Strus wishes he had gone to the rim just a little harder. What an epic finish.
Kc Mccray
Kc Mccray 4 mesi fa
I like how they ignored the double dribble
Del Sanders
Del Sanders 2 mesi fa
I think if you lose it by simply “accidentally fumbling it” you can dribble again that’s the rule I’ve always known
Mikayla Rivera
Mikayla Rivera 4 mesi fa
i literally kept looking back at it and kept asking myself what if this what is that? god is good yall🙏🏽. TIMI!!! we going to game 7!!! hell yeahhhhh. keep grinding brother ❤️
AGsportsnet 4 mesi fa
All the TIME
El Lince Números
I can't stop watching this game moment... Unbeliavable
Yabba Dabba Doo
Yabba Dabba Doo 4 mesi fa
Yupp! It was cool 😎. And I’m a Lakers fan 😂
Kim Lambert
Kim Lambert 4 mesi fa
Absolutely the most stressful game. Jetting to Boston, Friend Street, game 7. Charles County Maryland!
Berna Banana
Berna Banana 4 mesi fa
RIP replay button! Let's go Celtics! ❤️
Staz 4 mesi fa
This reminds me of when Larry Bird stole the inbounds pass from Isiah Thomas and Pistons on May 26, 1987. Amazing finish.
Aida S. Huertas
Aida S. Huertas 4 mesi fa
Was remarkable finish wow ❤East teams kicked butt 2023.
Tony P
Tony P 4 mesi fa
Ive been seeing so many Heat fans online blaming the refs for this L but fact of the matter is Jimmy B shouldnt have even gotten those 3 free throws. CLEARLY a double dribble.
Matt_Attack523 4 mesi fa
I never screamed and yelled any louder ever before up until when D-White put that back in! Let’s goooooo!!!!! Celtics in 7! One game at a time! #unfinishedbusiness #letsgoceltics
Chris Oliver
Chris Oliver 4 mesi fa
Can't believe I didn't watch that game. Greatest finish ever.
Jason Briggs
Jason Briggs 4 mesi fa
I was pulling for Boston to make history, like the Red Sox. Denver will most likely win the championship now, and I would like to see them do it. This is the furthest they have EVER gotten as a team, and it is nice to see teams win that haven't before! Never count out Miami tho...😉
Jason 4 mesi fa
Another iconic sports moment in Boston lure.
brandon 🎷🦕
duncan robinson missing those 3s was the most shocking thing, i was sure one of those was falling
UnboundBogie 4 mesi fa
Bro right the first one he was butt naked I thought we were done
idenadesno 4 mesi fa
I wish to write something so much, but I won't dare, I can't afford any jinx lol, atm, I am that much superstitious.
Angel Nieto
Angel Nieto 4 mesi fa
Not really, it was more surprising when he was hitting the em, all game when he scored I was like bro this is Duncan Robinson how tf is he doing this, than ofc he came back down to earth when it mattered the most. Duncan is super garbage
Rs Kinto
Rs Kinto 4 mesi fa
That 3's doest need in that play only one point ahead by celtics tsk,
Ean Goreham
Ean Goreham 4 mesi fa
the miami heat team does not have the clutch genes, just butler. If someone is going to make those 3s in that kind of pressure its Butler, nobody else.
username 4 mesi fa
Thanks to the Heat for setting the stage by allowing Boston to win three so they can make the series more entertaining for the fans before blowing them out in game seven
username 4 mesi fa
D Rex
D Rex 4 mesi fa
Thats why you play until the final buzzer sounds, DW was the only player did and his team won because of it. This is one of the greatest "it ain't over till it's over" examples in NBA history.
Joseph Sanon
Joseph Sanon 4 mesi fa
I was soo mad when they challenged the call but that challenge gave them the time they needed to win the game. It went from 2.1 seconds to 3 seconds!!!
Cuong Tran
Cuong Tran 4 mesi fa
No way the clock should have been reset to 3.0 seconds. The foul at best occurred around 2.4 or 2.5 secs. If you replay the ref didn't even blow the whistle until after 3.0 seconds elapsed. Anyway, good drama nevertheless.
Mark Weitzman
Mark Weitzman 4 mesi fa
@Cuong Tran Once the play is challenged the clock goes back to where the foul occurs. Not to when the whistle blew. It’s been like that since they started the challenge I think.
Megan Ma
Megan Ma 4 mesi fa
can you do a video of defensive highlights in this series? our defense has been crazy good
Let's just miss an obvious double dribble by Butler.
Boston Tru
Boston Tru 4 mesi fa
FACTS and people tryna say heat Vs The Refs like broooooo HE JUST DOUBLED HARD ASF! lmaooooooooo
Aaron Tsika
Aaron Tsika 4 mesi fa
Yea...no shit...Horford's hands up when he fumbles the ball with both hands right in front of one of the refs. Only a handful of refs would ever make that call against a star, at home, with the game on the line.
Petit_Kiwi 4 mesi fa
@Aaron Tsika But they challenged it so they could see it on the replay
Joel Smithers
Joel Smithers 4 mesi fa
Robinsons missed three before that, he took four steps (travelled) before he set his feet and took the shot.
Teddi Kane
Teddi Kane 4 mesi fa
And let's not forget in game 1 the refs let the heat step outta bounds twice and instead of those being turnovers, they let the heat keep the ball in play and score. The refs did everything from beginning to end to hand the heat this series on a silver platter.
HotBoy Vega
HotBoy Vega 4 mesi fa
Best moment in Celtics fan history and now we breaking history 🍀🍀🍀first ever to come back 0-3
I beat my chest so hard after DW game winner that my heart started hurting. C’s in 7!
Master Ali
Master Ali 4 mesi fa
Da Bob fo today
Da Bob fo today 4 mesi fa
whats crazy is that Jimmy doubled at 2:34, should have been a turnover
Tradeka420 4 mesi fa
And even thought they didn’t win the challenge I would still say it’s arguable that it was an offensive foul by jimmy. They’ve been calling that an offensive foul all season but decided not to right there.
Steven Short
Steven Short 4 mesi fa
Why aren't there many comments about the double dribble? Jimmy clearly bounces it with 2 hands then goes up and gets a 3pt play.
Daniel Garcis
Daniel Garcis 4 mesi fa
What a game brought you by this two team...its a basketball alive in the world🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Pilgrim Here
Pilgrim Here 4 mesi fa
At first I doubted , but after they re-ran the video I said, its legal on time. What a Joy! 💪🤠
katona udeani
katona udeani 4 mesi fa
Did anybody besides me see Butler double dribble prior to that shot? He double dribbled and that should’ve been the call.
Hubert Sang
Hubert Sang 4 mesi fa
Great way to silence and rip the hearts out of the HEAT and their fans.
Tori Short
Tori Short 4 mesi fa
Justin Ledvina
Justin Ledvina 4 mesi fa
look at them all celebrating just before DW put the ball in!!! pure joy on their faces to what happened.
TeleGuy 4 mesi fa
@Justin Ledvina Like Seahawks fans before Butler intercepted.
Thomas Nickel
Thomas Nickel 4 mesi fa
It's a beautiful thing
AJ Mulenga
AJ Mulenga 4 mesi fa
@TeleGuyExactly like that. Thank you for the ptsd flashbacks
marvin merced
marvin merced 4 mesi fa
The extra .9seconds at the end of that butler foul was crucial
Max 4 mesi fa
Fr fr
zold 4 mesi fa
fr fr fr
João Henrique Dalpiaz
Nah but fr fr fr fr tho
Ironfangzu 4 mesi fa
Crucial but accurate. There was exactly 3.0 seconds on the clock at the time the foul was called. The clock guy let the clock run down to 2.1 secs, and the refs put it back to 3.0, which was the right call.
Red Bird
Red Bird 4 mesi fa
I was going for the Heat! But, I felt that the Refs were cheating! Congrats Celtics for adapting and overcoming!
Brian Rasmussen
Brian Rasmussen 4 mesi fa
What I don’t understand is how come they called a foul when he double clearly double dribble/traveled, he lost control of the ball and no one touched it and he picked it up again after it bounced on the ground just saying that was a horrible non-call especially after they reviewed it. It was very obvious.
Justin Thurman
Justin Thurman 4 mesi fa
That was A Double Before The Foul 😅 , But It Don't Matter Still A Win , Still The End Of The Game . . . God Bless Everyone . . .
Jason Hercules
Jason Hercules 4 mesi fa
i bit every one of my nails off, what an incredible game, even better that we won. LETS GOOO CELTICS!!!
Triena See
Triena See 4 mesi fa
So glad Derrick White had the presence of mind to go straight to the basket, he didn't have a second to spare.
AAAAAA_794 4 mesi fa
7-35 from 3PT Range. No Problem, Derrick White is the Player of the match for me.
Marvellous Jacob
D White !!! Insane ☘️ They’ve played so well, but we know we’re better!
Isha Ible
Isha Ible 4 mesi fa
Can’t tell you how many times I watched this last play 😅
Brick House797
Brick House797 4 mesi fa
If that ball bounced off that rim in any other direction, that would’ve been the season. Good job on White for the hustle!
Michael Coy
Michael Coy 4 mesi fa
Nah watch it again ... JT had a putback if it bounced to the other side.
lbeau061 4 mesi fa
That wasn’t a foul. That was a double dribble.@2:35
Jean Salomon
Jean Salomon 4 mesi fa
I'm very happy that we won but we need to close games better
Gordon Wong
Gordon Wong 4 mesi fa
"Be careful of the tip-in." Truer words have never been spoken.
Y Yif
Y Yif 4 mesi fa
These meltdowns again and again .. thanks Timi. Why not deny Jimmy the ball? Pressure him early ? Great great Derrick White, Malcolm Butler and Dave Roberts stuff
Jamal 4 mesi fa
why is no one talking about the double dribble by butler before his 3 attempt? celtics were almost robbed
Bench 4 mesi fa
What a way to win by Celtics, that shot hangs Celtics fate by 0.1 sec
Tonio Tonio
Tonio Tonio 4 mesi fa
I said it and will say it again. Boston have the engredients to win this serries as long as tatum and brown rotate the ball and do the right play. Not to hug the ball and only passed it or forced their shots if they are trap. Game 1-3 looks like they are competing with each other on who will be the highest scorer. In game 4-6,they do an early offense to rotate the ball,extra pass after extra pass resulting to a wide open shots.
Clarizel Isidro
Clarizel Isidro 4 mesi fa
What a shot! Epic❤
joe 4 mesi fa
I was getting ready to go off on Al Horford for that terrible foul.. thank you White 🙏🏼🍀
Michael Schaefer
It wasn't a foul. It was foul-baiting per the 2021 rule.
joe 4 mesi fa
@Michael Schaefer it was clearly a foul. He hit him on the arm as butler went up, the nba even released a statement today saying they got tue call right. Either way, Horford shouldn’t be that close to risk it when Butler couldn’t throw it in the ocean all the game. Bad play
-justin- 4 mesi fa
Jimmy double dribbled before that shot. Puts both hands on the ball then drops it one more time before pulling up. Refs were so ready to give Miami the win. But ENTER DERRICK WHITE
Teofilo Quinton
Teofilo Quinton 4 mesi fa
It is a great game...only great player can do that!
Jethro Jacinto
Jethro Jacinto 4 mesi fa
I'll obviously take any miraculous wins this team can get but the matter of the fact is that we almost lost this game by our own undoing. Idk wtf the offense was doing being so stagnant like that just jacking up 3s instead of pushing the pedal like they did for the first 3 and 1/2 quarters of the game. Don't give the Heat momentum.
Amir Buxbaum
Amir Buxbaum 4 mesi fa
08:32 even the TNT graphics team was stunned 😳
SoD Prince
SoD Prince 4 mesi fa
Right 😹😹😹
d thomaz
d thomaz 4 mesi fa
all they could do was rip it off the air and get off the air. Kinda like all those NYTimes newspapers sayin' "Hilarity Kliton won!" in 2016! Justice for America - Trump/DeSantis 2024 --- Republican for all eternity
Robert Van Pelt
Robert Van Pelt 4 mesi fa
Shaq and Chuck can now say that dudes line saved the damn game
Tyler Gary
Tyler Gary 4 mesi fa
“Rejected by a adebayo, rejected by adebayo”!. Thought that was our season. Was ready for the greatest Kevin Harlan call of all Time. That was an intense final minutes.
Renjie Santos
Renjie Santos 4 mesi fa
I thought the same. I had flashbacks of his block on Tatum in the bubble.
Brady331 4 mesi fa
SVG really messed up the final call, kept talking over Harlan
khanh nguyenduc
khanh nguyenduc 4 mesi fa
The moment Jimmy face Al Horford, it's exactly the same with last year.
Dr. Chilling
Dr. Chilling 4 mesi fa
Have to give Reggie Miller credit for the "gotta watch out for a tip in" comment before the last play. And there are a lot of Miami fans who have since deleted their "end-of-game"/series celebration selfies they took with 3 seconds left on the clock 🤣
Boy Tabang Vlog-(katabang sa mga pobre)
i realy loved this game..🙂💪🏿
Michael Benjamin
Really made play the whole 48 minutes a true statement last nite
dokanyon 4 mesi fa
Man I can't imagine being on 3-0, then goes to 3-3 and you have 1 game at home and you lose like that. Not only you lost that match but quite probably the finals .
Rich Evans
Rich Evans 4 mesi fa
This is what it's all about! Just high leverage Basketball!!!!!!!!
Mark jun Sumonod
double dribble before the foul...what a game by celtics
EJM 4 mesi fa
Actually, butler doubled dribble before horford foul.
Nikola Stoychev
Nikola Stoychev 4 mesi fa
INSANE !!! GREAT GAME !! And then again OFFICALS MISTAKE !!! Watch closely the paly at 2:34 just before Horforts foul!! Jimmy Butter DOUBLE DRIBBLE !! Bostons ball - GAME OVER !!
Restie Quijote
Restie Quijote 4 mesi fa
This game will go up in nba history as the most exciteted one.
Wenchee Hua
Wenchee Hua 4 mesi fa
Jimmy double dribbled before he got fouled and they missed that
S.A.D 4 mesi fa
If the refs would've stood out of it Boston would've won by 15
Kingsid24 4 mesi fa
Boston was gifted so many calls in the 4th don't even
KuelBimbo 4 mesi fa
@Kingsid24 Dude Butler literally had 10 Fts on flops and a double dribble in the last 4 minutes, don't come talking about calls cause this shit shouldn't even been close
Kingsid24 4 mesi fa
@KuelBimbo we just going act like JT not getting the same calls? Don't be biased I'm a celtics fan I can call out bs when I see it. Jt rebound foul was a bad call, the smart and 1 was an offensive foul with him hooking Robinson. Horford clearly hits Jimmy on both his shots, was it a double dribble yea probably. But let's say all those other calls go Miamis way then its over for boston anyway.
Allen518 4 mesi fa
lets not talk about the no call on al horford holding in the first half or any other no call for the celtics 😂😂
nismo 4 mesi fa
See you next 10 years when this play became legend in history
Exodus Black
Exodus Black 4 mesi fa
Refs helping heat in the last 3 minutes 😂
Tori Short
Tori Short 4 mesi fa
Aida S. Huertas
Aida S. Huertas 4 mesi fa
Proud of both East teams time for East win champ 2023. ❤
Joshua Diaz
Joshua Diaz 4 mesi fa
Jimmy with the double dribble
Mike 4 mesi fa
let’s make history 💚😤
Kirk Patrick
Kirk Patrick 4 mesi fa
Every basketball student should watch Miami #2 celebrating with 1.0 seconds to go as Derrick White stormed the boards.
Anthony G
Anthony G 4 mesi fa
I don't have cable to watch the game but I knew the Celtics won when I heard ppl on my street screaming at 11:30 last night!!!
sierra8186 4 mesi fa
Derrick White's bucket will go down as among the greatest Boston sports moment in history! Dave Roberts stealing 2nd base, Millar saying (and now Marcus Smart) don't let us win one, Patrice Bergeron scoring the tying and OT winning goal in 2013 (though they lost in SC final), Havlicek stole the ball, Bird steals the ball and DJ lays it in, etc. Crazy play! Now, Butler traveled, and the refs put too much time back on the clock, but if the Heat have any complaint they are not being honest, as again Butler double-dribbled and the final is probably 102-101, or more likely 104-101 once they foul and Celtics hit both FT's. The heat are so better coached, and the Celtics need to realize Butler and Bam had terrible games, so now they play game #7 in Boston lots of people expect them to win, but they had better be ready and they will need to give everything they have, because the Heat are all heart and if they had just a bit more talent, they would be dominant in the NBA! Derrick White you are a Celtics legend now forever!
Learning With Rich
i love this celebration 😁6:25
BLACK BUDDHA 4 mesi fa
That's a great miss by my favorite player Marcus smart 👏🏾
Greg Rambo
Greg Rambo 4 mesi fa
3 point shot by Robinson at :24 reminds of Dennis Rodman in the '88 finals at :41, 7th game Los Angeles against the Lakers. Not the shot with that much time on the shot clock.
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